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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • thatnewplaceon14th

    I’m in awe at what’s happening in Ferguson today. I never, ever, thought that things were escalating to a relatively peaceful situation.

    Major props to all the peaceful protesters and the highway patrol!

    • What amazes me is that liberals and conservatives are agreeing on an issue (the militarization of our police forces.) I never thought I would see the day when almost identical op eds were published in left and right wing publications.

  • Rant: walked by the aftermath of what appears to have been a horrific accident on Connecticut ave near Nebraska. 3 blocks of Connecticut were closed. I saw a scooter pretty smashed up and a semi-truck without a trailer stopped near it. I heard one officer say to another “at this point she’s incapacitated, she might be dead”. Hearing angry drivers honking and swearing as I walked by, I kind of wanted to shout “a person may be dead!”
    Question: it looks like I’ll need to do quite a bit of crowdfunding for my classroom. What’s the best site for that?

    • Wow, that’s awful…hope the person survived πŸ™

    • Adopt.a.classroom or educationdive.com might have resources that would work for you. Have you spoken with staff at your school re the resources / possible partners that they use? If other teachers usually use specific partners or PTA/PTO funds, or designated fund raisers, it could be good to know.

      • I work at a title one school, so I imagine the pta funds are very limited. I’m not going to find out what is available until Monday but I’d like to do some shopping before tomorrow when the MD tax holiday ends.

        • Hold on to your receipts, you can get a break on your federal taxes for buying K-12 classroom supples (even if you don’t usually itemize, I think).

    • That is always a tricky one! I’ve only used a few sites, and of course always dip into my own money. I’ve also had luck just posting random things to facebook and friends will ‘donate’ things from their work. Never thought i’d have to beg for paper to make copies but every year i do! Not sure what school your at, but sometimes the PTA will set up teacher wish lists to help teachers out.

      Last year i got some books from an anonymous donor on reddit! you can apply here:

      You’ve probably heard of donorchoose.org (it use to be based on title one status, but i don’t think that is true anymore). This is a reliable one

      what type of things do you need for your classroom? are you in DCPS, charter, or private?
      here are some more, but i have never tried any of them

      • I’m in a PG County public school. 85% of the kids get free meals, half are ESOL. I have 35 desks in my classroom (I have an aide which helps, but that’s up to 35 kids to buy supplies for). I’ll give donors choose and reddit a shot, one I figure out what I have and what I’ll need to buy.

        • Accountering

          I would say your best bet would likely be the site you are currently on. Let us know what you need. I would be happy to chip in! πŸ™‚
          Presumably just cash right? How do I go about that?

          • I still have to figure out what I need — I’m supposed to get supplies on Monday. I’d feel weird asking for cash, but I’ll happily take cash or supplies. On Monday or Tuesday I’ll make a crowdfunding site and link to it.

          • Accountering

            Im in. Feeling particularly benovolent, and I am sure plenty of other POP contributors would kick in as well. Need to get your first (I think?) year of teaching off to a great start!

          • Accountering

            It may be weird asking for cash, but from a practicality standpoint, it sounds like you are going to make a trip to Target (or whatever) anyways, so much easier for you to just make a bigger trip to Target, and POP pay for some of it, than to have us all pick up a few boxes of pencils at target and somehow get them to you πŸ™‚

          • Good point. I guess I just wanted some way to let everybody know how I’m holding myself accountable.

          • homerule

            I agree about using the forum you’ve got here! : )

            What about an Amazon Wish List?

          • Would it be possible to set up a Target wedding registry and just register for classroom materials? Then you could post the info here and send it out to your Facebook friends, etc. and have people buy specific items?

          • Accountering

            Oooohh, I love Amazon. Just ordered something from there approximately 3 minutes ago. Would happily put in an order and have it delivered to your home/school!

    • Ugh this gives me chills. I hope she is alright. Whenever I’m stuck in traffic I try to remember that it might be due to a tragic accident and I really have NOTHING to whine about, ya know? People are so clueless and self-centered. I had a pity party last night about this actually. Dealing with jerks every day (and being surprised when someone is nice) is so exhausting. On the metro, on the roads, on my bike, in the store, everywhere. I try to be so nice and so considerate despite it but my god. I’m tired of it and it’s depressing. It should be the opposite. We should be shocked when someone is an a-hole. Sigh. In an ideal world… πŸ˜‰

      • It’s made me really upset too. It was hard to walk by the accident and think about what the impact must have been like, and then hear horns honking and people yelling “are you f’ng kidding me?”. It’s a reminder that I’ll need to be more compassionate when I’m driving. I think Louie CK had a bit about how when you’re driving a 2,000 lb box of metal is when you should be MORE considerate, and not calling someone a “worthless piece of..” just because they may have drifted.

    • Oh my god that’s horrific, I hope she is alive…

    • donorschooseorg!

    • Accountering

      Rant: The moped driver succumbed to her injuries. I drove around this today, and didn’t see anything, but this sucks..

  • dcgator

    Rave: I kinda love Popville on Fridays. It just kinda relaxes me and puts me in a good mood for the weekend. So, kudos to PoP himself, and also the regular commenters (including all you Anonymi).

  • Rant: Another date with my bf is cancelled because one of us has to work. Being poor sucks. I’ve been waiting all week to see the demolition derby at the MoCo Fair because I’m a big dork. And I was all set to wear my “I Heart Tofu” shirt at the cow expo. Moo.
    Rave: The eighth stomach bug this year is gone! I’m scared I have an issue. And no, I haven’t been eating poop.

    • They do the demo derby on Saturday night too! Any chance you can reschedule?

      • He’s also working tomorrow so we’d miss it then too. This is what happens when you’re both starving artists-you can NEVER make solid plans. And it’s not his fault- I’m in the same boat, having to take any work that comes my way. But sheesh. It’s getting old.

  • Rave: Found the source of my basement mouse problems! The wood frame at the base of the entry doors had rotted due to water damage over the years and there was a gaping hole letting them in! Never would have suspected that! Steel wool and spray foam fixed it! Mouse free all this week! Yeah!

    Rant: DC is not doing any rat abatement anymore in our hood, haven’t seen any activity in months and giant rats run the streets all night.

    Rant: someone stealing valve caps off my car regularly every night. I almost feel like they’re responsible for 3 screws in my car tires this year as well. I don’t make enemies, lord have mercy on them if I catch them in the act…

    Rave: Happy Friday yall!

    • re: rat abatement. we’ve had good luck when the neighbors on the street get together and ask for rat abatement. A couple people get the forms and get them signed by as many neighbors as possible (we let people know through our block’s list serv), then call the rat abatement people (DOH, I think) and they come out and do everyone’s house at once. It has really helped. It is a pain for the organizers, but really does wonders for the block.

      • What anon recommends above is probably the best course of action, because DOH can’t/won’t treat private property (vs. public alley/sidewalk areas) unless the homeowners specifically grant permission.
        If you don’t have the time/patience to coordinate with your neighbors on this, the next best thing is to submit another 311 request for the street and/or alley.
        I think the 311 wording claims that DOH will perform a rat abatement and “will continue to bait until the problem is solved” (or something like that), but I suspect that either the follow-up baiting doesn’t actually happen, or that it does but they taper it off after a while. Otherwise DOH would be continually baiting a good portion of the alleys in D.C., and that (alas) doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Rant: The guy in the cubicle next to me likely got me sick. He has been hacking for 2 weeks and now I am coming down with something.

    Rant: A friend’s fiance was killed by a 17 year old while biking. He was dressed properly, riding properly, etc. So sad.

    Rave: A friend from college just moved to DC and we are going out tonight! Can’t wait.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Just not feeling work since I heard the guy who I’m doing work for bitching about getting me. I’ll be sure to lower my quality of work to meet his expectations. Not sure he’d notice since he told me not to search database X but to search database Y which is exactly the same content with a different GUI.
    Rave: payday

    • Emmaleigh504

      Forgot my actual real Rave: reordered some fancy sweet violet seeds to replace all the ones that died over the winter. I’m thinking to mix them in with the native violets that survived the winter. or maybe they need their own pot. decisions!

      • You heard him bitching about you? How unprofessional. I would totally call him out on it, in a very fake sweet way. “I heard you say you were frustrated about working with me, I certainly hope I can make this project go smoothly to ease your frustration” blah blah blah. If he’s any sort of decent, he’ll be embarrassed to have been caught. What a jerk.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m a lowly contractor so I can’t can’t call him out. I’m not inclined to comfort him for not getting the person he wanted. If he were really upset, he had the choice to wait for the other person to be available. I’ll just take my sweet time doing the work to make sure it’s extra good πŸ˜‰
          Sadly, it’s not uncommon for everyone to request that person since he’s the only guy and this environment is hella sexist.

    • Databases suck! Screw it! I quiiiiiiiiiittttt! πŸ˜›

    • Uh oh- is this the same person at work who told you that you had a personality disorder, or Aspergers? Sounds like you have a somewhat difficult workplace.

  • Found car keys this morning on 15th nw near mass ave. All the same company. If they’re yours, tell me about them.

  • Rave: I took a much needed day off, and i”m feeling much more myself today.
    Rave: The apartment is incredibly clean now.
    Rave: This weather. It makes me look forward to fall.
    Rave: I had a good appointment with my allergist this am. I seem to be doing so well that she wants me to cut down on meds.

  • Rave: Going to an app launch party tonight. Pretty excited!
    Rave: Got to FaceTime with my best friend for two hours yesterday.
    Rave: Other best friend just got engaged!
    Rave: Can’t wait to see both of them in Vegas in three weeks!!!

    No rants!

  • Rave: Ryan Adams at the 930 club!
    Rant: It’s on a Monday.
    Rant: I need a place to live for three months during a large remodel of my house. Anyone have any ideas? Corporate housing is sooooo expensive. I’d even move to the burbs!

    • Ugh, I went to the ticketfly website at 10:00am when tickets were supposed to go on sale, and it already said “none available.” Was there a pre-sale that I missed? I’m so disappointed.

    • Accountering

      What is your budget, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • You might have luck with Airbnb…. a lot of postings list monthly rates… it might be worth a shot.

      • Thanks! I’ve actually been trying AirBNB and have been striking out. No one seems to want such a long term tenant.

        • Accountering

          That’s certainly a tough range. I would be happy to rent to you long term, but my place is in a different price range. Thats a tough price, as for that price, most places in this area rent for more than that on a yearly basis. If I am going to rent for just two months, I would (rightly) expect a premium over what I could get for renting it on a yearly basis.

          Certainly wish you luck, and agree that AirBNB may be your best bet. Also check out VRBO.

          • Thanks. I agree that it’s a tight budget. But, I might have lined something up. Otherwise, it might be time to up the budget.

            Just curious, as landlord, what do you think is a fair rate for short term housing? Maybe I’m completely out in left field with the idea that I could find a place for $2000 per month (even for a studio). It’s been awhile since I’ve looked for an apartment.

            It’s just shocking to see monthly rates for corporate housing in the 4to5K per month range.

  • Rant: Friends who get coupled up and drop off the face of the earth.
    Rave: My dad — who’s here on an extended visit and who has no prior experience with pets — has really taken a shine to my cat, and it’s rather cute. Conversation the other day:
    Dad: How much did you pay for your cat?
    Me: A hundred dollars.
    Dad: Wow! What a bargain!
    And more recently, he was asking me about how many rescue cats I’d “interviewed” before I chose her, and said: “I think she’s a great cat. I don’t think you could have done any better!”

    • Emmaleigh504

      aww your dad is cute! maybe he’s ready for his own kitty friend.

    • Awwwww, thanks for posting for us.

    • That is really adorable! 90% of the time my dad calls or texts me, it is to ask how the dog is doing.

      • GiantSquid

        My parents ask about their grandpuppies.

      • Haha. My mom always tells me my dad misses my dog. What about me?!

      • My father will say “when are you going to bring your dog up for a visit again?” It’s a roundabout way of saying “I’d like you to come visit” but is is still sweet. He’s come a long way from the “no dogs in the dining room/living room” days – now his dog is sleeping in the bedroom with him πŸ™‚

    • Accountering

      This is awesome!

    • +1 to your rant! I am definitely happy for my friends that find a partner, but does kinda suck when they totally fall off the face of the earth, especially if it’s a close friend that you used to spend a significant amount of time with. I understand the importance of spending time with your SO but… Then when their SO is out of town/unavailable they expect you to drop everything to hang out with them because it’s the only time they’re available to hang out with you. Oh well, such is life I suppose.

      • skj84

        totally. Or couples who do everything together. It’s totally ok to have a life and interests outside of your partner. It’s healthy to take time off from each other.

    • Too cute!

  • There’s no body-self-image makeover that is easier than leaving a metropolitan area and going out to the American hinterlands. Felt like I lost 10 pounds!

    • Ha that’s awesome! I also don’t think it is just any metropolitan area, but specifically the DC area. People here are super competititve in all aspects, including their bodies. Nowhere has made me feel worse about my body than here. Even out in LA I felt more attractive, especially when I was majorly hit on by a famous movie actor πŸ˜‰

    • Ha! My trips to my most rural relatives always make me feel super stylish, which is not typical!

  • Rave: went to the rally for mike brown yesterday at meridian hill, it was great to see people from all different walks of life come together and recognize the injustice of the situation and peacefully “protest.” Glad to see it happened in Ferguson last night too
    no ranting πŸ™‚

    Question:: I am a special education teacher that works with grades 6-8 (ages 11-14) and I am looking for an organization my students can volunteer at during the day that is metro accessible. I am looking to develop their life skills and social skills in the community things like sorting, filing, helping put things together etc. Just wondering if anyone knew of anything

  • Not to state the obvious, but unemployment blows. Many leads, but nothing materializing (yet). I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s really wearing me down and I’m finding myself slipping into a funk, which isn’t good. Just so frustrated and tbh, my self-esteem has taken quite a hit.

    Otoh, things could be a lot worse and I’m grateful that my family, friends, and I are safe and healthy. πŸ™‚

    • Good luck! I ended up in several funks during a year of looking for a job. Some were worse than others, but friends and family helped me out, even if they didn’t know they were doing so.
      I found to-do lists really helpful. I’d put lots of little things on them, like “take out the trash”, “make the bed”, etc. so that I could get enough steam going to accomplish other tasks, like “edit cover letter” and “switch passive verbs in resume to action verbs”.

    • Many eons ago, my dad was unemployed for an extended amount of time after getting fired by his employer. His strategy was do job-searching activity as much as possible in the morning, then play tennis in the late afternoon to relieve the stress and clear his head.

    • skj84

      I’ve been unemployed since April and yes it does suck. However I’ve been trying to look at the positives of the situation. It’s nice having time to myself, and to be able to do things that I wouldn’t necessarily have time for if I was employed. And honestly it’s nice not being around people all the time ;-). That being said try to get into a routine. And create a goal for yourself each day. Mine is to apply for 5 jobs a day. August is not a great time for job hunters, but gear up for September. Revamp your resume and cover letter. Focus on your skills. At this point I’m just enjoying the end of the summer with friends and family and preparing for a busy September. And don’t be afraid to reach out to friends. I was super embarrassed when I first lost my job, but my friends and family have been incredibly supportive. They be there for you in tough times. Good luck!

  • I posted in the forum a few weeks ago to ask whether anyone had sample leases for renting a room in your house to a roommate, while you (the owner) still occupy other rooms in the house. Textdoc and one “anonymous” said they had samples. Would you mind getting my email address from POP and sending me the samples? Thanks for your help!

  • Rave: Fun show at UHALL last night
    Rant: I always tend to drink a little more than I should…
    Rave: Government office on a friday in august, ghost town.
    Not Sure Yet: My roomate signed me up to go on a grouper thursday

    • My experience with Grouper was meh. In the first instance the guys were pretty cute/cool, but I actually knew them already (was signed up though my friend). Second and third times, the guys were not cute at all and were socially awkward, this time both though my account. So not only did the dates suck, but they made me feel bad about myself because I assume they try to match people by attractiveness level. So apparently I am not cute. That was the end of my experience.

      Also, they send you weird places. Old Glory, the (now-shuttered) Cause Philantropub, and Alero.

    • What’s a Grouper — some sort of cross between online dating and a Groupon?
      Bagelboy, are you and Bargirl not exclusive yet?

      • Accountering

        I think it is a dating site that sets you up with a couple other guyss (perhaps your friends?) and then you go on a group date with three other girls. I guess the thinking is you may as well go out with three single people at once, increases your odds of compatibility, maybe gets rid of some of the awkwardness? Worth a shot I suppose, it only takes one!

      • I have been on a grouper once before, the girls were pretty cute (not that cool though) but we still had fun and drank quite a bit. No one hooked up or anything but it was a good time. I also dont anticipate hooking up with any of the girls at the grouper

        And no me and bargirl are not exclusive and have not had that conversation. Its kind of a long story but there are some ‘issues’ in the intamacy department for her and i have been stonewalled (without explanation). That and host of other things are making the outlook of the relationship…cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I am kind of bummed about the whole situation because i was really optimistic at the beginning but taking it slow has turned into an on again off again see you once a week type thing.

        • Maybe you could initiate a conversation with her about intimacy? And/or have a conversation about exclusivity — not to say “Hey, let’s be exclusive,” but to let her know that you’re still seeing other people?
          That kind of thing is awkward, but it seems like it might help to get those issues out in the open.

  • SFT

    Rave: Vacation next week
    Rant: It’s not a ‘real vacation’ – we are going to visit my family in Florida. There has been an outbreak of a flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf recently, so we can’t even go swimming! My dad is also a pretty big a-hole, so I’m sort of dreading spending a week there. He thinks that his rude, racist, sexist, ignorant comments are funny and then gets mad at me for being sensitive.
    Rave: Grandparents to watch the babe, so we get a date night!

    • GiantSquid

      Wait…what? Flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf? I’m supposed to visit a friend in Naples at the end of the month and we had plans to go to the beach. /whining

      • Emmaleigh504

        go to the Turtle club for lunch while you are in Naples! It’s yum! and right on the beach so nice views.

      • SFT

        People are back and forth on whether or not it’s actually ‘flesh-eating’, but it’s still some pretty nasty stuff. It’s naturally occurring in salt water, but has made people pretty sick this season – even reports of a few deaths. Just google to see if it’s in your area. My family is in the panhandle, and there have been lots of warnings up that way!

        • Yeah, we were in Gulf Shores a few weeks ago, and people were just beginning to hear about it. I have an uncle undergoing chemo, and he stayed out of the water altogether.

    • Wow, are we secretly siblings? That sounds exactly like my dad. Ugh!

  • Rave: “Meats & Foods”, the restaurant version of “13th Street Meats” opened yesterday in “LeBlooSha”. (that’s Ledroit Park / Bloomingdale / Shaw at Third and Florida NW) and I have to say after a few links, it is a sold for the hood. Nice little place with good meat. You can get cooked links to eat in (very small seating but outdoor seating expected soon) or to go, or uncooked links for your own at-home grilling experience (about $2.50 a link). They do have beer in cans (and wine I think) as well as other beverages, and are planning to have a few “sides” available soon to add to their basic bag o chips. Meats are made fresh daily (Just like DCity Smokehouse) so it is possible they can run out of things from time to time, just consider it a good opportunity to try a new link and enjoy the variety. I can give two thumbs up for the Poblano Pepper, Italian, Lemon Basil Chicken, and Veggie Dog. Welcome to the hood guys, glad to have you!

    Rant: Lord there is so much to rant about, how to narrow it down to one subject…………….. I think I will go with “People who don’t have enough sense to know the difference between a crosswalk and a cross signal.

  • Accountering

    Rave: What is happening in Ferguson. Exactly what needed to happen. People have a right to protest, media has a right to cover the protests, and the police’s job is to keep people safe. Much happier knowing all of those three things are now happening. Hopefully the county (with the likely help of the state) can get to the bottom of this. I tend to think multiple high level people should lose their jobs over their negligent handling of this crisis.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Get to see one of my best friends this weekend. She’s visiting with her husband and we’re going to show them DC that isn’t the Mall and museums.
    Revel: I asked her last night if she wanted to see a movie and walk around Georgetown. Her response “Where’s Georgetown?” LOVE HER.
    Neither Rant nor Revel: This will be the first time seeing her husband since his public admission of female identification. Neither me nor Mr. Squid have had to deal with this before but we told them to do whatever they feel most comfortable doing and we’ll learn as we go.
    Revel: Scheduling pedicures for everyone but Mr. Squid!

  • Rave: This weather.
    Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rave: All you beautiful people. Love yourselves. Serious.

  • skj84

    Rave: What a beautiful Friday! Going to Jazz in the Garden tonight then a rooftop party. I was stuck inside all day yesterday in an effort to get the swelling down on my ankle. I’m not wasting today on the sofa.

    Rave: Ankle feels much better, though not 100%. I don’t think it’s sprained, but going to wrap it before I go out today.

    Rant: I think I got friendzoned by the guy I was dating. Which is fine he’s a cool enough dude, but still a bit disappointing. Oh well, other fish in the sea!

    • How do you know you got friendzoned? Did he tell you? Or did he just ghost you?

      I’m curious. I’m just having a particularly rough dating spell right now, so insight is appreciated!

  • Rave: FRIDAY! I have never needed a Friday more than I need it right now πŸ™‚ It’s been a hellish two weeks at work.
    Rave: Beautiful weather although this is almost getting redundant at this point πŸ™‚
    Rant: No plans this weekend. I don’t like to be overly busy but it would be nice to have something to look forward to.
    Rave: Lots of new places in the greater Bloomingdale area. Looking forward to checking out Meats & Foods, which is already open; The Royal coming soon, and wishing we could get more news on El Camino or Costa Brava.
    Rant: Anyone noticed more rats recently? I feel like I’ve seen a dozen in the past few weeks and I usually don’t see them that often, especially in daylight. :-/

  • Rant: The Central Time Zone–it just seems lazy.
    Rave: I got to visit the famous Butt Drugs in Corydon IN. If you haven’t seen their commercial on YouTube you should check it out.
    Rave: No Bro violations found at the local YMCA. In fact no Bros at all. But there was a Bible on a stand in the weight room.

  • Rant: Feeling pretty off today….coming down from a great day yesterday. Is it possible to have a social anxiety attack? I certainly feel anxious and jittery and my breathing is off, but I can’t tie it to anything specific.
    Rant: Recurring sore throats
    Rave: uh…..uh….bought flights to Boston for late September. yay.

    • shaybee

      most of my anxiety attacks aren’t tied to anything specific (that I can think of, at least). it’s super annoying! but just tell yourself repeatedly that everything is fine or make yourself busy to keep your mind off of it πŸ™‚

      and yay boston! favorite city!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Is anyone getting error messages when they click on links here or through twitter/facebook?

    • Not today, but I’ve noticed from time to time that when I’m clicking on a just-posted thread or a recent comment, there seems to be a lag between when the link goes up and when it actually works. I remember getting error messages yesterday the first two times or so that I clicked on the Georgia Avenue “urban noodle bar” thread.
      Not sure if that’s what you were asking about…

    • I got an error message through FB for the Brookland Pint post, but not when I came to RRR&R directly.

    • I’ve been getting them hit or miss for the last week or so. I’ll click the link to the comments and it will say no page exists. But it existed earlier in the day and then later in the day I can usually get back on. Figured it was my computer.

      • I’m getting those “no page exists” messages a lot as well. It seems to happen only when I click on the most recent post.

    • I get it pretty frequently; it just tells me there’s no page at that address.

  • Rant – Ants in the kitchen, again! It’s been an ongoing battle of me vs. ants in the kitchen for the last 4 months.
    Rant – Looking for apartments on Craigslist is the worst.
    Rave – It’s Friday and it’s a beautiful day.
    Rave – Family in town for a visit this weekend!

    • SFT

      I hear ya on the ants. We’ve been battling ants as well. This morning I found a few in my cat’s food bowl, which we now keep up on the counter. Tried some cheapo stuff from home depot, but it’s not really working. And pest control companies are ridiculously expensive! My neighbors says to try boric acid, but I’m scared that my cats would get into it or that it would hurt some outside creatures. What have you tried???

      • I’ve had fantastic results from spreading cinnamon along doors to the exterior. It’s not foolproof, but I don’t have to worry about chemicals on my feet.

      • In the kitchen I’ve tried diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and ant baits. I also put ant baits outside where I see ant trails, and I’ve also tried spraying Raid out there too because I got fed up. All this works for a few weeks, but then they just come back in a different area of the kitchen. Right now they are in the silverware drawer and I know they’re just tiny ants, but it grosses me out to see them crawling over my forks and knives.

        • I had an ant attack in the spring. I used vinegar as MPinDC did, then I sprinkled chili powder and a couple other spices (paprika? can’t remember) in the areas the ants had been. Haven’t seen any ants since.

          The good thing about chili powder and the like is they aren’t harmful to pets and don’t smell either. I was very happy with the results.

      • They follow a scent trail so they key is to eliminate the scent (as well as the food source). I’ve used plain vinegar to clean where I see them come into the house and clean along their trail.
        — Eliminate any single ants you see roaming around – it’s usually a scout looking for potential food sources. It leaves a scent train on it’s way back to the nest to lead other ants to the food source.
        — You can put dog food on a plate and then put water on the plate to make an anti-ant moat.
        — Ants in the house are a pain – but they are interesting creatures!

  • Odd dog walker stalker yesterday –

    White male, very Napoleon Dynamite looking in appearance without the glasses. Blue shirt and white shorts, walking a small white with brown spots Jack Russell Terrier. Followed behind me while I was walking my shepherd on East Capitol & 14th NE and continued to follow me until I arrived back home on Warren St NE. He then took a photo of me outside my house. I asked what the photo was for, he said nothing and continued walking. Attempted to see what street he turned down after passing my house but did not follow. Just really weird. I walk my dog every morning around Lincoln Park and I have never seen this person or dog before.

    Just putting this out there.

    POPVille Rules!

    • Wow, that is pretty creepy.

    • That is very creepy. It reminds me though, of other posts here when I’ve been assured that everything we do in public now is fair game for people with cameras. That guy’s silence in response to your question was very weird. Maybe carry your phone with you so if there is a next time you can snap his picture?

    • Did you pick up after your dog? Or seem not to? Maybe he is documenting something…

  • I just started making a wishlist on amazon for my classroom and wanted to share the link! Obviously if there’s a different brand/count of an item you’d rather buy, I’m happy to receive any donation. I know the giant packs of markers/crayons/colored pencils are expensive, and I don’t expect to receive them from anybody, but if anyone’s feeling super generous… Also, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from it until at least Tuesday when I know what the school will give me.

    Also, I’m always happy to get books. New and used are both acceptable. I didn’t go through picking out any titles because I don’t have any specific ones in mind. I’d be happy to pick those up anywhere in the area.


    • I should add, I have up to 35 third-grade students, so books should be of interest to that age, give or take a year or two.

    • Accountering

      So hold off until Tuesday? I was ready to go! A mini-shopping spree (for items meant for 8th graders) was already in progress.

      How should I manage shipping for these? I get everything personal shipped to work, but would prefer to just ship directly to you.

      • Depending on what items are available, I may be be asking for things I already have. But I know you can never have enough pencils…

        As for shipping, doesn’t it allow for you to ship to my address that I’ve given to amazon?

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Uneventful visit to DCRA!

  • Rant: Finding a dog sitter for Labor Day weekend. Using rover.com has resulted in two people saying “yes” and then bailing a week later. Incredibly frustrating.
    Rave: Shenandoah in less than four hours!

    • I always send my dog to Country Dogs when I go out of town. They do pick up/drop off, are just as affordable as dogvacay/rover homes, and your dog gets to run around on a farm and swim in a pond all day with other dogs. πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’m eating cookies for lunch b/c I can.

  • Rave: PoPville folks providing feedback on my dapple dachshund quest earlier this week with only minimal snark.
    Rave: Having a friend point me to this very handy PDF from the Humane Society with info on how to find a responsible dog breeder. Thought it might help some of you out, too. http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/pets/puppy_mills/find_responsible_dog_breeder.pdf
    (hoping the URL shows up. If not, it should be easy to Google.)
    Postscript: I’m planning to foster in the meantime to see if I just might fall in love with a rescue pup.

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