Saloon Closed until Sept. 4th – Parting Message to African Leaders and a reminder to vote for Mayor

1205 U Street, NW

Saloon’s summer sojourn (to build another new school) has started – but a couple messages before they go:



Reminder to vote in the election after the jump.



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  • Wha – huh? I don’t want to bust on these guys because that’s a great bar and I love that they go and build schools, but I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

    • I believe it is a knock on many African leaders who embezzle development money. Fraud creates a lot of waste within development funding; but, then again I am positive the money going to building these schools could also be used far more effectively in a developing country context.

      • That is a bold statement. What makes you say that? Genuinely curious.
        Commy says he goes into the communities, splits the cost with them (so they have a stake in the success of the school), oversees all building and then checks in regularly.
        I’m sure economies of scale and government negotiations might get better “deals” but will they actually result in schools? Again, genuine questioning.

    • its suggesting that they are not being creative or dedicated enough to solving problems in their home nations.

  • i have a lot of respect for the guys at the saloon. they do a lot more good in the world than i do.

    • +!. Yes. the Saloon guys are extremely compassionate and put their money where their mouth is. Great job!!

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