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  • Correction:
    “Our tentative opening date is September 5th, 2016!”

  • “#itsamiracle” Actual LOL.

  • I can’t figure out why they haven’t painted any of the mismatched exterior trim yet. There’s 3 or 4 colors going on. Hope they’re still planning on fixing that, but I would think painting comes before landscaping and tables.

  • I will believe it when I see it. Been waiting for this place to open for years – I hope that they are good neighbors and I hope everything is good.

  • I’ll be shocked if they hit that. I think Spring 2015 is realistic.

  • Looks like the other embassy that slew a tree in its yard and paved the rest. 16th and Riggs-ish. Congo’s is it? Senegal’s?

    • That would be Congo. Good neighbors in general, even during the African summit. Fun to tour during the embassy open houses, even if a gorgeous mansion felt pretty threadbare.

  • Eh, I live here and I don’t even care when this place opens. Pub and the People on the other hand …

  • yes, Pub and People might very well open before they do! I can’t figure out why they haven’t done anything to restore the exterior…

  • Great space!

  • New game. List everything that was announced AND opened while these jokers lied to and blamed the community for their incompetence. I have boundary stone, Baccio, Aroi, Florida ave park, Dunbar HS, Revive catering/dcity, Beau Thai, Showtime. Maybe rustic, but not sure when planning started. Others?

  • maxwell smart

    Don’t know how many times I’ve passed this in the cab on AM trips to Union Station and thought “Oh… that space looks cool, I wonder who is in there?” And now I know.

    • “who is in there” is a buffoon who got that property for free from the city government in exchange for a commitment to open a restaurant over 5 years ago, attempted to turn around and sell the property (and pocket the money) for over a million dollars 3-4 years ago, then made up an endless stream of bizarre excuses about why other people were at fault for the restaurant not opening.

  • It’s really just called… Washington Firehouse Restaurant?

  • Had the unfortunate experience of being the tenant of one of the owner’s of this a few years ago. Won’t be going.

  • Is it true that these are ther same folks who did Shaw’s Tavern?

  • I am going to try and support this place and give them every chance to succeed. I’m not happy with what’s happened in the past and have plenty of issues and concerns. However, unless the community supports this business, it will fail and not only will that hurt the community, but also potentially the other businesses that are coming to N. Capitol St. N. Capitol St. has a lot of potential, but it is also somewhat risky, if business owners see that businesses are failing, they will be less inclined to invest here. Let’s give them a real chance in spite of some of the bad will that has been created in the process.

    • Giving them a chance is fine, and I’m all for it. But if it sucks, as I’m afraid it might, I won’t continue to go their just to prevent other potential businesses from seeing this one fail. Maybe a potential business is a restaurateur who will take this place over and turn it into a well run and successful business.

  • Totally willing to give them a chance, but I do hope the owner/proprieters are willing to listen and build some trust and establish positive relationships with the neighbors and the neighborhood. All of us in the neighborhood want them to succeed — let’s hope the food, beverage and service is outstanding!

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