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  • The pork shoulder is amazing!!!

  • So happy the milk bar is coming!

  • I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love this news but the location will be crushed for a solid three months upon opening. But I don’t care!

  • I’ll only eat there if Janette Desautel is one of the chefs.

  • So…what is it?

  • For those who have been to both Toki and Momofuku…how do they compare?

    • Hahahahahahahaha

      • ?

        I’ve eaten at both and honestly I was more impressed with Toki. Maybe it was just the bias of my expectations for momofoku, but I don’t think this question is absurd by any stretch.

        • Toki’s ramen is better, period. Momofuku is very, very good at a lot of things–it’s not just a ramen bar–but having eaten at both Momofuku NYC and Momofuku Toronto, while I agree it is excellent, I don’t think it quite lives up to the hype it gets, unlike a place like Uchi in Austin, TX, or even Rasika here at home.

          • Oh, are you 2:57 Anonymous? I thought you were laughing at the idea that Toki could compete with someplace as famous as momofoku.

    • Similar in some ways but I preferred the ramen at Toki (which is my second favorite restaurant in DC after Little Serow). Momofuku has more variety on the menu and is tasty too, but the hype is way overblown in my opinion. New York effect maybe?

    • momofuku’s ramen is better imo, but toki is close behind, and cheaper, if i recall. but there’s a few different iterations of momofuku in new york, primarily ssam bar and noodle bar. noodle bar does the ramen (among other things. their buns are INSANE). so, we’ll have to wait for more details on what the menu here will be…my guess is it will be more like ssam bar, with more variety.

      if there’s a milk bar with it…oh man. heaven.

    • justinbc

      They’re both great, but not exactly comparable.

    • I tried Toki once and was so completely disappointed. The ramen noodles were overcooked and mushy, the soup had no depth, the egg was overcooked and the dumpling app was nothing special – really, no different from you can get frozen at H Mart. I’d had really high hopes given all the hype (and have been dying for a good ramen option in the DC area). Maybe it was an off night; I’ve been meaning to try it again to see if that was the case. I’ve been to Momofuku (both noodle and ssam) a bunch of times though and they’ve been awesome each time. I even prefer them to Ippudo. I can’t believe anyone is actually claiming Toki is better…. like I said, I’ll try it again — but that first time was just the worst.

  • I’m about to eat nothing but pork buns and ritz cookies for the rest of my life….

  • This is great news! That said, I would hope it would be more of a focus on Momofuku Ssam bar (pork shoulder!) or the other options at noodle bar (like fried chicken) vs. ramen. Between Toki/Daikaya/Ren’s we have that well covered. THAT SAID (again), noodle bar stuff like their cold dipping noodles would be awesome because we don’t have anything like that here (yet). PUMPED.

    • Yeah, but the ramen at Toki and Daikaya are both very meh. Can’t speak to Ren’s as haven’t made the trip out to Wheaton yet. What this area REALLY could use though is a good soup dumpling place — an outpost of Joe’s Shanghai or Din Tai Fung.

  • Will they have a Milk Bar at this location, anyone know?

    • Article says yes 🙂

    • Can someone explain what a milk bar is? The name sounds unappetizing but I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with milk?

      • Allison

        I can answer this question because I was gifted the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook as a present from a relative who visited their NY location this previous Christmas. It’s mostly a desert/pastry place — cookies, cakes, etc. The name comes from one particularly unique product, which is basically… cereal milk. You know that kind of flavorful milk that’s left in the bowl after you’ve eaten all your fruity pebbles? They sell a drinks that are like that.

        • As someone who dislikes cereal as well as milk that sounds awful… But good pastries are always nice!

      • “Milk Bar” makes me think of “A Clockwork Orange” — not a pleasant association.

      • Google it for the menu..amazing sweets and shakes. The New Yorkization of DC continues. Now if only my Dupont condo would be worth a similar place in Manhattan (~1Mil) I would REALLY happy…

    • Reminds me of someone I used to know who would chase shots of vodka with milk… Yuck!

  • Their Pork Buns are AMAZING.

  • Great news. This will be in the former Apple space in the NW corner of the complex near the outdoor park.

  • Milk bar!!! Crack pie every day, for ever & ever!!!! Also the crack pie is terrible so please don’t buy it. Just leave it for me. I’ll walk it out to the trash can myself.

  • Ugh, Momofuku is so overrated. Ate it a few times here in NYC. Don’t see the big deal. DC will love it considering their affinity with mediocre food.

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