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  • Beautiful! Mystical and alluring. I love the moon.

  • That first photo looks kinda like someone cut out a photo of the moon from a magazine and pasted it on a photo of a building.

    • It’s not cut out, I swear! I raced down to the Capitol before sunrise to get a photo this morning. But I did shoot it in RAW format and maybe I cranked up the Camera Raw settings too much to get the moon details. Shooting the moon was harder than I thought it might be!

      • pablo .raw

        When I’m doing that kind of photos, I pray that someone casually will walk on the roof at that same moment. Hasn’t happened so far.

        • Oh, that would have been so awesome! There was a flag pole right beside it and I was wishing they’d get that up, but no such luck.

      • I was trying to shoot the super moon last night. Spent 5 hrs hoping it would appear closer. Shooting the moon as it rose over the dome of the Capitol was tough. I took hundreds of shots on various settings but could never get the detail of the moon and the dome to appear at once. One or the other was in focus. Much harder than I thought and not to sound ungrateful but the super moon was more of just a bright full moon in DC..not sure it measure up to the last one. (I know technically last night’s was brighter and bigger but I suspect that is not always better)

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