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  • Of all the openings announced for around town, this is the one I’m anticipating the most. I love the Union Market store and will go twice as often to this one since it’s near my home and office.

  • I swear I’m not trying to be a hipster-hater, but I do not get this place. Random “curated” collection of over priced stuff is all I see when I walk in the Union Market store.
    Don’t get me started on my West Elm hate- LOVE the look, but the quality is junk. Bought a $300 “wood” table from there, arrived as fiberboard and peeled 6 months later. My ikea stuff (that this was to replace as an upgrade) has lasted longer.

    • Well, it pretty much is IKEA but with a nicer veneer. We’ve had a West Elm coffee table forever that’s still solid and looks great. You should have taken your piece back to West Elm for a refund/exchange.

    • @EnShaw – omg I am right with you on all of your points! I really like Salt & Sundry but their stuff is way overpriced. I am not trying to hater either if S&S is your thing but I don’t get it. I have found cooler stuff for way less at Eastern Market (and most of it is authentic).

      Agreed with the West Elm comment too. Nice looking stuff, but I bought a table and it fell apart (literally) a few months later. My Ikea stuff has lasted.

      Go figure…

    • FWIW, I agree that S&S is overpriced, but their selection is perfect for hostess/housewarming gifts. I wouldn’t decorate my own home from this place, but don’t mind paying a bit more to give unique, special items to friends. I also have to admit that I often find things I like there, then buy the same items elsewhere for less.

      As for West Elm, I agree the quality is really subpar, especially for the prices they charge.

      • Just what the neighborhood needs, more overpriced pretentious junk (to go with many of thepretentious overpriced restaurants). I agree that West Elm comments. It’s poor value–IKEA for people who think they’re too good for IKEA. Furniture depreciates rapidly–better to buy good used pieces and save your money for real quality..

    • Not to mention that West Elm doesn’t offer any kind of warranty on their furniture. I was considering buying a sofa from them, but called to ask about a warranty and was told that I could return the couch if something happened to it within the time frame for returns, but other than that I’d be out of luck. Apparently you can’t even buy a warranty or any kind of protection plan from West Elm. So I Zipcar-ed out to the burbs and bought a cheaper, better quality couch from Haverty’s that came with a five-year protection plan.

    • justinbc

      Don’t worry, Salt and Sundry is decidedly not hipster, so I doubt anyone would accuse you of “hipster-hating”.

  • justinbc

    Congrats to Amanda, she’s worked hard to be so successful and I love seeing fellow Tarheels do well! 🙂

  • I cannot wait for this place to open. Amanda and her employees are the best!

  • Love the Union Market store.

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