Smash and Grab at Rose Jewelers in Mt. Pleasant Last Night

Rose Jewelers, 3159 Mt Pleasant St, NW

@MiamiUrbanist tweets us the photo above around 7:00 last night:

“@PoPville Smash & grab robbery in Mt. Pleasant in the last hour.”

Another reader emails us some more details:

“You may have already heard, but there was a robbery in Mt. Pleasant around 7 pm tonight (photo below). They threw a rock through the window of the jewelry store, grabbed some merchandise and apparently ran in the wrong direction, based on my viewpoint from the nail salon next door (I think some locals on the street apprehended one of the perps when they changed direction, but several others got away). Quite a mess. I hope they caught the a-holes who did this – one of the clerks was pretty shaken up.”


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  • Some people suck.

  • 7pm?! What the heck? I’m glad it sounds like at least one of them was caught. I’m not surprised some of the locals chased after them. We love our little village “main street.” I hope the shop has adequate insurance.

  • I saw the aftermath of this at the corner of Mt Pleasant and Lamont. I was crossing Mt Pleasant and heard a LOT of yelling, and people were running after this guy who was carrying a black messenger bag. Someone stuck their leg out at the bus stop and the guy fell to the ground, and someone else grabbed the bag away from him. The thief got up and started to walk (not run) around the corner toward 16th Street, but several people convinced him (non-violently) to go back and wait for the police. He went back and sat on the ground next to the bus stop, and the police arrived maybe 3 minutes later.

    • Wow! That actually works (sticking a leg out). So they caught the perp? Unreal.

      • He was running toward 16th Street, which probably was the wrong way to go considering that there are even more people there. What’s more amazing is that people convinced the thief to turn around and walk back to where he was tripped until the police came. He went back and sat on the ground waiting while a bunch of people were crowded around calling 911. I’m sure that the police were amazed by this as well.

        • There was a big to do at Gallery Place maybe a week or a week and a half ago and a bunch of people were being chased by police through the intersection of H and 7th. I tripped one of those guys. Didn’t fall, but stumbled and slowed to the point that the cops were able to catch up. It does indeed work.

    • That. Is. Amazing.

  • not to blame the victim..
    but to blame the victim: why the f are you putting that shit in the front window? it’s like leaving valuables in plain sight in your car, and wondering why you got your car window smashed, and your laptop stolen.

    • Um…I may be a bit thick but…the store was still open and putting “that shit” in the window is how one makes sales in the jewellery business??? What are they meant to put in the window in a jewellery store? A photo? Overnight they would clear it away out of sight – I get your thought – but if they are still open or clearing up for the day….I don’t see how they are at fault…?

    • Desire is the cause of suffering.

    • Because it’s a store. And stores have display windows. And things in the display windows on display. And the store was open. So your analogy would only hold if you were sitting IN the car, with the windows closed and somebody smashed your window and stole your laptop. I think most reasonable people in most cities would view it as, well, reasonable, for the store to display things — even jewelry — in the window when the store is open.
      If you’re going to blame the victim for something this reasonable, I hope you have some reasonable suggestions that would ameliorate the problem. Oh, right — turn all the stores into condos and shop the internet — cause who needs neighborhood stores anyway, right? Sigh.

    • We get it, its a troll post. In the history of mankind, nobody had made that argument about a jewelry store, ever!

    • does seem weird to have a glass window with no safety film for the display. but insurance probably will cover it.

  • The fact that the guy had no other plan than to smash and grab, and then was convinced to wait for police would indicate that this was not a pro at work. Guy was probably on something and desperate and made a bad snap decision.

    • I walked by in the immediate aftermath and was told that it was a bunch of kids that did the smash/grab.

    • The thief was pretty young and didn’t look like he was on anything. I would say he was maybe 17-22 years old.

    • Pretty sure it wasn’t “a pro” for multiple reasons. For one thing a pro wouldn’t be robbing that store (and I say this because I live nearby and have seen what sort of business it does)!

  • I love the folks of MtP, hoping to move there soon! This is really unbelievable.

  • Not in my neighborhood!
    This is the second time in less than a month that the great folks of Mt. Pleasant have participated in the takedown of another piece of pond scum!

    I’m so proud of you. Most people in this town seem to prefer the old “not my problem, why get involved” tactic that has helped them succeed in a town of political trades. Happy citizens who feel that they have a stake in the quality of their neighborhood get involved. Take note guys, they don’t just complain on the interwebs.

  • I can confirm exactly what Anonymous

    August 8, 2014 at 10:04 saw. I didn’t see the crime, but I saw the aftermath. The kid was running and a lot of people were yelling and responded immediately, I didn’t get a good eye on the take down and snatch of the bad, but I did see him trying to get through a bunch of people on the east sidewalk of Mt. Pleasant Street. It was around the bus stop that I noticed him get up, walk though some additional people who had gathered, and turn the corning down Lamont St. toward 16th. He walked probably 10 feet down Lamont and other people were still talking to him and he turned around very calmly and went back to the corner near the bus stop. He had a smile on his face as if he pulled of a prank and just got away with it. At that point I went into Best World and while exiting, there were 3+ squad cards and he suspect was being cuffed alone while another car arrived.

    Maybe he was hurt and realized he could not run, or went back sly to try to re-snatch the stolen items, Who knows.

  • Probably one of the oldest jewelry store class windows in the city. RIP 08/07/14.

  • Good job stopping the thief!

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