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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Reminder: August version of the unofficial PoPville happy hour gathering will be at DC Reynolds on the 20th, 2 weeks from today. Their HH special is BOGO on everything from 5-9PM. Still working on securing some outdoor space for us, but haven’t been able to actually get in touch with anyone there yet. If anyone knows the owners and can assist with an email that actually works let me know.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The micro-manager that cannot manage things that actually need managing.
    Rant: The moron front desk person who asked permission to leave when the fire alarm went off.
    Rave: the (slim) possibility that the micro-manger could get promoted away from me!
    Rave: the DC tree water dudes filling up ooze tubes in my neighborhood.

  • saf

    Rave: The picture makes me think, “What do you get when you give a flamingo a yo-yo?”

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: This trip to Indiana for my sister’s surprise birthday party is getting really expensive since even if the check-up this week reveals no bedbugs, there is no way I’m am staying at my dad’s duplex with methy bedbugs next door. I also learned that it is the tenant’s daughter who brought the bedbugs in. This is the same young woman who hit my rental car two years ago at Christmas. I still don’t understand how she did since her car was facing mine with about 5 feet between the two. (My inner Amy Sedaris voice is now saying “Is she seeing anybody?”)

    Rave: Meeting the new dogsitter tonight. Now that my dogs are elderly and getting very skittish, I figured I needed to bring in a pro!

    • Have you checked for a place on airbnb? In smaller cities, or if you already know the area, there can be some good options.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Thanks, I did and it was slim pickens. I can stay on some college kid’s couch for $15 a night and there were a couple of other places where you get a private bedroom in someone’s house but I really need my own space so I’m not traumatized by finding someone’s toe nail clippings in the bathroom. Oh and I forgot to mention the scary “remote camp site” and what looked to be a broken down Winnebago.

        • Can you rent a tastefully decorated vintage airstream and park it in the driveway? Or use your life savings and buy a brand new tiny house? Expensive solutions – but your options seem painfully limited.

        • I would guess that since you get to rate them afterwards that even a shared bathroom would be relatively clean. You should get out of your comfort zone a little, you’ll be fine and you’ll avoid the bedbugs.

  • Rant/Rave: Trying not to get too excited about the prospects related to my husband’s out of town job interview. I’m so excited, but don’t want to get my hopes up TOO much. It’s hard not to though!

    Rant: thinking of moving – again! – is a daunting task. And finding myself a job somewhere new. But it’s a good kind of problem to have

    Rave: parents had fun, but exhausting, time with baby yesterday. They went to Dino’s Grotto last night and said it was delicious. And have been to Dolcezza each night they’ve been here 🙂

    • Also, trying to find a more creative resume template and having a hard time finding some that don’t cost $40. I’m not a graphic designer, just want a more eye catching way than boring ol’ bullet points like I have. Not sure it’s worth investing in that, though.

      • Word has a few templates built in (mostly gimpy, though). I’ve also, on occasion, taking to using the present color schemes with some of the Word table designs (e.g. put your resume into a table with a header, hide the lines, pick one of the ones near the bottom that gives you a nice left margin and thick header, then you can choose from a number of preset color designs). If you want something snazzier, try searching on “resume template” in Google Images and you can get a very quick preview of ones that you like. Even if it turns up a not-free one, you can use the image as a guide to mark something up yourself in PhotoShop. Good luck!

      • I’ve actually read a number of articles that say not to go with a fancy template for your resume – the fancier it is, the more people will think you’re trying to cover a lack of substance with flash. If you need to update, I would try a new font instead – a sans-serif font like Arial or Cambria can look a little more modern.

        • Not comic sans? Sorry, I had to!

          I’m not looking for something flashy – I’ve seen the buzzfeed list and others, and those are mostly for creative positions. Just something that’s a little more out of the ordinary to catch an eye – but I’ll try the suggestions list here.

          I’ve been working for 10+ years (not counting college and internships) and with everything else, I have a 2 page resume now. Some of the more creative ones are best suited for one page. They are super neat though (I think, anyway!) but probably not for the type of job I’d get if/when we move. sigh.

          • One of my friends uses comic sans for her resume and other writing. It is a very friendly font, just not professional.

      • I’m not sure what field you’re in, so these may not be appropriate for your resume, but I liked a couple of the ideas on this list:
        and some of these free templates:

        (apologies for the buzzfeed of it all)

      • As someone who has looked at too many resumes from job applicants, what makes one stand out visually is mostly good use of bolding and font sizes. Use a nice, clean font (not Times (yawn), but not Papyrus or Gill Sans or something too jolting). Use hanging indents and control where your page breaks land or I will put your resume immediately in the circular file. But don’t worry about fancy shading and coloring (keep it in black and white!), they rarely add.
        But really, the formatting counts for nothing if you haven’t highlighted the experience or skills I am looking for. Read the job ad and know the position you’re applying for, and change the content of your CV to suit.

        • thanks for the advice! I was looking for format template more than anything and I probably have to shorten mine since I won’t be looking for a gov’t job with “key words” any more.

        • Page breaks shouldn’t matter if you pdf your resume

          • Unless you have bad page breaks in your original document. I’ve seen PDF resumes where the heading (“Education”) is the last line on one page and the info is all on the next page. Fail.

          • Someone didn’t check the pdf version to make sure it looked right – or they did check and didn’t make any correction. Either way = fail.

        • I agree on the black and white. For a lot of jobs, you’ll be submitting the resume electronically somehow, and it will get printed in B/W anyway.

          • I’m a graphic designer and my resume is mostly just shades of grey – i think my name and headings might be in red. It looks instantly design-y if you make all text 80-90% black. Use all caps for headings at the same size as the main body copy. You can make it bold, but then lighten up the color to medium grey. Add letterspacing – it’s burried somewhere in microsoft word but it is there. W O R K looks better than WORK most of the time. Delete all double spaces at the end of sentences.

          • Try using “small caps” for your name at the top. Makes mine look faaaaaaaaaaancy.

  • Rave: as a sometimes bicycle commuter (I use bike share) the sink hole on Columbia between 13th and 14th is doing wonders for my ride. There was no traffic on the section of Columbia between 14th (where I turn onto Columbia) and 16th this morning. This stretch doesn’t have a bike lane (there is one after you cross 16th). I sometimes wuss out on riding in the mornings because I don’t want to deal with that stretch of road. But today was a total pleasure!

  • Rant: It seems like everyday when I am walking to work there is someone ahead of me smoking a cig. I get it- you have the right to do that- but also, you suck. My number 2 pet peeve is when you walk right next to me, at the same pace, screaming on your cellphone. God- maybe I just need coffee before leaving the house.
    Rant: Summer! Where did you go? I did not go to the beach/pool/roof deck/garden/park enough. Dreading winter.
    Rave: Working remotely for 2 weeks at the end of August at the beach!

    • I hate this. I also hate when I am trapped in an elevator with someone who just got done with their cig break. I have asthma and I always end up having trouble breathing for about an hour after that. Although, frankly, it is better than someone who puts on perfume IN the elevator. I got on an empty elevator a few weeks ago and had to get off at the next floor because it was suffocating in there because of the perfume. I was coughing and wheezing for the rest of the morning.

    • +1 to part 2 of rant 1. It’s scary how irritable it makes me when someone who is making some sort of noise (keys clanking, foot stomping, high heel clacking, phone talking, etc) walks behind me at the same pace. It’s totally irrational, I know.

      • Emmaleigh504

        There’s a guy at my work that has a key chain attached to his belt so large it pulls 1 side of his pants down. He also has a really annoying gait that is punctuated by the 50 billion keys he has on his belt. It fills me with rage for some reason, like the keys jangle at the precise pitch to induce homicidal rage. I had to slightly alter my work hours so I didn’t wind up in prison.

      • My noise peeves – smacking/cracking gum and men who jingle coins in their pocket.

        • Formerly Broken Jaw

          Whoops (on the change).

          • Just take the coins out of your pocket – no more jingle jangle distractions. The worst is when someone is doing this while making a presentation or teaching – please just stop!

          • Formerly Broken Jaw

            “What the HELL have you got back there, reindeer?”

        • mine is sniffling… so irritating

          • Emmaleigh504

            and constant throat clearing get a drink of water and go see your doctor already! It’s been going on for years!

        • Smacking of gum is the absolute worst noise. And it usually happens on a metro ride when I can’t move far enough away from the person to avoid hearing it. It makes me CRAZY!

          • Same here – I cringe every time I hear the crack snap crack of someone cracking gum. I try to move away but it isn’t always possible. My personal “fingernails on chalkboard” issue

    • skj84

      I always seem to get stuck behind a cigarette smoker right after I wash my hair. Or a cigar smoker the last time I paid to have my hair blown out. Annoying.

  • Rant: in a total funk! cant stop crying! i’ve never dealt with depression before, but i fear this is what it feels like. ugh.
    rant: all my clothes are tight. summer drinking, me thinks.
    rant: maryland drivers!
    rave: vacation next week. much needed time at home with the family and the pups.

    • That stinks! I know this doesn’t fix depression, but maybe as a short-term pick-me-up, try visiting a nice new restaurant or place with a friend .. just so you have something new and fun going on at least. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    • I haven’t been crying but I have definitely been in a funk too! If someone said the wrong thing to me today I might scratch their eyes out. Hopefully I’ll have a quiet morning and my desk and feel better by lunch, or at least wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. Good luck with your funk. I hope it gets better soon!

    • I was feeling super down for nearly a month and it finally “wore off” last week. As someone who has never been diagnosed as clinically depressed (although it does run in my family) but does get blue every once in a while for seemingly no reason, I find that physical activity is the best remedy for me. I’m not sure how active you are and if you’re not it might seem over whelming, but perhaps you can start of with something simple like taking a walk in your neighborhood or through one of our many forested areas. While you’re doing that try to focus on your surroundings and your breathing. Maybe there is a physical activity that you already know you like to do and haven’t done it in a while….cycling? running? swimming? Anything that changes your focus and gets the blood pumping can’t hurt!
      Hang in there…. there is a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hopefully it’s a short term funk, but if it lasts a month or more go to your doctor to see if there is a problem! Like Anonymous 10:33 said, sometimes people just get into funks for no reason or for reasons. They hopefully pass quickly, but keep an eye on it just in case.
      Be good to yourself and enjoy your vacation!

    • Sorry to hear about this, but alcohol fuels anxiety, so maybe it is adding to the issue?

    • I hope you feel better soon!

  • Rave: My web intern hasn’t broken my web site once yet (putting her bounds above my last intern).
    Rave: It’s going to be an &Pizza kind of night.
    Rant: I took one of those stupid FB quizzes (which historical novel describes your life) and I got the Great Gatsby. That can’t be good.

  • RANT: Marion Barry is not only a disgrace to this city, he is disgrace to the human race. What a jerk!!!

    • +1000 he should be ashamed.

    • Was he even breathalyzed/etc after his recent stop? I cant find note of it anywhere.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Really? WTF?

      Gabriel Robinson, an associate director for the DMV, said Tuesday that Barry paid $1,779 to square his account, with $1,045 “reduced through the adjudication process”

      Needless to say I haven’t heard back from the director of DPW I contacted yesterday either.

      • Even worse – ‘the owner of D.C. Towing and Recovery says he comped the impound for the mayor-for-life because he wanted to show him “some appreciation and respect because he’s done so much for the community.”‘

        • It’s a private business, the owner can charge what he wants.

          • +1. I’m not worried about a private company giving Barry special treatment (unless it’s in the context of Barry subsequently getting the company a D.C. contract, or something along those lines). Much more concerned about the D.C. government giving Barry special treatment.

          • Not a good argument here. It’s a private business but the “customers” don’t exactly get to choose where to take their business. Would you say the same thing if the guy charged Barry double the usual rate? Would you say the same thing if the guy charged *you* double the usual rate?

          • If the private business is acting under contract with the city, it might not be able to charge whatever it wants. (Not sure of context of the tow/impound.)

      • Think Barry is an A**. But the DMV will do this for everybody who a large amount in tickets. Friend owed 1800 but was able to reduce to 800 through adjudication.

    • I love episodes like this. It’s a jolting reminder for us over-educated Northern and Midwestern transplants that DC really is just a quaint Southern town that operates on a “good ‘ol boys” network.

      • If it’s really a ‘jolting reminder’ you should probably get to know your own hometown a little better. Especially if ‘Midwestern ” means Illinois.

      • I don’t think “good ol’ boys” means what you think it means.

        • GOB’s in most of the South are white.
          But this is Chocolate City. The GOB’s are more diverse in the DMV.

    • to humans? yeah, okay.

  • Rant: was harassed by a bus driver on the Circulator last night. He told me to sit near him because I had a “pretty face” and the bus was crowded enough that I didn’t have much of a choice. The start of the ride was ok, but then he started telling really inappropriate jokes about “gays” and “rednecks” and grabbed me -hard- by the wrist and back to pull me closer to whisper the jokes in my ear. No matter how many times I tried to shut the conversation down, he kept talking. I regret not getting a name/bus number to complain, but just wanted to get the heck out of there when I got to the Dupont stop.

    • Rant: A lot of negativity today on this thread…

      • Um, this is a traumatizing experience and something every single woman has to live with the fear of every day. Sit back down.

        • I could be wrong, but I suspect that bagelboy’s reply was meant for a thread up top and accidentally ended up here. I’ve certainly done that before.

      • A woman is complaining about sexual harassment and your response is “…too much negativity”?!
        I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant to post this comment elsewhere

        • I think bagelboy meant an a general comment about today’s thread. the bashing of Marion Barry and how people are annoyed by certain sounds. I don’t think it was meant for the sexual harrassment comment.

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s such an awful, uncomfortable feeling! Report him immediately! You just need to give the time and route, and they should easily be able to tell who this is. Even if nothing comes from reporting this particular incident, there is no chance of this behavior being stopped if you don’t. It’s possible he’s done this before and the more people who report it, the better. Again, I’m so sorry.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry that happened to you!

    • Gross! If you remember other details, like approximately what time you got off the bus and what the driver looked like, I’m sure you can still make a complaint. Maybe Circulator has already received complaints about this guy…. it can’t hurt to try. I don’t want to run into this asshat!

    • Sorry this happened to you. You can still report – give them the time you got on or off the bus & location of bus stops. The Circulator folks should be able to figure out which driver it was. Please report – if it happened to you it is likely it has happened to others. Circulator customer service # is : (202) 962-1423

    • skj84

      Report him. Even if you don’t have the bus number they may be able to go off the time you rode and route.

    • I’m really sorry this happened to you. I agree with everyone advising you to report it.

    • Hi all, thanks for the sympathy. I did file a complaint through their online system using the route/direction and approximate bus time. I was hesitant to do so at first because I ride the bus every day and don’t want it to be an issue, but I do understand that this attitude is why guys like this are able to get away with this crap. Guess I’ll be walking to work for a while.

      • Good on you for reporting!

      • Good for you for reporting that creep. For what it’s worth, I hope you don’t change your schedule and start walking instead of riding the bus. You have every right to be on that bus, free from harassment. If this dude gives you more problems, keep reporting him. One of the best pieces of advice my dad gave me was, “You don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to.” You can (and should!) tell creeps to leave you alone, and not to touch you. I know I have. The Gift of Fear is also a really good read.

    • justinbc

      There are cameras on the bus to record stuff specifically like this. Hopefully they caught this guy’s behavior and it should provide proof to your complaint if you’ve filed one.

    • The Circulator management is actually very responsive to complaints. They responded to a problem that I had with a particular driver making fun of disabled people. The contact info is on their website.

      • I’ve never had to report a driver to them, but for anyone who wasn’t aware: The Circulator is a DDOT-run thing, separate from WMATA; I think their drivers come from someplace named First Union out of Virginia. So Circulator drivers aren’t covered by WMATA’s ridiculously strong union.

  • dcgator

    Rave: Growing older is great. I’m not yet 30, but I don’t feel any kind of apprehension for it, if/when it comes. I have been realizing that being my own person is fantastic, and I love the fact I’m gaining experience with each day. It really is an awesome feeling, and I’m thankful for it.

    Mini-Rant: I keep trying to get to a point where I am above water (meaning a good amount of $ in savings), and not spending almost everything that comes in. Travelling, friends, weddings are making that tough. At the same time, I’m definitely having fun.

    Rant: Bikeshare hasn’t shipped me the key yet for my new membership, so I’m currently missing out on free Shophouse bowl Sundays in August. Woulda been worth the membership just for that.

    • On the bikeshare thing, call and ask CaBi if there is something else you can show to get the deal. I read somewhere that they were low on keys, so this probably isn’t a problem just for you. They may have a solution (like maybe if you show Shophouse some kind of email showing you’re a member?)

    • skj84

      Bikeshare fobs were out of stock for the longest time. I got an email recently with the shipping dates for the new ones, I think they are rolling out this week. Of course I deleted the email, but it should be soon. Also I never realized all the perks that bikeshare members get! I need to look at the website more often.

    • The Shophouse deal is fantastic! They even covered the dessert!
      Hope you fob arrives soon.

    • I really like your Rave. Easy to forget about self-improvement with all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life! Keep up the positive thinking 🙂

  • Rave: Interviews went really well for the new job, and I think there’s a decent chance I’ll get an offer. It’s an awesome opportunity in an agency that does meaningful work in my field of interest.
    Rant: I’m still not sure whether to take it if I do. I’m afraid that my skills might not be quite where they need to be, and they need someone who can take on a project right away. I’m not sure I’d be able to really hit the ground running in the way they want.
    Rave: No one actually said phrases like “hit the ground running” during the interview process.

    • You should read the Confidence Gap, and then take the job.

    • I’ve always found the best life decisions I’ve made were the ones that I wasn’t completely sure were within my capabilities. The ones that scared me a little were the once that forced me to stretch and pulled me out of my comfort zone. Good luck.

    • I’ve consistently applied for positions that are a “reach” for me — particularly because some of the places I’ve been seem to never promote anyone, so I’ve found the only way to move up is to apply for things outside my comfort zone. I usually start my job dreading that I’ll be unmasked as a fraud, but it’s always worked out. Although every job has always wanted me to start producing immediately, there is also a few months grace period as you figure out the company lingo, systems, and trivial things like where crap is kept on the share drive. I usually use that time to learn my job while I learn the culture.

      • Thanks, all, and thanks for the recommendation on The Confidence Gap. I probably shouldn’t pass up a great opportunity over fear of disappointing before I even give it a shot. Thanks for the feedback and hearing about how some of you have felt the same way – another example of how awesome Popville is…

      • Thanks all, this helped me too. I’m in a new job that’s really difficult and outside my traditional area of law. I guess everyone starts somewhere!

  • rave: surreal and nearly empty bike ride in. Surreal because: Secret Service stopped traffic for me; two Marines from the Honor Guard started practicing their moves just as I biked behind them near the Lincoln Memorial – never thought being bayoneted while biking would be an issue; the August traffic pattern seems to be in full swing.
    rant: boss is in Hawaii and still manages to send condescending emails.

  • Rave: Handyman showed up on time to fix drywall and they were done in less than two hours! And cheap to boot.
    Rant: Even though I told the office I would be gone all day, I can now go in to work. So should I just take the day and relax? Or suck it up and go get some hours in?

  • jim_ed

    Rave: My parents came to visit last night and we all had a nice dinner at Simple Bar & Grill who are super at accommodating our infant.
    Rant: Parents still can’t shake the idea that DC isn’t the same DC it was in the 1980s.
    Rant: STILL getting collections notices for person who occupied our house before we did over two years ago and apparently owes money all over God’s green Earth.
    Rave: Did some research, found out said occupant has an illegitimate child with a former world champion boxer. This isn’t a rave about having children, but I love boxing, and this is a bizarre connection to our modest home with a former great.

    • Accountering

      A former resident of my house was charged with a felony. I constantly get notices from PG County courts, as well as attorneys in Upper Marlboro.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That is an interesting connection.

    • Please find a new phrase for “illegitimate child”, that is no longer socially acceptable, just like we don’t say “b**tard”

      • jim_ed

        Ok. Is there a preferred term I’m unaware of? I’m open to suggestions.

        • How about just saying child. A baby shouldn’t enter the world labeled as illegitimate, it’s just every kind of wrong. If the dad doesn’t take care of his child, then go nuts and use all kinds of derogatory words to describe him, those words are *probably* well deserved!

        • Not OP, but you could just say ‘child’ without the modifier .

          • I perceive “illegitimate child” as factual, not offensive, but given how common it is now for children to be born to unmarried parents, I’d say the modifier is no longer necessary, unless maybe you’re talking about someone whose actual parentage is/was concealed (like with Francois Mitterrand’s daughter Mazarine).
            Was the champion boxer married to someone else at the time?

          • is it illegal to be single and have a child?

        • GiantSquid

          Kick it old school and call it a bastard!

        • Don’t put the onus on the child. Instead, you could call the father “the baby daddy” or the mother “the baby mama.” I have friends who are unmarried and co-parenting (but not together as a couple) and they even call each other that. 🙂
          Now, if the father is absent and not helping to raise the child, many people use the pejorative term “sperm donor.”

    • We actually had a collections agent come to our house looking for the previous resident. It interrupted dinner, but at least we stopped getting (most) of their collection notices after that.

  • Rant: I am officially feeling the effects of the August Slump. Totally uninspired at work, at home, with exercise, etc.
    Rant: Especially with exercise! I’ve been a runner for years but over the past few weeks, running has seemed like the most daunting task and I am completely uninterested in it.
    Rave: Looking forward to my volunteer session tonight.
    Rave: Teleworking on Friday and half of tomorrow!

    • You could go for a run to specifically make a shape (if you have an app like runkeeper). A girl did this recently with the male anatomy…it was pretty funny! I’m considering replicating just so I can send it to my friends. Seriously though, maybe mix it up with new music, a new route, a new type of exercise…anything to get you back in a rhythm. Good luck!

      • OMG, I recently did that by accident! I ran on the Mall, so two long, straight, parallel sections with round detours at either end. My mom is my “friend” on my fitness app, I had to hide that route from her!!

      • that’s awesome…. as someone who has also been slacking in the running department I’m going to have to try that! Maybe I can write my name or something.

      • I just found a post about that online! Good idea, that may help on the motivation front. These exercise slumps are so tough because who wants to work out when they are out of shape, but the only way to get in shape is to work out. Hoping for a new start with an easy run to Whole Foods after work.

    • I’m with you on the exercise slump. All I can make myself do these days (sometimes, not regularly) are FitStar workouts. At least I don’t have to leave my house to do them and I can see the calories I’ve burned. When I actually do them regularly, they’re amazing.

  • KSB

    Rant: Cancer. Hurting too many people I love.
    Rave: Two years of tattoo planning are coming to fruition. Starting to research places to have them done! Any recommendations?

    • Cynthia at Cirque du Rogue is amazing. The only way to describe her is amazing. And she’s a great person. She did a great piece on my back as both a cover up and a new piece. Sometimes I forget it’s there, then I see it, and I get excited about it all over again!

      • KSB

        Fantastic! Thank you!

      • GiantSquid

        Cyn is fantastic, I’ve had work by her as well. Really, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the artists there, just do your research and find someone whose style fits what you’re looking to do. British Ink also has strong positive feedback from inked friends.

        • KSB

          Looks like Cyn isn’t taking new clients at the moment but I agree that all of the artists have solid portfolios. I have one tattoo I got at 19 when I walked into a shop in Richmond and pointed to the wall and said “I want that one” so this process of planning is much more refreshing 🙂

    • The Tattooery in College Park was really nice, clean, and had solid art work!

    • valentina

      Has anyone even went to Bethesda Tattoo? I am thinking about getting my first one and it got high marks on yelp.

  • Rant: Romo, the king of Adams Morgan, is moving away 🙁


  • Becks

    Rave: Stopped by Wicked Waffle near Farragut West and tried a Nutella Waffle with strawberries for breakfast. My tastebuds died and went to heaven!
    Rave: Had a surprise call from my college buddy last night. We have been talking every other week or so and I hadn’t expected her to call last night. I am so glad we got back into contact. I found her in January after having lost her after college.
    Rave: Thai Basil and stir fried chicken for dinner last night with herbs from my own garden! I am so excited that my herbs are finally big enough I can use them. I have also started to enjoy mint water. Yum…
    Rant: None so far

    • Emmaleigh504

      My newest guilty pleasure is a nice soft flour tortilla filled with Nutella. It’s the lazy person’s Nutella crepe and it is delicious.

      • The recipe in the post a few months ago for homemade nutella is ridiculously easy (especially if you can het skinned hazelnuts) and so, so much better than the jar (which is pretty damn good anyway). Only problem is that it’s got a short refrigerator life – but sharing it with friends is great.

        • Is your homemade Nutella hard? I had that problem the one time I made it. You had to microwave it to make it spreadable.

    • Becks

      Question: I pay about 150 a month for bus/metro. What is your monthly Metro cost?

  • homerule

    Rave: Flirt pole. It’s really a great way to tire out our dog! We’ve also been working on new tricks for our dog– this week he mastered “roll over” and has got a good start at “bang bang!” (where he lies belly up). We’re all happier.

    Rant: I don’t have much to do work wise, as I’m waiting on other people…which means this fall will be terrible. And, I still have to come into the office, etc etc.

  • Rave: morning yoga
    Rant: the instructor played indie rock throughout the class. It would have been the perfect soundtrack for drinking 2-for-1 beers on DC Reynolds patio but it was not conducive to getting my Om on.

    • I prefer no music during yoga class – it’s distracting. Indie rock would definitely jangle my nerves!

  • So basically I applied for a job 2-3 months ago in a local school system. I heard back immediately that I wasn’t qualified, so I mostly forgot about it. Last week, I get an email from their HR asking me if I’m still interested in a position. I reply yes, definitely, and explain that I won’t have a degree in that field until next year, but I already have a graduate degree in another field and teaching experience. They respond saying that someone will call me the next day for a pre screening interview. At this point I think my name someone got on to a list that was sent out to principals. The next day, before my pre screen interview, a principal calls me asking if I want to interview and I say yes and drive out there that afternoon. As I’m driving there, HR calls for my pre screen. I tell them I’m on my way to meet a principal and they ask if I already did a prescreen. I tell them I don’t think so, but that it’s possible I did one when I graduated with a masters a few years ago from a local university. We did so many that day I don’t remember who they were with. So I have the interview with the principal and it goes really well. She says I’ll hear from her Tuesday. I heard from her Tuesday (yesterday) and she said “I would love for you to join my staff” and that she is sending my information to the person at the next level who has to approve it. The problem is, because I’m not eligible for certification in the subject until next year, I have NO IDEA if this job is actually mine or not. The person who decides is on vacation. I need to tell my temp agency if I’m leaving ASAP because the job would start on the 18th, and that’s already less than 2 weeks. I can’t tell if “I’d love for you to join my staff” is official enough to go ahead and quit, or if I should wait. I’m worried that something will fall through and then I’ll be left with no job. Ughhh

    • Ohh update from one second after I posted this. I just got an email approving it from the person above the principal, but she said she would agree to it if certification agrees to it. So now we are waiting on them. I wish they would just tell me a timeline! ahh

    • I recommend that you don’t do anything about your current job until you have completely official confirmation from the new one, in writing. I hate to sound cynical but I speak from bitter experience – don’t rush anything until all the loose ends are resolved and your new employer is completely committed to you. I once jumped the gun and ended up screwed royally on salary – I started a new job at about 30% less than my manager was willing to pay; HR was blocking it and I thought it could all be worked out once I was there, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, your temp agency will just have to manage, but I am sure they will.

      • Thanks for the advice. I know I need to wait, and I don’t mind leaving the temp agency so much as I’ve been at my “temp” job for over a year and I just feel bad..but then again one of the reasons I’m leaving is because I am a temp and I don’t want to do that anymore, so I shouldn’t feel bad because they’re the ones who refuse to actually hire me/someone for this position.

        • I know what you’re saying, but “temp” means temporary. Anyone filling a position with a temp should expect that person might leave at anytime, so you shouldn’t feel bad. It’s business, not personal. Good luck to you.

  • RAVE!!!: My bank just deposited a $25 “bonus interest payment” into my savings account. What?!? I’ve never had this happen, but will take it all day long!
    Rave: Working from home today is really nice.
    Rant: My cat won’t get off the keyboard. I’ve had 2 emails end in “j;aklsdjfl;askdjf;joiewklhrlsakdjfl;s”. I hit send before I realized that my big fat cat added his own signature!

  • Rant: Mentally justifying a purchase by noting to myself how much MORE money I likely would have spent if I’d had a lifelong drug habit.
    Rant: Revisiting stuff that I’d thought was already – laboriously – resolved long, long ago.
    Rant: I’m a mosquito magnet. I have a row of itchy bites around both ankles — right where my pants legs stopped. I don’t want to use DEET, and the citronella spray smells too strong.
    Rave: Snappeas. Rant: Snappeas for breakfast because I had the bright idea to shop “like a European” and my cupboard is bare.
    Rant: I’m in a grumpy mood. Months of constant construction noise and construction guys outside the windows will do that.

    • I can relate to almost everything in your post! I justify purchases like that way too often…
      I am a giant mosquito magnet and have basically given up on bug spray at this point. I used Skin So Soft by Avon when I was in college, since the campus was basically in a swamp. You might find the smell less offensive.
      And I feel for you about the construction. I’ve had the blinds closed on one wall for over a month since I’ve come face to face with a construction worker first thing in the morning one too many times. Hang in there!

    • Emmaleigh504

      My family uses me as mosquito repellant b/c I attract them all and none of the chemicals work for me. I’m also pretty allergic so the itchy welts last for weeks (they only last a few hours on my dad!), and can be huge (baseball huge). I’ve made peace with it. I’ll probably die of West Niles or some other mosquito spread disease, hopefully before the Alzheimer’s takes hold.

    • Your first rant is amazing. I am going to start using that as rationale for pretty much everything.

  • skj84

    Rave: Got a 3 mile run in yesterday.

    Rant: Running in the orange alert air was a terrible idea. I felt fine all day yesterday and after the run my nose was congested and I had a sore throat. Still not feeling to great this morning. Today is my off day, I hope the air quality is better tomorrow.

  • Rant: I haven’t been sleeping well this week.
    Rave: It is already Wednesday!
    Rant: Bridal shower this weekend: it isn’t appropriate to ask people to address the envelopes to their own thank you notes. When and why did this trend start?
    Rave: Good weather, no plans tonight other than making dinner and vegging on the roof deck.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ack bridal shower! Bad! On the bright side, at least they intend to send thank yous.

    • Rant — having you address your own envelopes is a little tacky, but also a great idea! People move around a lot, and since my contact with most people is either by text, phone, or e-mail, I actually don’t even have the addresses of many life-long friends. Since many people think that e-mail thank you notes are tacky, I actually like this plan.

      • No. I gave you a gift and I came to your party. You can take the 2 minutes to address the envelope. Especially at a bridal shower, when guests are invited to the wedding and you’ve got their address for the wedding invite.

      • Also, paper invitations were mailed to the bridal shower attendees, so the maid of honor has a list of addresses already compiled. That’s just no good excuse for it in my world.

        • We live in very different worlds then. It’s important to me that people express appreciation. I’m not that rigid about how they choose to do this as long as it’s sincerely meant.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It seems less sincere and more of a thing to check off if the recipient has to address the envelope. I’d rather an email thank you than have to put work towards a written thank you. I already put work towards the gift. Getting addresses is really not difficult, put forth a little effort, it shows you really care.

  • Rant: people who manufacture drama out of nothing. How old are you? Do you really have nothing else going on in your life that you do this to have something to do? I’ll gladly give you things to worry about if you need some.
    Rant: no motivation. My get up and go got up and went. Work, gym, etc. Feel so gross and have no energy to get moving again.

    • I should probably find something good to focus on – Rant: my favorite author’s new book is waiting for me at home – Thanks Amazon!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Who is the author and what is the book?

        • Becks

          I just bought, The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan. It’s really good, especially if you like Chinese history and fiction mix. I really like all of Amy Tan’s books.

  • Rave: Upcoming travel
    Rave: Spending this weekend in DC
    Rant: I had trouble getting to sleep last night and then slept terribly.
    Rave: I am already thinking of my 2015 resolutions. I’ve done really well with my list for 2014 this year…I may even make 100% – which would be a first. (I usually identify 30 things or so, so one or two inevitably get away from me or become less of a priority.)

  • Rave: Cousin and his new wife are comming into town – can’t wait for dinner Friday
    Rave: Getting first tattoo tomorrow – its happening
    Rave: Vacation with guy next week – first time traveling together – super excited
    Rave: Brother is popping the question this week – and I’ve kept the secret. So excited for new sister-in-law

  • Rant: Job hunting and apartment hunting. Especially apartment hunting. I wish I could afford to rent a studio in the city and not have to deal with roommates anymore… Wish I could have some luck with finding a better-paid job than my current one!
    Related rant: Sleep deprived due to noisy roommate. Whyyy are you so loud between 1 and 3 in the morning on weeknights…

  • Rave: Two hummingbirds have been hanging around my backyard enjoying nectar from the flowers and from the feeder. The male was here earlier in the year but then disappeared. Happy to see he’s back with his lady friend.
    Rave: I have lots of melons growing
    Rant: Stinkbugs on my melons. I put the larger melons in nylons to keep them from falling from the vine as they get heavier; this may also serve as stinkbug protection
    Rave: Remembered to log into PoPville

    • KSB

      Ooo, we put a hummingbird feeder in our yard a few weeks ago but nothing yet. We have a little planter with flowers but nothing beyond that and the feeder to attract them, so I don’t know what our odds are.
      Side note: My 3-year-old calls them “honeybirds” so that’s just adorable 🙂

      • Honeybirds – that’s adorable!
        What kind of flowers? My feeder went un-noticed until I planted scarlet runner beans. Honeybirds (!) came for the runner beans and stayed for the nectar. They favor native plants with red, orange, yellow and blue flowers and with long tubular blossoms.

        • KSB

          Scarlet runner beans – noted! We have some pansies and something called “Princess Flowers” which do have a tubular blossom sort of. We will plant some flowers closer to the feeder, perhaps. Thanks!

      • Emmaleigh504

        That is adorable!

  • Rant: driving to upper Marlboro is a pain in the ass.
    Rant: going to open houses for group houses. I should just stop going and only go to individual meetings.
    Rave: excited to get my first teacher paycheck!

    • We are going to be teaching in the same county if all goes through with my hiring! How do you like it so far? My school’s in Landover and I live in Glover Park…blah. But at least I’ll be up so early that I think I’ll miss traffic and I’ll be getting off at like 2:30 or something which is awesome.

      • Haha I just read your post and figured it was the same county. My school is in Hyattsville but near the new carrollton station. I also will be working in an early school. I’ve been spending all week at training (there’s one more day tomorrow if you can make it) and some of the material has been useful but otherwise not so much. I appreciate all the opportunities they’re giving us though. I’m a first year teacher, so I can’t say too much about the district but I have a good feeling.

        • lol yep. I actually graduated in 2012, taught for 6 months at a school in DC and could not have hated it more, left for an after school program, decided to pursue library sciences, worked in a research library for a year, and now here I am. From my friends who I graduated with, they had similar hiring stories, but once they got all that out of the way they were happy. I’m going to be part time at one school, part time at another so that’s kind of weird, but I’m in to it. I’ve decided this time working in a school I’m not going to allow myself to let it take over my life. No staying more than an hour after I can go home, and once I’m home no more than an hour of work. Let’s see how long I actually stick to that 😉 but I feel like since it’s library and not something that has testing it won’t be as bad. Enjoy your first year 😀 It sucks, but everyone says it gets better!

    • Are you not keeping your house that’s being renovated?

  • Rant: People who don’t seem to get the concept of 4-way stops. There’s an intersection with a 4-way stop that I drive through regularly, in which one of the streets does not go straight through (there’s a bit of a jog), so the intersection is kind of stretched out. Many of the drivers coming through the “straight” street do not wait their turns allowing people coming out of the “jogged” street to have their turns, then they look at you like you’re the one wrongly pulling out in front of them! Grrr….
    Rave: If that’s my worst problem, life’s pretty good 🙂

    • I walk through a lot of fairly busy 4-way stop intersections on my way to work. Good grief, people have no idea how they work.
      I find myself getting annoyed by the people trying to wave me through. I realize they’re trying to be nice but as a ped I’d actually prefer everyone just went in order. The person coming at me from the other direction hasn’t signed onto their plan for me to walk out of order, half the time I can’t even see that they’re waving me ahead because of glare on the windshield, then everyone does the start-stop dance and one of these times that’s going to end badly.
      But then I remember that I walk to work, so yeah, life’s pretty good.

      • epric002

        +1 for drivers waving you through. if you had just gone when it was your turn, we both could have been through the intersection by now!

      • “I realize they’re trying to be nice but as a ped I’d actually prefer everyone just went in order.”
        Spot on. Everyone using the roads just needs to follow the rules. Don’t improvise, no matter how good the intention.

    • go a different way.

      • Sure, or use this forum, provided for people to rant about things that annoy them, to rant about that which annoys me 🙂

    • Ugh, I used to live near Lamont and Mt Pleasant Streets and that always annoyed me, whether I was driving or walking. Mt Pleasant is the bigger street and it’s not jogged, but Lamont is at an angle, so you almost never get to go if you’re on Lamont. And drivers on MtP wouldn’t always let peds go when it was there turn. It was like when traffic lights are out, but all the time, and there were stop signs.

    • whats the intersection?

  • I don’t see how the photo is a big deal — it doesn’t show the face of the offending nail-clipper. And if you followed the links on PoP’s thread, you’d see that he _did_ confront a Metro nail-clipper in 2008, but to no avail:
    “So I stare at him with a look of disgust and he stares back at me.
    “So I say ‘you know that behavior is generally frowned upon in public spaces.’ And he says, rather angrily, ‘that’s what you think.’ And I said, ‘no, that is what is society thinks.” And he says, ‘no that is what you think.’ And it was pretty much a stalemate at that point. I couldn’t believe that nobody else jumped in on my side. He then continues clipping his nails.”
    Frankly, considering the short fuses some people have, and how you have no idea whether someone is going to respond with a “go f*** yourself” or an “I’ll beat the sh** out of you” when confronted, I’m almost surprised that anyone dares to confront anyone else on something like this.

    • That’s also a likely response that many people might have to having their photograph taken on the Metro by a stranger. Acting like paparazzi is likely not the best way to encourage others to improve their behavior and / o social skills. Ya know: two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • People don’t have an expectation of privacy in public, everyone is walking around with a phone in their pocket. Welcome to the 21st century

    • While YOU may not have that expectation, many of the rest of us still do. I’m not arguing that the expectation is a realistic one though. I will point out that although people are walking around with phones, just as people are walking around with guns, there are still social strictures re: using them, even if there is likely little consensus on what these strictures are.

  • Rant: The one day I decide not to wear my helmet, I crash my bike.

    Rave: Didn’t fall on my head and it was a minor crash. Left leg has some pain, but that should go away in a few days.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Great night for a run and perfect way to clear my mind.
    Rave: Happy to centered around friends and family who truly care for me.
    Rave: Off of work on Friday so time to relax and enjoy the music!
    Rants: None!

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