Shooting Homicide in Park View; Triple Shooting in Eckington

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Shooting //600 block of Quebec Place NW //LOF B/M, w/ a small afro, wearing a gray shirt and jeans ”

MPD later emailed:

Just before 11pm, units responded to the 3600 blk of Warder St NW for a man down. Calls were also received for a shooting. Upon arrival, an adult male was located suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The male was transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced. This case is being investigated by the Homicide Branch. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

Readers reported lots of helicopters and one said “Police have told us to stay in our house and lock the doors.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“5D Triple Shooting_2358 hrs_U St at Summit Pl, NE_No Lookout”

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  • This was right after the basketball tournament ended. Heard at least four shots. This year the tournament has pushed it’s ending time past 10 pm. Not a choice I thought was a good thing. I understand it used to be a neighborhood tournament but no longer. Now there are side parties on the surrounding streets.

  • Parkviewer, I’ve been here for 11 years now and the basketball tournament has never been anything but problems. Nearly every shooting in the neighborhood occurs within a block of it and while it is going on. About 5 years ago I was caught in cross fire and had to hide behind a car until the scene was over. For some reason that I do not understand, people feel preasured every year to let this tournament go on. I guess its a really good thing to think a simple basketball tournament could bring people together and provide young men with a positive outlet but it just doesn’t work that way for this tournament.

    Don’t work, the tourney ends in another week and then you won’t have to worry about shootings until next year.

    • Yes, I’ve been here for almost 6 years and live right across from the rec center so I too have a sense of relief when the tournament is over. And I have attended plenty of the neighborhood meetings that discuss this tournament. Generally, I support the tournament itself but sadly there’s so much side activity spilling into the neighboring blocks. I’m not sure why the start time got bumped back this year. DPR said it would need some time after the games to clean up so I wasn’t surprised when it was past 10 and there were still lights and noise. But consistently the games are going till after 10. Thats three days a week, in a solidly residential area.

      As far as police presence, my husband did see someone get arrested outside the rec center earlier this week. So, they are around but not sure if their efforts are stepped up on tournament nights or not.

      Sadly, the tournament begun as a tribute of my neighbors son who was killed while sitting in a car in Park View. Now, someone else has died.

  • Geezus. This is terrible. If people can’t handle a public event responsibly, it needs to be shut down. Like Family Day at the Zoo. Public safety needs to come first. If people are getting shot and/or assaulted; what more important? Lives or Basketball? Sometimes community leaders have blinders on…

  • It seems like it’s the side street activity. The tournament itself is a positive event, but it attracts people who hang out in front of and near the rec center. MPD should post an officer on Warder for these events.

  • There were at least seven shots. Looked liked the guy was dead at the scene. Police was out there with AR-15 rifles and K-9’s

    Park viewer is correct This was right after the tournament, and the side parties and loitering around the recreational center has just been getting worse, especially during the tournaments. No police presence during any of those that I have seen. There was a floodlight a couple of days ago on that same intersection.

  • I live in this area, just off Rock Creek Church Rd and Warder. I first heard about 5 gunshots, then a pause, then 1, another pause, then 4 shots. I called the police to report, and eventually made my way outside to talk to my neighbors about what they’d seen/heard as well. Another one reported the same number of shots as I did, and also said he saw the gunman on foot. He also said he thought the first 5 shots were warnings…I’m guessing to let people take cover, and the 1 shot might have been for the intended target.

  • I just want to remind everyone about our fevered discussion a few days ago about the lack of community policing in this area. I was blocked by police from entering my home which was not a part of the actual crime scene for about 4 hours. Even right now there are people in the neighborhood hanging out on people’s stoops that obviously don’t live here drinking, smoking and talking about the incident and streets are still blocked off. The Gray Administration is defunct, and I can’t wait for it to be over, and for someone with accountability for at least an election term to actually make sure proper city services are provided to residents again.

  • I’ve lived one block away from the tournament for the past 9 years. This is only the second shooting I can recall that was “connected” to it – if by connected you mean the shooting happened after the tournament ended for the night. And this is the only time I recall anyone actually being hit. The last shooting was just bullets flying. Having said that, I have noticed that the tournament is running later this year than in prior years and if I recall correctly, it usually did not take place on Friday nights in the past.
    I don’t think the tournament should be shut down. I think there needs to be some police presence at it, especially when things are ending for the night. The police response to the shooting was quick but not as quick as it would have been if someone had been stationed at the tournament.
    I guess my neighbors and I can look forward to another week with a light truck shining through our windows.

    • There have been 5 occurrences of shots fired specifically during the basketball tournament since 2005. There used to be cops assigned to the tournament, but shots fired have still occurred. It seems to be every other year, sometimes staggering a little. You can look each of them up at , using Princeton and Warder, and specify just June – August for each year.

  • If this is linked to a tournament, then maybe if some of you knew of its loudness or celebration(what tournament doesn’t have it), then you could ask the organizers to make it earlier in the day or police can just be closer than they were (10+ minutes away) to help monitor it as it commenced or ended to help with the clearing out of the place. You don’t have to cancel it, especially if it does provide some positivites itself.

    • This happened on my block. I heard the shots, looked out the window and saw the guy on the ground. There was a police car on the scene within 5 minutes after the shots. A few minutes later they were cordoning off the scene.

  • Judging from looking out the windows it looks like everything is still blocked off (unfortunately both sides of my block). I wonder if I can leave finally or if I will get yelled at.

  • I just want to remind everyone about our fevered discussion a few days ago about the lack of community policing in this area. I was blocked by police from entering my home which was not a part of the actual crime scene for about 4 hours. Even right now there are people in the neighborhood hanging out on people’s stoops that obviously don’t live here drinking, smoking and talking about the incident and streets are still blocked off. The Gray Administration is defunct, and I can’t wait for it to be over, and for someone with accountability for at least an election term to actually make sure proper city services are provided to residents again.

    • Unfortunately the three “main” candidates (Bowser, Catania, Schwartz) are all basically business as usual. They all serve or have served on the council for many years and have or had oversight over many of the recurring issues the city faces. I do not think we will see any significant change until someone new who is serious, smart, organized and has a plan comes along. Hell, the candidates do not even talk about crime. Meanwhile I woke up this AM to reports of 6 robberies, 3 shootings (one a triple shooting and one with a death) and 2 stabbings.

      • Honestly what do you expect of these candidates? They are not Mayor. Perhaps Bowser has a little more authority given her Ward but I have a feeling that you would bash whatever either of these ‘candidates’ said or did.

    • What thread was that discussion in? Link?

  • Is there any connection or more detail on the Eckington shooting?

  • Poll the community. I say shut this tournament down unless DPR and MPD can coordinate security.

    • I say shut it down period, for this year.
      Let them convince us in a future year that they will take care of security.

  • The tournament should not go on beyond today. Somebody was shot to death. Let’s not be so jaded and numb to human life that we keep on playing as I’d it didn’t happen.

    • And let’s not be so short- sighted or so insular that we demand that community activities be cancelled without attempting to address the problem of community violence in more pro-active ways. I’d bet that most who want to shut down the tournament have little sense of its value to the participants. Earlier daytime activities and a visible police presence would go a long way towards reducing violence. I realize that the parallels aren’t quite the same, but we continue to support the Olympics despite incidents of violence – by enhancing security, not by eliminating the games.

      • Is the tournament a matter of life or death to the participants? I will not let a basketball tournament sequester me in my home for fear of a stray bullet hitting me or my children.

        • The problems of safety are far beyond the basketball tournament. the accepted culture of medieval, dim-witted, reactionary violence is here to stay. canceling a tournament will push the shooting somewhere else.

        • the tournament didn’t sequester you.

        • If ending a positive thing as a result of an unaffiliated event made sense, then the would have never rebuilt the world trade center or Columbine High School would have been closer. This knee jerk reaction of shutting the tournament down is a double standard. They should be required to secure it better instead.

          • What will eventually sequester people in their homes is shutting down the tournament. These events have existed years before many of the newer residents have moved into the area. Shutting events like this down just shows how much MANY of the new residents do not want to become part of the neighborhood to help it grow but would prefer to change it completely. Unfortunately, the byproduct of this will be an increase in violence aimed at the newer residents that some people will blame for the dramatic changes/attacks to what they know.

            My suggestion is for ALL of the residents of Park View to try to work with community/event organizers and offer suggestions to improving safety.

          • Actually, Petworth Queen Forever, it sounds like the tournament is increasingly being attended by people who don’t even live in this neighborhood. Maybe they once did, but they don’t now. Why not move it to a more convenient location where the attendees will have easier access? Not sure why the current neighbors need to be hassled by this craziness, especially with property crimes, vandalism, noise, being guaranteed every single year. The recent homicide was just the latest in a pattern of lawlessless and disrespect coming out from this tournament. It may not be politically correct to say so, but this tournament has outlived its usefulness and it seem to ironically be a cataclyst for violence- the very thing, I think, it was hoping to discourage.

          • +1 to Anonymous 4:29 pm.

      • How dare you impose your not-shooting-people values on this fine tourney?

      • This is the city. It doesn’t matter what’s adjacent.

  • This has gotten out of hand. I live right where this shooting took place, luckily I was out of town. Does anyone else remember a few weeks ago that parked car on Warder St that was completely totaled? I witnessed it out my windows, it happened at the same time of night right after the tournament let out.

    I drove by the other night while a game was going on. There were people all over the streets surrounding the rec center. Many were smoking weed, blocking the streets, and being very loud.

    This tournament has to go, as others have said it is not appropriate to have in a residential area.

    • They keep talking about how much the Ty Hop tournament “means to the community” without expounding. As it stands, it’s a tournament named, in memorandum, after an innocent man who was murdered, thats been known for most of its years as attracting the type of people who murdered him.

  • Looks like the Championship game is this Tuesday. Has there been ANY announcement from the Mayor, Council, DPR, MPD on the killing? Can you imagine if this happened at the intersection of say, Reno and 35th NW? How many of the attendees get that? Is it serving that purpose, or just a social event? Seen the trash around the rec center? What will be our neighborhood’s response? Here is from the DPR site, ironic that the purpose of the tournament is to end violence:

    August 12, 2011
    Ty-Hop Basketball Championship Game
    Parkview Recreation Center, 693 Otis Place, NW
    Time: 7:30pm
    Ages: 18 and up
    9th Annual Ty-Hop Adult league, that was created to stop the Violence in the Parkview Community in Memorial of Tyron Hopkins JaMar Goodall & Greg Jones 202 576-5750

    • cut and paste wrong — meant “how many of the attendees get that the purpose of the tournament is to stop violence in Park View community”. My guess: very few. Maybe the police chief should show up in Tuesday and remind folks of that. Even better, Ty Hop’s family.

  • I saw a swat team bust down the suspects door yesterday… pretty cool… and scary.

  • Perhaps it’s time this tournament went the way of the Caribbean Festival.

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