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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Signing my lease today! New apartment, here I come.
    Stress: figuring out how all my stuff (full bed and desk) are going to fit into the 12×10… realized now that I was super spoiled by the huge room I have in my current apartment, dampened by having a terrible roommate. At any rate, I’m still super psyched and I’m just praying there aren’t paperwork problems…

    Revel: my super best friend for 10 years, met on the internet as scrubby teenagers, is coming to visit me in DC and I’m super hyped. Other than my SO, this friend is my rock. No idea what to do other than food and the Portrait Gallery and maybe the Phillips collection. If you had to go to museum with an entrance fee in DC, which one would you recommend?

  • Rave: Work and vacations have slowed, so I’ve picked up my weekly bike mileage. Great to get solid miles in every morning.

    Rant: When approaching the key bridge from Georgetown this morning, a motorist cut me off and then proceeded to throw a water bottle at my head when he passed me on the bridge.

    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • rant: ISIS is really scaring the crap out of me. These people are so much more insane and yet incredibly capable of carrying out their brutal, psychotic plans. All those innocent people in Iraq and Syria are screwed and looks like we’re going to be stuck fighting over there for the foreseeable future (and we have to, because the alternative is so, so much worse).

    • have you see the Vice inside ISIS yet? If not….it’s so frightening

      • No and I don’t want to because it will just scare me even more! Not that burying my head in the sand is going to solve anything, but if I watch that I’ll probably have nightmares!

      • Fortunately (?) the guy on that Vice video that was saying that his family meant nothing to him was just killed the other day. But I just hope that all the nations that normally don’t get along (US, China, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Syria) can just ban together this once and eliminate ISIS.

    • It also sucks that we helped fund them in our attempt to topple Assad.

      • Just think, if McCain were president how many Americans would be over there?

        The frightening thing is the number of western members of ISIS. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

    • My biggest rant regarding this topic is the fact that no one seems to be willing to acknowledge that the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2001 led directly to the rise of ISIS.

      Saddam Hussein was a secularist who kept religious factions like ISIS in check. His death created a vacuum of power that allowed ISIS to flourish.

      The United States basically gave ISIS carte blanche to take over the region.

      • I’m not sure I agree with your rant. Your basic premise (about the US creating a vacuum) is correct as far as I’m concerned, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this argument before. Maybe not lately, but it’s been said.

        • The money and weapons we gave the rebels in Syria ended being taken over by ISIS. So not only did we create the power vacuum that allowed ISIS to flourish, but we basically armed and financed them. Which then allowed them to steam roll into Iraq and plunder even more money and sophisticated American weaponry.
          US foreign policy = foreign policy of unintended consequences.

          • Who’s “we”? There is no “we”. There’s Barack Obama and his administration.

          • Um Katie? If you’re responding to the initial post, you must — I hope — be aware that Barack Obama and his administration had no influence on the events that took place in 2001. If you’re attributing something specific to Obama administration, it would be a lot easier to take you seriously if you at least alluded to, well, something specific.

  • Rave: DC in August – empty. Coworkers all off. Love it.
    Rant: DC in August – my hair is a hot mess
    Rant: Baby had hand, foot, and mouth starting on Monday – this week has been absolutely awful. I feel like a terrible mom because I couldn’t help him. No eating or sleeping. Poor baby. He’s finally starting to be a little more like himself, so I’m hopeful that this didn’t turn him into an “I need mommy all the time” baby or if that started the “mommy only” phase. It was just awful
    Rave: Children’s Pediatricians & Assoc are always so sweet to him and their same day sick call is very helpful
    Rave: Blue bell ice cream (since I no longer have time to make my own….sob)

    • Where did you find blue bell?

      • in my freezer 🙂 But really, my coworker lives in Fredericksburg and brought it in for us. two gallons. Outside of trickling springs, it’s the best you can buy.

        I’ve heard the walmart in woodbridge. I think that’s as far north but if Jim is right, there’s that.

    • Who carries Blue Bell here???

    • Ugh, yuck on the HFM. Our daughter’s case was so mild she didn’t seem to notice it, but then my wife got it and it was AWFUL. I hope no one in your house gets it! Glad to hear your little one is on the mend!

      • thanks – it truly is amazingly bad. I thought it was an older kid/preschool/daycare thing. I really need to stop trying to convince myself that because Kid is home with a nanny, he won’t get such things. He’s out every day at places full of kids. Not that much different than day care. He’s had stomach bugs before which just make him tired and a little dehydrated. But HFM – he was SO hungry and just couldn’t eat. I was heartbroken. And exhausted. Hopefully I don’t get it – but he, weight loss! (silver lining?)

        • Yeah, I was surprised that my friend’s daughter who is part of a nanny share still got it. But my friend pointed out that they do lots of play dates, story times, etc. So I realized that if you’ve got a good nanny that gets out and about with your kid, then they may be just as susceptible to childhood illnesses as those in daycare. I keep telling myself that we’ll be free and clear in elementary school since we got it over with early 🙂 Good luck!

          • the one perk is that, with a nanny, she’ll still work and I don’t HAVE to stay home until baby is all clear – day cares have so many rules about sickness (yet kids still always get sick!). I still stayed home for two days, though. If I get it, I’m screwed because I am almost out of sick time. Or, should I say, my office is screwed lol

          • Good point!

    • Ugh, HFM is the worst, I had it as an adult, which was strange and kind of embarrassing. My dermatologist said he had only seen three adult cases in his entire career, which was 30+ years.

  • Rant: All my DC friends are coupled up and never want to do anything without their SOs.
    Rant: Really want to join District Karaoke but none of my friends want to (related to above rant). Too shy to do it alone.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I’m eating a delicious breakfast sammich.

  • Rave: Officially cant start the 30 day countdown for when the interns move out.
    Rave: Can’t wait to have my house just for myself and really enjoy the space.
    Rave: Going to see my little bro off this weekend as he goes off to Army basic training.

  • Rant: Work is really, really impacting my quality of life. I’m in a “suck it up and get through the busy time” mode right now, but it’s been about a month of that now… when does it stop being a busy time and start being my new life? I don’t want to have to leave my job but I refuse to live this way. There are too many good things in my life to be so strung out and unhappy all the time.

    Rave: I’ve dropped 13 lbs since I started calorie counting and working out in June. And probably the aforementioned stress, but, I’ll take whatever help I can get haha.

    Rave: It’s Friday.

    Rant: I can’t appreciate it because we have a client deliverable due today and I wish we still had a whole week ahead of us. For once I wish it was Monday.

  • Rant – Car failed inspection this morning. I got had some repairs done on the car a few days ago and the car computer did not reset. I feel stupid that I didn’t know I had to drive it around for a few days to reset the system.
    Rant – I’m so tired and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the day.
    Rave – Robyn was AMAZING last night at Wolf Trap. I’ve had a girl crush on her since 1997 and finally got to see her live! She totally rocked.
    Rave – Coffee.

    • Emmaleigh504

      We used to have this guy at work who, I swear, just came into work everyday to sleep. He would come in around 1 or 2, by 4 he was snoring so loud you could hear him all down the hall. He’d still be sawing logs when I left at 6. They finally forced him onto the telework program, I worry he doesn’t get any sleep now.

      • Ha, I wish my office had teleworking, especially one days like today. I used to have a coworker who would use his lunch hour to sleep in his cubicle. But he snored so loudly that we’d have to go in to wake him up and tell him to stop because we couldn’t hear people on the phone with his loud snoring the in background.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I wish I could telework as needed. I only get to telework twice a month on pre-approved days unless the gov closes. It’s nice, but it would be nicer to just do it. The snoring guy did NOT want to telework. He was a bit of a hoarder and I guess he wanted to keep his mile high stacks of paper and sleep at work.

        • Back when I worked retail and had to stock the store very early in the morning, I was known to return to my car during the lunch hour and catch a few ZzZzzs. (Weird that a lot of the anti-homeless no-sleeping-in-cars legislation everyone is talking about now would appear to outlaw that.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I was lucky, when I worked retail and had to stock early in the morning, we had a back room full of comfy couches to snooze on, Restoration Hardware FTW. I didn’t have to get up early for the fragrance counter gig. there was no where to sleep, and my truck was not comfy.

          • Did this all the time when I worked retail. We would have all-staff over nights every 4-6 weeks to restock from 9pm to 6am. We would all take naps on the floor or in our cars for the awkwardly timed 1 hour break at 4am.

    • Robyn was amazing!! But was hoping for her to play “show me love”

  • Rant: reading in the Atlantic this morning that 75% of whites have entirely white social networks with no minority presence. W-T-F??
    Rave: At least I’m not in that 75%!
    Rant: Realizing no more than 5 of my facebook friends are black, and a couple are African. This is pretty sad given the fact I’ve lived in 3 cities with significant (40+%) African American populations for the vast majority of my life.

    • jim_ed

      I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older my group of friends has gotten whiter and somehow overwhelmingly Catholic (I’m not Catholic). I have no idea why for either of these.

    • I know the feeling. DC is still pretty segregated and that has an effect on who we even meet.

      • Yeah, and one of the other cities I lived in was St. Louis. As recent events have made clear, that city (and county) is very divided. Makes DC look like a model of integration.

    • skj84

      I’ve always found it easy to find a diverse group of people in DC. Granted I’m coming from the other side of the coin, I’m black. But I’ve never had an issue meeting people of other races and backgrounds in the city.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t have a problem meeting people of other races here either (I’m quite smug about how diverse my FB friends are compared to other white ppl I know, I’m terrible), but I do not know many people outside of my socioeconomic class. That’s where I fail at diversity.

    • I’m black and I feel this. Starting with college, my friend circle has gotten progressively whiter and whiter. I love my friends, but sometimes I wish I had more black friends. Interesting timing because this has been particularly on my mind with everything that’s happening in Ferguson. You just want to talk to someone who “gets it.”

    • For those curious about where that 75% number came from, it is a paraphrase of the responses to question 26 on this survey, which asks people to identify demographic characteristics of up to seven people “with whom you discuss important matters”: http://publicreligion.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/AVS-Topline-FINAL.pdf

  • hammers

    Rant: Limiting myself to only one more of the delicious Dirty Hippies (soy chais) after looking up how much sugar they have–43 grams for a grande if anyone was wondering.
    Rave: Having one cause dammit, I’m sick and I want it.
    Rant: STILL sick after a week.
    Rant: Bridging the acquaintance to casual friends to real friend gaps.

    • I so hear you on that last rant. Also hope you start feeling better soon!

      • hammers

        Thanks Pixie! And yeah it’s so frustrating! I feel like I have a very solid group of casual friends, but they are not people I would feel comfortable calling up when I’m lonely or sad or just need someone to hang out and watch a movie with me. It’s like you just can’t quite be 100% yourself yet, you still have to be cool or awesome or funny or “on” all the time.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: so tired I think I’m going to fall asleep at my desk. stupid insomnia plus at cat who wakes up at 5:30 am
    Rave: Rave micor manager is working from home, so I have a good 15 minutes before he starts calling me b/c my IM status changed to “away”
    Rant: swedish yogurt I made is vile and disgusting, tastes like sour cheetos. Another strike against Sweden.
    Rave: when it’s election time in Sweden people dress up like carrots to campaign. That over rides the yogurt disaster.
    Yeah, I’m just babbling now…

    • When I was in Sweden (end of August 2010), there was an election campaign going on and I did not see anyone dressed up like a carrot.

    • Not that I have any stake in this debate, but if you ever want to hear a litany of reasons to hate Sweden — real or perceived — just ask someone from Denmark. It a minimum it’ll kill a half hour or so.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Does Denmark have a twitter account? My obsession with Sweden is completely due to their twitter account. (also where most of my info on the country comes from, so grain of salt and all that. they don’t actually hunt cats to make stew out of using a coffee maker no matter what Katja says.)

    • Pro-Sweden: Ikea
      Anti-Sweden: Ikea on a Saturday afternoon

    • I am so with you on rant #1. My insomnia is back with a vengeance, despite my having a comfy new bed to sleep in. 🙁

      And you make your own yogurt? +100 for you!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m going to get a fancy new pillow and see if that will help my insomnia. After that, it’s time for a Rx cure.
        first time making yogurt and it was gross 🙂 I’m going to get different culture and try again. I’m also attempting Kefir water, but that won’t be ready until next week. I seem to be embracing my hippy genes (thanks mom and dad).

        • Careful with the Rx. I took them for a long time (terrible chronic insomnia– I could go three straight nights and never fall asleep). They all made me groggy in the morning, and they all lost effectiveness over time, meaning I’d take more…
          I’d say don’t go down that road until you’re hallucinating from lack of sleep. And then, get thee to a sleep clinic. Try taking a day or a half-day off work to catch up on your deficit. People are so hesitant to take time off for their health, and instead turn to pharmaceuticals which have the potential erode their health further. (Don’t get me wrong. Big fan of modern medicine. But sleep is not fully understood, and yet is utterly crucial.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ve done the Rx route before, so I know when it’s time to use them and what works for me. As much as I love the sleep Ambien gives me, I know I will want to take it every night, so I use gabapentin. It helps me sleep and has great side effects (no headaches, no migraines, no RLS). But I’m hoping a fancy new pillow will help, so I don’t have to bother with the doctor.

  • Rant: soupy weather.
    Rave: FRIDAY!!!
    Rant: getting up earlier this weekend than I have to during the week.
    Rave: I hope to do some soldering tonight!
    Rant: due to work travel, I will have missed the maze at the National Building Museum.

  • Rant: Sidewalk fund-raisers. Look, I know you have a job to do, but so do I. If I’m out in the middle of the work day, it means I’m trying to get something done, not help you get your job done. For the love of all things good in this world, take the hint that I’m trying to give you when I ignore you and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES reach out and try to shake my hand to get me to stop and talk to you. I’m a grownup. I can make my own decisions about when to stop and when to carry on doing what I was doing. Yesterday on the north side of Dupont Circle some idiot tried that as I walked by him and on the south side 5 minutes later a precious snowflake with the same organization tried to interrupt me with a pitch while I was on the phone. Ugh.

    • Seriously. I know they’re just trying to do a (terrible and thankless) job, so I try to be nice about it. But there are so many perky teenagers out there shilling for so many causes, I feel like I’m running a gauntlet some days.

      • Ugh. Some dude outside my office building called out, “Hey! You dropped something!” as I walked by so I turned around and, as he knew I would, I stopped. He then said, “You must be a model!” Which was hilarious because hello I’m 5 feet tall and I looked like crap and whatever I’m clearly not a model and it was so obnoxious and sexist so I just rolled my eyes and he laughed (ugh again) and said, “Come talk to me!” And I said- “Dude. NO. I only have a 1/2 hour lunch. I have to go.” (And by god I’m not wasting one second talking to you. With that intro, I don’t care if you’re on fire I don’t care what your cause is, I’m not talking to you or giving you a dime!!!) And wouldntchaknowit, who stops me AGAIN on my way back into the office? He saw me approach and was all, “Come on, don’t you have two minutes???”

        I’ve also been approached while running after a toddler down 14th Street in Col Heights and was pretty proud when I responded, “Do I LOOK like I have time to talk to you???”

        I can’t with these people.

        • I quite obviously walked about six feet out of my way to avoid one. She followed me. I said, “Just stopped. I made effort to avoid you yet you followed me.” She said, “I didn’t follow you; I just want to talk to you.” “Did you move your feet in my directions? You followed me. I don’t want to talk to you” “You don’t have a right to be rude to me.” “You don’t have a right to my time or attention. All you can reasonably expect from me is that I not physically, materially, or mentally harm you.” Walked away then. Angry that I let myself get sucked in.

          • I’m convinced that these folks are the living embodiment of the spoiled millennials that people talk about. They’re not used to being told “no,” and they do think they have a right to your time and attention. Had I not been on the phone with my wife and had my kids not been within bluetooth earshot of me at the time, the precious snowflake who tried to interrupt my conversation would have gotten the full-on, uncensored, Lenny Bruce/Richard Pryor/Bill Hicks/Lewis Black treatment. It’s not a noble characteristic of mine I know, but she would have quit her job by the time I was done. I was that pissed.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I had a group of them start making fun of me b/c I didn’t stop to talk to them. Really? Is that going to get people to talk to you and donate to your cause? And the others that jump in front of you. And the smiley, wavey ones…I hate all those asshats, they need to DIAF.

          • god, i’m old. what’s DIAF? die in a fire? at first i thought- man that’s violent thing to fake wish! but then realized i just wrote that i wouldn’t talk to that dude if he was on fire. ha! (not that fire is funny. it’s not.)

            also, i just remembered that last night i had a dream that my house was on fire.

          • Emmaleigh504

            yes, die in a fire. I have violent fantasies about people I hate.

        • I don’t see why some people get SOOO worked up about something like this. My god he didn’t say anything demeaning. It was all playful–he didn’t get upset and called you names or whatnot. I guess people are used to online dating these days–that they forgot back in the days in high school or college(military for me) the silly things you’d say or do to get someone’s attention.

          • and if it’s not “die in a fire” then maybe i’m just inherently a very negative person? uh oh.

          • ***ooops–I misread the direction of your post. I thought the guy was trying to hit on you–“NOT fundraise”. my bad…

          • i wouldn’t consider myself SOOOO worked up. annoyed, yes. i don’t have a long lunch break and to continue talking to me after i’ve said “i’m not interested” is obnoxious. and then to try again when he saw me come back. calling me a model and trying to fake flatter me- and not even be genuine about it- seemed an awfully stupid approach. i have, actually, stopped to talk to a lady once who asked me a simple question about her cause- a cause i think is important. and the reason i stopped was not because she complimented my appearance or told me i dropped something when i hadn’t or followed me as i walked away.

          • oh yeah he was totally trying to solicit for something. he was definitely not hitting on me. 🙂

          • So anything a guy does to hit on a woman is OK, as long as he doesn’t get upset and call her names??

          • No, it wasn’t playful. It was mocking and not too dissimilar from the you should smile power play. But if it needs to be explained to you, you will never really get it. Given your military background were sexism is so inculcated into the culture, not really all that surprising.

          • @textdoc– if that’s what you got from my post– then I don’t know what more to say….
            @Anonymouse- This has NOTHING to do with Male vs Female..but thanks for thoughts.
            ie: just the other day I went to a Nats game- and I could tell one of the young ladies that was serving me had an interest. I placed/received my order and walked off with my friends. As I was standing there eating my sandwhich- one of the workers came over and said oh my co-worker said you forgot your receipt. Should I have been upsest? Should I have reported her to her manager? Geesh-

          • **the coworker handed me a balled up napkin with the young lady phone number on it..(forgot that part.)

          • If you’ve already admitted to misreading the original post, why are you continuing with your off-topic replies?

          • DCreal, I don’t think you’re recognizing that there’s a difference between making up an excuse to initiate a non-threatening conversation or to give someone your number, and following someone in a weird, stalker-ish way AND CONTINUING THE PITCH when she’s clearly not interested. That’s not “playful”; that’s borderline harassment.

          • I also disagree that this “has nothing to do with male vs. female.” Male charity solicitors treat me differently than female ones. The male ones make comments about my looks to get my attention that make me uncomfortable. Basically, they use many of the same methods men use to harass women on the street when there’s no charity donation involved at all.

          • @dcreal: It matters because people were having a conversation that had nothing to do with what you thought it was about. Now those of us who were reading or participating in it have to sift through your irrelevant posts, several of which were made even after you admitted that you didn’t understand the point to begin with, in order to participate further. To make matters worse, it now appears that the whole point of your hijacking the thread was to brag that a counter staffer at a Nats game gave you her number. So, um, congratulations. That’s great for you but it has nothing to do with what was being talked about before.

          • You proved my point if you don’t think this has anything to do with male v. female. But thanks for your unexamined worldview.

        • I had one guy try to engage me by asking (while I was wearing earbuds) “hey what are you listening to? some beyonce?!” Pretty sure it was because I’m a black woman, because we all love beyonce, right (sarcasm). Almost stopped out of sheer shock, but managed to mutter, “dude you are incredibly stupid” and continued on my way.

    • I was in Wilmington, NC once and some enviro group tried to stop us with a “Do you want to save the whales?” as we walked by… I said “no thanks” and kept walking. As we walked away I heard this plaintive “…but they’re dyingggg” behind me.
      Still strikes me as hilarious.

  • Rant: is anyone else’s screen view of Popville totally messed up these last few days? Every browser I try it’s still a mess. what am I doing wrong?
    Rave: popville is a favorite site and I miss it!

  • Rant: Grouper last night was not very great (girls were nice and all) but they had two girls from NJ who went to JMU and one from South Carolina who went to ECU. We were all just guys from MD who have lived in DC significantly longer, having to hear their stories about getting really drunk at brunch was like a flash back to me two years ago…maybe I am getting old (still only 25)
    Rave: Its Friday and I have been working from home all week as I am transitioning to a new project
    Rave: Member appreciation BBQ at AB YMCA tonight

    • “Significantly longer” meaning 3-4 years rather than 1-2? 😉

      • Well 3-4 years in DC proper but I also went to UMD and grew up in MoCo so really i have been around my entire life. But there is a significant difference from your first year or so in DC to your 3rd/4th year. You learn a lot between those times, I can believe a lot of the stuff I use to think was cool or fun versus now! I have completely changes, I think for the better…but that is still up for debate 🙂

    • Doesn’t Formerly Broken Jaw also go to the AB YMCA?

    • So is it talking about getting drunk at brunch that annoyed you or the act of them getting drunk at bunch that did it?

    • That may have less to do with “length of time in DC” and more to do with maturity or interests. I have some acquaintances in their 30s who have been in DC (or very close to DC) for the entirety of their lives; they still talk about how drunk they got at some new place that has tapas.

      OMG, do u like tapas? they’re like small versions of entrees so you can share. They’re Spanish. From Spain.

      Sounds like your Grouper may have been mismatched.

    • Bagelboy, you and I going to have problems if you use “but they…went to JMU” in a pejorative manner, which it sounds like you are. You can hate on the administration for their horrific bungling of sexual assaults all you want, but as a Northerner who went to JMU and moved to DC within a few months of graduating, I have a bone to pick with your assessment. And I want to offer than not all JMU alumna new to DC are basic.

      • +1 🙂 Although, his description did fit a lot of girls I went to school with. The NJ contingent were generally the worst.

      • Jeselett – I did not mean to say anything bad about JMU (I know it is a good school and all) but something about a NJ girl who would go out of state to JMU just is not my type. Jersey girls at Maryland were also bad too, which might be why I feel this way.

  • skj84

    Rant: Woke up on the wrong side of bed. I couldn’t sleep either.

    Rave: It’s the weekend! Also this week flew by! I can’t believe it’s Friday already.

    Popville brunch on Sunday! I know I haven’t posted about it much and it’s late August. But if anyone is interested the reservation is at Dino’s Grotto at 12:15. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

    • This week has flown by! I can’t come to brunch at Dino’s as I will be out tubing and drinking beer at the time, but I hope you all will update us on how it is. I’ve been meaning to try it since it’s in my hood, but just haven’t managed to make it happen yet.

      Rant: rain
      Rave: I get to work from home this afternoon
      Rave: regular workouts are showing results- I feel stronger and more energetic (and toned)
      (Minor) rant: still not looking forward to spending Sunday in a bathing suit. But I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun anyway 🙂

    • I wish I could make the brunch. Have fun!

  • Rave: Mr. Scruff’s DJ set last night at U Street Music Hall.
    Rant: It was pretty late for a weeknight.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Rant: Saw a really nasty bike/car accident aftermath on 13th and S NW last night
    Rave: Driver stayed on scene and MPD and bystanders helping and giving first aid till ambulance arrived – I hope she made it (fingers moving and eyes fluttering). Good reminder to slow down, stop, and be a bit safer on bike.

  • RAVE: DC will crack down on companies that don’t give pedestrians and bicyclists a safe path around their work zones!

    • They can start with the Clark company construction site at the corner of 4th and E st SW. After months of blocking off the sidewalk, they finally built a little plywood sidewalk shelter as a platitude to pedestrians. Then they frequently close it and fill it with debris so it’s unusable.

  • I don’t want to qualify this as a rant or revel — Wondering if anyone has heard about or saw a fully naked woman walking through the doors of TD Bank on 15th and L this morning around 9am. I was in an Uber passing by.

    • I may have seen part of this. I was on 16th between L and M around 9:15, and saw a woman wrapped in a blanket being coaxed into an ambulance. Hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Rave: After 9 months of pumping twice a day at work, I’m finally able to stop!
    Rant: Afraid to stop pumping. I hate it so much, but I’m afraid it will also be the end of nursing. I know that’s not true, but I keep pumping anyway…

    • Sounds like you’re hitting the one-year mark? Congrats! If it helps – I was pumping 4x/day (3 at work, 1 before bed) and gradully phased out the pumping as we hit the one-year mark. She kept nursing in the morning/before naps/at night for awhile. At this point (14.5mo), she doesn’t have any interest in nursing morning/before naps but still really enjoys it before bed. I imagine we’ll keep that up for at least a few more months–until she’s no longer interested. So you should be able to keep up nursing for awhile if you want. Congrats on being nearly done with the pump! I feel like I have SO MUCH more time at work than I used to.

    • I completely understand – I want to stop so badly during the day, but I have the same fears. I do it 4-5x a day. My kid doesn’t like solids and still heavily relies on me and it’s SO much pressure. I hate it, feel guilty for hating it. And hate that the whole lactivist movement completely disregards women who must (or chose to) work. I feel like if I try to stop nursing, my kid will go back to not gaining weight. So much for “the magical connection”. And with that, more guilt!!! Good luck – you’ve done great!

      • Ugh, that sounds like a lot of pressure. I’m sorry. Does he by chance like finger foods/feeding himself better than purees? A friend of mine thought her son was rejecting solids when it turned out he just wanted to feed himself – and then he went to town. But just like everything else, some kids take to things sooner or later than others. But still – ugh for you. I’m sorry.

        • nope. he only REALLY likes trader joes kid’s mango yogurt. Everything else – bleh. He might need the feeding clinic, but we’re holding off to see if more teeth = more food. But for now, I can’t stop – he won’t reliably take formula (I can get away with supplementing a little bit, or taking it with us while we’re out) so it’s all on me. sigh. I don’t MIND pumping at work, it’s just a pain to remember everything – and we have pumps at work so we’re very lucky. I just wish people were more honest about what all this pro-breastfeeding stuff means to many women who have to work.

          • Oh man. That’s tough. I’m sorry. I may be naive, but I’m not sure why the teeth thing matters? My daughter didn’t get teeth until 9 months and still only has 6 fully in at 14.5 months and it didn’t seem to change much beyond the size of what I put on her plate. But that may differ by kid as well. But ugh, that’s hard.

            If it helps, I used to keep a full set of everything I needed for pumping at work in case I forgot something at home or needed backup for some reason. I only needed it once or twice, but it was less stressful to not have that panic to worry about. But yeah, pumping is TOUGH after awhile. I don’t know how the EPers do it.

  • Rant: Been spending crazy hours at work this week. Setting up a classroom is harder than I had expected!
    Rave: Thanks to 17thSter! I got my supplies last night 🙂

  • Rant: No parking in my neighborhood since it is now being gentrified.
    Rant: Ended up parking to close to the stop sign and got a ticket overnight. So much for the moratorium, I knew it was too good to be true.
    Rave: The Spanish Mackerel are here. Now I have to find some time and a boat to get out there and catch them.

    • you wont recognize your neighborhood in 5 years.

      • 5 years? It is happening now. I live in what most considered the hood, 18th and H NE. A few years back, it was easy to get a park either in front of your house or across the street at anytime of the day or night. Now when I come back from playing basketball, soccer and futsal, it is damn near impossible to get a park by my house. I guess people are moving in – couples, roommates or whatever and all have their own car, a few people I know have a couple cars and or a motorcycle plus lest not forget the ubiquitous Car-To-Gos that are now being parked their.

        • Maybe the street car will help alleviate some of that, if people feel they don’t have to drive to H st NE?

          • This isn’t the H st. NE you are thinking about, after the Starburst it changes to Benning Rd. NE and H St NE becomes a neighborhood street 4 blocks away from the area you are likely thinking of.

  • gotryit

    Rant / Rave: DC school boundary changes are a mixed bag for us. A little bump up for our elementary school, but a big uncertain jumble for our middle / high school options.

  • Becks

    Rave: Had a great dinner in Shirlington last night and then walked around the shopping area. Very neat place but only bus accessible.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I am planning a relaxing weekend of Nada! Except for a tea tomorrow afternoon.
    Rave: I learned how to pull reports today! It is exciting to learn how to do new processes.
    Rant: My back hurts. Last night I tried to sleep on my tummy so the hot water bottle could lay on my back, and I am not a tummy sleeper. I woke up sore and cranky. I had turned over in the night but the pillows were all a strew!

  • Forgot that I had another rant.

    Rant: I must have picked the worst summer ever to try and solarize. It just is not working, I can see the weeds growing under the plastic, in fact, they are starting to push the plastic up. So much for my efforts.
    Rave/Rant: Three streetcars were running this morning doing their testing. I still think this is going to be a disaster as evidenced by a truck that bucked a right from the middle lane right in front of the moving streetcar. THE WINTER IS COMING!

  • That’s my photo! Wooo

  • Rant: Snowy owl. 🙁

  • Rant/Revel – Had to clear space in the freezer because there is so darn much squash & chard to freeze, so I dragged out the big bag of bones for the stock pot. Now my house smells insanely good. I’m not even a huge carnivore – like 80% vegetarian – and maybe too much veggie lately, with the garden abundance – but seriously, this makes me want to roast my own dog.

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