Summer Flying by! DPR Announces the 2014 Pools and Spray Parks Closure Schedule

Photo by PoPville flickr user nici161

From DPR:

“The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) released the Outdoor Aquatic Facilities Closure Schedule for the 2014 summer season. DPR will implement the first phase of Outdoor Pool closures starting on Sunday, August 10, 2014.

All Outdoor Pools will close in waves beginning on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Pools will close for the season at 6 pm on their respective Sundays.

All Children’s Pools will close for the season at 6 pm on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

All Spray Parks will close for the season at 7 pm on Labor Day, Monday, September 1, 2014. Please note that select spray parks will undergo renovations after September 1.

East Potomac Outdoor Pool will close for the season at 6 pm on Sunday, October 19, 2014.

Below is the comprehensive closure schedule for the 2014 season. Pools are listed by type (Outdoor, Children’s and Spray Park) and then by date. Please call DPR’s Aquatics office at (202) 671-1289 should you have additional questions or need further assistance.


Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 10 for the season:

Ward 5: Langdon Park Pool (2860 Mills Ave., NE)
Ward 7: Kelly Miller Pool (4900 Brooks St., NE)
Ward 8: Douglass Pool (1921 Fredrick Douglass Ct., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 17 for the season:

Ward 1: Park View Children’s Pool (693 Otis Pl., NW)
Happy Hollow Children’s Pool (2200 Champlain St., NW)
Ward 5: Harry Thomas Sr. Pool (1743 Lincoln Rd., NE)
Ward 6: Lincoln Capper Children’s Pool (555 L St., SE)
Watkins Children’s Pool (420 12th St., SE)
Ward 7: Benning Park Pool (5100 Southern Ave., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 24 for the season:

Ward 2: Jelleff Pool (3265 S St., NW)
Volta Park Pool (1555 34th St., NW)
Ward 5: Theodore Hagans Jr. Pool (3201 Fort Lincoln Dr., NE)
Ward 6: Randall Pool (25 I St., SW)
Ward 7: Fort Dupont Pool (830 Ridge Rd., SE)
Ward 8: Anacostia Pool (1800 Anacostia Dr., SE)
Fort Stanton Pool (1800 Erie St., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Monday, September 1 for the season:

Ward 1: Banneker Pool (2500 Georgia Ave., NW)
Ward 2: Francis Pool (2435 N St., NW)
Ward 4: Upshur Pool (4300 Arkansas Ave., NW)
Ward 6: Rosedale Pool (1701 Gales St., NE)
Ward 8: Oxon Run Pool (501 Mississippi Ave., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, October 19 for the season:

Ward 2: East Potomac Pool (972 Ohio Dr., SW)


– Closing at 7 pm on Monday, September 1 for the season:

Ward 1: 14th & Girard Street Spray Park (14th & Girard Sts., NW)
14th & Park Road Spray Park (14th St. & Park Rd., NW)
Columbia Heights Spray Park (1480 Girard St., NW)
Harrison Spray Park (1330 V St., NW)

Ward 3: Chevy Chase Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (5500 41st St., NW)
Friendship Spray Park (4500 Van Ness St., NW)
Macomb Spray Park (3409 Macomb St., NW)
Palisades Spray Park (5200 Sherier Pl., NW)

Ward 4: Fort Stevens Spray Park (1327 Van Buren St., NW)
Lafayette Spray Park (5900 33rd St., NW)
Petworth Spray Park (801 Taylor St., NW)
Riggs LaSalle Spray Park (501 Riggs Rd., NE)
Takoma Spray Park (300 Van Buren St., NW)

Ward 5: Joseph H. Cole Spray Park (1299 Neal St., NE)
Turkey Thicket Spray Park (1100 Michigan Ave., NW)

Ward 6: Kennedy Spray Park (1401 7th St., NW)

Ward 7: Fort Davis Spray Park (1400 41st St., SE)
Hillcrest Spray Park (3100 Denver St., NW)

Ward 8: Fort Greble Spray Park (ML King Jr. Ave. & Elmira St., SW)”

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  • I haven’t even gone swimming yet!

  • Why on earth are they closing pools in the middle of August?

    • Staff needs to go back to school.

      • DCPS starts on August 25th.

        August is often the hottest month in DC. I’m disappointed (though not surprised) that the inept management couldn’t figure out a way to keep the pools open, at least on weekends, through the hot weather.

        • So: what would you propose? What’s the funding like? How hard is it to get trained staff — particularly once the college kids and teachers go back to school? For multiple reasons, I share your disappointment at the early closure dates. I think it’s great that East Potomac Pool will be staying open — but it’s a bummer that, for me at least, it’s one of the least convenient pools to get to. Fortunately DC now has several indoor pools that are open year round.
          In any case, please elaborate on your knowledge re: “inept management” — and please share your proposals re: what a better management plan would look like. I’m sure that many of us would support them.

          • Accountering

            Whats the funding like? You know where we live right….? If they wanted to fund it…. they could. Full stop.
            Keep the things open until the day the kids go back to school. There should not be one lag day between pool closings and schools opening.

          • I’m having a LOT of trouble posting today. Um, Accountering, yes, I do know where we live. What I don’t know is whether or not additional funding would help the problem — if a critical issue is the dearth of certified life guards available to staff the pools past mid-August. Ya know, when seasonal workers who are also students and teachers return to their primary occupations. The poster at 1:13 alleged “inept” management. It would be nice to have information that would let me assess that. I AGREE with you that pools should be open at least until school opens — and beyond, for recreational as well as public safety and public health reasons. So again, what’s the funding like. You’ve told me nothing about the budget for the summer pools — or whether changes in the budget would help much.

          • Given all of the brouhaha in the past about DPR failing to explain what kind of swim garments were and weren’t permitted, and about its policies being enforced inconsistently, “inept” doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to me.
            I have no idea whether the budgeting department is equally inept… maybe it’s just the people who handle communication/enforcement of the rules.

          • Textdoc, I have no idea whether “inept” management is a stretch or not. I’m hoping that if I/we can get a better sense of what the barriers to keeping the pools open longer in the season might be, it would lead to steps to improve the situation.

        • and some charters, which enroll 44% of public school kids in DC, have opened already. Plus colleges start earlier.

          • Which ones? I move in a charter school crowd– there are at least six charters represented in my social group– and every one is on the DCPS schedule, starting August 25th (except for PreK, which starts up to a week earlier, but still not as early as August 11!). Also, my spouse is a college professor– local universities that I know of are also starting the last week in August.

  • Crazy that some are closing so early. Have they announced details for the Doggie Day Swim yet?

  • Which pool is pictured above?

  • Caveat – as DC residents we are, despite the frustrations, lucky to have such a wide variety of public pools available to us both seasonally and year round.

    That said, these pools are one of our city’s greatest missed opportunities.

    They are a place that can provide jobs to young people in a city in desperate need of them, the pools and rec centers that house them are a terrific place for young people to congregate and play where plenty of community eyeballs are present to keep an eye on things in addition to staff. Instead all we get is insanely short outdoor swim seasons, truncated hours of operation (noon openings are ridiculous), opaque rules that are randomly enforced, kid pools that are rarely opened due to lack of staff, and the list goes on. Imagine the value to every community across the system that a properly trained and staffed DPR department would bring with extended hours, job training and community youth programs. I understand the current challenges, but this immensely valuable opportunity is worth facing those very real and difficult challenges head on.

    If I’m Bowser or Catania that is one thing I’m looking at big time to help me stand out in November – how do you leverage the fantastic physical infrastructure of our pools/parks & rec system to help address the larger concerns across all wards of the city of unemployment and socio-economic/racial divides?

    There is a huge opportunity here and a candidate who figures out a plan to address it would get a huge leg up for my vote come November.

    • You make some great points. One question I have is how we can develop a pipeline that leads to summer jobs. I have no idea if the pools associated with High Schools — or the public pools in general — offer free or low cost swimming lessons that could lead to certification as a life guard — and then, to well-paying summer jobs for local high school and college students. I was lucky enough to have parents who could swim — not a common skill across the city when pools were segregated and swimming instruction was hard to find. I think a critical issue here is likely providing not just employment opportunities, but the skills that can lead to the employment opportunities. This would definitely be a win/win, all the way around.

      • I totally agree on the pipeline. It’s going to take some time. You can teach young adults to swim, but it’s much easier to start at 4-5 years old and go from there. There could be several solutions to banter about – many charter schools don’t have much in the way of outside play facilities, so maybe there is a partnership to integrate swimming at local YMCA’s or pools as physical fitness, possibly increased vouchers to market swimming camps to families via YMCA. I’m just shooting from the hip here.

        A few years ago I was in a conversation with a neighbor who worked for the Y and he saw me with my (then) 18 month old and begged me to get her swimming right away as he spoke of the dearth of young people who live in the city and never learn to swim and even the ones who know how to swim a little don’t come anywhere close to passing the vigorous swim test to qualify as a lifeguard.

        So I agree, the pipeline is key, but in order to develop it the right resources have to be committed first. So much opportunity here.

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