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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I’ve got my amazon wish list for my classroom up. It’s mostly basic, unsexy supplies. Nobody should feel obligated to buy anything. I learned my students will be bringing in their personal supplies but we have limited things provided for us.
    Rant: I’m learning one of my teammates is kind of a negative Nancy. I think she’s trying to help out, but I know it’s easy for me to get sucked into that sort of thing so I’ll need to be very careful.
    Rave: yesterday I signed my permanent contract (I was on a provisional one) and I found out I’ll be getting credit for my masters in criminology. That’s an extra $2500/year

    • Accountering

      Just looking for one of each item? When I go to check-out, it just shows me the addresses I have shipped in the past – my house, parents house etc. How do I get this stuff to you?
      I also had a situation when I started in Public Accounting where they told me on day 1 that my masters meant I got an extra $2,000. Fun times!

      • I updated the quantities for some items. I hoped it would let you ship directly to me. Let me try and figure it out. I can e-mail you my address if you email sugarcoated at gmail dot com

      • I had the same problem — amazon only wanted to ship it to my office or my home. also, i can’t believe that you have to buy all this stuff yourself, that is crazy!!

    • Please email sugarcoated @ gmail . com so I can give you my address!

      • janie4

        Try setting it up as a gift registry instead – that way, it can be shipped to you without everyone needing your address.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna’s early morning shenanigans.
    Rave: Fet Mats

  • Rave/Rant: Selling my house, looking forward to a new renovation project, lots on the market right now, but there is very little difference in the price of a fixer upper versus a fully renovated home.

    Rant: I am very thankful for the new swift Safeway, but I can’t help feeling down about it when I check out the O street Giant, The quality of produce and meat is leaps beyond the Safeway at the O street Giant, and there’s an actual Starbucks, not just a stand. The service is also much more friendly and fast at the O street Giant, I guess it’s worth the extra trek.

    Rant: I request an alley sweeping, it doesn’t happen for 3 weeks, then as soon as the next trash day comes, bottles and cans are back where they were before. People block the short end of the alley so I have to drive out the long way, and bam, another screw in my car tire… 4 tire patches this year. a new record.

    Rant: doesn’t look like I’ll make it to the beach this summer, but damn it if I don’t before the year end.

    • Accountering

      To your first Rave/Rant: I have found the opposite. It seems the difference in price between fixer-uppers and fully renovated is huge, and leaves a lot of room for arbitrage. That is why the flippers have been making such a killing.

      • Well, location-wise and square footage wise in Petworth?Col Hts, the bad-shape fixer uppers are running around 600k… Just a bit north in Brightwood, there are some stunningly renovated houses for around 630-650k. It’s not a long stretch, considering the 140-200k cost of renovating a fixer-upper yourself.

        • Accountering

          I don’t know about this. You are talking two wildly different areas. One is 1.8 miles from Dupont, the other is 3.7. One is easy walking distance to bars, restaurants, charter schools, the other is not. Not a fair comparison at all. To make this comparison, you need to look at fixer uppers/renovated houses in Brightwood, or fixer uppers/renovated houses in Columbia Heights. If you do this, I think you will find the price difference I mentioned.

          • Disclaimer – I don’t consider Dupont circle as a viable reference point to my desires for home purchase, and I pretty much consider Brightwood in my general desirable purchase reason.

      • In northern Columbia Heights I know of two different properties that recently sold in excess of 600K as tear-downs. One’s not even on a particularly large lot.

        • Accountering

          Renovated houses in that neighborhood are quickly approaching a million… What’s your point?

          • Accountering

            Check out 1432 Parkwood, and 1428 Perry Pl. 530 for unrenovated. 770 for renovated.

          • Is the internet, do I need to have one? But seriously, bad shape fixer-uppers are probably more than 600K in that particular area.

          • I’m actually interested to see if this is the next wave of the pop-up/condo conversion trend. Are we getting to the point where developers are going to start demoing and building new rather than deal with the hassle of popping up a dilapidated structure?

          • Accountering

            Well, I suppose you don’t need a point, but I like to think the relatively educated, fairly (mostly?) mature popvillagers tend to hold themselves to a higher standard, but if you would prefer to just spout of non-sequitors – be my guest.

          • Accountering

            There you go 🙂
            I tend to think it is easier and likely cheaper ($150k or whatever) and certainly quicker, to pop up a structure than it is to demo and start from scratch. Especially when you have neighbors on either side of you. I imagine demoing a structure and getting rid of the basement is not particularly easy under those constraints. Also, these houses were built to last, so no real benefit IMO to spending the extra cash to demo all but the most dilapidated structures.

          • I agree, which is why I think whoever bought 3614 13th is crazy – they paid $490/sq. foot for a liveable house that they immediately filed a raze permit for. Anyone know anything about the people behind Kiva, LLC?

          • If you can buy something for $620 and turn it into 4 condos, each selling for an average of $500 (figure the basement level is less and the top floor has a roof deck) then it’s worth it.

          • 4 units would be double what’s permitted by right, and the new structure is going to be non-conforming with zoning due to the lot dimensions. I figure they must have a really good contacts because they’re going to be asking BZA for a lot of variances.

          • I need a smaller house, no need to creat a pop-up… Don’t worry about me popville! No unsightly neighborhood renovation threats from me! 😛

    • My honeymoon period with the new Safeway started to wane last night. I went in with a short list, which included a pomegranate and mandarin oranges, neither of which they have. I couldn’t even find packaged pomegranate seeds. So, my chicken salad is a navel orange, blackberry chicken salad. I hope it’s decent.
      I really wanted to whack a pomegranate last night, Martha Stewart style.

      • Because you’re looking for fruits that are very much out-of-season. Mandarins don’t ripen until October/November. Pomegranates typically don’t get into stores until September through January.

        • true. I did see pomegranates at the streets market on 14th last week though. And mandarin oranges could come in a can…

          • I didn’t think to go for the canned option, but I feel like pomegranates are pretty common at grocery stores now, regardless of season. Strawberries aren’t in season year round, but you can buy them year round (not that they will be awesome in January).

      • They probably had frozen pomegranate, or some sort of bottled juice alternative maybe? For fresh fruits I usually go outside of the city to a VA bodega I know, I don’t trust fruit not bought in a tiny little store or on a street corner.

        That reminds me how much I miss buying mango and sugar cane long ago on street corners in Col.Hts, long before the modern day shopping mess!

        • They definitely had juice, but I needed the seeds. I didn’t think to look for frozen pomegranate, is that something you’ve seen? I thought there would be refrigerated, packaged seeds near the juice, but no dice.

          • I have seen them before, but farmers markets may have the actual fruit in (imported) this time of year, or maybe even Trader Joes or Whole Foods may have better options for exotic fruits than Giant or Safeway 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t think Baby Bird will be happy with a move. Watch out for extra love bites!

      • Baby Bird is in a new home 🙁

        Had to give him away after he needed a second expensive surgery… He now lives with a Veterinarian who gets low cost vet care, I almost ran broke trying to keep him alive…

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m sorry. 🙁

          • No worries, been through a lot in that experience, the key is that he’s alive and well, recovering in good hands… 🙂 I just visited him last week, he cried when he saw me 🙂

        • Wait, no one is going to tell Jack5 what a terrible irresponsible pet owner he is for re-homing his parrot? After the vitriol that gets unleashed when anyone tries to find a new home for a dog or a cat? Per Jack’s own admission (he cried when he saw me) birds are as attached to their human as dogs, if not more.
          Someone, please explain why this gets a pass, but a person rehoming a dog for any reason gets crucified.

          • Emmaleigh504

            B/c he already re-homed it and didn’t come here looking for a home or threatening to have the bird euthanized if no one took it. He was responsible about the care of his bird.

          • No, that doesn’t wash. The gal last week said that her boyfriend had friends or parents willing to take on his dog. No threats of euthanasia. But we heard all about “the kind of person who would re-home an animal when it becomes inconvenient”. (That kind of person = hitler, in case you missed it.)
            Everyone knows parrots are crazy expensive to keep.

          • epric002

            1. it already happened. 2. there’s a difference b/n not being able to afford to care for your pet and asking your SO to get rid of a pet they already have b/c you don’t like it. jmo.

          • Sounds to me like there’s a difference between vulnerable anonymous strangers, and known clique members.

          • +1 to what Emilie504 and Epric002 said.
            And I don’t think there’s a “clique,” just an established community of known posters. One of the downside of posting anonymously (or of being a lurker rather than a poster) is that you establish no reputation — either good or bad — with fellow PoPville readers.

          • Spin it however you like. It’s stunningly hypocritical.
            Jack was even told by multiple posters before getting his parrot that they are expensive and difficult to care for, that they require tons of time and energy. And he blithely said he knew what he was doing. Four (?) months later, that parrot is adjusting to its third home in its first year. But that’s ok, because his actions are about money, not about human love like that poor girl from last week.

          • epric002

            from your first comment anonymous, (i’m assuming there is only 1 of you in this thread but who knows) i suspected you were a troll. and so you are. it’s not stunningly hypocritical. as you astutely recall, jack was criticized for his acquisition of the parrot before it happened. he didn’t come back on here and ask people’s opinions on getting rid of it. he mentioned off-hand that it already happened. no one here condoned it. and your comment about “vulnerable anonymous strangers” is just absurd.

          • So as long as we don’t know about it til it’s happened, it’s all good, right? But let slip that you PLAN to re-home a pet responsibly, and all bets are off. And god help you if you offer a reason that others might not agree with.
            Btw, “doesn’t agree with me” =/= “troll”. (It’s a corollary to Godwin’s law. You broke it, you lose.) A troll aims to stir up shit. I aim to reveal hypocrisy in the hopes of encouraging a little self-reflection. This makes you uncomfortable, so you lob a facile (and erroneous) insult.

          • epric002

            oy, and a troll who lacks reading comprehension. no.one.condoned.it. no one said it was all good. but when you ASK the internet for opinions on a controversial topic (which is not, as you put it “letting it slip”) of course you’re going to get impassioned answers to the question you posed. you are a troll- you’re trying to stir shit up- go re-read your posts at 12:21, and 12:34, and 12:37… the 2 situations are similar but different. the world is shades of gray, not the black and white that you appear to insist on. it’s not hypocrisy just b/c you can’t see the differences in the situations.

          • Wow, didn’t even notice this blew up!

            whoever this anonymous poster is is jealous of the suffering and misery I and my bird went through without knowing scratch about the circumstances. I don’t have to explain anything to them because they’re anonymous and angry at someone who they know nothing about. Such a waste of time on the internet if I chose to get into this argument, I promise to not do it. The bird is well cared for, and alive, and I still visit it. The rest is none of their business for acting in such a callous manner towards strangers.

            Thanks to Em for trying to reason, but I swear, Internet arguments with blowhards are just like trying to paint a wet red wall white. It never does any good. 🙂

          • @Anonymous 1:25 – Jack5 isn’t getting as much shit for it because he’s not (completely) anonymous and because he doesn’t have a dedicated Popville post. It’s pretty obvious, really. Not sure why you’re feigning surprise here.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeesh, sorry I even mentioned your bird, Jack. I hate it when Anonymous is cranky; it makes Popville no fun.

          • “That poor girl” from the other post wanted her boyfriend to rehome his dog because she didn’t like the dog. Not because they were unable to care for the dog financially or otherwise. I think most people understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that require one to seek a more suitable home for their pet. If they’re doing it responsibly (as it seems Jack5 has), then most people will not have a problem. Merely “not liking” your SO’s pet is not an acceptable reason to rehome a pet, hence why that post got such a strong reaction compared to this one.

  • Rave: I slept a ton last night. I feel so revived.
    Rave: Booking tickets for our holiday adventure in the west this week. I’m very excited to spend time with my friends and avoid dealing with my own family drama over the holidays.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Painters and door installers made great progress yesterday! Thank goodness for no rain. Here’s a sneak peek for anyone curious about the colors (one wall is complete so far, no doors painted yet): https://twitter.com/justinbc/statuses/501474101027151873
    Rave: Rose’s Luxury named best new restaurant in America, a very well deserved recognition by Bon Appetit!
    Question: Anyone have suggestions on where to get custom house numbers or number plates? Looking for something a bit more unique than the typical silver letters that Home Depot sells.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I like it!!

    • epric002

      not transom numbers, right?

    • I love the dark color. I, personally, detest the color red (except at Caps games), so I can’t comment on that part.

    • look on Etsy, tons of options there.

    • I agree that the colors look cool, but are you not concerned about your house becoming a heat absorbing sponge? What direction are your exposures?

      • justinbc

        There are two main ways that a house (or indeed any other object) exchanges heat with its surroundings: convection and radiation. As a general rule, at everyday temperatures convection is faster than radiation so it’s the dominant mode of heat transfer.
        With convection it doesn’t matter what colour you paint your house. Convection heating and cooling is mostly by the wind blowing against the house walls and exchanging heat with the walls by conduction. In particular at night when it’s cold the house will lose heat at the same rate whether it’s painted white, black or yellow with green spots.
        It will pick up some radiant heat in the summer, sure, but not a whole lot (maybe a few degrees) and be offset by that amount in the winter.

    • Reach out to some local artists, im sure someone would be willing to make you something cool out of some scrap at a nominal cost

      • justinbc

        That’s a great idea, would love to have something metal sculpted 🙂

        • Yea, im sure Alex @ The Fridge knows someone who would do it as a small side project working with metal
          als there are some artist collectives/ spaces in the area… Hyattsville, Silver Spring,, Adams morgan, Takoma (I think), etc.
          I also know a wood studio on cap hill that could produce some cool stuff (they have a lazer cutter thing… lol… so very precise designs etc) that you can seal and find some interesting/ different lighting for

          chanches are it will be cheaper than buying a special piece from some store, also you can have input on the design
          and it will be one off! only on ein the world

    • Looking nice. Did you go with black door?

  • epric002

    rant: the people on my FB feed (now hidden) who take the time to post about their outrage/disgust over the protests in ferguson. shockingly, those same people had nothing to say about their outrage/disgust over another unarmed black teenager being gunned down by the police.
    rant: foster puppy has a cone on his head. not sure which would have been worse: 2 weeks of crate rest or 2 weeks of being attacked by the cone…
    rave: narcotic cough syrup: finally sleeping through the night.
    rave: husband comes home from business trip tonight.

    • Re: your first rant: always. There are too many people parroting the Fox News sound bites about the Brown case/Ferguson problems as though there is any way to justify gunning down an unarmed kid or turning Ferguson into a militarized zone during peaceful protests. 🙁 Can’t wait for Holder to clean house over there.

      • Unfortunately I’ve found the administration’s response VERY tepid, so I’m not too optimistic about Holder cleaning anything.

  • Update rant: Talked to the boy who now says he’s not sure how he feels about being in a relationship, likes having a girlfriend but also like his “freedom” and has a Vegas trip coming up and wants to “let loose” without having to “worry about doing something bad” if we’re exclusive. Gross.
    Rave-ish: I get over things/people really quickly. Sometimes I think I might be a robot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ugh gross indeed. The next guy will be better.

    • I don’t think you are robot. I just think his a–hattery makes him very easy to move quickly past.

      • +1
        It’s easy to get over a douchebag. No regrets when it comes to breaking up!
        This guy sounds like a bro’tastic tool.

    • Oh man, I am sorry. It doesnt sound like he is ready for a committed with relationship with anyone…not just personally you. I think its time to cut ties and take solace in knowlng you found out sooner than later rather than “wasting” any more time with this one.

    • So sorry. But glad you found out sooner rather than later. And from yesterday it sounds like you have a good network. You deserve better, and will find him.

    • Accountering

      This is crappy. I assume things are done? I too like to “let loose” on vacation. I just got back from a bachelors party in Lake Tahoe, where there was plenty of “letting loose.” With that said, one can certainly let loose, and not cheat in any way on a girlfriend or boyfriend. Sorry this happened – super lame.

    • Ewwww, he doesn’t sound like enough of a grown-up to be worth dating. Definitely a bullet dodged.

    • msmaryedith

      That sucks, but I’m glad you know now rather than later! I totally agree with artemis–you can get over him quickly because he’s proved a jerk. When you’re ready for the right guy, you need to be truly available, so good for you for recognizing that, cutting ties, and moving on without baggage.

    • You deserve a cupcake! Congrats on getting out of that one unscathed. I followed the saga silently and agreed with others that this guy was going to be trouble. Of course his feelings are valid, and if that’s what he wants, that’s what he should seek. (Wait he actually said he worried- about “doing something bad”??? Bwahaha!!! Eesh. He sounds like a real winner.) For your sake, I’m glad he showed his true colors now rather than later. Sorry it didn’t work out though. Still- find a cupcake and celebrate this one.

    • skj84

      Sorry about everything with the boy. He sounds a bit immature. But it’s time to move on. I don’t think it’s “robotic” to get over things quickly! I wish I had that ability.

      • I agree about the immaturity. Maybe I should stop dating younger guys. 😛

        • +1. I’m not saying there aren’t some gems (I even dated some men in their 20s when I was in my early 30s), but overall, I tend to do much better with someone at least a few years older than me. Current S.O. is 11 years older and we’re about on the same maturity level, which either means he’s a tad boyish, or I’m ready to take up crochet and get 5 more cats 😉

    • Gross, indeed. At least you found out early-ish and can move on (easily) to someone better. I promise not all men are douchey.

    • What a lameass! Sounds like you’re well rid of him.

    • It’s for the best and be thankful you’re strong minded and not let him manipulate you. So not that it matters but I guess it’s fair to assume the story about helping his friend out by going on a double date was a lie also.

  • skj84

    Rave: My baby brother starts his senior year of college this week! I’m so proud of him. He’s a good kid, but I do worry about him sometimes. I’m not as close to him as I am with my other siblings since I moved away when he was 13.

    Rant: Rejection notices. I would rather not hear from a job, especially one I’ve haven’t even interviewed for, than receive a notice. It’s just one of those personal pet peeves. I got one yesterday that basically stated while the job was still open they were interviewing more “experienced” applicants. That last statement really rubbed me the wrong way, it seemed a bit unnecessary. Like just thank me for my interest, don’t go into specifics on how the job is still open, we just don’t want to even consider you for the job. I think i’m a bit sensitive on the subject.

    • As a hiring manager, I can say that yes, you’re a bit sensitive. Too sensitive. I hear from SO MANY candidates who are thrilled that I acknowledged their application. Thrilled that I updated them on the process. Maybe not thrilled, but definitely appreciative that I let them know when the position is filled (which is in effect a rejection).
      You’re definitely an outlier in preferring less information in the hiring process.

      • epric002

        count me as one of those who prefers to hear from a employer, even if it’s rejection. if i took the time to update/develop a resume/cover letter, then the least you can do is send me a 1 line auto-response.

      • To me the worst thing is not hearing, and then holding out hope that maybe there’s still a chance… Maybe some of the rejections you’re getting are a bit tone deaf, but in the grand scheme less rude than just leaving applicants hanging.

      • skj84

        I guess I’m just in the minority. Even when I worked in theatre I hated receiving rejection notices. I understand the courtesy but it feels like rubbing salt in the wound. Like hey you’re not good enough for the job. Plus there is no constructive critisism. Especially since a I’ve received in my job search so far are rejection notices. I’d rather hear from a company if they want to schedule an interview, not being told we don’t even want interview you.

        • skj84

          And also this is more about receiving rejection emails for jobs I’ve applied for, but not interviewed with. A job I’ve done interviews for I think are a bit different.

        • GiantSquid

          Having also worked in theatre, it’s totally because of the lack of insight in the rejection. In my limited experience, I think they don’t elaborate because it’s often an internal hire and they had to post the job to jump through that legal hoop.

  • Tentative rave: I showed my Adams Morgan condo (http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/4625156849.html) last night to a potential tenant who said she wanted to take it… but after having been burned over the weekend, I’m not counting on anything until I’ve received her actual application and had good results from the credit check.
    And for that matter, I won’t really be at ease until the lease has been signed and I have a security deposit in hand. I’m thinking of the experience that dcreal (I think) mentioned yesterday, about a potential tenant who was all into taking his unit until the time for the security deposit rolled around, and then suddenly claimed to have a budget conflict.

  • Rave: The new boy is wonderful….I’m smitten.
    Rant: That picture or rather that driver. sigh.

  • Rave: Congrats to the 20 year olds for actually standing up on the S-4 this AM to let the elders sit down.
    Rant: None, leaving work early to go hang with my guy friend:)

  • rant: miscarriage. after 20 months of trying, I thought it was finally our time…..guess not.

    • I am so sorry.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that. We’re thinking of you.

    • So sorry to hear this. I wish I could give you a hug through my computer.

    • I’m so, so sorry. I went through this myself recently and am now convinced that it’s happening all of the time, silently, to so many women. It’s awful and beyond sad, but you will slowly start to feel better and you’re not alone.

    • I’m so sorry. I experienced one this year too. You’re not alone – take care of yourself.

    • So sorry to hear this

    • I’m so sorry. This happened to me in June. It is the worst! Gearing up now to try again (all of this with IVF).

    • homerule

      I’m very sorry. And I agree with Pixie– I wish I could send a hug through the computer, too.

    • I am so so very sorry. Sending a big hug. Be kind to yourself and take some time off. I only took a day off when I miscarried because I wanted to force a return to normalcy, and I probably should have taken another day or two. And like Anon @ 11:13 said, this happens to many many women (some more than once, sadly) so you are very much not alone.

    • This is the same Anon from 11:13 and I’ve been thinking about this post and comments all morning. On the theme of “you are not alone” that several of have expressed here, has anyone found any good support groups in (central/NW) DC for pregnancy loss or fertility issues? Despite the fact that there are so many of us, it seems inexplicably hard to find these resources. I’m even thinking of starting a group myself if I can’t find an existing one.

      • anon from 11:25am. I haven’t found anything and would be interested.

        • Yay, anon 11:25/1:48. I just set up a new email account so we can (all) chat. If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to reach out at DCnurture at gmail dot com. Sorry for the corny name 🙂

          • That’s not corny, that’s touching.

          • I’m glad you like it. I do too, if I’m being honest! But I really _love_ the little picture I put on the gmail icon. You’ll have to email me to see it 😉

          • Thankfully I have not been in the situation, but I’m glad you’re doing it for the sake of all the women around me who may have been or will go through that. I may not be able to provide any comfort directly, so it’s touching that someone who can will. I hope that makes sense.

        • By the way, what I was thinking was to have some semi-structured meetings in a private, relaxed setting — maybe rotating homes — on whatever schedule people agree on. We could invite professional facilitators, therapists, etc. (or not). It will depend on what people want to do, and I’m happy to either just get the ball rolling or be more of a “leader.” I’m a member of another (professional) group that runs the same way and it’s awesome.

          • Just wanted to say thank you for all the virtual hugs and support today. I have not felt like talking much about this with family or friends, but I have truly been comforted by all the responses here.

          • Big hugs to you, OP, and sorry to “hijack” your thread! If you ever feel like joining us, please reach out.

  • Rant: the little square at 14th and Irving (and all the way down the block to Colombia) in Colombia Heights. I am so sick of the trash, the drug dealing, the reek of urine, the harassment, etc. I know there’s no anti-loitering laws in DC, but geez, even a cop hanging out on that corner would go a long way. Is there something a community group could do? I hate dealing with that and feeling unsafe walking through there. I really feel bad for people in those apartments, Potbelly’s, Pete’s and Five Guys right there.

    Rant: cars getting broken into on my block. I waited with a neighbor while she called the cops on Saturday morning. The cop, of course, didn’t even get out of the car while she explained the issue and then offered her a ride to her car – half a block away. Don’t let us bother you or anything. God forbid you do your job and actually interact with citizens.

    Rave: Actually got out of bed and worked out this morning.

    • The CVS on that corner makes me want to cry when I go by. It once had plants and flowers and looked inviting and clean. Now there is trash everywhere, all of the plantings are trampled leaving just a wasteland of dust and garbage. And now the local crumbums have taken to bringing milk crates to sit on while hanging out there all day mean-mugging passerbys in the midst of the dust and garbage. That corner has lost any progress that was made a few years ago and has quickly been deteriorating back into a shithole and nobody cares, especially CVS! I’m hoping a new Councilmember will help turn things around and put pressure on businesses to keep their property clean and under control. Argh!!!!

      • + 1 to all, especially when the “local crumbums” (excellent phrase) have 2-3 pit bulls with spiked collars with them. That’s just great. But more than that, the thing that depresses me the most is the amount of trash on the ground. It’s not like there aren’t public trashcans nearby, and it continually astonishes me that people can just not care and throw trash on the ground.
        Mini rave: Despite these issues, our neighbors just sold their place for significantly more than I thought they would. Our place has a very similar floorplan (albeit 100 sq. ft smaller) but with two features that should net us anywhere from $25k-$50k more then they got, so as long as the Fed doesn’t raise interest rates before next spring (fingers crossed) we should be fine. So, I guess I do disagree that “That corner has lost any progress that was made a few years ago . . . ” Or rather, while that corner may be a mess, the rest of CH is doing OK.

        • Well, yeah. The area is a freakin’ boomtown financially. I can’t argue with that. I guess my rant was referring more to the quality of life issues than than home values. I just remember when the CVS opened in that spot and it was shiny and new and trees and flowers were planted and it was a pleasant place to duck in for a gallon of milk or last minute item. Now it’s like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!

          I, too, have seen the spike collared pittbulls that congregate there. As well as about 500 people a day who charge their cell phones in the electrical outlet on the CVS wall. CVS had put a locked cover on the outlet but the crumbums tore it off just as fast as it went up.

        • Actually, those of us who live on Irving & Kenyon are kind of glad the pit-bull crew has gone back to camping at CVS. For a few weeks they were gathering – as in 6-15 men plus those dogs – on their crates in the middle of the sidewalks, tree boxes and on the curbs in front of our homes. They would block the entire sidewalk, smoke weed and drink Cobras, piss openly and trash everything. One long time resident (elderly AA) asked them to move along and they threatened to kill his dog.

          Plus, the dogs don’t look very healthy – very lethargic and cloudy eyes.

          • epric002

            please call the police if threats like that are made, and/or animal control if you suspect neglect or abuse.

          • I can’t blame you, Victoria. I live on the east end of Irving St. and I hope and pray every time I pass them that they don’t decide to migrate my way.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I agree that they’re better located at the CVS than in the middle of the street – walking past them wasn’t the most pleasant experience, although they never hassled me personally – I just wish they’d go away altogether (naive, I know). I wasn’t aware of the threats – that’s terrible. Can I suggest that you post that to the neighborhood listserve (if you haven’t already, I’m not great about checking it). The ANC rep has been fairly effective getting official attention when required, for what it’s worth). I understand why some think loitering laws are ill-advised, and I agree with many of those points (and I’m aware of the suspect constitutionality of loitering laws). But the police are really handicapped when dealing with a situation like this.

          • So yes – neighborhood listserve is well aware, our ANC rep is on the same page and has talked to the police. Many residents have repeatedly called 911, but there isn’t much the police can do. When the police do respond, even just driving by, the men disperse. We’ve been begging for something a little more pro-active.

            For example, they’ve been back out on Irving St. now for the past 1.5 hours and no patrol car, if one has even driven down the street, has challenged them.

          • So an hour since my last post – “crumbum” crowd on the sidewalk has grown to 8 guys, 3 bikes, 2 pitbulls. Called 911 30 min. ago – still no police.

      • “Crumbums”
        Love that term.

    • I live right there and it is awful. I’ve started going to a bus stop further away because I was harassed or witnessed blatant drug use 90% of the time I waited for the bus., Sometimes an empty cop car is parked right there on 14th but that doesn’t do much good.

    • You left out my favorite people from this rant. The white Jesus is the devil group who like to give sermons there. Here’s a picture of their poster board if you’re interested. http://imgur.com/352Akex

      • Honestly, these guys bother me a lot less than your average derelicts or hoodlums. I don’t love the message, especially when I’m walking with my daughter, but they are conveying a political message (albeit a fringe position that’s certainly distasteful and borderline offensive). I find that a lot easier to take than the other, more general anti-social behavior at this corner.

        • This is a good point. I too find these guys less offensive than general spitting, cussing, yelling, throwing trash on the ground, etc.

    • One of the saddest things at 14th and Irving are the three saplings in the mini plaza that have also been broken and killed. The DC government spent a bunch of money on some nice streetscaping, and for what? Tell me again how gentrification is the problem…

      • I was noticing that when I was there the other day. I wonder whether they might have more success with shrubs, or whether anything planted there is doomed to be destroyed.

        • Those were the wrong trees to plant there because they have lots of low branches that kids climb on. Trees with tall straight trunks have done o.k.

  • Rant: flying out on a work trip from Dulles on Sunday at 8 am.

  • homerule

    Rant: I’m still mad we don’t qualify for RPP. We need to get a car (yes, need. And no, DMV clerk, it’s none of your business why.) My husband and I love and are very involved in our neighborhood, but I see no other choice but moving. How does DC expect to adapt as people grow from young singletons into families?
    Rave: Costco’s Rental Car program. At least it will only cost $250 to rent a car for 2 days, 11 hours.

    • Why is that a rave? $250 for a 2 day rental is an absurdly high price. WTF.

      • homerule

        $250, with insurance, is far lower than I’ve paid before.

        • Then you’ve been getting ripped off for a long time.
          Use Kayak.com and use a credit card (Capital One!) that provides supplemental rental car insurance so you don’t have to pay the usurious rates that the rental car company charges.
          For example, I have a rental reservation in Los Angeles for next week. I have an 8 day rental of a pick-up truck for $275 total, taxes included.
          With enough advance notice, I can typically get a compact car rental at DCA for $25/day.

          • One cautionary note about relying on insurance through your credit card coverage (learned the hard way!): you will only be able to actually use this if you are renting in a state where the rental car company is required to release certain info about repair time, etc. to the credit card, and there are a very small number of states where this is the case. I always waived the rental company insurance with a blithe “who wastes their money on this, it’s covered by my platinum card!” but after paying a grand out of pocket for being dinged in a parking lot, no more.
            Also, Mastercard does not provide nearly as much protection as Visa.

          • Yep. I usually use orbitz and can get a car under $25 a day, sometimes under $20. Rental companies are required to provide liability coverage (something they don’t share) and my credit card provides $25,000 in collision coverage. If you’re buying the rental company’s insurance, you’re getting ripped off.

          • During Snowmaggedon, I rented a car from Alamo DCA to drive to NJ, waiving all insurance options. Got caught in a storm and ended up totaling the car on the turnpike. The only thing we had to pay for was the $150 towing fee – everything else was covered by my United Explorer Plus VISA.

          • Agree with above, you can get insanely low rentals from DCA. That said we don’t know what kind of car homerule is renting, if it is an SUV it isn’t THAT absurd. Although if you are renting an SUV and are willing to take the risk most rental places allow you to upgrade the type of car in the garage at half the normal rate. Also no matter how you book your rental, most credit cards have rental insurance attached to them. Check with your company, but it is likely your card has you covered.

        • That’s ridiculously expensive, even if you’re paying for insurance. If you’re close to the Blue Line try to rent a car at National Airport on Hotwire. You should get unlimited mileage and as long as you’re returning to the same location you should be paying far less than at Costco.

        • homerule

          Thanks everyone for the comments. I’ll definitely look into other options, but Anon @ 11:30 am is the reason I’m so hesitant to rely on my Visa’s insurance– especially if we’re renting in DC and going several states away.

    • Curious as to why you can’t get a RPP? Is your block not zoned for it?

      • homerule

        Our street is metered, so not RPP unfortunately, even though we’re surrounded by RPP streets.

        I’m going to petition for it, but after talking with DDOT last week, I’m not optimistic.

    • That sounds expensive to me. You could get a zipcar for less (even including the annual fee), and Enterprise is usually only about $60/day.

    • Yeah, that sounds like a lot for 2.5 days of car rental, unless maybe you specifically need a large and/or fancy vehicle.
      As for how DC will adapt? On a case by case basis. People who need cars will choose to live in places where they can afford to keep a car. People who need outdoor space will do the same, and so on. People who don’t need those things will live in places that don’t have them but have other things instead. There are always tradeoffs, good luck finding an affordable neighborhood that has everything that everybody wants.

      • homerule

        Thanks, Captain Obvious.

        • Accountering

          No need for the snark. You asked a question (albeit sounds like you didn’t want an answer) and anon gave you an answer. I think they are right. People who need cars and don’t want to pay $250/month will live in places with easier parking. I knew I needed/wanted a car, so I wound up in Brightwood with easy parking.

          • homerule

            I was referring to this comment: “good luck finding an affordable neighborhood that has everything that everybody wants,” which I found unnecessary. I know there are tradeoffs to every neighborhood, but my question was how neighborhoods expect to adapt and grow with their new(ish) residents. Even when I moved to my particular neighborhood 3 years ago, things were different– and I’ve been to many ANC meetings where residents snidely remark about “newcomers” to their neighborhood. The question of adaptation is one DC is encountering now, and I am unsure about how they (us?) will respond.

          • I tend to agree with Accountering. I need to have a car, too. When I decided to move into the city and bought my place, a lot of places were off my list immediately because of parking issues. Sure, it stank, because there are some really lovely places without parking. Plus, I had to pay more to have parking where I live. But, that was a priority of mine. Other things, like a yard, not so much. When I was looking, I had to weigh the things I felt were high priority vs. low priority. My place doesn’t have a few things I really wanted, but didn’t necessarily need, so that I could have the things I did feel like I needed. All tradeoffs.

          • homerule

            To follow up on my question and City Dweller’s response: what happens when your circumstances change for the neighborhood? Ours has. What will happen to the three years we’ve spent deeply ingraining ourselves into this slice of community? We just move to a new neighborhood. Do we do that every time our situation changes? Doesn’t DC want more than just 20-30 singletons living in X neighborhood?

            Will we be so involved in our next community? Probably not. Building these ties can be exhausting.

          • Did you know when you moved in that your block was ineligible for RPP? I have to say that this doesn’t really seem to me like a failure of D.C. to accommodate young families, but rather a failure on your part to anticipate your future needs.

          • Accountering

            Fair enough. With that said, it sounds like the only issue you are having is parking. DC can do many things. The one thing it cannot do is create more space. Every parking space is space that cant be used for something more productive. Want a parking garage? The number don’t make sense private companies (see all of the apartment buildings where developers want to build less parking) and for a non-apartment building, it certainly doesn’t make sense. So the only way to get a parking garage built is for DC to subsidize a parking garage. That just isn’t going to happen.
            Totally understand where you are coming from, but I think the answer is – you adapt. If you want to stay in Logan (or whereever you are) you find a job that is accessible from Logan. You find a day care walking distance from your house etc. Otherwise, if parking and a car are that important, and an off-street space is impossible for whatever reason, than it sounds like you are stuck moving.

          • homerule

            Thanks for everyone’s response. I think I’m just grumpy about this, and trying to accept what the situation is (it’s a medical issue that’s forcing us to get a car– and something I thought I had at least a decade until it would come to this).

            We tried really hard to become a part of our community and knowing that we have to give that up because of a situation we can’t control is tough.

          • Accountering

            I guess I don’t understand why renting an off-street space isn’t possible?

          • GiantSquid

            @homerule, I feel bad asking this: if it’s a medical reason, can you get a handicap parking pass authorized by your doctor and petition for a dedicated handicap spot specific to your pass on your street? There’s two instances of this I see regularly on the Hill.

          • Accountering

            Good suggestion. Presumably, if this is a serious enough issue where you are willing to purchase a car, or move out of the area because of said car, you could use that reasoning to get the handicap space installed. Worth a shot!

          • homerule

            @GiantSquid That’s an excellent idea! I will definitely look into it. I’m surprised the DDOT person didn’t tell it was an option during our 30 minute conversation last week. thank you!

          • homerule, it sounds like your needs/priorities have changed, and your neighborhood has changed, and these changes haven’t been mutually compatible. Maybe you could have anticipated some of the changes on the horizon (e.g. knowing if you had kids you’d want a playground nearby, seeing the starting signs of revitalization that might mean changes in street traffic, etc.), maybe some were totally unforeseeable. But you can’t be bitter because the neighborhood, even one you’ve felt invested in, has changed and is no longer fitting your ideal. Neighborhoods are dynamic.

          • Unfortunately, circumstances change – either personal circumstances or within the neighborhood. When that happens, you reassess your living situation and have to see if there are work around to the concern (is there local garage parking that would be convenient enough and cost less than the increase in housing price of moving?, are you eligible for handicap parking somewhere?, etc), and if not, decide if the scales have tipped so far that you must move. Frankly, that is why I left my old place, things had changed to much, with my job, my health, and with the neighborhood, that I felt I could no longer live there. I loved my neighbors and had deep ties in the community, but it was time to change. Just like my neighbors who got pregnant and had twins. They had expected one and their two bedroom would have been fine for that, but with opposite sex twins they felt they needed something different. Life takes us places we don’t always expect.

            Being sad/irritated/upset about moving doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make ties in a new neighborhood, anymore than knowing that most people don’t stay in jobs more than a few years means you shouldn’t make ties with your coworkers. If you do that, the only person you’re hurting is yourself. You can grieve the loss (and leaving a community you love can be a loss) while still plugging in to the new community. Or, in your case, there are places in DC that off what you need – parking. I don’t know if there are places in close proximity to your current community that would meet that need and whatever others you have, but that may be an option, too.

          • homerule

            City Dweller, Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

        • homerule

          No, I didn’t know we didn’t qualify for RPP. In fact, I had checked DDOT’s website and it said we did– which, I’m now told, was an error.

    • if you can afford $250/2 days rental, surely you can afford a parking garage which will run you less than that monthly? isn’t that what people do when they don’t have RRP? that seems less drastic than moving…

    • Have you looked into a weekly car rental? I assumed it’d be more expensive when I needed a car to drive to Indiana for three days. But it was actually cheaper to book it for 7.

    • Also, if you rent a car on Orbitz from one on the local airports, they have an insurance plan which is $20 for an entire month. Also, it’s pretty easy to get a car for $25/day.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: New lens arrived. I swear there were some light rays coming out of the box when I opened it.
    That’s it.

  • Rant – Car problems happening right before my inspection appointment.
    Rave – Doesn’t seem like it will be too pricey to fix. Hoping to get my car back today, fingers crossed!
    Rave – Fun times at yesterday’s Nats game. No rain and they won!

  • gotryit

    Rant: broke a trencher last sunday digging up my yard to put in a sprinkler system – only got a third of the way through it.
    Rave: it’s not much slower with a $12 shovel compared to the stupid machine – and, a heck of a workout.

    • I read your rave as “it’s now much slower” at first, and was confused as to why it was a rave until I re-read it! Congrats on the extra exercise and the work you got done 🙂

  • Rave: At the airport in Louisville on my way home.
    Rave#2: I totally kicked ass last night at Candy Land. It’s great that kids can play without knowing how to read yet but the ability to read the rules prevents you from being permanently mired in the Molasses Swamp.
    Rave#3: “Lisa Marie Presley” was just paged. Times must be tough at Graceland if she is flying Southwest.

    • Your Rave #2 made me chuckle. I needed that today. 🙂

    • I always liked the Candyland years, because everyone has an equal chance of winning. While boring, it’s easy – It’s exhausting figuring out how to keep games close enough so that kids remain interested, but not be obvious about it. My 7 yo isn’t beating me many of the games she’s learning now, no matter how many advantages I give her, unless I “screw up” somewhere along the line, but if I win, every time, then she’ll be done with it in a week.

      • Try Catan Junior (simplified/ faster version of Settlers of Catan). My almost-seven-year old has a completely different strategy than I, and she wins with it more than half the time. (She takes chances, I’m conservative.)

      • I admit to cheating. It’s never too early to learn that life is unfair.

        • If I have to cheat to beat my 7 yo at chess, I either (i) am in the early stages of a serious medical condition, and completely screwed, or (ii) have a prodigy on my hands. More likely (i).

    • GiantSquid

      Horrible confession: I cheated at Candy Land.

  • Rant: Wicked cold. ughh!!!! Had to come into work today for a 0900 briefing, in which my brain was only working halfspeed because I guzzled a good amount of Nyquil before.
    Rave: Really digging a new person in my life after a terrible breakup, but he is not geographically convenient.

  • Rave: Had a fabulous time camping with the toddler (yikes not a baby anymore!) this past weekend. We’ll have to do it again this fall.
    Rave: Going to visit friends on Kent Island this weekend and taking the little one to the beach for the first time. Woot!
    Rave: Parents are visiting the following weekend and can provide childcare for the Friday before Labor Day when day care is closed for training. And it will be fun to spend another weekend with them.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend away! A ton of family time, a travel companion that was up for anything (and very patient with the variety of family members he was introduced to this weekend, ages 5 to 92), and it appears we still aren’t tired of one another!
    Rave: A win for Nats and Redskins last night
    Rave: Using Capitol Bikeshare more than I thought I would
    Rave: No ridiculously vivid (and mostly bad) dreams last night

    • I forgot! Rant: Chipped growler = flat beer….womp womp

      • dcgator

        CaBi has been awesome since I started using it. I bought the membership a month ago, but since I haven’t received my key yet, I’m still using 3-day memberships. Even then, with that hassle, I’m a huge fan.

        • I lucked out and a friend moved unexpectedly and just gave me their membership for the year. I never would’ve purchased it. I was scared to ride in the city (my hand/eye coordination leaves something to be desired). I’ve used it on streets where I feel comfortable and slowly my confidence is building. When this membership runs out I’m definitely getting my own!

          • gotryit

            Have you checked out a WABA confident city riding class? There are some great tips to be learned from pros.

          • dcgator

            Yeah, I was definitely nervous at first, but now it’s easy peasy. I’m back in the saddle no problem, just like……..wait for it…..riding a bike.

            But, seriously, I feel pretty comfortable, and I love gliding around the city. I didn’t realize it, but the WSJ had an article last week about how Robin Williams was a huge biker. He mentioned it’s the “closest human beings can come to flying.” I agree.

          • I will definitely look into the WABA course! I literally haven’t been on a bike in years (had to put it on my bucket list for the year just to get back in the saddle) and now I regret not doing it for so long. I think I was also intimidated by needing to know about bikes, so bikeshare has been perfect for resolving that issue.

  • Rave: “Last time I was on, I said I was cautiously optimistic about the stadium, I am going to tell our fans out there we are ready to remove the ‘cautiously’ from that statement. Look for more movement publicly when the council comes back from recess in late September” – DC United Co-Owner Jason Levien after Bowser went to the match on Sunday to campaign

    If they can get this stadium done that will be a huge win for DC, another venue in Navy Yard used for 30 Soccer matches per year, plus concerts (currently at Jiffy Lube or Merriweather Post), plus HS and college (Georgetown) football. Combined with Nationals Park, that will put foot traffic in the neighborhood 120+ nights per year, exactly what is needed.

    • Accountering

      Bingo. More eyes on the street is what is going to help SW clean up immensely. I too am excited for this stadium to come in. You may even convince me to go to a game there sometime.

    • dcgator

      Ooh, does that mean like country concerts that are almost always all the way outside the city?

      • Accountering

        Oh sweet baby jesus, that would be amazing! So many shows I would happily go see, but the idea of going to Jiffy lube ranks somewhere between allowing a hard-core Flyers fan to become your roommate, and having a root canal.

        • Yeah, I’ve passed on quite a few shows in recent years simply because they’re at the Lube. I’ll go to Merriweather, but not to the Lube. A similar sized venue in the city? Yes, please.

        • Eh, I doubt they will come into the city. Most the people that are attracted to drunk-fest country shows at Jiffy Lube already live out there (aka outer Nova suburbs)

          • gotryit

            I’ve seen some pretty sloppy people in cowboy boots and cowboy hats coming into the Navy Yard. I was seriously confused until I learned it was a country show going on.

          • No tailgating at Jiffy Lube. Kenny Chesney specifically moved the show a few summers ago to FedEx where you can tailgate. It was a blast. There was some serious culture clash happening there, but everyone was nice and got along just fine.

  • RANT: After hearing a lot of hype for a long time, I ended up at the Red Derby last night for the first time and man was I disappointed. Nice little location and setting but the burger took over an hour to come to our table, service was meh at best, the burger that finally came was terrible, and the place was full of cliche stock characters from someone’s anti-millenial screed.

    • its a hipster bar, what did you expect?

      • +1. And I’ve never heard anyone compliment the food and plenty complain about how long it takes sometimes to get it.

        I just like the place because of the beer selection, prices, and the roof.

    • You’d have been better off next door at Lyman’s. I’ve never been particularly impressed with Red Derby and really, they’ve been open for 7 or 8 years…get a credit card machine, for chissakes!

      • Some of us don’t mind paying cash when we’re paying $1 for a beer (even if it is natty boh). If they were to accept CC, bye bye super low prices.

    • msmaryedith

      It was on my boyfriend’s list of places to go, and we stopped by last night around 9. We were actually only ordering a beer, but looked over the menu, and the bartender pretty much told us “don’t even try, the kitchen is so backed up.” I actually really liked Red Derby at one point but hadn’t been by for years. It’s gotten wayyy too hipster. Good to know about Lyman’s though.

    • I wouldn’t call it hipster anymore – it’s just full of mid 20-somethings who are still learning about clothes with patterns. But yeah, nice place to hang out, fun place to party, other than that, it’s just a bar.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience…I love it because it’s one of the few places in DC where you can get something to eat for under 10 bucks! Guess you can’t expect the most stellar service with that, too, but an hour is a long while.

  • Becks

    Rave: Four day weekend trip to a friends wedding in Boston! Not only do I feel refreshed and relaxed but I had the honor of watching two of the greatest people I know get married! Their wedding was amazing and the reception was full of dancing, laughter, and most excellent food!
    Rave: Lady Carlotta was happy to see me and there were no surprises when I got back! She is still hanging by my side and being extra friendly!
    Rave: Working from home the day after a holiday rocks!
    Rant: I have to go back to the office tomorrow. Why can’t I just win the lottery already!
    Rave: The garden was in need of watering but the tomatoes and strawberries are blooming away! And the good neighbor gave me some of his delicious habanero peppers! I used to think they were too hot for me, but now can’t get enough! I put two in my basil chicken stirfry last night.

  • Rant: Blacked last night with co-workers at Sauf Haus…forgot to eat dinner and yeah woke up this morning and did not remember how i got home.
    Rave: I threatened to sue my roomate if he watched the tv show Suits without me, it worked.
    Not sure yet: Grouper still on for thursday

  • Anyone have good recommendations for a contractor/company to do a kitchen renovation in DC?

  • Rave : Kinky Boots
    Rant : today is my Sunday

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Seeing my submitted photo for today’s Rant, Rave or Revel!
    Rave: Running at lunch with awesome friends from work.
    Rave: Hearing Santana and Rod Stewart tonight at the Verizon Center.

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