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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Seeing a hawk swoop down in front of me (maybe 3 ft away) onto a smaller bird during my run…. was wild to see that close up.It happen a block off of lincoln park on mass ave headed torwards stanton

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    So I got my dc license in the mail, but they accidentally sent me a temporary license, valid only for 2 years. Any one know what that’s all about? I definitely applied for a full license.

    I’ve already contacted 311, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • One possibility might be that you’ll have to get the REAL ID in 2 years, which is why they gave you a two year one.

    • You’re talking about a driver’s license? Any reason you didn’t contact the DMV directly instead of 311? Seems like that would be the more direct route.

      • The DMV number is 311. Weird but true. I know this because I had to call it several times to get the right answers because every time I called I was told something different. Actually, I am now a DC DMV expert so just call me. I promise I’ll pick up.

    • i got both a two year and a permanent license. I figured it was just a snafu and since I got the permanent I didn’t follow up.

    • I thought I had lost my license so I applied for a new one. Same day found my license and they said they can’t issue a refund or stop the process. So now I have two. If you’re short and have brown hair, you’re welcome to take one of mine.

      • This happened to me too! I lost my ID while running, ordered a new one, and then some kind person mailed my original ID back to me. I just stuck the back-up in a drawer for when I inevitably misplace the first one again.

  • Rave: This live Todd Terje concert from Norway is pretty much the best way to groove your way through the day. So so so funky. 😀

    • rave: yay!!! – new music to discover
      rant: guns violence war etc…cant we just all get along?
      rave: cute animal pics
      rave: possibility of relaxing vacation

      • He’s an incredible music producer and live keyboardist. As the website says, he’s the biggest Norwegian music export in the last decade or so. NPR gave his newest album a great review 😀

        • HUGE Terje fan. Waiting for the day he graces DC with his presence!

          • He’s playing a live set on Friday night in San Francisco, right before everyone takes off for Burning Man. A bunch of my friends are going, I am super jealous.

  • Rave: Since posting the puppy cam link- It’s been streaming on my system. It makes me want a second dog so bad, but I’m scared to go for it.
    Rant: My assessment went up 250K on my new place and my homestead application has not been processed yet. Hopefully it’s retroactive and I don’t get hit with a huge property tax increase.

    • I can’t remember the specifics, but I think there’s a rule in effect that even if the assessment goes up (congrats on that, btw), the city can’t increase your property tax bill more than 10% each year.

      • Yes- but also having the Homestead deduction reduces the tax bill by almost $500 a year on your primary property.

        • Don’t you have a number of properties? Surely they can’t all be your primary home.

          • Yes I do. Where did I say I was trying to have them both listed as primary? The form has section where you list any other properties so that they can be removed as primary.

    • +1 to your rave; I’ve been alternating between puppy and kitty cam. But I just turned on kitty cam and it’s on some guys crotch, so perhaps the content has changed…….(j/k he was just setting up the kitty area).

    • I would imagine the homestead deduction applies starting from when the property becomes your primary residence, not from when they process the form. Not sure if there’s a time limit though – they’ll probably have some questions if you I would imagine the homestead deduction applies starting from when the property becomes your primary residence, not from when they process the form. Not sure if there’s a time limit though – they’ll probably have some questions if you waited a long time to apply for homestead…waited a long time to apply for homestead…

      • The form is part of the settlement package and was filed out the day of closing and submitted with all the other paperwork for processing. This was in April.

        • The tax folks have screwed this up for a number of friends who recently purchased in DC. Unfortunately it’s a thing…

        • I had really good luck emailing them when I had a question about the homestead deduction. I don’t recall the address I sent my inquiry to, but they responded within a day or so, and then I had a follow-up phone call with the same employee.

        • Got it. Did you submit it directly to them or did someone else do it for you? I submitted mine myself and I think it took a few months. If someone else did it there’s always the possibility that they didn’t…. But to echo Andie I’ve had pretty good results getting info from them, so try calling or emailing.

    • justinbc

      Did you request the assessment or was it just done as part of their annual work? I’m afraid to ask for mine! I know the value has gone up tremendously since we bought it, but since I have no intention of selling it anytime soon I don’t really care what the “value” is, since keeping it lower = lower taxes.

      • I guess it was done as part of their work- which I don’t understand because the tax database already had 2015 assessment in there. Maybe its an out of cycle assessment? Found it strange because it came in a certified mail, where as I didn’t receive anything on my other property- which also shows 2015 assessment.

        • they tell you next year’s assessment now so you have time to grieve it, and so your mortgage lender can collect the right payments from you each month (if your lender pays your taxes) and so people can save up for it.

  • Rant: Turned my alarm clock off instead of snoozing this morning.
    Revel: An understanding boss who just laughed at me.
    Rant: The endless cycling at work because no one knows what Congress is going to do with our FY15 budgets. I can’t even imagine the money the government is wasting with all of us spending hours planning for scenarios that may or may not happen when it could all be fixed if Congress would just pass a damn budget! /endrant

    • gotryit

      I agree with your last rant. If someone in congress wants to go after “waste, fraud, and abuse” they should start with their own screwed up budgeting process. To make it even better, there’s probably going to be a continuing resolution instead of a budget, at least past the elections.

      • I don’t expect any kind of long term funding bill until at least March, since it looks like the Senate is going to go Republican and they won’t be installed until January.

    • Ugh, the approps process is terrible. Want to know why the gov’s fiscal year starts so late? To accommodate congressional inability to pass a budget. I used to work on a large, capital-intensive program that would request budgets for the following five years. Poor bastards. Never ever happened.

    • justinbc

      Very likely 2 CRs but no furlough/shutdown.

  • Rant: WORK! Turns out I don’t actually like being the boss. Managing a team and project is stressful in a way I never anticipated – it’s not the extra work, it’s the extra accountability. There is no relief at the end of the day, unless everything is caught up (it never is). Vacations cause me more dread than excitement because I can’t just say “I took these days off so everyone deal with it” – if things fall behind, I suffer. And, the worst is not even knowing exactly what needs to happen. There is no one telling me what tasks I need to do, or how we get from A to B. I am faking it every single day and every day swallowing the feeling of panic and anxiety that I’m forgetting something and that my personal reputation is on the line. Maybe it gets better, but right now, I’m seriously considering requesting a demotion at work. I want to just work for someone again and be given concrete tasks to accomplish.

    Rant: Weather forecast, i was supposed to go to the beach this weekend but it’s going to rain (oh well, I’m better off working through the weekend anyway, see above).

    Rave: My marriage is steady and nurturing as always, and I need to remember that and be grateful for it more often.

    • While it doesn’t necessarily address the feeling of responsibility, I found this TED Talk to be particularly helpful when I ended up being the boss and really didn’t feel comfortable with it. In essence, “fake it til you make it” is actually a thing. Good luck! http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are

    • Does your organization have a mentoring program, or could you look into executive coaching?
      I’ve never aspired to be a manager – I’m happy to be doing the work and not managing the processes, budget and people.

    • saf

      Do you read Ask a Manager? Her management advice is great, and her book is very useful.

      Also, many years ago, I was watching “12 Angry Men” with my dad. He informed me that it was a fabulous management case study. He’s right. Watching Henry Fonda manager each juror differently to achieve his desired result is really pretty interesting.

    • There’s a live discussion on the Washington Post today at noon with a career coach. I’m not sure if you have specific questions, but it might be worth writing in to that chat as well.

  • Rave: Removed my temporary Maryland tags on my new car and installed the permanent DC plates yesterday. Totally changed the handling. The car now stops at red lights and stop signs, yields to pedestrians and cyclists, stays at least within 5 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, and doesn’t suddenly accelerate at yellow lights.

  • Anyone else notice all the parking police the last few days in Columbia Height/Petworth?

    Yesterday by Tivoli Square I noticed the Segway cops going up and down the street giving just about everyone a ticket. This morning out for a walk (area of the new Safeway, Yes! on Georgia, 14th Street, Georgia Ave) I think I counted 10 cars with boots on them.

    I mostly just wanted to post this, as this is what I think of when I see a Segway cop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSsfIaVFyno

    • Not sure if this was intended as a rant ot a rave, but from my point of view it’s both. I am all for parking enforcement. But I think the Segway cops are real cops (not just parking enforcement), right? If so, my rant is that they were dealing with parking issues when the 14th and Irving corner discussed yesterday, complete with pit bull-accompanied crumbums, could use some intensive, sustained attention from law enforcement. (Note – if they were parking enforcement, not real cops, then ignore this rant.)

      • Some of the folks on Seqways are also only parking attendants. They don’t have guns, handcuffs, or the usual police uniform. It seems that parking attendants are assigned to either a vehicle (most common) or a Segway (less common).

      • I think Popville actually summoned the cops to 14th and Irving. I was shocked to find 3 cops standing the circle right above the metro for at least two hours after I got home from work!

    • Segway cops make me giggle. They look so ridiculous up there. I saw two of them on my run the other day so I crossed the street to secretly race them. I won. (And I have short legs.)

  • Rant: I woke up around four am and could not get back to sleep. I don’t know what’s wrong with my sleep schedule this week.
    Rave: I have perfected the art of broiling flank steak at home, and I also have leftovers for a salad for today’s yummy lunch. It is the little things that make my day.

  • Rave: Job interview yesterday – I think it went well but it is the opinion of the interviewers that counts. The fact that I got an interview (fed job) is worthy of a rave.
    Rant: None yet – it will be a few weeks before I know anything.

  • Rant: apparently registries are only for weddings and babies and not for broke-ass teachers
    If anybody feels inclined to donate, I’m also accepting Staples and lakeshore learning gift cards. Also, does anybody have a used classroom rug they could sell me?
    Wasn’t popvilke HH supposed to be tonight? Did that get changed?
    Rave: people willing to donate supplies
    Rave: supportive coworkers!

    • Gift cards can be sent to sugarcoated @ gmail . com

    • I donate twice a month to local schools. If my taxes aren’t enough, then they need to raise taxes or move money from other areas to schools. Sorry, but I gave at the office.

      • You’re not sorry, no need to pretend you are. A few people last week suggested I post on here, so I’ve been updating the information. This isn’t your office and I’m not cornering you, calling anybody out by name, or pressuring anybody to donate. The nasty comment is unnecessary and the word sorry belongs nowhere in it.

        • “Sorry, but” ranks right up there with “Not to sound racist, but” as one of my major pet peeves. The platitude at the beginning of the sentence doesn’t make you sound like any less of a jerk; it just makes you sound like a disingenuous jerk.

          Also, teachers spend an average of $500 a year out-of-pocket on classroom supplies and materials. Things shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how it is. If you have a problem with that, perhaps you should take it up with the elected officials, rather than directing nasty comments at an individual teacher (and regular PoP poster) whose just trying to raise funds for her classroom.

          • I have to correct my typo because I’m ocd. I meant “who’s” instead of “whose.” That comment really raised my rankles and I was typing fast!

          • Can teachers still deduct classroom expenses from their taxes? Or was that taken away?

          • Yep, teachers could previously deduct up to $250 of what they paid for supplies as an Educator Expense Deduction. However, congress allowed the deduction to expire at the end of 2013.

        • Ok, how’s this. I gave at the office. You went into a profession knowing full well what it entailed. I have out of pocket expenses at my job (in a government, public service career), but I don’t register online for other people to pay them. I knew what I was getting into, could make a lot more in the private sector, but made a decision and take the good with the bad.
          My original comment wasn’t meant to be mean – I said if teachers don’t have what they need, raise my taxes to get them what they need. But beyond paying my taxes (i.e. giving at the office), I don’t have any intention of funding individual teachers. Attack away.

          • Okay — how about this: If you have no intention of funding individual teachers — just ignore the request. Lindsay was encouraged by other PoPvillagers to post a wishlist for those who might want to contribute. If you don’t want to contribute — then just don’t.

          • Did you not learn the expression, “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all?”

          • Ugh, the worst kind of troll is the sanctimonious troll.
            How about you STFU if you don’t have anything nice to say to this young woman? You add ZERO to this conversation. It’s not about you.

          • I”d add that if you hadn’t followed earlier R&Rs you wouldn’t have seen other PoPvillagers encouraging Lindsay to put up a wish list. So seeing her “wish list” may look like unwanted solicitation of supplies.

          • If by “donate twice a month to local schools” you meant “pay my taxes twice a month,” you’ve apparently misunderstood the meaning of “donate.” It doesn’t mean “give because you’re required to do so.”

          • OK – mis-interpertations of internet comments aside, internet quickness to feel insulted, wounded, etc. aside, I think a valid point was raised. Schools are supposed to be funded by our tax dollars. If they aren’t, something should be fixed. Not by teachers having to pay for, or beg for supplies. More like taking your whole class down to your local govt. office and have a sit-in. (Or at least raid their office supply closet. )

          • Paying taxes is not “donating”, except in the most technical sense. I suppose you also could say you volunteered your time and effort by going in to work today. Well done, pat on the back for you.

          • @victoria (and others possibly)

            i remember 35+ years ago watching my parents (who were teachers) buying classroom decorations nad other supplies. i also remember them grading papers, making lesson plans etc at home. they also did a lot of other things that im guessing were not paid/provided for by the school district. they were good teachers. the system has not changed (ie teachers having to pay out of pocket for stuff and having low starting salaries). my understanding is that teachers at private schools have it worse off. if you are lucky to teach in an affluent district with good students and interested parents – you are a lucky teacher.

          • Exactly my point Anonoymous! 35 years of a broken system is too long. It’s time for teachers and parents to demand adequate funding – paid for through tax increases if necessary. Or go on strike. Teachers are among our most valuable professions – we shouldn’t allow them to go on for another 35 years having to beg for crayons.

      • Meow hisssss

    • Emmaleigh504

      HH changed to next week, the 27th.

    • skj84

      It was supposed to be tonight, but DC Reynolds had a special event happening. New date is August 27th.

    • Can’t you just set up an Amazon wishlist? I’m pretty sure people can just look it up, buy stuff and have it shipped to you that way.

      • I set up a wish list but it didn’t allow buyers to ship directly to me.

        • That’s really weird. I thought that’s the whole point of the “wish list”? I wonder if you need to change some sort of privacy settings on your Amazon account?

        • That’s odd. I can buy things on my Amazon account and send to a different address.

          • The issue is that when people go to Amazon to buy from her school supply wish list, it doesn’t have her address auto-designated. People need to email her to get her address and manually type her address when they buy on her behalf. And she obviously doesn’t want to post her personal address to a public forum.
            It’s just an additional step that hampers others from donating.

        • Hmmm, that’s one of the reasons they have wishlists so maybe you didn’t set the privacy settings correctly. Maybe check the amazon help section.

        • Hell, set up a “registry” anyway for your “wedding” – then we can ship direct without revealing your address, I believe (though I also though wishlist allowed this)
          I don’t think Amazon has registry police to check for a ring 🙂

    • Or what about Donors Choose? I know a couple of teachers who’ve gotten needed supplies that way.

    • Have you tried an Amazon wishlist? I have a teacher friend who is doing that…

    • Hi Lindsay. Do you know about DonorsChoose? It’s kind of like a kickstarter for teacher projects. The donations are tax deductible, and there’s sometimes a matching donation from Lakeshore or someone else.

  • Rave: had yummy tamale casserole yesterday for dinner that I made myself.
    Rant: Depression hitting me hard this morning. I keep thinking about when I got harrassed on the job a while back by a coworker which led to other crazy thoughts. So sick of feeling weak, bullied, attacked, and vulnerable.
    Rave: Got an appointment to see therapist in 2 weeks.

  • Rant: I’m a fed and have my kid in daycare on-site, which is awesome, but it really limits the hours I can work (no flex time, etc), since I don’t want the kid to be in daycare more than 8.5 hours per day. I used to sign on again after the kid went to bed if there was work that needed to be done and take the time as credit hours, but was just told I have to stop because the credit hours have to be during business hours. This doesn’t seem fair nor does it seem productive for my agency, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it…

    • At least you’re in a place that has credit hours? I’m also a fed but there’s no such thing in my agency. I don’t think anyone really does flex-time either. I regularly work after my daughter goes to bed so I can get an extra hour or so of stuff done, but I don’t get anything out of it besides getting more done. That’s fine by me–I used to work much longer hours pre-kid for the same reason/benefit. On the plus side, folks are pretty flexible about needing to work from home for contractors, etc and there’s no clock (or stink-eye) if I’m running late since everyone tends to get work done as needed. So there’s that. But sometimes I envy my fed friends who do get officially comped for extra hours worked.

  • Rant: Got 5 ROSA tickets in one month
    Rave: Got all 5 dismissed, since I filed the correct paperwork after ticket 1
    Super Rant: “Judge” did not enter the details on 1 ticket correctly so the system thinks I owe $100 + $100 late fee + $5 super late fee = $205 clerical error, now I have to go back to traffic court for a third time in two weeks.

  • Rave: Going to see Alton Brown when he comes to DC in November.
    Rant: Managed to get into a silly fight while wearing a Bat Girl costume; completely diminished my authority 😉

    • justinbc

      Please explain that rant!

    • GiantSquid

      Yes, must share details of the Rant.

    • Becks

      Details please…

    • Oh, it was less exciting than it sounds. My new Halloween costume had come in the mail. Was trying it on. S.O. had a tough day at work and wasn’t dealing with stress well, but, conversely, I wasn’t doling out a great deal of empathy. Could best be summed up as a variant on that on Grandpa Simpson summary: “Old Man yells at Batgirl. Batgirl responds hilariously with, ‘You don’t deserve this costume!”

      Our last argument was over how to properly construct a yurt. It sure is nice not to have real problems to argue over!

  • Rave: Freedom in America

    Rant: Interpretation of Freedom in America. The literal interpretation of Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”. Under that statement how can we all be “free”? That creates a world of chaos and lawlessness. I challenge all American’s to define “American Freedom” in a better more responsible, human way as follows “American Freedom – The power or right to follow all the same rules as any other American, to not be held to account for any rule or law that does not apply to everyone, and the ability to use my power of vote to change any law that I do not agree with”.

  • skj84

    Rave: Applied for a job where I have a connection. I’m really hoping my connection pulls through for me, at least with getting me an interview.

    Rant: Unmarked house numbers. I was visiting a friend in a neighborhood I’m not familiar with and none of the house numbers were easy to see. Especially since this was after the sun went down and It was incredibly dark out. I had my GPS going, but it was still difficult to find the place. People really need to mark house numbers in a way that visitors can find them. The same goes for businesses.

    PopVille Brunch will be at Dino’s Grotto on August 24th!

  • Rant: Being told to smile. There is this one guy in my office who always barks at me to smile, or says “it can’t be that bad” (said to me upon my return to the office from a funeral) or something along those lines. Yesterday he said “You need to smile more.” to which I replied “No, I don’t.” and walked away. He is a senior in my office, and used to having his ass kissed. Afterwords he came to my desk and said he was just being friendly. I did not launch into my tirade about how this much of a pet peeve this is for me.

    Rant: I loathe uninvited drama, and I got a taste of it last night when a girl I barely know used me as an excuse to have a long argument with her BF, who is a friend of mine. She claimed I am disrespectful, but in the two times I’ve met her, I certainly haven’t done anything to deserve her hatred.

    Rave: I will likely spend most of the workday daydreaming, which is kind of fun.

    • skj84

      I freaking hate being told to smile. Especially by men. If I want to smile I’d have smile on my damn face. It’s so condescending and patronizing and I just don’t understand the logic of the men asking.

    • I feel for your friend! It sounds like his girlfriend might be overly sensitive or just a pain in the rear.

      • I’m thinking she might be a BIT up the crazy creek, my friend only told me to highlight one instance of the things he has to deal with. He and two of my other friends have been there for every interaction between me and the girl, and they all say it’s unfounded. Still feel bad for him though, and want him to be happy.

        • Do you think maybe she’s jealous of you, i.e., she believes her boyfriend likes you more than her? Could be one explanation for the behavior.

          • Could be… Apparently I am the only girl in his friend circle; however, that’s the extent of our friendship, we are in the same circle, we aren’t very close and have only hung out alone once, and no lines were crossed. I hate to automatically assume it is jealousy or something like that, but don’t really have a way to assuage those fears without getting right in the middle of it, which I would very much like to avoid doing.

    • If he continues to do it, you might suggest that you consider his ordering you to smile to border on sexual harassment (particularly if he only says it to women in the office.) He’ll drop the subject quickly if he’s smart.

      • +1. I’d also recommend reading Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear.” I don’t think the guy is a stalker per se, but the book discusses the larger issue of people trying to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do by making you uncomfortable.

      • And I can’t recall ever having been told to smile by a woman, only by men. There’s definitely a sex/gender element to it.

        • justinbc

          It’s only guys. It’s a flirtatious thing. I see dudes on the street do it all the time. It gives them an excuse to chat with you without being overtly vulgar.

          • They might _think_ it’s flirtatious, but it’s unwanted and unwelcome.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s not a flirtatious thing. Usually they say it as they pass me. They don’t want to flirt, they just want me to be prettier for them. It is infuriating.

          • It can even be threatening. I have absolutely smiled at someone who started following me on a bike telling me to smile. It’s incredibly undermining. If you are a person’s friend, ask what is wrong vs telling them to change their feelings at the drop of a hat for you. If you are a stranger, realize the other person does -NOT- exist for your entertainment. If men are using this for flirting, they need to find a new approach because we hate it.

          • justinbc

            I didn’t mean flirtatious in a good connotation, it seems obnoxious as hell to anyone I’ve ever known.

          • justinbc

            @hammers, you’ve got to realize that 1) most men are terrible at flirting to begin with 2) they don’t really consider that fact and your impression of it when saying stupid things like “you should smile more you’ll be prettier”

          • @Justin, I know, that was just a little advice to anyone on here 🙂

        • I’ve gotten it plenty from guys – usually strangers on the street. When this happens, I frown harder, swear at them or just walk away (my mother taught me well). I did get it from a female boss once several years ago. She said something along the lines of: “It would be so much better if you smiled more.” That did not make me smile more. On the contrary.
          I feel for you, Hammers. I think there are a certain group of men who live with their head in the dark ages (or the dark place between their legs) who think it’s every woman’s duty to smile at them and always be pleasant. I can’t wait for this cohort of asshats to die off!
          Stay strong!

      • msmaryedith

        This comic is pretty great and explains why “smile” is, at the very least, borderline harassment. http://www.robot-hugs.com/harassment/

    • I’m constantly being told (mostly by men) to smile and I hate it! Honestly though, who walks around all day smiling?? I’d feel like an idiot. I want to tell me people that this is my normal face and there’s nothing wrong with me.

      • skj84

        This. I have a tendency to look pensive(or Resting Bitch Face) and I get told to smile a lot. My least favorite is “you would be prettier if you smiled more.” Yes someone said that to me.

    • I really wish I could retort with a “oh, that’s cute – you think people care about your opinion” followed by a huge smile.

    • Being told to smile (especially by random strangers I’ve never met) is literally my biggest pet peeve on the planet)…Mind your own beeswax!

      • No one has told me to smile recently, for which I am thankful, but if they do I am prepared with my response: “Why? Did you say something funny?”

        • oohh… i’m using that line next time i get it 🙂
          (also, the smile emoticon is genuine, because your comment made me smile. please take note any would be demanders of smiles.)

    • As someone who has “resting bitch face,” i feel your pain. It doesn’t mean i’m in a bad mood, sad, angry, etc. It just means I’m, well, me.
      The whole “but you have such a beautiful smile” thing is beyond condescending.
      If i was smiling all the time, i’d look psychotic. Trust me.

      • If anyone has the time or inclination, search for Funny or Die’s video on “Smile Bitch boot camp!” They’ll teach you how to smile ALL THE TIME so your unhappy face doesn’t ruin a man’s day!

    • Becks

      You never hear a woman saying that to a man. Perhaps we should start and see what the “correct” response would be! I would agree that it is a power thing and that women are to be made prettier, but you really can’t be rude to your superior. I am often told to “smile it will make you prettier”, or “smile, you look so sad.’ I usually just smile and move on, but it does offend me.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Me and my popville t-shirt leaving for vacation tomorrow
    Rant: leaving at 3:00 am
    Rant: List of “things to do at work before vacation” keeps growing

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My dream of moving to Sweden has been dashed! They share butter knives!
    Rave: hot tea in a cold, cold, silent office.

    • is it because of the shared butter knives?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes! The communal butter knife should not touch the bread! That’s how crumbs get in the butter! I cannot deal with crumbs in the butter. I’m also not willing to give up butter.

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahaha I could totally see myself trotting around town with my own butter dish! Then when someone tries to pass the knife full of butter to me, I can say, “tack!” as I pull out the little dish 🙂

          • When I was a kid, I used to eat butter out of the butter dish, dipping my fingers right in. Rather than curb me of this disgusting habit, my parents just gave me my own butter dish. They even wrote my name on it with a Sharpie marker. This is one of many scenarios from my childhood that make me wonder, “What were they thinking?” as I reflect upon them as an adult. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahaha I love it.

          • I once saw a toddler sitting happily in the grocery basket eating an entire stick of butter like it was a popcicle!

        • Isn’t that a thing in America too? I thought you are supposed to use the butter knife to put the butter on your plate and transfer it to your bread with your own knife?

          • saf

            Yes. a butter knife is to move butter from butter container to bread plate. Then each bread plate should have a butter spreader to put butter on bread.

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s how I was raised. But I read in a book about Swedish culture that they use the communal knife to get the butter, then still with the communal knife, put it on their bread. Sometimes they even pass the communal butter knife around the table with butter already on it. I canNOT do that.

          • Emilie for every Swedish family that shares butter knives and bread crumbs I am sure there are an equal number that make sure no bread crumbs are shared in passing the butter 🙂

          • Uhh, I guess I’m Swedish and didn’t know it? Maybe we just don’t like wasting knives or butter in my house. I try to keep crumbs to a minimum, but I figure a few won’t kill you if you go through butter fast enough. I have never heard of anyone putting butter on their plate or using their own knives.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Don’t encourage me! 😀

          • Emmaleigh504

            Allison, I’m overly anal about crumbs. I live alone and use 2 knives b/c I can’t deal with crumbs in the butter 🙂

          • Noted! I will proceed with appropriate caution if I attend the next PoPville brunch. 😀

          • Emmaleigh504

            On the other hand, if Artemis wants to stick their fingers in the butter, I can deal with that. Fingers don’t bother me 🙂

          • I do still love butter, probably too much for my own good, but I don’t use my fingers anymore. 🙂

        • Becks

          It is conversations like this that make me love Popville so much!

          BTW: I am not a communal dish sharer as well.

  • Random question: where can I find cheap potted plants in DC? I just got a new office, so a plant would be nice, but I’m a notorious potted plant killer, so I don’t want to spend a lot!

    • dcgator

      I feel like TJ’s has pretty cheap potted plants; no idea on whether they’re hardy or live long, but worth a shot.

    • Home Depot’s houseplants are pretty competitively priced.

    • msmaryedith

      I actually got some succulents at Ikea that are doing really well! You barely have to water them, and they’re hardy and just like light. I think they were probably about $3 or $4 apiece.

      • I bought two generic looking palm plants from Ikea six years ago and they are still alive!

      • If the OP doesn’t have an office with lots of sunlight, succulents won’t do very well. They need fresh air and lots of sunlight, otherwise they look pretty sad.

        • If the OP is in a cubicle without much sunlight, philodendrons are a good choice. (And they’re very tough/forgiving, so they’re good for people who don’t have a good track record with plants.)

    • Depending on how large a plant you want the sketchy looking place on inbound NY Ave has a ton and they are dirt cheap compared to other garden stores in the area. I have a few from there and all have lasted 2 yrs so far.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve had success with grocery store plants. I have no idea if they are cheap or not, but I’ve gotten more than one impulse-buy indoor plant from Safeway and they survived. Snake plants are supposed to be good at cleaning the air.

      • Georgia Ave. Safeway has gorgeous orchids. I covet them every time I am there.

        • I wouldn’t recommend orchids to the OP, though. They’re gorgeous, but they’re not easy even for people with green thumbs.

          • I think orchids are easy – and even if you can’t get them to re-bloom, the original bloom will last over a month. Right now I have one that is still blooming after 3 months, and another bloom shoot is growing.

    • Becks

      I saw some nice office type plants at the Giant near Columbia Heights on 14th. Too big for a small kitchen window, but lovely nonetheless.

  • Time to plan a move… Anyone have recommendations for the least expensive 1 room moving service? All I’ve got is a bed, desk and boxes, which could definitely go in one trip, but I am of weak arms and few area friends so I’m pretty sure I have to get a moving company.

    Rave: went to bed at 10 last night, up at 7:45… felt pretty great, like a lot of my built up stress (over problems that were recently resolved) kind of faded away.

    • dcgator

      Along these lines, not to hijack the original question: I need to move a bedframe, mattress, and dresser (should all fit in a flatbed truck or small U-Haul van. Anyone have good experiences with Craigslist movers or someone else?

      I don’t think it should cost more than $75-100 to move from Gaithersburg into the District (one-way), but I was quoted at $250. I’m attempting to avoid having to rent a truck and drive myself.

      • Most of those movers have a minimum of 2hrs that you have to pay for even if it only takes 1hr. Rent a van from home depot for $25 bucks and do it yourself if you have help.

      • Minero Movers 703 489 3325 They do moves if you provide the wheels. Give them a call for an estimate.

      • Personally I would DIY. U-Haul offers 4-hour truck rentals for $20 plus mileage.

      • From recent personal experience, if your bed is bigger than a full size, go with the smallest U-haul truck, not the van. No way in hell my mattress, box spring, and (very) few pieces of furniture would’ve all fit in the van.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I used Flat Rate movers when I moved my 1 room of stuff from the burbs to DC. It was reasonable, they were friendly and FAST. And bless them, there was a downpour as they were moving things in and they didn’t get water all over everything and everywhere.

    • I’ve had good luck with My Truck Buddy. http://mytruckbuddy.com/ They helped me move twice, plus picked up an item for me that I purchased on craigslist and dropped it off (same day, but I think that was just luck on my part)! They provide online quotes that range in time based on responses to how much you have to move, price in 15 minute increments, never had a problem when I helped load (to keep things moving more quickly), are professional and prompt, and I would use them again in a heartbeat!

      • +1 for My Truck Buddy. They were fast and relatively cheap. I plan to use them again when I move.

      • After reading numerous PoPville recommendations for My Truck Buddy, I tried contacting them for a short-notice (a few days in advance) one-item move (china cabinet). I never heard back from them, which I found really disappointing — I was expecting at least a “Sorry, we’re already booked for that day.”

      • justinbc

        I’ve used them 3 or 4 times now and always had excellent service and a very fair rate.

      • Another +1 for my truck buddy. He helped me move a couch on short notice a few years back. I’m glad to see he has a lot of fans on here.

    • I’ve used Two Marines and a Truck twice. Once they just unloaded the UHaul into my condo when I arrived at my new place. The last time they loaded and unloaded all my stuff (1-bedroom condo) into their own truck for a very short move. I called a bunch of other places for my last move and they were the best price. I was very pleased with their work, punctuality, and demeanor both times.

    • bookstore movers is great and affordable – read their reviews on Yelp

      • Bookstore movers are great, but they have a certain time minimum that would be too high for a 1 room apartment.

    • I highly recommend Anytime Movers DC. They are efficient and pleasant. I quoted about 12 moving companies for a 1BR to 1BR move and they were by far the best deal.

    • Becks

      Swift & Gentle Movers (703) 439-0847
      They charged me a flat fee of 100 to move two items of furniture. I do not know what they would charge for a house. They were amazing! Gus is honest, fast, efficient, and amazingly polite. He was worried about putting a dirty foot print on my rug. They wrapped the furniture and were extremely careful with it and even took away the old broken dresser I didn’t want!

  • Rant: A raccoon has been living on my second story row house patio for a week. There is no trash that would be attracting him, but he seems to be enjoying himself on my chair with last weeks Washington Post. Please advise.

    • skj84

      Roscoe moved in?

    • They like high perches (similar to cats). There’s probably some sort of sonic sound deterrence device that you could install to keep it away. Motion lights would also help. Google is your friend.

    • I’d tend to think of this as a bonus … Free raccoon! Think of all you can do with a patio raccoon: hide from it, photograph it in menacing poses, send your enemies out onto the patio to face certain doom…

    • It’s Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy!

  • Rant: A good friend is battling serious depression.
    Rave: He asked for help finding a therapist. Any suggestions? I think they have to take United Healthcare…

    • msmaryedith

      Finding a therapist is ridiculously hard work. If he’s getting stuck, it might be worth reaching out to GW and seeing if they can at least provide a recommendation? I think they’d be pretty familiar with which providers take certain insurance, and they do have some faculty that sees non-students.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about who the therapist is. If your friend is suffering from major depression, the therapist will refer him/her to a psychiatrist for treatment.

      • Under managed care, psychiatrists usually do little or no talk therapy, just brief sessions (10-15 minutes) for medication management. Ideally Gopher’s friend would see both a therapist (psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, etc.) and a psychiatrist.

        • I’ve dealt with major depression for more than 30 years, and in my experience talk therapy is worthless.

          I suppose ‘talk therapy’ might work fine for someone who is feeling a bit down but I really can’t see how talking can alter serotonin and dopamine uptake levels in the brain and actually address the underlying chemical causes of depression. That’s what doctors are for.

    • Most insurance websites have a Find A Doctor section so you can identify therapists/psychiatrists who are covered by his plan. That should at least give you list to draw from, and then you can Google a bit to find out what their specialties are. Unfortunately finding a therapist that’s a good fit involves some trial and error, but at least it’s a place to start. Glad to hear your friend has at least expressed interest in getting help and has you there to support him.

    • The friend could also contact his primary care doc, if he has one. He/She may have a therapist recommendation. Hax also recommends people contact The Women’s Center in VA. Despite the name, sounds like they will help men too.

  • Rant: Tired and bored. After months of work being really intense we finally have a lull. I don’t know what to do with myself as we wait to hear about the proposal we just submitted. I would head home and “work” from there the rest of the day, but…
    Rave: Mini-vacation to Cape Cod is in two days! I’ve never been and am excited to see my friends get married and to see my now-retired mentor from work, who lives up that way. I’m taking two days off so I should maybe hang around the office until then, even though there’s not much to do here.

  • Rant: My partner has decided that he wants kids, when I’ve been clear with him from the get-go that I don’t. We’ve been nibbling around the edges of the issue for a while, but it seems like we’ve reached a definitive impasse.

    • GiantSquid

      That’s a dealbreaker and the reason one of my Uncles and his first wife divorced/annulled their marriage. He wanted kids, she decided she didn’t. Sorry to hear it but better to know now.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sucks, I’m sorry.

    • I’m sorry. This is hard — and there really is no win-win solution.

    • How old are you? Ccurious at what age you have come to this decision?

      • I’m 31 and my partner is 35. I’ve never wanted kids, whereas my partner thought about them in the abstract (“maybe someday I’ll grow up and have kids”) sort of way.

  • Rave: I have discovered The Black Keys. Pure joy.

    Rant: I need help finding an new mobile phone provider, I should not be paying more than $150 a month (Verizon). I only use my phone to talk and text, and read email. I have never downloaded a video to my phone, once in a while I use the map feature.

    • Yeah you’re getting screwed if that’s what you’re paying.

    • janie4

      If you can deal with having a sprint phone and only two choices of phone, go with Republic Wireless. They have great prices, and I think their network rolls over to Verizon towers if the Sprint network is unavailable.

    • If you’re happy with the Verizon service and coverage, look into their prepaid plans. I think there’s one advertised for $45 with unlimited talk and text plus a limited amount of data that might suit you.

    • T-Mobile offers unlimited talk, text, and data for $50/month. Personally I would not pay more than that.

      • It is kinda unlimited data. Once you pass the 1 GB mark for the month, you lose LTE service for the rest of the month and data becomes real slow, at least that’s been the case for me the couple times I’ve passed the 1GB mark.

        • So it goes back down to 3G service? Or something even slower. I’m paying $95 month for unlimited talk/text/data with AT&T. I am loathe to give my grandfathered data plan (I stream A LOT of music, DJ mixes, etc.)

          • It seems slower than 3G (which I had with my previous phone), but I’m not sure. Maybe t-mobile just has bad 3G service? The upside to T-mobile’s data plan is streaming music does NOT count as data usage (IOW, unlimited music streaming).

          • T-Mobile also has an unlimited 4G plan for $80/mo.

        • Except OP said he/she only uses the data plan to check email, which uses far less than 1 GB /month.

          Otherwise I would have suggested one of the more expensive plans.

      • I have the t-mobile $50/month for unlimited talk/text/data plan for a while – the only time I have trouble with data loading is when I’m in a remote location with a poor signal. Not surprising this would happen.

  • justinbc

    Reminder: The POP HH that was scheduled for tonight at DC Reynolds has been moved to next Wednesday the 27th due to a conflict they had with a fundraiser going on tonight. I’ve been crazy busy this week with construction at the house and haven’t been able to watch the boards much but if you see anyone post about it please let them know.

  • Becks

    Rave: Got to work early.
    Rave: Tomatoes are blooming! I see sweet cherry tomatoes in my future. If the squirrels don’t see them first!
    Rant: Fell asleep on the sofa last night when I had things I needed to do, but…
    Rave: Back feels better today. I had sprained my back about 4 months ago and it still hurts. But weirdly enough sleeping on the sofa last night and my back feels better today. You would think it would feel worse!
    Rant: My friends are too busy for months on end to get together, then six people decide to invite me for activities on Saturday and get offended when I already have plans. I have been asking my friends for dinners, lunches, outings, movies ect…And everyone has been busy for months. Now they ask me a few days before Saturday to do something and then get angry that I can’t go out. I am confused and angry and learning that many people in my life are not friends but acquaintances.

  • Rave: The Text From Dog tumblr page. It may be old, and I may be behind the times, but I don’t care. It’s hilarious. Well worth a 5 minute break.

  • Rave: Last day on my old contract was yesterday
    Rant: My new contract hasnt technically onboarded me yet…working on that (can i still charge if i am filling on onboarding documents)?
    Rave: So happy to be leaving a toxic environment, ready for a fresh start working with new people
    Rant: Still cant believe how hard i blacked out on monday with my co-workers (no one remembers anything for a solid 1 hour)
    Rave: Really happy i can make it back to my apartment in one peice being that intoxicated

  • Rant: The woman who looked at my condo unit on Monday and said she wanted to rent it has not responded to my e-mail from later that evening providing the application form, or to a follow-up e-mail from late yesterday. I might try texting or calling her for good measure, but at this point I’m assuming she’s flaked. NEXT!
    Rave: I’ve now run into two PoPvillagers in Columbia Heights in two weeks. I ran into Becks last week while on my way from Target to Panera, and ran into Lindsay (who I don’t think has a regular username) in Panera last night while getting takeout.

  • Do you tip dogsitters? I paid her $30 a day to visit twice a day to let them out, feed them and change wee pads. If so how much.

    • I wouldn’t tip. The daily rate is already going straight into her pocket. It’s not like she works for an agency that’s taking a cut.

    • I do on occasions. ie: if I have a delivery and I can’t be at my home- I’ll ask the dog walker if she can meet the delivery truck and let them in etc….Also when it’s an extended time like a week, and definitely tip around the Xmas holidays.

    • I wait and give a large tip during the holidays.

    • Emmaleigh504

      This was just a one-of right? I don’t think you need to tip. If you continue to use this person, a tip or a little gift around the winter holidays is nice.

    • I’m a pet-sitter and no one has ever tipped me. They do, however, let me drink their wine, eat their food (which I don’t unless it’s going to rot) and a few have even demanded that my bf stay with me so I won’t get lonely. 😉 And there’s free laundry! So I don’t think tipping is necessary. Personally, I appreciate the benefits I get as part of the arrangement. I’ve gotten tips around the holidays as an annual “thank you” which is always nice, but I don’t expect it.

      • And now that I think about it, while money is nice, hiring me again is a nice tip in itself. There’s a lot of competition from other freelancers and then you have the agencies too. Loyalty is a great perk.

    • Thanks all! I bought her some chocolates from a famous Hoosier candy store and didn’t know if I needed to add to it.

  • Rant: Muriel supporters this morning were especially aggressive this morning in Brookland. I get it, you work for her and are a superfan, but you need to respect that I’m not. Asking me “WHY, WHY, WHY CAN’T WE COUNT ON YOU” over and over isn’t going to sway my vote. I said “no, you can’t count on my vote because I’m still undecided” and “no, I’m not interested in your flyer (I already have it!)” and I walked away. YELLING after me, walking after me, and drawing attention to me because I can’t have a dialogue with you at this time is NOT okay. Not at 8 o’clock on a Wednesday morning. For the record, I’ve done a lot of my homework, and spent a lot of time at many debates around the primaries – and I will continue to listen and learn as we approach the voting season. I have a duty to vote, but if I don’t want your info and I am not Muriel’s fan, please don’t ostracize me. Honestly now! We’ve got bigger problems.

    • Ha, if I come across any supporters like that, I will be hard pressed to hold back from saying, “You can’t count on me because I don’t vote for complete dumb asses who are the definition of ’empty suit.'”

    • That sounds like a very odd way to try to win over undecided voters — a vinegar approach, rather than a honey one.

    • This is the sort of thing that would completely turn me off if I was on the fence. I’d tell those people they actually had helped me to make up my mind- to vote for Catania.

  • Rave: Nats. Thanks to Phil Mendelson, I hit the game for free.
    Rant: decapitations.
    Rant: water cannons.
    Rant: blaming the victim in Ferguson

    • Related rant: ISIS. Jesus f#ck, these guys are terrible. I feel awful for the Foley family. And these images and videos contribute to PTSD in the general public. My ex-gf had terrible nightmares around the time of the decapitations in the mid-2000s. She didn’t even watch the videos, but the still images of the men in orange jumpsuits and black terrorist garb frightened her to no end. Some people are just extremely sensitive to this stuff.
      Rave: The Foley family. They statement they issued last night was classy and poised. I wish the best for them in their time of mourning.

      • skj84

        Yeah, Jezebel posted a still from the video yesterday. Nothing graphic, just Foley and his captor but it was enough to make me queasy. Just knowing what was about to happen next was bad enough.

      • I have a former classmate who is, if he’s still alive, being held somewhere in Syria. The initial consensus was that he was being held by the Assad regime. However, a video surfaced of rather stereotypical Islamist militants staging a mock execution of my classmate. He, of course, was unaware he was not about to be executed. On occasion, I’ll be drinking at home and respond to messed up comments on the video on youtube about how he deserves it, is an American spy, etc. When I watch those videos, honestly, there are times when the thought of just nuking the region doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

        • OMG, that is awful. I hope your friend comes back alive.
          From the initial reports, it seems like the Foley was also captured by the Assad regime but was then turned over to ISIS at some point. It wouldn’t surprise me if Americans/Europeans/non-Muslims are being targeted, kidnapped and then ransomed to ISIS as propaganda bait. Disgusting stuff.

          • Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to get to know him all that well before he took some time off. I guess acquaintance would be the best description, but he’s a super nice, hard-working, honest guy.

    • Question: Who are you referring to as the victim in ferguson?

      • skj84

        there seems to be a consensus that Michael Brown deserved to shot by the cop because he allegedly robbed a convenience store. I’ve seen a few people post on facebook with this opinion. People who are now blocked from my newsfeed.

        • Have you heard the witness video that states Brown was rushing at the cop? That he slammed the police car’s door on the cop?

          There are two sides to every story.

      • I’ll give you a hint – last week, I ranted about the militarization of police.

    • Beau, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve been thinking about how to honor the journalists killed and captured in conflict zones. The work these journalists do in dangerous and difficult locations is so important. Does anyone have any thoughts? Maybe contributions to Reporters Without Borders or Amnesty International?

  • Rant: The ice bucket challenge. I only first heard about it a couple of days ago and I’m already tired of it.

    Rave: Going to Ocean City Saturday.

  • Rave: I was super obsessed with my first foster dog and regretted not fostering failing. When she got adopted I didn’t ask where the woman who adopted her lives and she didn’t send in an adoption update, so I thought I was never going to see her again…..until I spotted my former foster and her new mom on the street last night!
    Rant: I must have looked like a total psycho chasing them down. I’m sure I scared her.
    Rant/rave: I got into work super early for a meeting, so I get to leave early, but it’s a pretty drastic shift in my schedule. I’m already tired and will only get more tired.
    Rant: I missed most of the stretching portion of spin class last night because it was my first time wearing cycling shoes and I couldn’t get my feet out. I came so close to unvelcroing and leaving the shoes clipped in.

    • Did you get to say hello to your former foster?

    • The first time I wore my new spin shoes I got stuck on the bike for an hour. An HOUR. No one could get me out. I had the instructor wiggling her foot in there, three giant muscle-y trainers trying to pull it off, the manager brought out a toolbox… Luckily I was (am) smart enough to realize I could take my foot out, but in those first moments of panic I forgot that part and pictured myself sitting there forever. I felt like an idiot, like I was just doing something wrong and not releasing the cleat properly. Turned out the pedal was broken. Suckiest part was the tools the manager used destroyed my cleat, but City Sports gave me a new one when I explained what happened.

      • Lol. That is hilarious.
        I ‘m just glad I’m trying them out on a stationary bike. I keep picturing a Rick Reilly story where he goes biking with Lance Armstrong (before the yellow bracelet was tarnished) and Lance gave him shoes and got him clipped in, but Rick didn’t ask how to unclip. Well, at the the end of their ride Lance wouldn’t tell him, so Rick tried to untie them while riding, couldn’t, so he rode in circles until he was going really slow, and tipped over and untied them.

        • I’m scared to ride them on my real bike. If I fall, don’t I want to have control of my feet? And all the stopping on DC streets. I think it’d drive me nuts being attached like that.

  • Rave: Friends came to visit yesterday to see my (somewhat) newly renovated kitchen and bathroom, to meet my pup and to take me out to dinner.
    Rave: Clean house because of the above (just don’t look in my closets :))
    Semi-rave: A very sweet birthday card from my dad. Since my mom died two years ago he’s had to take on countless new responsibilities including sending birthday cards. While it may seem like a small thing, I’m grateful that he remembers (!) and also sad that my mom isn’t around to do this.
    More than a rant: Missing my mom a lot today….

  • Rant: After spin class this morning, the dude next to me got four of those Purell cleaning wipey things and gave them to the two people to his left, and the person on my right. In other words, his friends. Seriously? Tool.

    Rave: Last night my phone rang. Said it was my sister. When I answered, a little voice said, “Hi!” And then I could hear my sister in the background asking who my niece was talking to. Apparently she figured out how to make a call based on contact list photos and she decided to call me. She’s almost three. It was awesome.

    • Sorry – I don’t understand your rant. The guy next to you was nice enough to get his friends Purell cleaning wipes and he’s a tool for doing so?

      • I wasn’t clear. Yes, it was a very nice thing to do. And by friends I think they were just people in class that he knows from going to class regularly. And this is one hell of a minor rant! I’m not upset, let’s just get that out of the way. I guess I just thought- if you’re going to get one for everyone around you, maybe get one for the new person in class sitting right next to you? As a nice gesture? It felt kinda awkward, like I was in 5th grade and got picked over for dodgeball teams. I totally would’ve grabbed an extra for the person sitting next to me if I was getting three anyway. I wasn’t insulted, or expect him to at all. (I’m not entitled!) I just thought- well that wasn’t very neighborly.

    • I guess it would be nice if he got them for everyone, but that’s not necessary.
      At Ride DC after my first class all I could think was ‘who are these glassbowls, leaving without cleaning their bikes?!?!’ So I asked the instructor if I should clean my bike, but it turns out the studio does it for everyone after class. I think that’s a bit above and beyond, but I think the all inclusiveness is part of their business model.

      • Oh he totally didn’t need to get one for everyone. It’s really not a big deal. It was more “here’s one for you and you and you and skip you because I don’t know you.” I think when I saw him walk over with a whole bunch I secretly hoped he’d display a random act of kindness. And I was a little sad that he hadn’t. Rant totally over.

        • I’m also obsessive over cleaning my bike. The amount of sweat some people generate is unreal. And lots of people don’t clean up after. Before I get on I have to assume it’s been drenched in sweat, peed on, licked…

  • RAVE: my boyfriend and I have been surviving living together in a tiny apt in Shaw and our one year anniversary is next month.

    Question: what is the most romantic and cost effective restaurant for a one year anniversary?

    • Rose’s Luxury 🙂 Great experience, reasonable prices for the quality, and a must-visit!

      • palisades

        Hmm, good luck with that one. The idea of spending an anniversary with my girlfriend waiting 2 hours for super expensive tapas doesn’t seem very fun.

    • palisades

      thai x-ing gets my vote. So much amazing food. A little cramped. And when it gets dark out the area looks awesome

    • I’ll throw in a vote for Red Hen if you don’t want to wait in line for Rose’s.

      • I’ve never been to Rose’s or Red Hen. I do agree, I love Thai xing. What about sushi? Where’s the best sushi?

    • Consider Crane & Turtle in Petworth! It’s a totally cute place and they pay attention to every last detail. Plus they take reservations.

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