Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt Vernon Squangle

301 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Modern finishes & open spaces in IDEAL location- near Metros-Chinatown, Judiciary Sq., Convention Center & Union Station, bus 80 to McPherson Sq./Kennedy Center, X2 to H St corridor, adjacent to 395, NY Ave, G’town Law. Close to Safeway, Harris Teeter, Verizon Center, Theater, Bowling Alley, 2 blocks to Walmart, Starbucks, Bars & Restaurants. Concierge, Secured Parking, Gym & Roof Deck w/ VIEWS!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,200/Mo.

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  • Frighteningly overpriced tiny apartment, even at DC rates.

    Plus, you’re right next to the 395 tunnel reconstruction that you’ll have to suffer through for years.

  • With a parking spot, they’ll get $2200, easy.

  • Should be $1800 max

  • Since they don’t specifically say so, I doubt the parking space is included as part of the rent. And 450 sq feet is really small to make into a 1BR. While that is a lovely, well situated and well appointed tiny apartment, it is still a tiny apartment. Too tiny to justify that price tag, IMO.

  • You have to be kidding me at $5/SF… that is higher than the best apartments at West End 25, The Avenue and CityCenter… I am 2 blocks away renting my 2BR/2BA with parking (1,050 SF) for $3,050, which is around $3/SF… insane!

  • so. small.

  • That is the smallest shower I have ever seen that was not in an RV or boat.

  • Don’t think it’s totally overpriced, but the construction is a huge drawback. I love how all the rooftop pictures are taken in a way that hides the mess at 4th and Mass.

  • Not sure that is accurate. I lived in a West End apartment building (not as nice as West End 25) a few years ago and the studios there (comparable in size to this but no bedroom walls) were $2200, plus an annual amenity fee (something ridiculous like $600 a year). I’d bet the price a bit higher now. CityCenter studios, which look to be smaller than this, start at $2,391 according to the website. I’d guess they also have some sort of annual amenity fee on top of that, although that would just be a guess. And it makes sense that any 2 br/2ba would have a lower price per sq ft than a 1 br, all else equal.

    • figby

      It’s weird these are still going up around the city, the Post just had a story about the glut of Class A rentals. Tiny, bland, tasteful, overpriced — too many units, even for the intended group of young, well-paid renters.

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