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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Was great to meet some of the people in the community after so many years on POP, Everyone was very nice and no one set me on fire. Would definitely attend another POPVILLE Meetup. highly recommended 🙂

    Rave: Weekend starts this evening, mandatory vacation time at my company dictates that I take Friday off out of my vacation hours. I’ll accept their demands with no reservation, and use the time wisely.

    Rant: Can’t go to the beach, too crowded and expensive, but still working on the Hawaii plan for mah birthday, hopefully all goes as planned.

    Rave: Feeling good about DC more than ever lately, the real progress is finally taking hold in Petworth, selling my house though, and hopefully I’ll be able to find another good one that’s still in the area.

  • Anyone have their rock-climbing gear stolen? I’ve got it. I found it loose on Irving St. this morning, helmet, harness, shoes, resin bag, carabiners etc. I’m guessing someone’s bag was stolen and this gear dumped since scumbags don’t do a lot of rock climbing.

    I also still have the bicycle I rescued yesterday – Mongoose Threshold. I guess I could open a sporting-goods store now, but I’d rather find the owners.

  • Wow, you’re running DC’s best stolen goods reclamation office!

    • Any suggestions on who to call in the police dept. to see if there was a report made on the climbing gear?

      • I found a cell phone dumbed outside (sim card and battery removed) my house and talked to my precinct (407). They told me to call 911 and they would send someone out to document it and give me a case number. I am not aware of a way to look up reports. If you report it they likely will need to take it for evidence.

  • You are like the stolen goods fairy.

  • Whoops — the message below was meant for you, Victoria, oh fairy of stolen goods.

  • rant: i work in a job where i interact with the public as a core component of my job. recently i’ve been threatened and stalked (which seems like a strong word, but this person waited for me outside my work building and was scoping out my car, looking at my plates, etc. and he has approached a coworker outside my building asking about me) by a customer, who is now barred from entering my building. i don’t feel safe at work (particularly outside the building). my anxiety is way, way up. i’m not sure what to do or what to expect my place of employment to do.
    rave: long weekend coming up.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You should def tell your employers, even if they don’t do anything, they should know. If they are good people they will help you. I had a very minor situation at an old job and they nipped it in the bud before it could esculate. My current job will also intervene in these situations.

    • Allison

      I’m not sure if you’re private or a fed, but if you are a federal employee, contact the Federal Protective Service.

  • Rave: Freecycle. I’m getting rid of tons of stuff that seemed too good to throw out but that I have no use for.
    Rant: Still feel like I live in a jigsaw puzzle. Getting anything out of a closet or cabinet requires unpacking everything else in there. Repeat when done with the item.

  • Becks

    Rant: I wasn’t able to post yesterday after my original post.
    Rant: My sprained back hurt so much yesterday. I went home and just went to sleep. Thankfully I was able to sleep. The last few night have been tossing and turning.
    Rant: Lady Carlotta bit my leg this morning when I was walking down the hallway. I know she wanted to play and I didn’t play much yesterday, but I hope this was a one time incident. I will have to make sure to have an extra long playtime tonight.
    Rant: Two invites for the weekend, but I don’t want to aggravate my back. I’d like to go to the beach, but it would be smarter to stay home and rest.
    Question from yesterday: Where does one start to look for contracting or private sector positions? I have a background in the field of Education and Chinese History, Language and Culture.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My sweet kitty attacks my legs to play with feet but no claws and licks, she is the sweetest thing ever.
      Contracting/private sector jobs: I asked around on email lists in my field when I moved here.

    • (copying from un-threaded message below)
      Try Indeed and Idealist. A few people I know have gotten jobs through Craigslist so you might check that out as well. Also look into networking events, reaching out to your LinkedIn connections & letting people know you’re looking and what you’re looking for.

  • I also replied to her post and it appeared as its own comment. I hope this doesn’t happen with all comments on today’s RRR!

  • Rant: My debit card was compromised and someone managed to run up $2000 in fraudulent charges.
    Rave: Bank is reversing all of them.
    Rave: Just found out I’m getting a performance bonus at work. That’s rarer than a Bigfoot.

  • Becks

    Great comment!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: evil awful terrible mean nightmares all night including ppoville ravers invading my house and pissing off my parents over and over, then a weird school in Sweden that looked like and airport and EVERYONE was an asshole, then my cat, Vincent, kept getting his claws stuck in the upolstry and ripping his toenails off and spurting blood everywhere. The best dream was the “Common Swede Counting Day” where I got in trouble for walking on the grass and losing my place in line.
    Rave: Just rolling out of bed b/c sometimes my job is awesome.

  • Document everything. Check out online resources. Consider discussing with the police. And hang in there!

  • And that was meant as a response to Anxiety!

  • That stinks. I had a stalker for nearly 10 years (had offered to help him find a job, and he promptly proposed marriage at our next meeting, started sending packages of shredded stuff animals to my office, etc. Really creepy stuff). It took me moving before I finally was able to shake him! In your case, I would call the police every time he shows up to your place of work and say you’re being threatened. Not because they’d do anything, but because there will be a record, at least, and it might dissuade him just a little. That stinks, though, and I’m sorry you’re going through it.

  • Guess threaded comments are broken on the site for some reason. Anyway, my reply was meant for anxiety!.

  • Thanks, guys! Yeah, very happy about how the bank handled it. It was Capital One, so my expectations were low. And, very stoked about the bonus. My boss and I aren’t exactly the best of friends, and he even included a smiley face (which is does), when he involved me of the bonus. Day off to a very good start!

  • For Anxiety above:

    I’m so sorry this is happening. Does your company have garage parking? It sounds like you currently park on the street. Could you obtain permission to park in the garage or make similar arrangements? Can security or a coworker be arranged to always escort you out of the building to your vehicle?

  • Threaded comments still broken for me. That one was intended for Miss Emilie504 and SparklyKittyTacos!

  • Rant: Daycare. They take great care of my kid, but the illnesses! For July and August, with vacation and time out for being sick, I’m pretty sure she only went for a month, even though you have to pay for two.
    Rant: Afraid the latest stomach bug will hit me and my husband just in time for our three day weekend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I remember when my nieces and nephew were little, every time I visited them I came home with some stomach bug or something. I had to plan my almost weekly visits carefully. Fingers crossed y’all stay well for the long weekend!

  • Yup, good times last night. Nice meeting some of my fellow PoPvillians. Even though I’m from Maryland I got to hang out with the cool kids. 🙂

  • Rant – I have three bosses and they don’t communicate with each other and it’s incredibility frustrating (i.e. one boss says to do a project, another boss says don’t do the project). Also one boss treats me as his secretary and currently has me arranging a meeting for him.
    Rant – Missed the PoPville happy hour.
    Rave – Moving to Takoma next month! I finally made up my mind. Life has been feeling very stagnant and boring lately so it’s time to make some changes, and that will start with moving to a new neighborhood, in a pet-friendly apartment so I can finally adopt a furry friend. Next up, apply for a new job so I no longer have to work for clueless old men who think I’m their personal assistant.

  • skj84

    Does your work have any sort of security? Or alternate ways of leaving? Unfortunately I don’t think there is much that can be done unless the person verbally threatens you. Which is horrible, you are obviously being stalked. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I worked in a job where I interacted with public as well is this was one of my worst nightmares.

  • skj84

    This was meant as a reply to Anxiety!

  • LOL @Emilie you have the weirdest PoPville-related dreams

    • Emmaleigh504

      yes I do. Sometimes they are weird twitter dreams where everyone has their avatar as a head or talk to each other in twitter feed format. my dreams are weird and very visual. 🙂

  • For the person with a stalker: Definitely read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear,” if you haven’t already.

  • Have you checked Nextdoor for your neighborhood? Could be posted there! Thanks for being such a nice person!

  • Ugh – long morning. Meant to reply to Victoria.

  • Definitely read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear,” if you haven’t already.
    (I posted this below without attempting to reply to the original, since so many people said their replies weren’t threading properly… but am now going to try an actual reply.)

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a blast at PoPville Happy Hour last night! Great time catching up with everyone!

    Rant: I got completely lost on a bike trying to find my way to Adams Morgan. I have a terrible sense of direction and coupled with night blindness I got turned around. And was way off course before I finally decided to turn on Google maps. I was fine once I figured out how to get to 11th street, but it was dicey for a minute.

    Rave: Despite being late I did get to Angles to dance a bit. I couldn’t stay long but I had fun.

  • SparklyKittyTacos, did you meet up with Lameass Wishy-Washy Guy, and if so, how did it go?

    • Haha I did. It was ok, actually. I don’t think he’s a douchenozzle like I did before. Just…young and confused. He’s moving in a couple months and instead of talking to me about it he freaked out and made terrible decisions. I don’t want to be with him but I also don’t feel any animosity towards him anymore, so that’s good. And I got my stuff back, which is always nice!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yes! What happended??

      • Shoot, I got stuck in moderation cause of a word I used. Let me try again. Apologies if the last one comes through.
        Haha I did. It was ok, actually. I don’t think he’s a d*uch*nozzle like I did before. Just…young and confused. He’s moving in a couple months and instead of talking to me about it he freaked out and made terrible decisions. I don’t want to be with him but I also don’t feel any animosity toward him anymore, so that’s good. And I got my stuff back, which is always nice!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Glad it worked out! out!

        • Accountering

          Sounds like it did work out okay. Good on you for moving on and not having any animosity. I certainly feel like staying angry at someone is pretty much worst case scenario. You need to forgive him, so you can move on. Sounds like you are there, and that’s great! Come to the next HH!!

          • Thanks! I agree, staying angry is worst case. As long as I’m in town, I’ll be at the next HH! 🙂

  • Did the bite go through the skin? If so, you might need antibiotics — consider going to the doctor.

  • It looks like only people who are signed in can reply

  • Haha, good meeting you as well finally! 😛

  • If they have threatened you, I would go straight to the police and ask about a restraining order. And no, stalking does not seem like a strong word. It is exactly what that person is doing. Definitely tell your employer and see what they suggest. If you have security at your job, tell them also.

  • Rave: Office Moving Day! All meetings are cancelled so we can pack up our stuff and leave early so IT can move our computers, Telecomm hooks up our phones and Facilities will have moved all of our boxes to our new offices when we arrive tomorrow morning!

    Rant: That’s not how it works any more here. Cheap b*st*rds. Meetings are still on, we pack and self-move our boxes, move our computers and phones and hook them up in the new location by close of business. Also my group is moving from the Third floor to Lower Level 1 which is symbolic of my career trajectory.

    Rave: This probably should be a rant but the fake drama of “The Singles Project” is my new guilty pleasure. I think lingering after effects from my head injury has lowered my taste levels and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!.

    • Allison

      Heh, I love when they temporarily relax the dress code for moving day, allowing us to wear tennis shoes like they’re doing us some kind of favor.

    • I really love to hate Kerry Cassidy (and I hate myself for relating to your last rave).

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        I want to turn the sound off when Kerry starts talking—what an annoying voice. Brian and Lee seem kinda normal compared to the rest so that means something crazy will come out soon. Where do they find these people like Eyebrow Stylist to the Stars Joey? I just read online that his cat is named Mascara. Ugh. I want to punch him in the throat and rescue that cat! I love that Anthony confronted Joey but it was hilarious when Anthony said “You dumped me on TV.” Dude, what did think the cameras were there for?

        I hate myself for writing the above.

        • Y’all, I love it and I am not ashamed. I’m fascinated by Kerry because she doesn’t seem like a real person. Also, her friend in this last episode was wearing an absurd outfit/makeup situations out shoe shopping. Also, no question that Ericka and Dr. Lee are going to get married. I could keep talking about this forever.

        • I kind of hate you for writing the above too because now I’m snort-chuckling at my desk and my coworkers think I’m a weirdo. And I certainly don’t want to explain what I’m laughing about!
          Joey doesn’t even have nice eyebrows! Him and his stupid eyebrow gel… Poor Mascara. 🙁
          And I 100% agree with Eleven below that Lee and Ericka are going to end up together! Even though I really really hate Lee. He just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Rave: That’s my garden haul posted below (#51)
    Rave: For those interested in the Gin and Gardening group, you can contact me via the brunch group if you’re a member or at sharon wdc at yahoo and we can figure out a time/place.
    Come for the gardening tips (fall gardening, gardening in small spaces, other topics tbd), the gin (other other beverage), and/or the good company.
    Rant: I can’t open my bike lock – it turns half way and then won’t go any further. I used WD40, tried a different key, still stuck. Will try again today and hope for different results.
    Still made it to the PoPville HH and had a great time 🙂

  • you can try posting about the climbing gear on mountainproject.com (in the eastern or southern states section) or emailing the PAT-C (potomac area mountaineering club) to get in touch with local climbers who might know who’s gear it is.

  • Accountering

    Rave: HH last night! Somehow managed to run up at $51 tab even with BOGO! Love that bar! Had a great time meeting Jack5, and seeing Emilie, Jeslett, JustinBC, AliceinDC, Lisa Log, Squish and everyone else! Great time!
    Rant: Apparently the threaded comments are broken today. This could get ugly.
    Rant2: The last tenant who left his medicine wanted me to ship it to Toronto. No problem, except I forgot to include a customs form. Worse, when it got returned to Bethesda, the bottle of liquid medicine had broken and it was a mess.
    Rave2: Wedding weekend was amazing. Had a great time spending the weekend with family and Andie. My family loves her, and she seemingly is a big fan as well, so that is another hurdle out of the way!
    Rave3: Fantasy draft tonight. I think I have convinced everyone that my idea to include a supplemental pick after the 10th round for the drunkest dude is going to work. This could get interesting!
    Rave4: Philly this weekend for Made in America! Should be amazing.
    Rant3: Philly this weekend. Not a fan of that city, nor the people at all!

  • ugh, that was for victoria at the top

  • Rave: should be a beautiful labor day weekend!
    Rant: feeling uneasy after a guy on U st. was shouting racial slurs at a woman on the sidewalk, then when I tried to walk by, elbowed me in the chest and said I had no respect. Clearly trying to provoke someone…I should have known better and stayed away.

    • My boyfriend was gone all summer and got back to DC last week. He said that three times in the past week he’s had people try to provoke him around U street/Bloomingdale, when he’s never really had an issue in the previous year. Wonder why. =/

  • This is to Anxiety if the thread isn’t working. Immediately inform your employer. It is up to them to provide a secure environment. I’ve seen this before with a call center agent and they provided security for her whenever she left the call center floor or left the building.

  • Rave: Story on DC(dot)Eater(dot)com yesterday confirms that Paul Ruppert is planning to open a restaurant on the first floor of the Murrell Building at Georgia and Upshur in Petworth! Title is “How Paul Ruppert Helps Make D.C. a Cooler Place,” in case you’re looking for it – the rest of the story is a good read too, but I’m especially glad to hear the currently vacant Murrell Building will become another nice addition to the neighborhood.

    • Accountering

      This is amazing news. Petworth is really making moves, and I love to see it. The 3700-4300 blocks of Georgia are finally catching up. If only Bowser hadn’t done nothing when the 4 stores were getting repeatedly robbed on the 4700 block, Georgia would be in great shape!

    • OMG. That news is so good I’m not sure if I even believe it! Like, I’m reading the article and I still don’t believe it. This is HUGE.

  • Try Indeed and Idealist. A few people I know have gotten jobs through Craigslist so you might check that out as well. Also look into networking events, reaching out to your LinkedIn connections & letting people know you’re looking and what you’re looking for.

  • Also make sure you document everything–both the incidents with the creeper and what you told your employer and when you told them.

  • Agh that was supposed to be a reply to Anxiety’s post.

  • I’m not sure if you’re private or a fed, but if you are a federal employee, contact the Federal Protective Service.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Anxiously awaiting posts from PorkBelly and LisaLog…where are you???

  • I forgot who was asking about spiders yesterday, but I wanted to say that it is likely an orb weaver, or barn spider. Like in Charlotte’s Web. Harmless unless you’re a mosquito or a gnat. (I was sort of looking for one to move in to my kitchen, to control a fruit fly problem.)
    So, did you kill Charlotte? You can relocate her pretty easily if you don’t want her on your car.

  • It gets better. Not sure how old your child is, but for the first year or so of my son’s life, he was constantly in and out of daycare with illness (as were we, when we caught whatever he had). Now he rarely gets sick, and even if he does, he rarely is sick enough to stay home from “school.”

  • This sounds awful. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Definitely tell your employer. NO shame! Is there a receptionist/guard in your building? They should be on alert. Also, definitely contact your building manager. This is not just something that your job should be notified about. If anything, you won’t feel so alone with this and feel so unprotected. And that’s a good thing. Good luck. Keep up posted.

  • okay my post went in the completely wrong place. grrr.. trying again.

  • The lot across from the Howard Theater that is used as parking was fenced off today and something was being constructed. It didn’t look like a building, just a number of green wood frames being put together. Anyone know what is going on?

  • Question: What’s the best way to get out to Dulles (from Adams Morgan) for an 8am flight on a weekday? Has anyone done the silver line to Wiehle and then the flyer from there yet?

    • I think the Washington Flyer bus is a ripoff, and it’s always irked me how Dulles Airport does its best to conceal the existence of the 5A Metrobus, which runs from L’Enfant Plaza to Dulles (with stops at Rosslyn and the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride lot).
      That said, Metro doesn’t do much to make people aware of the 5A bus — there’s no signage inside L’Enfant Plaza Station about its existence or where to find it, and even the PDF/printed schedule could be improved. (It says that the bus stop is at “D and 7th Sts NW,” when the reality is that the stop is on D between 6th and 7th.)
      If it were me, I’d take either the 5:30 or 6 a.m. 5A bus out of L’Enfant. (They arrive at 6:24 and 6:54, respectively.)

      • Thanks for the info! I think I’ll give the 5A a try. I’ve always just used uber or super shuttle but I feel like it’s silly when there are other cheaper options out there.
        5:30 is so early. Sigh.

        • I’ve done all 3 (flyer, 5A, uber). The Flyer is much nicer than the 5A and if I had a lot of luggage I’d do the flyer in a hearbeat as it’s a coach bus so there is luggage storage underneath. 5A is a city bus and cheaper, but there’s always the chance you have to stand (or worse that it’s full) though I’d think you would be fine so early. Then people are falling over, there’s luggage everywhere etc.

          That said in case you want to spring for uber since your flight is so early, they are doing the summer promotion so it’s $50 Adams Morgan to Dulles (at least it was last week when I did it)

          • I’ve never had to stand on the 5A bus — I think it’s a much bigger risk if you’re boarding at Rosslyn.
            It _is_ poorly designed as far as luggage, though; Skaballet is right on that count. There’s an overhead rack, but it’s inadequate for the amount and size of luggage that people usually bring to/from an airport. (It’s also mounted pretty high up — fine for lightweight bags, but not good for hoisting/maneuvering anything heavy.)

  • Rave: Had a wonderful time at the HH last night! It was so much fun to put faces to “names” and I’m already looking forward to the next event.
    Rave: Training session with the pup this weekend! I hope we can learn some tools to increase his confidence, decrease his recent fear of all loud-things-outside-with-wheels, and better our skills and understanding as dog owners.
    Rant: A lot of upcoming work travel that will be filled with 15 hour days.
    Rave: Planning a few fun days in New York after the last (foreseeable) work trip.

    • Allison

      Heh “fear of all loud-things-outside-with-wheels” — I used to have a dog who was terrified of the large rolling trashcan, but only when it was in motion. If it was still, she didn’t seem to notice it. Once you tilt it onto its wheels to start moving it, the insane barking and nipping at the wheels began.

      • Ha! That is funny. Mr. P hasn’t had too many issues with trashcans but garbage trucks are the worst. He puts on the brakes and tries his hardest to get home.

      • saf

        Once I was parking the motorcycle next to the outdoor seating for Jaleo. A little dog at one of the tables went nuts. The owner let him try to attack the bike and me, then said to me, “Sorry, he hates things with wheels.”
        All I could think was, “Then WHY are you sitting with him next to the street?!”

    • hammers

      great meeting another neighbor!

  • @ Michael: Yikes, that is upsetting. But it’s hard to know when just walking by someone will cause a reaction. This weekend I was walking by Metro Center, minding my own business. There was a lady on the sidewalk flirting with some dude and stepping back and forth while she’s talking to him. So she steps in my path while I’m passing. No big deal, I just altered my course to get around her. After I pass she yells “It’s Chocolate City, bitch!” Um ok, thanks for the input.

  • Allison

    Attention members of the PoPulace! At a happy hour a few weeks ago some people expressed interest in visiting the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I’m currently looking at Saturday, October 4th for my husband and I to possibly attend. We have a car with room for three more people. If you’re interested in going with us, shoot me an e-mail at amh.dah at the google letter delivery service. You should know that we like to go early (when it opens) and stay late (pretty much the whole day). So, the caveats are no sleeping in, and no leaving early!

  • It’s part of DC’s 5×5 public art festival. Check out the5x5project DOT com for more info.

  • Sorry we missed you last night. Congrats on the new place and yay for a new furry friend!

  • The comment regarding 5×5 was directed @nate’s question about the Howard Theater parking lot.

  • Rave: Great unofficial PoPville happy hour last night at D.C. Reynolds, with JustinBC, Ash, SKJ84, PG, Allison, Squish, MPinDC, Emilie504, Hammers, Jeslett, AliceInDC, Caffeine, Accountering, and a few lurkers and people who don’t yet have regular screen names. (TonyR, I think I spotted you too? Maybe you didn’t stay long?) Hope I’m not forgetting anyone…
    Rant: Still haven’t rented out my condo in Adams Morgan.
    Related rave: Got some good encouragement from folks at the happy hour.
    Rave: Reading Kate Atkinson’s “Life After Life” and really liking it.

    • hammers

      good seeing you again, though we didn’t really get to chat! I blame the tequila haha

    • And JACK5 🙂
      Nice avatar hammers!

      • D’oh! I thought I had him in my list, but then I was rearranging it trying to get it roughly in the order of when people arrived. I must’ve deleted him by mistake.
        A collective cry of delight went up when Jack5 introduced himself to my table, as people had wondered about him at previous happy hours.

      • D’oh! How could I have forgotten the memorable Jack5??
        (I replied earlier, but it’s waiting for the Prince’s OK…)

  • I know nothing about gardening, but I’m moving into a new place with two small balconies (!) that get lots of sun. I want to eventually set up some kind of container garden or at least get some flowers up there, and would love to get some advice from knowledgeable PoPville gardeners 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Shameless Rhino Plug: Another picture of the little guy in my avatar made it into the 2015 International Rhino Keepers Association calendar. You can order the calendars from their website in September!

  • If you’re on the Hill, it’s the Capitol Police. They’re VERY good at dealing with creepers. Sadly, I know this first hand.

  • If you’re on the Hill, it’s the Capitol Police. They’re VERY good at dealing with creepers. Sadly, I know this first hand.

  • Ugh that is fucked up. I really hope that your employers help you out. Does he drive a car? Do you know the make and model? My mom was a social worker and every once in a while, we’d have to tell the police to be on the lookout for some disgruntled shitbag abuser’s car. Some people get really mad when you take their kids away so they can’t molest them anymore.

  • Ok let’s try this again with the (I beleive warranted) curse words edited out: Ugh that is effed up. I really hope that your employers help you out. Does he drive a car? Do you know the make and model? My mom was a social worker and every once in a while, we’d have to tell the police to be on the lookout for some disgruntled sh!tbag abuser’s car. Some people get really mad when you take their kids away so they can’t molest them anymore

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Had a really great dinner at Crane & Turtle last night for our first dinner leaving our kid with Baby sitter.
    Rave: The baby behaved really well for the sitter, and neither my wife nor I felt compelled to call and check in repeatedly.
    Rave/Rant: Housing prices in our neighborhood are getting into “totally outrageous” and “who the hell would pay that much to live here?” territory. Its great for our equity personally, but I think its going to price out the type of middle class buyers like us who aren’t dual six figure earners, meaning our existing neighbors of firefighters and teachers are the last of their kind around the hood.

    • Accountering

      Can we kill the canard that teachers and cops are unable to buy in DC? A dual income policeman/teacher couple would have no problem whatsoever buying in Petworth, as they are collectively making somewhere around $150,000.

      • I think that you are overestimating both how far $150,000 goes in this area and the highly escalating home prices in Petworth. The problem isn’t necessarily coming up with the mortgage payments every month, but with the down payment and closing costs. I live in North Petworth, and a house on the next block was just listed for 675k. A 20% down payment for that is $135,000. It is tough to save that much money without help from other places/people. Even after that your mortgage payment is still likely over $3000 based on current interest rates. Yes, you can get the unrenovated houses for cheaper, but a couple using a loan are not able to compete with the developers paying cash for those properties. Yes, there are other options such as FHA loans, but sellers often don’t like FHA loans, especially when faced with buyers who have traditional loans (my husband and ran into that problem when house searching ourselves).

      • jim_ed

        I live a mile north of the Petworth metro and newly flipped homes are starting to creep towards $700k listings. Even if you put down 20%, you’re still looking somewhere around $3000+ a month in mortgage. Thats right around 25% -30% if both are teachers (in DCPS, not PG or Fairfax or private who all make considerably less). That’s also assuming they’ve been able to save up $140k cash, a tough task while renting in DC. But fine, replace DC’s handsomely paid civil employees with the other part of the neighborhood that are HVAC techs and cabbies. If they didn’t already live there, they sure aren’t moving in anytime soon.

        • Accountering

          Not saying they are handsomely paid, just that they are compensated well enough to move into Petworth. I am seeing newly renovated stuff at $600,000 or less (7th and Farragut), but I think we are splitting hairs.
          You are right, we are no longer a city where HVAC techs and cabbies can buy a newly renovated home. That is certainly fair, and I don’t disagree with that in the least.

          • I am at 9th and Hamilton and I haven’t seen a newly renovated home within a 3 block radius listed at $600k or less in well over 6 months, probably closer to all year. House on the next block over was just listed at $675k. Expecting house a few doors down to be listed for around same.

          • Accountering

            No offense, but then you haven’t looked very hard. Check out (sale records) for 5006 5th st, 621 Hamilton, 723 Gallatin, 5309 9th st, 5403 Illinois, 1108 Jefferson.

            All of these sold for under $600k, in the last three months.

          • Accountering

            5016 9th st… There is a ton of stuff that is selling for under $600k.

          • jim_ed

            Definitely getting into splitting hairs. I only live a few blocks north of you, and I don’t know if you saw the new listing at 5124 9th asking 675k, which is what set me on this navel gazing expedition in the first place. Another one a half block north should be listed this weekend, and I’m expecting it to list at 699. It’s just crazy to me people would pay that much to live in my neighborhood. We certainly couldn’t afford to buy into it now, which makes me sympathize with others who weren’t as lucky as us to buy when we did.

          • Accountering

            Agree with all of the above jim. The nicest in the neighborhood are quickly approaching 700k. There is still quite a bit in the 500’s, that is certainly affordable to a family making $150k.

            As far as the downpayment, how does anyone ever save for a downpayment? They own a condo or whatever, and build some equity, and cash out. Who actually saves $140k in cash to buy a place like this?

          • Accountering — But to own a condo in the first place, you have to put down a down payment. And in the post-“bubble” era, it’s more difficult (or so I’m told) to buy a place with anything less than a 20% mortgage. So if a couple wants to buy (say) a one-bedroom condo and can find one for $250,000-$300,000, they’re still going to have to put down $40K-$60K.
            And then they have to sit on the condo for long enough that — with the transfer fee and recordation fee and 6% real estate commission — they can still clear $140K (or whatever the 20% down payment would be) from the sale. That could take a while, and by that time the house that used to be $700,000 might be $850,000 or $900,000.

          • Oops — meant “down payment” above where I said “mortgage.”

  • Document, document, document! Every time the person contacts you or follows you. Then there is a trail. I would also contact local police; even if they don’t/can’t do anything right away, there is a record.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Pickle brined fried chicken is back at Rose’s Luxury.
    Revel: Lovely meal with a good friend last night there. Mike, the upstairs bartender, was a peach and servers were stopping by to say hi. If this is my “Cheers” I’ll take it.
    Revel: less than 36 hours until Florida.
    Question 1: bought a silver necklace that was deliberately oxidized when I would have preferred shiny silver because jeweler isn’t making that style anymore. Trying to polish it up. Any suggestions?
    Question 2: flying tomorrow for the first time in years. Confused by Southwest’s Early Bird Check-In. Does it mean I’m already checked in?

    • Allison

      With Southwest’s early bird check-in, you still have to check-in. What it does is give you a higher boarding number (and thus a better choice of seats on the plane’s open seating) despite how late you might ultimately check in. Think of it like a person who saves your spot at the front of the line until you get there.

      • Allison

        The funny thing about early bird check-in though, is that it’s basically a racket. If everyone on the plane buys it, Southwest has made a killing, but no one is any further ahead in line than anyone else.

        • GiantSquid

          Oh, I get that it’s a potential waste of money. I just really want/need a window seat. Prefer to not have to use my trump card of throwing up due to motion sickness.

          • Allison

            Yeah. I just set an alarm on my phone to go off 24 hours in advance of my flight. As long as I check in within a few minutes after the alarm goes off, the choice of seats is still pretty decent.

    • skj84

      I think Early bird means your automatically in A group. You may still need to check in though.

  • I had a stalker who mailed my boyfriend a box of Peeps with all the heads bit off.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great happy hour turn out last night, and discovery of a new bar I really enjoyed.
    Rave: Weekend is about to start for me.
    Rave: Books on Morocco arrived today, time to start researching where to stay.
    Rant: None.
    Heads up: Next HH will be in Adams Morgan, likely at Jack Rose.

    • Thanks again for organizing Justin!
      How long will you be in Morocco?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Justin you rock. Thanks for being our social secretary!

      • +1!
        Justin, are you going to Marrakesh? I didn’t especially like where I stayed, but can offer some recommendations on sightseeing.

        • justinbc

          Marrakech is definitely on the list, as are Casablanca, Fes, Ouarzazate, Essaouaira, Oualidia, and Asni in the Atlas Mountains…just trying to determine how long in each place currently based on what I want to see, then figure out accommodations.

          • I was in Ouarzazate a few years back & would highly recommend. It happened to be New Years Eve which made it even more memorable.

          • You should check out Chefchaouen if you get the chance. It’s gorgeous and you don’t have to worry about getting hassled or hustled. There’s a bus from Fez, but it’s better to get a cab since there’s only one or two buses a day. And definitely always have change on you anywhere in Morocco, everyone will always claim not to have any.

          • justinbc

            Haha yeah I’ve heard about the change thing, not surprising. I’ll look into Chefchaouen, thanks! MP that’s good to hear, my nerd radar definitely pinged when I found out some Game of Thrones stuff is shot there.

    • skj84

      Thanks for organizing Justin!

    • Ally

      You’re probably planning on this already, but pick a riad over a hotel (riad’s are smallish, boutique hotels that usually have a center fountain/garden area). I stayed in one (can’t remember the name) that was a 5 minute walk from Jemaa el-Fnaa (Marrakesh) and had no regrets. Still, to date, my favorite country I’ve visited. Have fun!
      (And sorry for the duplicate post below; I see threading still isn’t fixed for those who don’t log in)

  • +1 that this is worth reading. Lots of interesting background on some DC institutions like the Passenger and Room 11. Not sure why Ruppert hasn’t been more of a household name here, other than that he seems like he isn’t running toward any spotlights. Which is refreshing in a world of “celebrity chefs.” Only minor comment is that the article mentioned John Cochran as the person who ran Ruppert’s, and I think Sidra Forman should also be credited there.

  • Threading fail. That was for the article on Paul Ruppert.

  • Becks

    Textdoc- The nails left a scratch but the bite didn’t break the skin. She was just frustrated with my lack of playing. I hope.

  • Emilie504, how does your employer intervene? I work for a city gov’t in the area (not sure why i want to keep it vague, but whateves). The police have been called and have been helpful, but I still feel vulnerable, you know?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Where I work now there are sometimes issues with federal employees being overly familiar to down right threatening to us contractors. My bosses will contact the feds to stop it. In one case the stalker actually brought weapons to work, but the security guards had been alerted and he was stopped before entering the building. In other cases certain known creepers are only assisted by male staff because they have made to many women uncomfortable.
      In the last job I had my boss noticed a guy starting to be too nice to me and it was starting to make me uncomfortable. She had a talk with him and told him he needed to treat me with respect or he would be banned from the library. He was a regular so the talk worked and he left me alone.
      I’ve had really good employers who care about the safety of their employees. But employers can only help if they know what is happening.

  • Spider update: I got a good look at it last night and confirmed that it is an orb weaver. I absolutely won’t kill it – spiders are good bugs. if it was poisonous and in a place I would frequently encounter it, then maybe i’d kill it. probably. anyway, banana spiders are okay by me. i’m going to relocate it to my front porch this weekend.

    Rave: nature is awesome. 🙂

  • Rave: Some much needed restructuring and clarification of everyone’s responsibilities at work.
    Rant: Pretty sure the person who made the decisions about what we would each be responsible for took a list of what everyone is really bad at and then assigned them those responsibilities.

  • Becks

    GiantSquid- Toothpaste makes an excellent silver polisher.

  • Question for POPville photographers – does anyone have a recommendation for open source photo editing software? My personal laptop is now defunct and I need to do some light editing to some photos before I’ll be able to buy a new one. I don’t need anything too sophisticated – just need to be able to adjust levels and maybe use a clone stamp here and there.

  • @GiantSquid, if your airplane will be a small one (check SeatGuru) you could purchase “Upgraded Boarding”, which unlike EarlyBird guarantees you one of the first 15 or 30 boarding spots. But honestly, I would save any fees for Upgraded or Early Bird and just talk with the gate agent (they have so much discretion!) or if that doesn’t work, with a fellow passenger. And when I’ve checked in online exactly 24 hours before the flight, even one that’s totally full, I’ve always gotten a good enough number to get the kind of seat I prefer.

  • Becks

    MPinDC- Thank you for the advice! I’ll check it out tonight!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I just read in the Post that Hello Kitty is not a cat. My life and lunchbox is shattered!

    • Emmaleigh504

      ha! if you had been at the HH last night you would already have known that!

    • WaPo was wrong about her being a human child! A Japanese article I read interviews a Sanrio exec who said “We never said she’s a human.” In fact, on Sanrio’s Japanese site, they list their characters by category (cats, dogs, humans etc.) and they even have an “unidentifiable” category and a “mysterious/strange creature” category, but Hello Kitty is indeed listed under cats!
      I know way too much about Hello Kitty….

  • You’re probably planning on this already, but pick a riad over a hotel (riad’s are smallish, boutique hotels that usually have a center fountain/garden area). I stayed in one (can’t remember the name) that was a 5 minute walk from Jemaa el-Fnaa (Marrakesh) and had no regrets. Still, to date, my favorite country I’ve visited. Have fun!

  • This reply is for GiantSquid in case it’s not threaded:

    Try cleaning the oxidized silver with boiling water, aluminum foil and baking soda. Form a small piece of foil into a dish shape. Place it in a cup or bowl and add some baking soda. Pour hot boiled water just to cover. Place your jewelry on top of the foil and baking soda. There are interesting before/after photos of this method online.

  • This just screams “Photo Caption Contest”!!!

  • Yup, if your supervisors don’t know about this guy, tell them ASAP. Have you read The Gift of Fear? Highly recommend that you pick it up if you have not already read it. There is an older NYTimes article on stalking and recommendations for how to handle stalkers. (I’d attach a link, but don’t want the comment to get stuck – google “the gift of fear stalking.”)
    Also, pay attention to and value your spidey sense that tells you something is wrong. Pay attention to stuff that seems a little “off.” Ask a co-worker to walk with you outside of the building. Vary your routes home from work for a while. And keep a diary of all contacts from this guy – date, time, location, what happened, other people who were there, etc. Chances are this guy will lost interest/cool off and be gone, but it sounds like this was recent, so it doesn’t hurt to be alert for a while.

  • I read this too, but then why does she have whiskers?? And pointy ears? She’s a CAT.

    My 2-yr-old bilingual niece and I call her Hola Gato. Makes me laugh every time she says it.

  • DCPS year 8 – $71,171
    MPD year 8 – $71,424

    They aren’t struggling to survive at 30 in year 8.That teacher hits 80k at year 11 95k at year 16 and 100k at year 21

  • Yes, I have canned air. I’ll use that, then graphite and see if gets the lock unlocked. Thanks!

  • I love “gin and gardening” idea – sign me up. (This is Victoria – I keep getting bounced out today and have trouble signing back in.)

  • Re: Stolen rock climbing gear
    If you want to take one more step to try to return the stuff…the person who’s stuff was stolen is probably a member of one of two climbing gyms in the area: Earth Treks (located in Rockville 240-283-9942) or Sport Rock (Alexandria, 703-212-7625). If you call them I bet they’d post a notice for you and/or ask around.

    Thanks for being a good Samaritan!

    • I’m actually starting to enjoy the sleuthing for the climbing gear owner. There was a sticker for Earth Treks climbing centers among the stuff, so I already called them. The sticker looked fairly new (all the gear looks fairly new actually) and I asked if they had a data base sortable by zip code. The guy was really nice but said there were probably over 50 in this zip code. But he put the info on their message board. Also, the Potomac Mountain club (part of the PATC) put it on their boards.

      • Success! I found my rock climber! (Through PATC) The stuff was stolen out of her car last night on Kenyon St. Hooray for a happy ending! (Maybe she’ll take the bike out of my living room too?)

  • Actually, you make a good point. Hello Kitty might in fact be genderless.

  • Rant: Even more peeved post HH that I missed it – several people I haven’t met yet, AND Hello Kitty discussion? (Accountering doesn’t know that I LURVEEEE Hello Kitty! hehe)
    Rant: Still have this damn cold
    Rave: This is going to be a quiet weekend and I’ll have plenty of time to rest and recover. Or go to Dewey…either one.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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