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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Nats game yesterday
    Rant: sunburn from Nats game yesterday
    Rave: Avoided the hot dogs & french fries and came home to cook a delicious dinner. Been using Plated lately and I love it!
    Rave x32892: Friday.

  • Rant: Anyone else hear shots fired at 1am around 9th & N, NW?
    Rave: gorgeous Friday

  • justinbc

    Rant: Partner’s last weekend in DC before deployment.
    Rave: Will get lots of house projects done now that I only have my schedule to worry about.
    Question: Whatever happened with that restaurant company based out of Boston that was looking for a space here in DC? They wanted one developed area and one “hipsterish” locale, and were supposedly going to keep querying the PoPville community, but seemed to just disappear.

  • Rant: I’m cranky.
    Rave: No. I’m cranky.

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Rave: I can’t wait for the weekend. What a long week this seemed.
    Rave: I think I didn’t eat out any day this week. A new record for me!

  • Rant: Heard many gunshots in Logan Circle (maybe around 14th/S) last night around 3am? Heard sirens afterward but see no reports about what happened and where. I know I didn’t dream it since my husband heard them too.
    Double-Rant: We were both up at 3am.
    Rave: Friday!

  • epric002

    rant: couldn’t get to sleep last night so i went and slept in the guest room so as not to disturb husband with tossing and turning.
    rave: the memory foam mattress topper on the guest bed is AMAZING!
    rant: foster puppy makes a terrible sleeping companion. all he wanted to do was lick and nibble. he got kicked out of bed.
    rave: other than that, foster puppy remains super awesome.
    rave: friday!

    • What kind of memory foam mattress topper do you have? I’ve been in the market for one but don’t really know what to look for.

      • epric002

        i didn’t either, and wasn’t wedded to a certain kind of topper. we have a cheap ikea mattress in the guest room that was just “meh” with the Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Queen Mattress Pad. so i started researching mattress toppers, and ended up with the Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper. so now i have the mattress pad over the mattress topper, and husband and i both agree it’s heavenly! i bought both from amazon.

  • Rave: woke up early on my own and had no problem getting up. That happens once every few months for me.
    Rave: great weather for biking to work today.
    Rant: No interest in working today whatsoever.

  • I’m feeling ranty.

    Rant: told boss I’m available for a new staff orientation today but she never confirmed it. Being an eager beaver, I show up (didn’t even consider it might not happen) and nobody’s here. I feel like an idiot

    Rant: while switching purses, I somehow forgot to put my wallet in the new one. Now I’m paranoid about the 12 miles I have to drive without it.

    Rave: I didn’t have to drive to Upper Marlboro today!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Painting straight lines is hard.
    Revel: Luckily, it’s on cornhole boards so people won’t be up close and hopefully had a few.
    Rant: Allergies…STILL
    Rant: More broken car window glass on morning walk around the Hill Center. Why are people such assholes?
    Revel: Bachelorette dinner tomorrow night. I appreciate that it won’t be gallivanting around town to clubs and bars with the express goal of embarrassing the bride-to-be with penile accessories. However, she might need a (tasteful) tiara.

  • Rave: It’s Friday- drinks drinks and more drinks!
    Rant: Please don’t rain tomorrow.
    Rant: I need at least 12hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  • Rant/Rave: First full week of work I have completed all summer.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I am so thankful to have a job I like.
    Rave: B&B and some winery’s with the fairly new boy this weekend.
    Rave: Hometown friends visiting the city on Sunday. Can’t wait to see them!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Grr πŸ™‚ you remind me of my dad who only has to work 1 full week between late Oct and early Jan. The one week he has to work 5 days he jokes about how difficult it is. When I grow up I want to work for his parish!

  • Rave: It’s Friday
    Rave: Not a lot of folks at work so I can actually hear myself think.
    Rant: Creepy old dude yelling at me when I was leaving my apartment building today. Every morning, he sits out on a bench in front of the building leering at folks as they leave for work. What’s worse, I think he lives in my building. Makes me nervous. This is the first time it’s happened to me but what if it escalates? I really don’t want to think about it.
    Rant: I think I may need anger management classes to help me diffuse my suppressed anger. Any suggestions?

  • Rant: Back in the office after vacay and working from home yesterday.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Rave: The weekend.

    Question: Does anyone have a rec for a financial advisor they like? My needs are fairly simple, but I’d like someone I can meet with once or twice a year for a few hours to ask questions, check in on things, etc.

    • http://www.ricedelman.com

      I had the exact same needs. I also needed them to manage and roll over a 401k from an old job…couldn’t have been simpler. They are awesome.

    • Make sure to choose a fee-only advisor; not someone who has any sort of financial stake in your choices. http://www.napfa.org/

      • Can I ask why? I always thought it was better to go the other way around – you want someone who is incentivized to maximize your profit because that way they get paid more.

        • This can be a complicated question to answer. Advisors who work on commission can often be the best choice for someone without a lot of savings. Brokers are often more willing to work with those with modest savings, than fee-only advisors. The argument in favor of fee-only advice often centers on the fact that commissions and fees can eat into your savings over time, or results in a conflict of interest where the advisor steers you into products that benefit them more than you. Either way, you need someone trustworthy. There are plenty of ways for someone to rip you off, regardless of how they are being paid.

    • Cris Caruso at Bump & Associates/Ameriprise on Rhode Island Ave or LearnVest.com has multiple options online where they hook you up with a financial advisor specific to your question. Varying tiers for their annual subscriptions which start at $100 plus $20/m or something like that.

  • Rave: The meeting with the new dog walker went really well. Actually not so much dog walking but letting my old lady dogs out back and cleaning up any messes in the house. They’ve become very skittish but seemed to be warming up to her.

    Rant: No rants, I’m “working from home” today and my micromanaging boss is in the Caribbean.

    Random: I need a good beach read for my trip to Indiana–something light and funny. Any suggestions?

    Random2: I need a new user name!

    • If you like to shop, and probably even if you don’t, one of the funniest books I’ve ever read is “I’ll take It” by Paul Rudnick. Funny as in snorting out loud with tears running down my face — so, now that I think about it, maybe it’s not the best choice for a plane-read. Might not still be in print, but probably available through Amazon.

      • Paul Rudnick! Perfect suggestion for some rereads!! I thought “Social Disease” was hilarious and felt I knew those characters in my 20s and 30s. I just put his collection of essays “I Shudder: And Other Reactions to Life, Death, and New Jersey” in my Amazon cart. Thanks!

    • Check out Christopher Buckley. I haven’t read all of his books, but have enjoyed (and laughed out loud at) the ones I have.

      • Another good suggestion! I had forgotten about him and I always wanted to read “Thank You for Smoking: A Novel”

    • Becks

      Bill Bryson has some hilarious books based on his travels. I’ve read most of his books and have on occasion, snorted/ chuckled out loud. try:The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America

    • If you’re going to the beach in Indiana and will be within sight of the steel mills in Gary, maybe a little Jean Shepherd?

      • Haha! Beach reading but not an actual beach. I will be in Southwestern Indiana. Good idea though!

    • Anything by David Sedaris.

    • jim_ed

      If you’re going to small town Indiana, then I would absolutely recommend Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater’.

  • Rave: it’s the weekend!
    Rant: not ’til 5
    Question: what is up with the enormous flock of birds that fly around outside the portrait gallery in Chinatown? I walk by there on my way home from the gym in the evenings and feel like there’s a Hitchcock movie waiting to happen

    • skj84

      I saw them once on the way to a movie at E Street Cinema. I was convinced they were going to swoop down and peck me. Creepy.

  • Question: what / who is behind the small white spray paint dots I’m seeing all over Adams Morgan, Columbia heights, and 14th street. It loos like a very detailed mapping of the curbs, manhole covers, signs… There so many of them!

    • I talked with the DCWASA guys who were doing the surveying on Irving St. and marking different spots. They said it was for eventual major sewer & pipe replacement in the (pretty far) distant future. Also that our main pipes were over 100 years old!

  • Rant: WSC. I’m trying to get back to the gym after an injury, yesterday I went for a 6:15 yoga class. At 6:20, no teacher. I went to the front desk and was told that Joy, the teacher, just walked in. At 6:25, no teacher. Went back to the front desk and said there is still no teacher. Where is Joy? Blank looks. There was no Joy, and no joy, at the WSC.
    Rave I guess: I did 20 minutes of yoga on my own. It’s something

  • Revel: weekend!
    Rant: going back to contacts after five years of glasses and I cannot believe how much they cost. It’s a small fortune.
    Rave: new job starts next week! Training was pretty fun but I’m a little nervous that I’m going to screw up at opening.
    Rant: really want the Starbucks to open at the new Barnes and Noble in Brookland – I walk by every day and look in like a creeper.

    • Hour Eyes does a great (albeit unadvertised) price matching. Find the cheapest price online (with first time rebates and whatnot) and print it out. The really cheap sites often look really shady and have a gazillion dollars in extra fees and stuff which end up making them comparable with 1800 contacts and the other mainstream sites, but using them as a price match is perfect!

  • Thanks to whoever suggested the Phryne Fisher mysteries. The first three books were the perfect beach read. I liked them so much that I came home and watched a few episodes of the TV series.
    Rant: I get that you need to make significant changes to fit a 250-page novel into a 43 minute TV show, but a lot of the changes were dumb. Why did they turn Dot into a timid, innocent little mouse? Meeting Phryne whilst attempting to murder someone is VERY important to her character and to their relationship. I really hated that change. And a few others. Enjoyed it overall, though!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ooh now I’m curious about the changes, I need to hurry up and finish my Swedish crime novel ( a very good read so far!) and start reading the Fisher mysteries!

      • So, what’s the Swedish crime novel? And do you like Batya Gur? Her early books are among my favorites.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I knew someone would ask that, now I have to look it up. I am the worst librarian, I can never remember titles or authors.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s A Small Indiscretion by Denise Rudberg. The translator uses a lot of stock phrases (or maybe Rudberg did) that can be mildly distracting at first, but the story is really good so it’s easy to look past them.
            I don’t know Batyz Gur. I don’t normally read crime novels, I just picked up a few Swedish books that happened to be crime novels, because I’m obsessed with Sweden.

    • I had no idea the show was based on books! (Yes, I’m that complacent.) To the bookstore!

    • Whoa, Dot was attempting to murder someone?!? I’ve only seen the TV show — she must be a VERY different person in the books.

      • Well, no… she’s still conservative and shy, and at heart a good girl. But she does have a story and a broad streak of courage and righteous anger. I find that their relationship works in the books because Phryne discovered her doing something totally out of character and saved her from herself, establishing some commonality. (I don’t feel like I’m spoiling, because this is so early in the first book, and within the first ONE page of meeting the character.)

  • Rave: My decision to try Tai Chi has definitely been a good one. I’m loving it.
    Rave: Ayala’s herbal water. Something that I genuinely consider a treat — with NO calories, no artificial sweetener, and no icky stuff.
    Rave: Finally took the silver line.
    Rant-ish: Found out the hard way that the machine to purchase farecards only takes small bills, the farecard machine will take twenties but only gives back coins — which the machine to purchase farecards does not take. So I guess I’ll have to make a special trip back out to Virginia if I want an SV farecard.
    Rave: House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park. This might be a re-rave: I’m smitten.
    Rant: No Real rants. Maybe it’s the Tai Chi?

    • My father bought a SmarTrip in Metro Center at the kiosk on the 13 and G exit and got a SL one.

    • Well-after-the-fact tangential rant: A month or so before the Silver Line opened, there were these guys in the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station handing out little silver bags with the “SV” logo. I took one, expecting a Silver Line keychain or other swag… but all that was inside were two little Metro pamphlets. And the plastic bag wasn’t even marked as recyclable, adding insult to injury. I was so disappointed.

      • It was supposed to have a little, folded-up, pocket-size cloth metro map inside, depicting the new Silver Line. I got two. I too, though, wish the packaging was recyclable.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I got 1 bag like yours and 1 bag with the little map. I really disappointed with the first bag. The map is good for cleaning sunglasses.

      • I went back and checked the silver bag (still hadn’t disposed of it) — no cloth map. πŸ™ Just a fat brochure titled “Silver Line,” a thinner brochure titled “Blue Line — Consider Your Options,” and a regular (paper) Metrorail Pocket Guide.
        I saw them giving out the bags again another day, but I assumed the content would be the same as the one I’d already received and didn’t bother trying again.

    • You could just order one online:

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: A while ago I decided to not have a phone anymore and instead use an iPad mini with wifi and cellular capabilities as my phone-email, etc.
    Rave: I found out my iPad’s microphone was not working, so I went to my phone co. to see if they could replace it since I’m paying insurance for it.
    Rant: I found out that actually I was not paying insurance because the employee forgot to include it
    Rave: somehow they knew about this situation and they were willing to replace it, now I’ll be paying insurance.
    Race: I just received a shiny new iPad mini. I can’t believe how much I beat up the old one. It’s almost embarrassing.

    • Accountering

      Rave: Spoke to Jenn, she is coming on Saturday! Going to have 25-30 new professional updated shots of the casa, which will be perfect for the new VRBO posting/updated AirBNB posting. Thanks for the referral!

      • pablo .raw

        My pleasure! she is really good and experienced with Real Estate Photography, I hope they help you rent/sell your place quicker πŸ™‚

        • Accountering

          I loved her site. Looks great! Also love the fact that I can find a referral to a real estate photographer from someone I know I will trust with one simple post. Prior to POPville, I wouldn’t have had a clue how to proceed, without using Yelp/Google/Angieslist. Much prefer this method!

    • Pablo, do you do professional portraits? I will need one in the next year or so. I like your style and I don’t want to be in front of a boring background, I’d rather be outside with natural light. Thanks!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: micro managing bosses who work a compressed work schedule but NEVER take their day off. Why bother working longer days?
    Rant: Sister’s birthday present has not arrived and her birthday is Sunday. Make her wait to find out what it is or give her a picture of it?
    Rave: Celebrating Schwesti’s birthday Sunday, she’s wicked old πŸ˜€

    • I do a compressed schedule, but rarely get to take my day off. I always want to, but something always pops up. I thought about going back to a normal schedule, but I keep the compressed schedule because I’d have to work the longer hours anyway and once in a blue moon I actually do get my day off. And when I take a vacation, I can use my day off and take fewer days of leave.

      • Ps – I am not your micromanaging boss (I’m actually currently on a short vacation using my day off). I just wanted to give insight as to why one might take a compressed schedule and not take the days off.

        • Emmaleigh504

          He also works during his vacations, so I don’t think he’s saving up the time. But good to know you aren’t my boss πŸ™‚ He’s a nice guy, but I hate his management style.

  • Rant: No more ranting
    Rave: Friends coming over tonight (old HS buddies and college). Time to let loose and ejoy the weekend.

  • Rant: Bumped my knee against the shower door when I was stepping into the shower. That knocked the door off its track and when I tried to put it back, all of the bottles of shampoo, lotions, facial scrub, ointments, etc. (most of it is my gf’s) fell off. Had to put my glasses on and fix it (while naked – felt weird) before I could take a shower.

    Rave: Headlining a big Blues show in southern MD tomorrow. Also, picked up a gig in Lewes, Delaware the same weekend I was already planning to go downy oshun! Now my OC weekend will be a working vacation.

    • Sorry for your troubles — but enjoying the description: sounds like a moment from “Porn for Women”. πŸ™‚

      • Don’t worry about it – I’m laughing at myself now. Felt like I was in a goofy sitcom. I think everything fell off twice as I was trying to fix it!

        • PG, you must look up the scene from Frasier called A Valentine for Niles. You must do this today. It’s on youtube.

  • Rave: Brother proposed and she said yes – so darn happy for them! Lucked out in the sibling-in-law department love my bro-in-law and my soon to be sis-in-law!
    Rave: Life!

    • epric002

      good in-laws are awesome. so many of my friends can’t stand their in-laws. my parents-in-law are easier to deal with than my own parents, my SILs (and hopefully future SIL!) are great, and my BIL is totally fine. i tease my husband that he married me for my brothers just so he could get some awesome BILs. πŸ™‚

  • Accountering

    Rave: Just made it into the office!
    Rave: Because I slept in!
    Rant: Then I had to drop of Mintwood’s laptop, and instead of getting me So’s your mom iced coffee and bagel sandwich, I got a McD’s iced coffee and sausage McMuffin (wtf?)
    Rave: Found out it was my buddy from the sticks who overnighted in Admo that bought. He doesn’t make a ton of money, so I appreciated it.
    Rave: Getting to take the sausage off the McMuffin and wave it in Mintwood’s face while he unloaded my car saying “eat the sausage, eat the sausage!”
    Rant: Had to go unclog a toilet at the Petworth house today.
    Rave: Will be leaving a plunger out in the future so guests can do this themselves.
    Rave X100: Friday!

  • rant: ever since I started taking the metro to work, I get street harassed/cat called/creeped on at least twice a week. I never say anything out of fear of escalating the situation, but then I always walk away angry at myself for never saying anything… grrr

    rave: Friday! and gonna get some BBQ tonight πŸ™‚

    • pablo .raw

      My guess is that if you say anything, the harasser will be getting the attention he wants. But I get it that it must be infuriating.

      • epric002

        i think it depends on the situation. i called out a teenage street harasser once and he at least acted ashamed afterwards. very frustrating though, and i certainly wouldn’t feel safe saying something to everyone that does it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry you have to deal with it, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Do what you feel is safe!

    • As Epric002 said, it somewhat depends on the situation. But if this is someone you see on a regular basis, there may be a value in saying something in a non-confrontational/non-reactive way. I’ve just asked a catcaller – Why are you saying that? or Would you say that to your mother?

    • I have had some success with saying, in as calm and commanding a voice as possible (not yelling) “Stop harassing women. I don’t like it; nobody likes it. Show some respect.” and then disengaging by walking away. Its a technique from Marty Langelan, who has written a book and teaches (taught?) classes about street harassment.

      • Or: maybe you could get a woman if you weren’t out here harassing them.
        Insulting their manhood is a good way to get them to shut up.
        I always get the ones that do the sneaky harassment. Like they’ll mumble something that sounds sinister but I don’t know what it is so I can’t call them out on it. Or they say something benign in a leering way.

  • This no parking sign popped up (taking over nearly 2/3 of the block) last night. It’s dated 7/21 – 8/19. No boxes checked for the days of the week. What do I make of it? Is it enforceable?


    • Yes, it’s definitely enforceable. If it’s the city or utility companies doing road/utility work, they will be using the area to store their equipment.
      Otherwise, it might be a private developer doing construction work on a property and they need the area to store construction equipment, dumpsters, idling trucks, etc. They have to pay a fee for this privilege to the city based upon the number of feet of public space they are using and the amount of time. It’s not cheap.
      Either way, obey the signs. Otherwise, you’ll get ticketed and towed.

    • Why wouldn’t it be enforceable? Do you think it’s a counterfeit parking sign?
      My guess is they planned to start work a few weeks ago but it got delayed until now. If you’re lucky it’ll mean only a few days of restricted parking instead of several weeks. Call the number on the sign if you have any concerns or questions.

      • I don’t think it’s counterfeit, but it doesn’t say what days of the week we can/can’t park there. We’re supposed to have 72 hours notice. Does that mean we have 2 more days when we can park there?

        • If it doesn’t say what day(s) then assume all of them. I don’t know if you have two more days to park there but I wouldn’t chance it. If you have concerns or questions you could call the number on the sign. Or you could park there and take your chances. Or you could park elsewhere until the 19th. I tend to take the path of least resistance, so for me I’d go for the last option.

          • +1
            You can’t park here from 7am to 5pm through August 19. No way in hell would I risk parking here, despite lack of 72 hour notice. It’s not worth the headache to prove the point that technically you’re right. Don’t be a glutton for punishment.

    • The sign clearly says “construction staging area” so, as others said, they will probably have dumpsters and equipment there 24/7, so it’s for all days of the week.

    • saf

      We’re on our third round of those in my block – all put up late. They have not yet showed up to do any work. And yes, I have gotten a ticket – last Saturday at 8 AM!

  • SFT

    Rant: The article/blog in HuffPo this week that detailed out how 2-buck Chuck is made. If true, they have big machines that harvest the whole grape plant (grapes, stems, leaves, insects, birds, and whatever else might be living in the plants) and just mash it all up without sorting out the undesirable stuff (umm…birds, hello?!?). This article looked to have an agenda and a bias, so not totally sure if it’s all on the up and up.
    Rave: I haven’t had any 2-buck Chuck in years!!!

  • Rant: Youtube ads for condoms while I am listening to music (via yt) at work.
    Rave: Friday.
    Rave: this is the most beautiful DC August I can remember.

  • Becks

    Rave: Hong Kong Film festival at the freer. Tonight is the last movie I will be able to go to at this years festival but I am really looking forward to it!
    Rave: Screen on the Green! I have really enjoyed this years odd collection of movies.
    Rave: I had basil, mint stir fried chicken last night for dinner with herbs from my own garden.
    Rant: I wasn’t able to get a PT appointment for my back for two weeks. I might look around and see if I can find another place in Crystal city or Columbia Heights.
    Rant: The coffee isn’t working. Three cups this morning and I can barely keep my eyes open! I may need an espresso! Or two!

    • While neither Crystal City nor Columbia Heights, I can recommend Elite Physical Therapy in Glover Park. I’ve seen Terry Sneed (or one of her colleagues) for my back, my knee, my back again.

  • Rant: Getting a photo speeding ticket from june 2013 and just finding out about it a year later. no initial or late notice from the DMV. now the fine is past the 120 day mark so there is no option to appeal! Grrrr

  • Rave: In 24 hours I will be in Costa Rica!
    Rave: Four great friends to beach lounge and mountian hike with!
    Rave: SO EXCITED to be out of the office/country for over a week!
    Rant: NOTHING! Not even that I haven’t packed absoultely anything yet!

    • hispanicandproud

      Costa Rica is totally awesome! Planning a trip there again in November. Long overdue to spend time with a dear friend.

  • Rave: Great weather for taking my city kid friends out for a big hike in Rock Creek park yesterday – skipping stones, walking on downed trees, just good nature stuff. And the dogs were dead tired – slept all afternoon and had to be dragged off the couch for their nighttime pee.

    Rant: Project Runway! I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but the designers are getting safe and boring, and the judges’ picks so far this season??? Seriously??????

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Great supportive friends and family! And a brand new friend who is totally awesome.
    Rave: Friday sequestration day off which allows me to able to catch up on stuff around the apartment.
    Rave: Looking forward to jazz in the garden later today!
    Rant: Crazy man running around CoHi with a gun earlier today. Didn’t stop me from enjoying my pancake carbloading for tomorrow’s 13 mile run.

  • Rave: Got an offer! I ended up leaving my hair down, simply because I was swamped with work up until I had to leave for the interview, and didn’t have time to deal with it.
    Question: Have a 24-hour layover in Johannesburg next week. Can anyone recommend a place to stay? Obviously it should have good access to the airport, and maybe have touristy things nearby if I’m feeling up for sightseeing (I’ll probably be pretty jet lagged though).

  • skj84

    Rant: Still sick. Been trying to sleep it off. Just slept half the day away. I hate summer colds.

    Rave: Great Uber driver last night. I got a lady driver for the first time and she was awesome. We had a great conversation about Uber and it’s effect on the cab industry.

    Rant: Apparently any semblance of pleasantness between my sister and her roommate has vanished after roomie got back from jail. To the point that the landlord decided to evict the roommate next month. Sister was planning on moving next month as it is, but is genuinely worried about her safety the next few weeks.

    • Yikes, my roommate Shelu was like that– super friendly the whole year I lived with her, and then when I said I planned on moving out she became psychotic and scary! I got out of there as quickly as possible, blocked whatever forms of communication I could block, and ignored the rest.

  • I could use some help. I want to make a shelf/ desk combo for my daughter’s room. I think Ikea-hacking is the way to go (can’t afford proper custom built-ins), but don’t really know how to approach it. Looking through the main ikea hack website I didn’t see anything that matched what I have in mind. I want most of a wall of shelves, with a desk (ideally adjustable height) big enough for legos, or homework, or a computer someday.


    • you might also check Pottery Barn Kids and the container store / skandia shelving for options.

    • IKEA recently discontinued its EXPEDIT series and I don’t think the replacement series (KALLAX) includes a desk, but part of the EXPEDIT line was a desk attachment that would hook onto any EXPEDIT shelf at least 2 cubes wide. You might try looking for a used EXPEDIT shelves/desk combination.

  • There is a flyer/search event to try to find the missing hound Georgia on Saturday morning, starting at the Park at Ledroit if anyone is in the area and wants to help, just saw this on DC lost & found dogs on FB:
    8/8 UPDATE – Georgia the 70 pound coonhound is STILL MISSING in Washington, DC. Call 202-379-6535 immediately if seen. Please join the boots on the ground search and flyer event Saturday morning, August 9th, Park at Ledroit, 3rd St NW & Elm St NW, Elm St. Entrance, from 10-12 AM.

  • Rave: HONY. I was thinking the Prince could include a feature of a photo of one random person a day with a quick quote; Kinda like he does with the House/Garden of the day….
    Rave: PoPville readers. Your book suggestions, comments, and obvious caring about your city remind me of HONY and make me happy to live in the area (don’t hate me but I live in Arlington).

  • Found SmarTrip:
    I found a lost SmarTrip card today. I’ll plan on turning in to a station manager but just checking to see if anyone thinks it’s theirs.

  • my dude said i love you for the first time last night! i am reeling in happiness.

  • Rave: Going on a date tonight!!
    Rant: Nervous as hell!!!

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