Some Serious Security Fences for the African Leaders Summit

12th and Maryland Ave, SW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Here are some security fences that have gone up by the Mandarin Oriental and FCC”

You can see the list of street closures here.

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  • That’s some serious security theater. Are they doing this to try and impress all these African leaders?

  • Doesn’t look any different than a Presidential Inauguration. It’s the largest summit of African leaders ever hosted in the United States. Gotta expect heavy protection!

  • I wonder if the KONY 2012 guy is gonna show up naked? I heard he lives in DC now…

  • In some ways it seems like more of a show…the security around the Capitol is a bit flamboyant with a guy on the corner on 1st/Constitution with a bazooka-gun, and bicycle cops everywhere, sidewalks blocked off – and not just for motorcades. Just a more obvious presence everywhere. What do they think the threat is going to be or come from?

    • Anytime there are that many heads of state in one place at one time, there’s a serious threat. Add in the fact that a lot of these folks are from places that aren’t particularly stable, and it amplifies. It’s a PITA sure, but the last thing we need is to have something happen while a head of state is in the US..

    • I just drove through Southwest, and there were police standing on nearly every corner.

    • Well, two conflicting demonstrations started brawling in the street at the intersection of Penn & 14th NW yesterday, and it took about 20 cops to break that up, so at least for that it was fortunate there were plenty of police around.

  • looks typical.

  • saf

    I’m in SW today. I am SO glad I didn’t drive. Sirens, whistles, motorcades, and random cops everywhere.

  • Similar to the 2010 Nuclear Summit that closed down the convention center and many many surrounding blocks. I always think of Children of Men when confronted by this kind of thing which is not theater.

  • There is a bunch of that same fencing up by the Lincoln Memorial…whats going on up there?

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