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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: fantastic weekend consisting of a low key Friday followed by Harpers Ferry and the MoCo fair Saturday followed by a delicious brunch Sunday.
    rave: weather, still.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: ProQuest-Dialog.
    Rave: Ma Leisha

  • epric002

    rant: foster puppy having surgery on his foot today.
    rant: followed by 2 weeks of crate rest- this is gonna be tough.
    rave: hopefully he will heal quickly and we’ll have a like-new foot in just a few weeks!
    rave: he really is the sweetest, happiest, waggiest, wiggliest guy ever.

  • Rant: For some reason, I just can’t let this micro-insult go. Late last night, I was standing in line at the grocery store. There are three lines, and a board with three colored squares — one for each line. Numbers are posted in the boxes that tell you when a register is open. When my number came up, I began to walk towards the register. A woman from another line stepped in front of me, and paused, as though she was going to push past me to to to the available register in front of me. I looked up, and kept walking as she nastily said “Thank You”. I did not slap her. I did note that no one else was in any of the lines, so her entitled hissy fit was over what was likely to be a minimal waiting time for the next register. I don’t know — or care — if she was there first. Don’t be nasty to strangers — especially if you’re too dumb to figure out how the lines work.
    Rant: I think that everyone in this country should be required to read “A Country of Strangers” by David Shipler. When I get a moment, I’ll check and see if there’s been an update.
    Rant: I also want to see if that book about learning everything important in Kindergarten is still in print. I’m wishing that the US had mandatory universal pre-school, so we could learn to cooperate as neighbors when we’re young enough for the lessons to become engrained.
    Rant: A ring of mosquito bites around my ankles — just where my leggings stopped. Itch, itch. Scratch, scratch.
    Rave: I had a great weekend, including spending lots of time with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in several months.
    Rant: So many rants today….maybe I need to change my screen name?

    • Did that happen at Whole Foods? If it’s the location I’m thinking of, there are always customers who don’t understand how the line works and have a hissy fit when someone who arrived later is called first. I have a hard time letting go of random nastiness directed towards me, but I also figure if they act that way towards strangers over something so inconsequential, they’re probably not nice people and must suffer in some respect as a result.

      • Yup. It was Whole Foods. Usually though, in my experience, people are genuinely confused, and either apologetic when they realize they’ve jumped the line, or so bewildered that I let it go. It’s really not that big a deal. I was startled by the hissy fit, and really taken aback when I realized that there were only two of us waiting to check out. smh Usually I just shrug stuff like this off — and trust to karma. For some reason, this one is sticking. 🙁

        • But, you still got to go first! And, that doesn’t qualify as a hissy fit, more like a pique of fit!

          I’m not saying it isn’t irritating, but there must be some other element, like she reminds you of someone you used to know.

          • Or is just really sucks when strangers are assholes.

          • I can see how having someone say “Thank you” or “You’re welcome” to you in a nasty tone like that is irritating — it’s tantamount to saying “YOU HAVE NO MANNERS.”

          • Sigh. The attitude and the body language that went with the “Thank you” – ramped it up from “pique” to “hissy fit” in my view. And there are other elements to this, but I”m trying to view this as an isolated incident rather than focus on the demographics — and the demographic group(s) who can seem perfectly comfortable being entitled and attempting to marginalize people in my demographic group(s). I actually don’t care so much about going first. If she had said nicely, with a bit of confusion, “I’m sorry, I think I was here first” — I would have smiled and let her go. But having her try to whisk past me and glare at me when 1) she was in the wrong, and 2) her likely wait time was minimal — so this was for show more than actual expediency, turned it into one more slight than I’m able to comfortably absorb right now.

    • skj84

      I understand what you mean. I have a hard time letting rudeness go as well. I have a tendency to hold a grudge, though I’m trying to get out of that mindset.

    • A week or so ago when I was at IKEA, a tiny Mandarin-speaking elderly Asian lady who had been in an adjacent line with a white woman (maybe her daughter-in-law?) left her line and slipped into mine… right in front of me.
      I was mad at her for butting, and perhaps even more mad at myself for not calling her out on it. I guess I was just so surprised that I had no words right away, and then as time went on I wasn’t sure how to do it well after the fact. Plus my experience in East Asia — even in Japan, which is otherwise fairly orderly — has been that grandmother types can do all kinds of things with impunity.

      • I feel this way every time they open a new line at the grocery store, and the people waiting behind me rush to get into that line before me. Except for the grandmother-pass thing. I always appreciate it when the cashier tries to exert some control over people staying in the same order.

      • lol. Textdoc, Thank you for posting this. It’s allowing me to get a bit of my sense of humor back! I am now looking forward to the time when I get grandmotherly enough to be able to get away with doing “all kinds of things with impunity”. Impunity!!!! Love it! Want to join me in a bit of elderly mayhem in a few years? 😉

  • Looks like I’m moving to Brightwood on the 31st.
    Rave: she knocked down the rent by another $100/month so I’d be saving $300/month to live there, plus I’d have access to the whole house.
    Rant: it feels like a huge downgrade from going to living across the street from the national zoo to behind a Walmart.
    Rave: seeing the memorial on Connecticut ave for the woman who died in the moped accident
    Rave: I might not need to buy as many supplies as I thought
    Rave: bought a bunch of back-to-school clothing at the outlet mall for less than $100. It was fun to pick out my first day of school outfit!

  • Rant: Caught the boy in a lie. Not sure where we stand now.
    Rave: Amazing friends who, while not in DC, are always there for me.

    • what did he lie about?

      • He said he was taking it easy/going home on Friday and then Sat morning, he texted saying he had passed out really early. Last night, he was tagged in a pic on FB from Friday (according to the caption) so I asked him about it and he admitted to having gone on a double blind date “as a favor to a friend.” We had the exclusivity talk weeks ago. He felt badly and his apology was sincere, but still.

        • Does not sound good. 🙁

        • Accountering

          Why would he not just say he was going on a double blind date, as a favor to a friend? This is super lame on his part.

          • Agreed, I would be re-thinking the exclusivity part. If he is continuing to go on dates with other people, you should be allowed to as well.

          • Agreed! I think he’s a misguided nice guy who needs to work on his communication. He said he wasn’t sure how I would feel about it and didn’t want to hurt me but he gets that lying made it so much worse.

          • If it was an honest favor, he’d have been upfront and let her know what he was up to.
            Move on now, this isn’t going to get any better.

          • So he questioned himself- yet still chose to go ahead with it. Felt it would be easier to make a decision for you and deal with the aftermath. Manipulation at it’s best Because he feels he’ll be able to smooth talk his way out of it.(Again just my opinion.)

        • could have been an honest favor and he was worried about you finding out and didn’t want to face the conversation.

          • Doesn’t matter either way. Not wanting to face the conversation is not an adequate excuse for lying.

          • Still lame.

          • worried about her finding out? So it’s OK to lie knowing that if the person finds out they will be hurt? That’s very selfish. I’m sure his friend has other friends who he could’ve ask. It also sucks that the friend didn’t respect his situation with leah. Or maybe the “boy” hasn’t announced it to his friends which again is a red flag.

        • This was very calculated thinking on his part. Very selfish of him. I could see if it was a last minute thing that popped up(even which at then he should let you know), but this was planned. I would accept apology and say good luck but I’m out.

          • Same. A favor to a friend shouldn’t require such calculated behavior and makes me wonder what else he would think it is okay to craft lies about and not share. I hope you’re holding up okay and I’m glad that you have supportive friends.

          • Accountering

            Tend to agree. This was crappy, and a bold-faced lie. Who does that? Even if this popped up last minute – a quick text/call would be appropriate.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Or not going on the blind date at all b/c he’s exclusive with Leah. He lied about a date with another person to his exclusive girlfriend. Even a quick text/call to say, yo I’m going on a blind date to help out a pal, is not appropriate since he’s supposed to be seeing her exclusively. dick move no matter how I look at it.

          • Agree with Emilie504. Unless the two of you have some sort of mutual agreement or open relationship, even if he did let you know about it beforehand, it wouldn’t be cool. The term “exclusive” implies you don’t date anyone else…even as a “favor” to a friend. This guy sounds like a real jerk. I wouldn’t waste my time.

          • Definitely agree, I can’t think of a situation where my friend or I wouldn’t just find a replacement for a planned double date, especially blind. It’s one thing for on a guys night out to wingman for your friend. Totally different when the encounter is staged and both girls are on a date.

            Unless he’s a narcoleptic, if he’s already sending the “passed out early” that’s a huge red flag.

          • This sounds JUST like my (now) exbf!! You will get very tired of the “I passed out early” story. Huge red flag. The lies will only get more creative as you tolerate this kind of behavior (and yes, he knew he was up to no good…) he went on a date with someone else!! Dump him and move on now!!!

        • Run away. This will not get better.
          He lied and went on a date. How do you know it was a “double blind date”? Because he said so?
          What happens next time he says he is having a quiet night? Will you believe him? Should you believe him?
          You can do better.

        • That’s 2 lies. Where you stand is either out the door.

        • Yeah, this would really give me the creeps on two levels: Not only was he able to lie to someone he was in an exclusive relationship with; but, the thing he lied about essentially put him on a date with another person. Whether his excuse is true or not, 1) how would you even know at this point, and 2) how could you move forward; I don’t think I easily could. I shouldn’t dole out advice (so apologies in advance), but I’m in my mid-30s and have dated a number of sketchy people (finally found a very stand-up guy, but it took a while!). If my boyfriend of 8 months did this to me, I would very clearly state why I was concerned, why that behavior is not something I will tolerate in a relationship, and then I would take a good amount of time away from him to see how he decided to handle/remedy the situation. Good luck and I’m sorry you had to go through that!

        • DUMP HIM. Save yourself now.

        • He seems to think that what you don’t know about won’t hurt you. It sounds like he’s more naive/clueless/passive than actively sneaky… but it also sounds like he’s a wuss who favors the path of least resistance and avoided telling you upfront because he didn’t want an awkward conversation. Lame.
          +1 to Allison’s “Not wanting to face the conversation is not an adequate excuse for lying,” and to dcreal’s “It also sucks that the friend didn’t respect his situation with leah. Or maybe the ‘boy’ hasn’t announced it to his friends which again is a red flag.”

          • He’s also stupid. Deceitful enough to lie (in the evening and again in the morning!) to go on a date but not smart enough to make sure photo evidence doesn’t appear on facebook?

          • Ugh, I just thought about other uncomfortable but necessary conversations – STDs. If he’s going to make up a lie about something he claims is innocuous (only once he was caught lying), what the hell is he going to do about something important?

    • – My first thought is that he never thought you would find out. And people who do things that they assume/hope you do not find out about may not deserve a place in your life. Even more seriously, he seems to be fine with the idea that it’s okay to lie about stuff that he imagines might “hurt” you — rather than take the responsibility of having a conversation or deciding not to do something that’s potentially hurtful to someone that he cares about. If I were in your position, I would back off on the “exclusivity” with this guy — and stick to having fun together… as long as you are, indeed, having fun together.

    • Flee…this guy is an idiot.

    • was it calculated or last minute?

      • If he hadn’t played the “I fell asleep so early last night” card on Saturday, then maybe, just maybe, you could make a case that he intended to go home early, got a last minute call and went on the date “to help his friend”. But the lie on Saturday morning means that there is simply no other interpretation but that he is a player and a liar.
        I don’t for one minute believe that he sincerely feels bad about what he did. Maybe he really does feel bad that he got found out, but that is something entirely different.

        • So true. I feel silly for giving him the benefit of the doubt/thinking his apology was sincere after reading all these comments!

          • His apology might have been sincere, but his actions were stupid. Worst-case scenario is that he’s a sneaky player; best-case scenario is that he’s a clueless wimp who prioritizes his buddies well above his girlfriend and who feels comfortable lying about something when the alternative is having a possibly difficult discussion.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Don’t feel silly, you were being kind. Plus we are all looking at it from the outside of the relationship.

          • And +1 to what Emilie504 said. It’s easy for us all to view things in a completely dispassionate, coldly rational light when we have no personal attachment to the guy.

          • To add to Emilie504’s comment, also bear in mind that we are just random people on the internet who don’t know you, him, or the situation between you. I’ll probably be the only one to say this but I don’t think this incident is necessarily the red flag with alarm bells that everyone else seems to think it is. It’s a screw-up, sure, but I don’t think all screw-ups are created equal; good people sometimes make bad choices. If you want to dump him, do it because you think you should, not because you were persuaded by a bunch of randoms on the internet.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: New lens arriving tomorrow
    Rave: Great weekend, great weather, great engagement photo shoot
    Rave: Vacation time is 3 days away
    Rant: Vacation time starts at 2:00 am

  • laduvet

    Rave: Biked approximately 20 miles yesterday evening – Left Woodley Park, followed Rock Creek and went all the way down to the SW water front. Along the way, we discovered East Potomac Park – amazingly flat one-way road, perfect for bike riding and bonus! you cruise along the water.
    Rave: Came across drummer guy (full drum setup) practicing along the sidewalk of the waterway.
    Rant: thighs thighs thighs..burn.

    • Just be careful to come to a full stop at the stop signs at Hains Point (both feet on the ground!) – lots of tickets issued to cyclists there.

  • Selfish Rant: waiting for apartment application approval is brutal and terrifying.
    Real Rant: someone in the metro line to go through the gate slammed into me from behind and the corner of the turnstile bruised my side. Bleargh. I wasn’t dawdling either.
    Rave: lovely weekend with the SO, our last summer weekend before he starts weekend school.

  • skj84

    Rave: friends wedding this weekend. She was absolutely stunning and happy, good times dancing and seeing friends.

    Rant: Wiped out! Stayed overnight and partied late. But it was worth it.

    Rave: Minimal hangover. Especially after all the drinking I did.

    PoPville brunch will be Sunday August 24th. I’m still trying to figure out a venue, my original choice which is Brooklands Finest doesn’t take resos. I’m fine with just walking in though. Also thinking about Dino’s Grotto.

  • Rave/Rant: Started a new job a month ago! But… I still don’t feel like I know about I’m doing. I am having second thoughts, but hope it’s just because I miss the familiarity of my old workplace (despite it being a toxic environment) and hope I feel at home here soon.

  • Rant: Husband was out of town this weekend and I had NO plans. Couldn’t find anyone to hang out with. Feeling really down about myself as a result.
    Rant2: Paypal account hacked last night. Some ahole got in, made a bunch of shady purchases ($100 bills from Ebay?!) then removed my email from the account so I couldn’t access it anymore. Took me 40 minutes to get Paypal to address it because according to them I “didn’t have a Paypal account” (because my name or email was no longer associated).
    Rant3: That scooter crash has me terrified and anxiety-laden about our scooter.
    Rant4: It’s Monday and I have so much work to do.

    Guess I’m having a pretty bad day.

    • Yes, it has me worried as well. I’ve been a daily rider for 3.5 years, but that type of incident can happen to anyone regardless of skill level.
      I hope they can throw the book at the driver for making a reckless turn. Just awful.

  • Rave: A friend’s surprise bach party came together smoothly this weekend. I had a lot of fun.
    Rant: I spent way more money this weekend than I would have liked. Eating out three nights in a row will do that. My tummy is a bit upset from three days of rich food and alcohol consumption. I need to get my diet and my cuget back on track this week.
    Rave: No major plans or commitments for the next few weeks. I plan to enjoy the waning days of summer in a lazy, hazy way.

  • Rave: Had a productive weekend. went shopping for work clothes and found the perfect black pants. A miracle!
    Rant: I think I’m getting sick. Scratchy throat and feeling lethargic.
    Rave: At least mindless reality TV in on tonight!

    • Where did you get your perfect pants?? I hate pants shopping. It’s a miracle when I find a pair that fits correctly.

      • The Calvin Klein outlet! I’m pretty sure I tried on about 18 pairs of black pants on Saturday and finally found a pair that fit, can be worn with flats, and aren’t tight enough to qualify as leggings. Pant shopping really is the worst.

      • For years of being frustrated with pants shopping, I’ve finally finally had luck with Ann Taylor’s Modern Fit cut slacks. Thank for good heavens! Unfortunately they rarely have black pants online (only “midnight blue” grr).

    • The Gap used to have the best work pants (for me and my legs, at least) ever and now they don’t make that style anymore 🙁 Next time I find a pair that works, I’m gonna stock up!

  • Rave: Finally cleaned out the storage unit and had a yard sale.
    Rant: Not much traffic at the yard sale, so we have a bunch of stuff left over that we need to get rid of. Plus, all the stuff we’re keeping is just laying around because we don’t have anywhere to put it. We have plenty of space but not much storage, so our stuff is all over the place. Need to invest in good shelving/drawers.
    Rave: Heading up to Cape Cod this weekend for a friend’s wedding, and I’ll get to see an old coworker who lives in the area too. We get into Boston Friday morning about 11 and are planning to drive down to Brewster that afternoon. I hear traffic is nasty on weekends, so we’re planning to just meander. Anyone have any recommendations for places to stop along the way? We don’t need to get to Brewster at any particular time.

  • rant: favorite mani/pedi spot on H street, Supernail seem to have gone out of business. I will remember with fondness the times I had been entertained by the junkies nodding off, the arguments, some amazing conversations and most of all the kindness and patience of the staff. I will miss them all. Those ladies made a bundle of money, they the place was always packed, especially the first of the month.

  • Rant: Friend moving out of the area. Any ideas for a small DC-themed going away gift?

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Went to my second spin class at HUD this morning and realized how addicted I used to be to spinning. Can’t wait for the next class.
    Rave: Selling merch at Arcade Fire last night. Great music and great fans.
    Rave: Seeing a good friend this morning back at work.
    Rant: Heard Nickelback this morning. Luckily Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews Band came on right after.

  • Rave: I took a three day weekend and went to visit a good friend in Chicago.
    Rave: I met her happy, adorable new dog and had a great time.
    Rave: there’s a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Chicago now. I feel like a stalker, but I was so happy to have more of her inventive, delicious ice cream.
    Rave: dinner with friends tonight.
    Rave: I tried the seasonal salad at Sweetgreen last night. Not only was it delicious, but it reminds me of my grandmother, who’s been putting watermelon in her salads for decades.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I had this salad, too, a couple weeks ago. I thought the dressing was just the perfect amount of saltiness for the watermelon. And I got at least two meals from it!

  • Rave: Brookland Pint! Yes, it was the “soft” opening, but the staff was really on the ball and the food was great. And it was only a $10.00 taxi ride from Columbia Heights for 4 people.

    Rant: I got nothing.

  • Rave: My sister’ surprise party went very well. She was genuinely shocked to see me since I wasn’t due to arrive until next weekend on her actual birthday date.
    Rant: Three family birthday parties in two days.
    Rave: Working off the cake at the Bible Y.
    Rant: My father’s wife. After hearing I no longer eat wheat she went out and bought a bag of croissants since they are “healthier than wheat.”

    • Your last rant! Just laughed at my desk. Thank you for that. It took a long time for my father to grasp the concept of gluten.

    • Oh, man…could it possibly be a revel because she honestly didn’t know and was trying to be accommodating?

    • Sorry – I think your last rant is really kind of sweet. I’m picturing this kind hearted lady walking past all the loaves of bread to get some expensive croissants for you to keep you healthy and happy. Awwww! I hope you didn’t tell her the truth about croissants! lol

      • My sister did the dirty deed and explained how flour is made. But she manages a grocery store so she has all the inside dope.

    • Okay before this spins out of control it would be more accurate to say I try to avoid wheat, i never use the G word, I don’t expect people to accommodate me and I don’t demand that restaurants magically produce wheat free bread or desserts both of which I’m not that into anyway. In fact usually I don’t mention it but they were asking how I had been losing so much weight. I’m not staying with them due to the bedbugs next door although I drop by. It probably should be a rave since she thought she was doing something good and it is a wee bit funny.

    • They are healthier wheat? SIGN ME UP!!!! And chocolate ones are even healthier because chocolate is a dairy?

    • msmaryedith

      When I (briefly) became a vegetarian in college, my grandmother made me chicken for lunch when she had cooked steaks for everyone else. 🙂

  • Rant: I walk to the metro at 8AM – saw a “lady of the ‘evening’ ” soliciting pretty aggressively at cars stopped at the red light at 12 and M. And it was really, really gross (lets just say she wasn’t wearing underwear). I’m not prude that I know of, but there were people driving and walking their children around.

    • Emmaleigh504

      that reminds me of a story my 8th grade math teacher told us about her daughter. They were in NYC, going back to the hotel after dinner or a show or something, so it was kind of late, but not too late b/c her daughter was 6-7. They happened on a block of ladies of the evening and her daughter thought they were the most glamorous women she had ever seen. The daughter kept wanting to stop and talk to them, and told more than one how pretty she was. Back at the hotel she asked her mom for some clothes like those pretty ladies on the street. 🙂

      • Maybe it was more disturbing because she was really not wearing much – her girl bits were all hanging out. I don’t want to see that EVER let alone before 9am.

        When I first moved here, I used to walk down 16th to K and over to my office really early in the morning and there were a LOT of prostitutes on my route but they were usually ot as disturbing to see as this. And honestly, I’ll give myself the “it’s a city!” thing at 5am, even 6am for prostitutes. But 8:15AM today? c’mon. Thompson Elem. is like 3 blocks from there!

        • Emmaleigh504

          yeah seeing lady bits is more than I could deal with on a public street at any time.. I have enough trouble with see-through yoga pants, and office drones with visible thongs.

      • Emilie504, great anecdote!
        Jindc, I’m surprised there’s a market for prostitutes at 8:15 in the morning. Seems like most people who have jobs would be en route to work, at home getting ready for work, or already at work, and people who don’t have jobs (or work nontraditional hours) would be asleep.

        • I kinda feel like, while you have issues if you get a hooker anyway….getting one at 8:15 is REALLY sad

        • gotryit

          There are some folks that park next to my house to conduct said business (they leave nice evidence on the curb). Sometimes it is around 7-9am… maybe people coming off a night shift? Or starting their day off with a little pick-me-up?

          • I’m still consistently shocked at the number of condoms on the ground in this city. Good for them for using protection but…really? I used to live near Seaton Elem. and there were always used condoms in the grass outside of there. Blech.

        • I think the market must be people leaving their nightshift job. I used to work in a factory that operated 24/7, and the bar next door had a special dispensation to serve beer only from 6am to 9am, for the workers getting off shift. Because apparently the town fathers were convinced that if the workers couldn’t drink after work, they would drink before work, which would be dangerous.
          Anyway, I never went to said bar, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the local working gals made it their last stop of the night.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think that story was the only thing I actually learned in 8th grade math.

        • Aw, c’mon. Some people bring coffee and donuts for those early meetings. Why not a hooker?!

    • I once saw this near the area that’s now City Center, but was then the Bolt Bus / Mega Bus waiting area. A lady wearing nothing but a regular-length t-shirt at about 6:30 AM on a Saturday. I couldn’t tell if she lost her underwear the previous night or if that was just how she did business. Interestingly, I saw two such ladies that morning within blocks of each other, but the other was slightly more covered up.

    • Reminds of an exchange in one of my HS classes once…back when 14th street had a “reputation.”

      Teacher: Oh my god. You’re going to end up working on 14th Street!
      Student: My mom works there!

      (this sounds mean out of context but it was lighthearted and joking)

      • Emmaleigh504

        So many prostitute stories are flooding back… One high school pal liked to call people “4th Street gutter c**t”. It started as an insult, be we started using it lovingly towards each other. Ah 4th Street…

      • I think there was a thread here the other week where someone was saying that in the 1980s, a good way to start a fight was to say, “I saw your mama at 14th and U!”

  • Rant: Ice bucket challenge. It’s nothing but self-hazing to belong to some club that won’t even exist next week. If ALS is your cause of choice, awesome, give them money and space on your social media. But do NOT bully your friends to follow suit.
    Mega-rant: Managers who think it’s appropriate to harass their employees and interns with this bullshit. It’s not appropriate. I think less of you as a professional now.

    • Disagree. Seeing your friends dump buckets of ice on their head adds to the virality of the movement and the movement reaches more people, which results in more money. If you don’t want to dump a bucket of ice on yourself, you can just donate. NBD.

      • “you can just donate”. No. I have causes that are important to me and ALS isn’t one of them. It is presumptuous (and unprofessional) to bully people into either action.

        • So say you’ll donate to one of your “causes that are important to you” instead. Also NBD.

          • Some people are really intent on missing the point, aren’t they? For every person who things it’s “fun” or “worthwhile” to rally support for charity through public displays of humiliation and discomfort, there are six of us who think it’s juvenile and unspeakably inappropriate. NBD? Please speak for yourself. You imply you want to help others. Why don’t you turn your vast philanthropic energy toward finding a way to do it which doesn’t result in unpleasantness for others?
            And for the love of Christ, keep it out of the workplace! I thought we had all agreed years ago that an office is not the place for charity bullying. What’s next, a return to the pantyhose requirement in the secretarial pool?

          • “I thought we had all agreed years ago that an office is not the place for charity bullying.”
            Last time I checked, the CFC is still fully operational at a Federal agency near you.

          • But why send money TODAY, just because I was tagged in some stupid thing (which, let’s recall, the basis of is “I would rather dump ice water on my head than donate to your cause!”). I choose when I can donate to the causes I regularly support.

            I lost a friend to ALS LAST WEEK and I still find this whole thing ridiculous/self-congratulatory and am not participating.

            I guess I don’t understand why people feel the need to have a spotlight on their acts of non-charity (though I do realize that some people donated and dumped water on themselves, many did not)

        • I’m with you OP. While I haven’t been targeted yet (and trust my FB friends not to)… what you are describing is tantamount to bullying… especially if it is coming from senior management in your workplace. Sorry this is happening to you!

        • I hate when people try to solicit donations by posting on my wall. Whatever inclination I had to donate is gone now.

    • epric002

      i’m ignoring my “challenge”. fortunately i have to approve posts before they appear on my FB page, so it just won’t show up.

    • I agree with you. While it’s a genius idea that has raised a lot of money for a good cause, I find it annoying and am dreading getting “called out,” because frankly, I don’t like participating in that kind of social media trend stuff, and I don’t like to be compelled to donate to one particularly charity (nothing against ALS work, but my funds aren’t limitless and there are plenty of other charities I donate to who aren’t benefiting from this and need the $). Also, I hate to be a wet blanket (no pun intended), but someone pointed out how much of a waste of water it is, and yeah, I kind of had to agree. Isn’t the western half of our country experiencing a drought?

      But I’m going to look like a jerk if my 12 year old niece challenges me on facebook and I don’t do it, right? UGH.

      • I agree with all of your points except for the last one. If your 12 year old niece does challenge you, you could still say no and use it as a teachable moment. Someone has to teach these kids not to be sheeple. Explain your reasons for not doing it and she’ll learn something from the experience.

    • I don’t love it it either (although I wouldn’t call it bullying) but I read an article that money has been pouring in so it seems to be having the intended effect.

    • This trend needs to die. Fast.
      And, of course, it’s only the douchiest/attention-needy people in my Facebook list who are doing it.

    • I’m not a huge fan, but I don’t see how hard it is to say no or that you’ll send the check when you get home and don’t. That said, this type of thing should never happen in the workplace.

    • Is it any different from when people ask you to sponsor them in a charity race? All you have to do is say no.

      It is inappropriate in the workplace, but I really don’t see the issue on social media…

    • I agree with your rant. I’ve seen post after post on my facebook feed of people dumping ice on their head and I still have NO idea what ALS is. I wonder if any of the people participating even do. I don’t see how it’s spreading awareness…most people don’t even post one thing about the actual disease- just dump ice over themselves.

      • I’m guessing you were being hyperbolic, but, just in case, ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, a neurological disease with no cure. Those who have the disease, I believe, have an average of 3-5 year life span after diagnosis. Mental abilities stay intact, but control of your muscles goes, including arms, legs, and mouth.

        The disease is often referred to as an “orphan” disease, meaning that it doesn’t get a lot of attention by way of research funds. I, personally, think the ice bucket challenge is great, only because it brings attention to this terrible disease that doesn’t get a lot of notice.

  • Rant: Today apparently is my last day working on this contract…its been a year and a half and I am so ready for a new challenge, unfortunately the new contract I am being put on is in the same building, just down the hall and I am not sure how much of a challenge it will be. Also there might be a week or two between the end of this one and the start of the new, so that will be frustrating…I just want my new job to start so i can worrie about other things.
    Rave: Lo-key weekend got to catch up with my brother who i hadnt seen in about two months and some other friends who i had not seen in a while.
    Not Sure: still have that grouper thursday!

  • Rave: Big empty garage and haven’t decided what to do with it. Refinish furniture? Build robots? Super lucky to have that kind of space in the city, and lots of street parking too.
    Rave: Shenandoah this weekend was beautiful…

    • Accountering

      There is a market out there to rent it as storage space and get some cash out of it. I rent mine in Brightwood Park, and I get $125/month for it. Mine is about 8″ x 18″ so if yours is bigger, you could likely get a bit more. One thing to note, a lot of people will want to rent it to work on their car. I held out for someone with a basement apartment in the neighborhood who wanted to store furniture this time around. I have had it rented for the past several years to a total of three different tenants, and while the cash isn’t a lot, I have brought in an extra $4,000 over that period or so.

      • Yeah, we’ve been renting it for the past two years (as parking and a workshop), but don’t need the cash anymore and decided we’d like to turn the space into something just for us.

  • Rant – Overwhelmed with apartment searching and analyzing the pros and cons of different neighborhoods.
    Rant – It’s Monday and I’m feeling blah.
    Rave – My family was in town for the weekend and we had a blast. Spending time with my 3-year-old nephew is just the best thing ever.
    Rave – Saw Tori Amos perform at DAR on Saturday night. I’ve been a fan since my high school days and always love going to her shows.

  • Revel: The excitement of a new relationship.
    Rant: The uncertainty of a new relationship.

  • Rave: Nice weekend in nowheresville NC for a wedding with the GF.
    Rant: I’ve developed this ache in my left forearm/wrist that has left my left hand weak as a baby kitten. All jokes aside, it’s really worrisome.

    • Which nowheresville?

    • I’d go to your doctor and get it checked out. Not to create panic, but I had similar symptoms a few years back, and it turned out I had a herniated disc. Especially if you have numbness in any fingers!

      • No numbness and no sharp pains but i can’t clench my fist enough to hold onto a door knob to open it. I couldn’t even clip the nails on my right hand properly because I couldn’t use enough force in my left to fully snap the clippers.

        • Unless you’re sure you slept on it funny and it’s improving, that’s worrisome enough that you should get it checked out quickly. Hope things are okay!

  • Rave: Got a buyer for an out of state property that me and my sister have been trying to sell for the past year.
    Rant: Our realtor, who I picked out of the phone book, keeps trying to get me to date someone he knows. It’s really creepy. The realtor is an 80 year old man trying to push off his fellow church member off on me to date. He tells me all this stuff about the guy even though I keep saying no thanks. I say no thanks I just want you to sell the property for us not play matchmaker. Says he was going to give him my phone number against my wishes.
    Rave: The Guy hasn’t called. When the property is sold and the deeds are transfered, I will never have to deal with creepy realtor again.
    Rave: Got into work early so I can leave early.

    • Eww! Does the realtor work for a larger agency? If so, you might want to contact them (once all the transactions are taken care of) and tell them about this. Trying to set you up with someone is bad enough, but giving him your phone number even though you told him not to?? That’s over the line.

      • No, he runs this mom and pop shop. He started in on me right after we signed the contract to allow him to sell the property last year. I went with my mother to his office to check in on the sale of the property and he started in on me again about this guy. I again said no thank you. Then, he told his secretary to send the guy my phone number. He also joked with some other customers in the office about “setting me up.” Creepy!! Thank God I don’t have to be around for the closing. I’ll be so glad to get rid of him.

  • Rave: Went utterly ratchet and put a large above-ground inflatible pool ($48) in our backyard in Columbia Heights. It looks so janky, but I spent 5 hours in it yesterday drinking beers with friends and enjoying the immense amount of sun we get. The pool is actually well-built; such a clutch summer purchase. We are definitely springing for the filtration system ($38) and the custom pool cover ($12). I feel like the richest person in CoHi.

  • Someone set fire to a tree and bushes in the newly planted median on Sherman Ave near Columbia Rd this weekend. The street is finally starting to shape up and become beautiful again and now some idiot sets fire to it leaving nothing but a dead tree and scorched ground. Sad.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend with a good balance of relaxation and getting chores done.
    Rant: Was out with friends a couple of weeks back and went to Mccormick and Schmick’s (near Chinatown) for some drinks and light eats before a Nats game. The next day, I noticed 2 separate, very large charges on my debit card. Still had my receipt, so I politely got in touch with the manager and let them know that they mistakenly charged my card for a tab that wasn’t ours. They provided an itemized list for the other charge, and it was definitely not any of the food and drinks that we ordered. I asked to see a signed copy of the receipt in question, since I know I only signed one receipt, not two. The store manager, after several days back and forth (never providing a copy of the receipt), then forwarded the case on to his manager, who needed to review it from scratch. After nearly a week, he got in touch letting me know that the proper way to handle this would be to dispute it with my bank (which, I can’t do now, because they sat on the case so long that I can no longer dispute the charge with my bank). I’m sorry, but the way to handle this would have been to be classy and refund the erroneous charge. I’m may be out $80 for food and drinks I didn’t order, but, they’re now out a customer who would have spent much, much more than that over the coming months and years.

    • Need coffee and can’t type. Corrected sentence: I may be out $80 for food and drinks I didn’t order, but, they’re now out a customer who would have spent much, much more than that over the coming months and years.

    • That is BS on their part. Maybe complain to their HQ?

      • Maybe. At this point, I’ve decided that my sanity is worth more than $80 and I’ve been annoyed by this for over a week, which I think is more than enough. I mainly posted this because this is my 2nd bad experience with this chain. I also know that one of the waitresses at the other DC location (I think it’s shut down now) went to prison for skimming credit card numbers. So, I’m just in inclined to take the “fool me once” approach and forget about it. There are so many other good restaurants who handle things like this in a classy manner. I was reminded of this when the manager of Cheof Geoff’s (downtown) sent a very nice, personal email thanking me for my restaurant review. Most good restaurants value their customers.

        • Alert the social media! Make sure to post about this on Yelp, Twitter, their facebook page, etc. The manager may have a change of heart.

        • My experience with credit cards is that you can formally dispute for about 30 days after the date the statement is issued. I thought that was a state law driven requirement – is your credit card different? Or am I reading the timeline wrong.

        • I think it’s worth talking to your credit card company — both to possibly resolve the problem, and to get the CCC dealing directly with the restaurant. I would also contact the M & S corporate office — who, at the very least, are likely to give you a gift card for your trouble — and hopefully will investigate what seems like extremely bad management practices. The Chinatown branch of M & S is losing a few customers thanks to your post here. It is SO in their best interest to make this right with you.

          Slight Derail: I could swear that I saw Arash and his bride in passing over the weekend. This is too weird! I hadn’t expected this cyber stuff to leap into my real life! :-0

    • send a letter explaining that if you aren’t sent a certified check for $80 by [date], you will bring a case in DC small claims court.

      • Accountering

        This is the move. Make sure the letter lets them know that you will be suing for damages as well. Then follow through. If they dont get you a check, sue them for $1,080 (to get their attention)
        End result of this is that their corporate lawyers will contact you before the court date with an offer to settle for probably half. This is standard. A big company screwed you, please don’t just roll-over, this isn’t okay!

    • Why won’t your bank dispute the charges? Someone skimmed my card last month and ran up about $600 in charges at Detroit-area gas stations. I didn’t notice the erroneous charges until about 6 days after they occurred (I was traveling and not checking my account). My bank refunded everything within 24 hours.

      • I’d need to double check, but when I first noticed the charge (on my capital one checking), I looked into the dispute procedures and they said to contact the restaurant first (which I did), and that charges could be disputed for X amount of days. I believe I’m past the time frame, but I’ll double check. I don’t have terribly high hopes for the bank dispute, though, because when my debit card was stolen ~3 years back, I disputed $500 worth of the charges and, “after review,” they decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to reverse the charges — even though they were made in a different city from where I was and even though I let them know right away. So, I’m not sure I’m up for the headache of trying that again. I think I’ll just take my money to another fine restaurant and do my best to forget about it (unless one of my friends ever suggests going to M&S at which point they’ll be getting a firm “NO!”).

        • epric002

          you stayed w/your bank after that?!

        • Holy crap what bank do you use? I have USAA and they reversed a charge I actually did make without question! (I thought the charge was erroneous, called them to have it taken off, realized “oops, I actually did purchase that $20 object,” did the honest thing and had the charge put back on.)

    • If it has only been a couple weeks, it shouldn’t be too late to dispute with your bank. Have you even gotten your official bank statement from that charge? You generally have 60 days after you receive the actual bill (not from when you saw it on your online account) to dispute a charge.

      • PS – this is a rule under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), so if your bank is different, there is a bigger problem than being overcharged at M&S.

        • Thanks; I’ll check again today on the timeframe. My statements are all e-statements, so nothing in the mail. I suppose, if there’s a chance I’m still somehow within the timeframe, it wouldn’t hurt to try. I suppose my bigger gripe is less with the money (though that’s not cool, obviously) and more with how the restaurant’s management handled the situation.

  • Rave: Lovely weekend, mostly spent relaxing with my husband.
    Rant: Several shootings over the weekend within blocks of my new house in Shaw, which the news has treated as bullet points rather than actual stories. This is in addition to a number of other, more minor crimes reported in the last few days that have also made me nervous.
    Rant: Someone on PoP recently mentioned a recent upswing in crack use in DC and I can’t stop thinking about it. Does anyone have more info on this? Is there a reason to be extra concerned about personal safety in places like Shaw and U Street? I was robbed at gunpoint earlier this year in Mt Vernon Triangle and can’t tell if I’m reacting to this with minor PTSD or just appropriate concern.

    • Ha. I guess no one knows? I’m probably worried over (next to) nothing.

    • yes, you should exercise caution in shaw. be street smart.
      i’m sorry you were mugged at gunpoint. if your nerves are getting to you about it, it may be a good time to talk with a therapist about it. that sounds pretty hard to deal with on your own.

  • Rave: My dad and my cat are continuing in their mutual admiration society. On Saturday, he finally let her sit in his lap.
    We were sitting down to watch a DVD, and she was ambling over toward him on the sofa and he was kind of shooing her away. I said, “Oh, let her sit on your lap!” and he protested that he didn’t want cat hair on his “freshly laundered pants.” (My dad is kind of like a grown-up version of Bert from “Sesame Street.”) I gave him a little throw blanket and said, “Here, put this down.” So he did, and she sat on his lap for the entire movie.
    Rant: Still working on renting out my condo in Adams Morgan. I’ve got the price down to $1750/month, which I think is in line with (or perhaps even lower) than comparable units, and I’ve got someone coming to look at it tonight. However, I was disappointed that a guy who looked at it Saturday morning and who said he would take it finally got back to me Sunday night saying he had been crunching his numbers and his budget was going to be $150-$250 below that, _including_ utilities. Doesn’t one usually figure out a budget first and then look afterward? Oh well.

    • He knew what his budget was, that was just his negotiating tactic.

      • Accountering

        This is the WORST form of negotiation you can do. You negotiate based on value, not what you can afford. When you are buying a house, you don’t put in a low offer and say you can’t afford it, you put in a low offer and say your house is crap, has all of this stuff wrong with it, is on a bad street, and has ghosts in the attic!
        Sorry this isn’t working out! I have no clue why… At $1750, it seems VERY fairly priced for DC.

        • Thanks. I think it should work out; it’s probably just a matter of time. I started a few weeks ago at $1950/month, which was at the high end of the range that PoPvillagers were recommending, and lowered it by increments of $50 or so every few days. I think I had it at $1775 the week of August 4, and lowered it to $1750 the week of August 11.
          Looking at other advertised properties, though, I think $1750 is fair and that I shouldn’t go below it.

        • “You negotiate based on value, not what you can afford.”
          That’s a . . . nice theory? I guess? But it’s pretty naive – you also negotiate based on the situation presented, which in this case is a prospectiove landlord whose property has sat for a couple of weeks, and who has been lowering the rent every few days. In that situation, I’d try to squeeze out an extra $100/month in that situation too. And while it’s strictly true that the landlord doesn’t care what the tenant can afford, the reason really is irrelevant – the tenant was saying I’m not paying that much, and hoping for a counter-offer. Whether one if forthcoming is up to the landlord. While it’s irritating that it comes so late in the process, that’s just another pressure tactic.

    • There’s a nice studio for $1500 on Clydesdale that dude should look at.

    • “Doesn’t one usually figure out a budget first and then look afterward?”
      Eh, he’s just negotiating. I’ve negotiated my rent (including proposed rent increases) at every place I’ve lived.
      It never hurts to ask. I don’t pay sticker price for anything.

    • — Most experienced renters/buyers would figure out a budget first, but people who are either new to DC real estate prices and/or new to renting a budgeting, such as some recent college grads, might not get around to the figuring out the budget parts until they find something they like, then sort out what the actual impact on their lives will be. I’m not excusing the guy, and it might well be a negotiating tactic, but it could also be that he’s just new at this.

    • I can understand trying to negotiate, say, $50/month or maybe even $100/month off your rent… but beyond that seems rather ambitious.
      I wouldn’t have minded so much if he said he was “thinking about it” or “leaning toward getting it,” but it seemed rather disingenuous to say “I’ll take it” and then come back with a budget story a day and a half later.
      Oh well. NEXT!

    • I had the same thing happened to me. I selected a tenant based on several reasons and even was willing to hold the unit for here. She pretty much contacted me everyday to show her interest and how excited blah blah blah..but when it came time for deposit- she said she worked on her budget and figured out she can only afford X amount and if I was willing to negotiate($200).I lol – and said sorry I have people willing to pay more than the listed price. And the sad thing is that for me it’s not all about the money- but if she was upfront from the beginning about her price range- I would have considered it.

    • i would have rented your place in a heartbeat if you allowed pets. 1 cat, well behaved and i just signed a lease for $2300/mo for a place that is WAY bigger than i needed because finding a pet friendly apartment in this city is hell.

    • When a potential tenant says the term “I worked out my budget but…” that is a standard ploy to negotiate your lease amount down. Walk away at that point. At $1750 in Adams Morgan, that’s a very fair price.

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