Very Important Reader Reminder PSA – Don’t Clip Your Nails on Metro!

painful memory from February

@Becs_WVU tweets around 8:45am:

“Lady right next to me on metro is clipping her nails #foul #Wtf #thisisnotyourbathroom”

An important reminder we’ve been begging people to follow since 2008. Sadly, the problem rears its ugly head year after year

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  • Or in your cubicle (where everyone can hear exactly what you’re doing)!

  • justinbc

    Must be mid-week grooming day, the lady across from me on the bus this morning was doing it as well.

  • Or in a business meeting. True story: one of our consultants was clipping her nails during a staff meeting a few weeks back. I believe the EVP pulled her aside afterward to let her know it was unacceptable. WTF.

    • Wow. This wins the prize for Most Inappropriate Place I’ve Heard of Nails Being Clipped In. Gross.

    • Was in a gov’t meeting a couple of weeks ago, I’m a contractor. 4 contractors, 3 govvies. One of the govvie breaks out a huge bag of jalapeno beef jerky. Finishes it. And then proceeds to take dental floss out of his pocket and floss his teeth at the conference table. I kid you not.

    • I used to work with Marines. One in particular chewed tobacco and would bring a clear plastic water bottle everywhere with him – meetings, my desk, lunch, whatever – to spit in. It was so disgusting.

  • Who are all the random people who have clippers with them? I’ve never had one when needed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Evil places like CVS sell them with chains to attach to you key chain.

    • I keep a pair at my desk for emergency hang nails. But I always close my door before clipping, and I only do it when I have a nail that’s going to rip off if I don’t deal with it. Public grooming is gross and so inconsiderate towards the people around you.

      • Same. I cannot deal with having hangnails, I have to clip them right away or they will bug me all day. But nail clipping in public is just nasty.

      • +1 — I keep nail clippers in my purse for emergency hangnails, but agree that nail clipping should not be done in public, or within earshot of colleagues.

        • I can understand not wanting people getting nail clippings all over the floor or something, but why does just *hearing* nails being clipped apparently bother people so much? Y’all are insane.

          • Because it’s like “OH HAI, I’M DOING MY PERSONAL GROOMING IN MY CUBICLE.” And it’s distracting.
            I think Formerly Broken Jaw goes a bit far in objecting to someone clipping his nails in the stall in the men’s bathroom. I guess I wouldn’t be thrilled to hear nail-clipping in the bathroom either… but if there’s anywhere at work where nail-clipping is actually permissible, surely it would be the bathroom?

          • Oops; that was me above.

          • Hearing a nail clipper drives me nuts. I’ve used the scissors on a swiss army knife to trim my nails for 30 years because I can’t stand the sound of clippers. I have no idea why it bugs me, but it’s the same as people who can’t stand the sound of nails on a chalkboard.


          • saf

            I’m glad I’m not to only one thinking that.

      • ….I love when people squeeze their pores in front of the mirror in a work bathroom.

        really, folks?!

  • justinbc

    Can I also add please don’t spray your hairspray at the office? That stuff spreads through the air quickly and is so caustic to breathe. We have a lady who does it repeatedly despite multiple requests that she not.

    • Same goes for perfume. One of my coworkers sprays it before going to events at night at her desk in our very small, open office (no cube walls to somewhat constrain the smell). And she doesn’t just do one or two spritzes, it’s usually 5-10 of a very strong scent. Even after she’s gone for an hour, it lingers and I end up having to breathe into a scarf so I don’t throw up ( I usually end up with a headache regardless). I don’t get why she doesn’t do it in the bathroom that is literally right outside our door.

    • One of the admins down the hall from me is a bit OCD and has an army of cleaning products (various sprays, wood cleaner, Windex, different types of wipes, etc.) on her desk.
      Every day she sprays cleaning stuff on her desk and then sprays that foul Glade air freshener all around her open desk area and in the hallway. It is noxious! I walked by her the yesterday right after she sprayed and she was wearing a blue dust mask at her desk while typing an email! It was totally hilarious and not work-appropriate.

      • I had to get a coworker to stop using an air freshener because it was giving me headaches. (Or maybe it made my eyes sting? It was a while back, so I don’t really remember.)
        Fortunately she was really nice about the whole thing.

        • Apparently for these types of people, “smells like chemicals” equates to cleanliness. I’m pretty sure it’s a learned psycho-somatic response.

  • Reminds me of the person who painted her nails in the seat in front of me on Amtrak. As a sentient human, how did she not realize that the smell of nail polish would annoy everyone in the confined area around her?

    • Someone did that on the metro this morning. It stank!

    • I was on an airplane once where a woman was painting her fingernails. The flight attendant told her she had to stop because of the smell, so the woman went into the lavatory to finish. Selfish bitch.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Also don’t do it in a stall in the men’s room. We can still hear you.

    • I think the bathroom is a perfectly acceptable place to do it. The sound of pooping is gross too, but we wouldn’t tell someone not to poop.

  • epric002

    cannot believe this has to be said, but it also remains unbelievably inappropriate to floss your teeth on metro. or anywhere other than a restroom, for that matter.

  • Not food. Not drink. Fine with me.

  • PoP, thanks for the link to your 2008 posting on the subject. I got a kick out of your description of confronting a nail-clipping dude on Metro:
    “So I stare at him with a look of disgust and he stares back at me.
    “So I say ‘you know that behavior is generally frowned upon in public spaces.’ And he says, rather angrily, ‘that’s what you think.’ And I said, ‘no, that is what is society thinks.” And he says, ‘no that is what you think.’ And it was pretty much a stalemate at that point. I couldn’t believe that nobody else jumped in on my side. He then continues clipping his nails.”

    • I also liked the PoP anecdote to which the 2008 posting linked:
      “My father is a very proud New Yorker. So one day he sees a cab driver pull over to the curb and throw out a bottle of questionable content. So my dad bombs over to the guy and says ‘this is New York City! We don’t do that in New York City!’. And the guy apologizes and throws out the bottle in a garbage can. There have been so many times when I’ve wanted to bomb over to cars or people who are littering and say – this is Washington, DC! We don’t do that in Washington, DC!”

  • Question: How does everyone feel about nail filing on Metro? I admit that I’ve done it, but not in close proximity to other people on the platform or train. Unacceptable or not? (I don’t want to be That Person!)

    • dcgator

      I also think nail filing shouldn’t really be done at work, either. It’s a similar concept (grooming), and the “nail dust” still goes somewhere, right?

    • I am actually more bothered by nail filing than by clipping. There’s something about the sound that is incredibly grating to me, and you’re still leaving bits of nail behind for other people to step in/sit in/breathe. I will not let my mother file her nails in my car, and that’s her preferred car-ride activity.

      • Every time she visits, I have to stop my mom from filing her nails in my living room and leaving her emery board on my sofa. That activity belongs in the bathroom or bedroom, and I don’t want emery grit on my sofa!

    • Emmaleigh504

      One nail to smooth a rough edge is ok with me, but more than that and the noise is like nails on chalkboard.

      • Yeah, I’m fine if it’s just one nail that’s ragged and keeps snagging stuff and the like. Not cool if you’re shaping all your fingernails.

  • This really wouldn’t bother me.

  • I’d like to thank all the parents who apparently couldn’t be bothered to teach their children about common courtesy. Because of your failure to do your job, we have a near endless supply of selfish and oblivious people who clip their finger nails or floss in public, continuously talk to their friends during concerts, and have long, deeply personal cell-phone conversations on the bus. And if you dare try to suggest to one of these people that what they are doing is rude/inconsiderate/obnoxious, watch out…they will be stunned and outraged and will probably tell you to go f**k yourself. Which is something else you can thank their parents for.

  • At least this isn’t China, where kids don’t wear diapers. They have these things called “split pants” (Google it) and it’s more than acceptable for your kids to shit or piss on the ground when in public. If you have a parent with particularly good manners, the parent will hold the kid’s legs splayed apart up in the air over the gutter. Or the parent will take a piece of trash and shovel the crap up.
    It’s crazy.

  • This entire thread is so disgusting. Yet I cannot look away!

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