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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: took the day off.
    Rant: only took today off.

  • Rant: The redesign of the Washington Post Express. It’s now a weird mix of serif and sans-serif typefaces, and even the articles look like ads.
    Rave: Was pleasantly surprised to find an open parking space this morning when I was moving my car in advance of street sweeping.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate the redesign. It makes my eyes bleed. And it’s tacky how they have really silly articles right next to serious articles.

      • There was some “letter from the editor”-type thing where they proclaimed that they were going to move away from news “available from other sources” and essentially publish more fluff. Sounds like they’re aiming to be a print version of clickbait.

  • Rave: I saw a bee.
    Rant: The bee saw me.

  • Rant: My dog caught and killed a squirrel on our walk this morning. It was absolutely horrifying – the squirrel ran right past us and before I could react, she caught it. I couldn’t get her to let go until it was too late. What do you do in a situation like this?

    • Praise your dog and dispose of the carcass in the nearest suitable waste bin.

    • wow. This is my dog’s wet dream. we tell him it will never happen, but maybe we’re wrong! Congrats to your dog?

      In practical matters, make sure your dog’s rabies shots are up to date. and i think it would be neighborly of you to dispose of the body (lots of plastic bags) so others don’t have to see it and it doesn’t attract bugs or worse.

    • jim_ed

      Find a good recipe for Burgoo and try to teach her to get a rabbit next time.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Wow! First PoP reference ever of burgoo! And actually I know of some who do put squirrel into their burgoo. l

      • +1! My old edition of the Joy of Cooking shows diagrams of how to skin and dress a squirrel. But basically don’t worry about rabies or disease. Here from the CDC.

        “Small mammals such as squirrels, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rabbits, and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans in the United States. Bites by these animals are usually not considered a risk of rabies unless the animal was sick or behaving in any unusual manner and rabies is widespread in your area.”


        • Ha! I have that book. I love it illustration of using one’s granny-booted foot help skin the squirrel.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My old dog tried so hard to catch squirrels. He finally caught one an brought in the house for my dad. Too bad it had been dead for a few days before he finally caught it. He was so pleased with himself, my dad, not so much pleased.
      I would take your dog to the vet in case the squirrel was poisoned or diseased.

    • Wow, I always thought the squirrels could outrun dogs!

      • justinbc

        Some dogs maybe. Mine (husky) is quite adept at hunting them. She now has jingles on her collar to give the squirrels a chance to get away first.

    • Sorry you had to see that (and sorry for the poor squirrel!). Sounds like there’s not much you could have done. And your dog was just being a dog. My dog once caught a squirrel but was so shocked that she actually caught something that, after she knocked it to the ground, she just stared at it while the squirrel –clearly the smarter of the two — seized the opportunity and scurried away.

  • Rant (I almost forgot, but the bee post reminded me): Turns out that the roofing contractor was wrong and I don’t have bees on/in my house; I have wasps. Can anyone recommend an exterminator?

    • If you can get to them use a wasp spray to kill them and then buy a product called Viper. It is a concentrate that you mix and put in a pump sprayer. I buy it on-line. It acts as a deterrent for future nests. You may need to apply more than once. I have a cabin in West Virginia and I use this to combat wasps, hornets and carpenter bees. Exterminators will kill the present nests and then try to get you into a monthly treatment plan like an alarm company.

      • Thanks for the tip on exterminators trying to get people into monthly treatment plans. I think I’ll decline on that front, but I suspect I’ll need to get them to do the initial wasp-killing. The nests are all in places that require tall ladders to reach — gutter thing between the 2nd and 3rd floor, and atop the 3rd-floor dormer windows — and not only do I not have a tall enough ladder, I am very afraid of heights. 🙂
        Maybe I can get an exterminator out, purchase some Viper, and then get the roofing contractor to apply it when they come to do their work.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I hate to play the “You Must Be New Here” card but this is not something new. The second question to ask is why does DC government allow him to gt away with it?

      • I’m sick of the “you must be new here” card. I’m not new here and I’m still incredulous that he does this stuff repeatedly and the DC government, not to mention WMATA and the IRS, continue to let him get away with it.
        Some of us have been here a while and are not fully jaded yet. Or we still find some value in rhetorical questions.

      • The fact that’s it’s nothing new is kind of the point. Many of us who are not new are (still) asking this exact question.

      • I hope the Washington Post coverage shames the D.C. government into getting Barry to pay up.
        I wish the D.C. government could be shamed into not giving Barry special treatment any more, but I fear that might be overly optimistic. 🙁

        • It doesn’t appear as if MPD or DPW is giving him any special treatment. He’s been arrested; he’s gotten parking tickets and moving violations. What happens at the next level is another question.
          But query why the DC government would be “shamed” into not giving Barry special treatment when he got (arguably) special treatment from the federal government on his tax evasion charges.
          At this point I think he is seen as a sad, sick old man. And most DC people who are familiar with him and his history take the Elvis Costello view: “I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.”

          • Re. “special treatment”… from the Washington Post article, it looks like the DMV had declined to boot his car even though he was more than eligible. I don’t think I buy their excuse about the ticket-writing taking place when the booting crew was not on duty.
            “The DMV Web site says that the District’s Department of Public Works boots or tows vehicles with two or more unpaid tickets more than 60 days old. Barry was allowed to keep driving his car despite owing the city for 21 separate tickets totaling $2,824.
            “Linda Grant, a spokeswoman for the DPW, said the tickets on Barry’s car issued by her department ‘were written overnight when our boot crews aren’t on duty.’
            “The crews are active between 6 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.”
            Somehow I think if it had been an ordinary D.C. resident, they would’ve found a way to boot his car.
            And as for the Elvis Costello disgusted/amused thing… what Barry _does_ is one thing, but how the D.C. government treats him is another issue. We can pity Barry while still thinking it’s inappropriate for the D.C. government to give him special treatment.

      • I’m not new here, just tired of the DC gov’t BS.

        • Formerly Broken Jaw

          …and I agree with all of you above. We need to ask why the DC government allows this and demand that they take the same action to him that they would to us. Why does this “diabetic” with mutiple moving violations even still have a driver’s license?

  • Rave: Got in my run this morning, did most of the cat & toddler care since my wife’s hands hurt from HFM, and still made it out of the house by 8:30!
    Rave: Wasn’t initially planning on it, but ran through the zoo instead of picking a flatter route – and I didn’t have to stop to walk! I’m still nowhere in near as good shape as pre-kid, but I’m getting there 🙂
    Rant: Day care drop off sucked this morning. Yesterday was great! No tears! This morning either she was just clingier or they didn’t get her engaged in something quick enough or someone different than usual tried to get her set up with something or who knows what. She pitched a fit when I left. I gave a quick hug and made a hasty exit, but ugh. Only three more days… and then my wife will be back to drop-off duty next week when she’s presumably no longer contagious.

    • I feel you on all accounts especially being in much better shape prior to becoming a daddy; daddy weight is REAL!! I don’t drop my daughter off normally because I have such a long commute on the busses and train but when I do drop her off and I don’t leave right away she throws a fit something serious!! What time do you go running, I think I would have to get out of the house at like 5:30a to go running so that I could be back by 6:30 to get ready to be out of the house by 7:15-7:30. I need to make myself get up that early because this extra 20 pounds is not the business, luckily I have the frame for it but my clothes say something different.

      • I believe MtPResident is actually a mommy, not a daddy. 🙂

        • Lol, textdoc is correct – I am a mommy. But my wife would certainly attest to non-pregnant child-related weight gain! Somehow, for me, nursing took off all of the pregnancy weight and then some, but it’s crept back on in recent months. We run on a slightly later schedule–I don’t usually leave the house until around 8:30. So I can go running at 6:30 and have time to shower, get my daughter dressed, feed both of us, etc and get out the door by around 8:30. Kiddo usually wakes up sometime between 7 and 7:30 (and is fortunately usually happy to read in her crib for awhile), so this timing works out well. I’ve been doing a reasonably good job at getting out for early-morning runs twice during the work week for a month or two now–hopefully I can keep it up! I try to take my daughter out with me in the jogging stroller once per weekend as well 🙂

          • Oops, sorry for the mistake, I didn’t even look at the name, I knew that. I think I’m going to have to buy another car if I keep working in Springfield. An hour and a half commute is no fun and killing my quality of life. With a car I essentially could be on your same schedule if my wife would continue to drop our daughter off.

          • Not to worry – an easy mistake to make, particularly based on the context of the post! Ugh on the long commute, though. That’s rough. We’re lucky that we live and work close to public transit. My wife’s commute is a little longer since she works down in Crystal City, but it’s still not too bad. So we’ve got the bus between home/day care and metro between home/work and day care/work. This morning it took me just under an hour to get to work including the day care drop off! But an hour and a half each way is brutal. I’m glad to not drive daily, but I certainly wouldn’t blame you for making that choice given the commute length. I’d probably do the same!

          • @Kam. This is a great time to get a car. Many dealers are getting rid of the balance of their ’14 inventories. Plus, if you are commuting to DC to Springfield, that’s got to be $10-$15/day, you’d probably spend less on gas (crazy, I know). Good luck.

    • I recently started back at the gym and UGH. my legs hurt so badly. I’m doing step tonight and NOT looking forward to tomorrow morning.

      I “feel” ya (but I’m mostly numb now)

  • RAVE: lots of colleagues are on vacation this week
    RANT: the drivers who turn left from Tilden Street on to Beach Drive during the evening rush hour.

    • +1,000,000 your rant drives me crazy!

      • Accountering

        This is such an easy ticket. Everyone who makes this turn KNOWs they are not allowed to do it. Just position a cop there, and flag people down into the parking lot there. Make them wait a half hour, and then finally ticket them. Park Police could kick this problem in a week.

        • Plus, I know from experience that making illegal left turns to avoid traffic on SB NH Ave is $100 ticket. That’ll pay for their 2015 budget, hands down.

        • maybe the park police could raise enough $ to fund a side walk that extends up Park Road? wishful thinking 🙂

  • epric002

    rant: the asshole who cursed at and flipped me the bird after almost mowing me and the dog over in the kansas/quincy crosswalk last night while speeding north on kansas. right. it was totally my fault for crossing the street in a crosswalk. this intersection needs to be a 4 way stop.
    rave: foster puppy.
    rave: foster puppy and grouchy corgi co-existing nicely 🙂

    • My parents fostered a puppy and were really surprised that she and our grouchy corgi became best friends after a week! They ended up keeping the puppy because of it… watch out!!

      • epric002

        it took her months to really like her beagle-buddy! but he was also the first dog she ever lived with. this is foster dog #5 and she has tolerated all of them, but not really liked any. but the longest any were with us was a month, so we’ll see how this one goes 🙂 what kind of puppy is it?

    • We need to lobby for stop signs at that intersection.

      • epric002

        we’ve been trying. DDOT says that intersection doesn’t meet the criteria for a 4 way stop, despite an apparently flawed traffic study (still trying to get the results of it/when a new one will be scheduled). per my ANC rep: “DDOT is scheduled to address 13th & Quincy and Quincy & Kansas at the 10 September ANC 4C meeting from 6:30 – 8:30 P.M. in the Petworth Library”

  • Rave: Finally made it official and legit and got a PoP account. That’s right fellow Popvillers, I’m now one of you. Might even go to the next happy hour.

    Rant: Can’t think of any. Give me a couple of hours and I might. Oh wait, got a minor one – I had to do a captcha after I logged into my PoP account. Is this normal?

    • I should do that too– I’ve noticed another Caroline running around here.

      • Unfortunately, having an account doesn’t stop anyone else from using the same username in a not-logged-in way. There’s periodically (but pretty rarely) another Allison in these parts, but she tends not to capitalize her name.

        • Pick an avatar – the other Allison won’t have one : )
          Unless she also registers and picks a similar avatar.

    • Out of curiosity, what’s the benefit of getting an account? I’ve thought about it, but am not sure why I should do it.

  • VarnumGuy

    Rave: reconnected with a former student of mine and he’s turning into quite the amazing human being.
    Rave again: we’re getting new sidewalks and curbs on our block!

  • Rave: I remembered to bring my glasses and laptop back to work after working form home last Friday. Yesterday I had to use a loaner and suffer through without reading glasses.
    Rant: I hate driving to work. It’s so annoying, but it saves me about 40-50 minutes per day over metroing.
    Rave: I have this Friday off and I’m thinking about going to Chesapeake Beach. I haven’t been to the beach at all this summer. Has anyone been, is it good?

  • Rave: The summer has been pretty nice.
    Rant: Of course we don’t have a hot summer when I actually need it to be hot to help along the solarization process of my yard. I buried all of the edges as you all told me but I just don’t think it has been hot enough, well at least we still have August..
    Rant: I have had dirt and rocks in my trashcan for weeks now, apparently they don’t take it. I guess I have to somehow get it all out of the supercan (it is heavy as hell) and load it in my car and take it somewhere. Can any of you tell me where you took your rocks and dirt? How does that work?
    Rave: Really enjoyed my fried bluefish that I made last night. Still have my rockfish left, I want to do something different than stuff it this time, anyone have any good rockfish recipes? These were all caught on Sunday on my charter fishing trip out of Chesapeake Beach. If you like fishing or want to try a charter boat, I highly recommend the Katherine with Captain Sam.
    Rant: I think I strained what I think is my achilles tendon playing futsal yesterday. I am getting too old to be running around with these young boys. It is a little sore. I guess I won’t be playing basketball tonight.
    Rave: It is only strained and not popped.
    Rave: I just paid off a huge bill that I had dating back to 5 years ago. It will be nice to put that money to another use like savings but likely it will just go to more bills.
    Rave: Paying off said bill well in advance of when it should have been paid off. Over the last year, I was able to pay 2x -3x what I had been paying, it makes such a difference.

    • Re: dirt and rocks in your supercan.
      1) Correct, the regular trash collection doesn’t take dirt and rocks – they’re only supposed to collect securely bagged garbage. If you’ve been leaving anything else out for collection you can actually be fined for that.
      2) I took mine to the Fort Totten Transfer Station. The supercan was far too heavy to lift so I had to empty it bit by bit to load it into the truck. Lesson for next time: don’t fill any container to the point where it’s to heavy to lift if you’re going to need to lift it..
      3) Another option is to hire someone to haul the dirt and rocks away.

      • justinbc

        Yep, Fort Totten is where we go for all of our dirt dumping needs.

      • I put my small amounts of unwanted dirt, rock and bricks in empty mulch bags and put them in my supercan, kinda in a piecemeal way. Sometimes I do take it to Ft. T, but sorta disguise it so they don’t know, although I mostly don’t think they care. And sometimes, I toss a bag or two in some developer’s roll-off trash bin.

    • Congrats on paying off the bill! I know how awesome that must feel, for being such a non-exciting thing. Hooray for fiscal responsibility!

    • Grilled rockfish is excellent. Don’t have a recipe – just season it with salt and pepper, grill for a couple minutes on each side and serve with fresh lemon.

    • For the rockfish – soak in milk for an hour beforehand (so your kitchen doesn’t smell too fishy afterwards). Melt half and half mixture of olive oil and butter in a screeching hot oven-proof skillet. Salt and pepper the fish, sear on both sides until you get a crust. Finish off in the oven at about 450, approximately 5-8 minutes depending on thickness of the fillets. When it comes out, hit it with a solid squeeze of lemon while still hot.

  • Rave: Looking forward to the Nats game tonight. I guess those lawn gnomes are popular giveaways.. we had a hard time getting tickets this morning, but I scored section 107 seats! If you refresh your page *just* enough times, the tickets you want will appear 🙂
    Rave: My performance raise that my boss has been pestering her boss for finally cleared. Only took 4 months!
    Rave: Also picked up a weekend job (5-10 hours each weekend) for some extra spending money and new industry experience. Totally exhausting but I’m liking it!
    Rant: The board/management company at my condo building is getting more and more restrictive, making or strengthening new rules that make the building seem unfriendly and unwelcoming. They did mandatory in-unit energy efficiency upgrades (since we have shared utilities).. My husband and I own our unit, and if you did a survey, you’d know that we and the majority of owners already use LED or CFL light bulbs. Don’t leave a bunch of new mercury-filled lighbulbs that I don’t want in my house in a flimsy bag that my cats knocked on the ground (didn’t break thankfully). Don’t enter my condo when I’m not home after I specifically ask you not to. At least schedule these walkthroughs at times when people could be home, and maybe get some face-to-face time and *educate* people about EE rather than mandating products that you think I should use in my home. Frustrating.

  • Rave: Had an awesome time at the Nats-Orioles game last night.
    Rant: Still recovering from said awesome time. Nothing like dragging yourself into work wearing the same outfit in which you face planted on the couch the night before.

  • Rant: Kid is away at camp, and I miss her.
    Rave: Lovely day, and working from home with my husband this week.

  • skj84

    Rave: My Opentable Certificate came in the mail! Now I just need to decide if I want to use it now or save it for a later date.

    Rant: I cannot do a push up to save my life. I’m doing a fitness challenge that includes upper body exercises. I can kinda get modified push ups, but even that is difficult. I know practice makes perfect but it’s frustrating.

    PoPville Brunch will be August 24th! Venue TBD but I’m leaning towards Brooklands Finest. Open to suggestions for a poll.

    • Years ago, when I went to basic training I couldn’t do a single push-up. Within a week I was doing several. This is an exercise that you can pick up quickly! Just try your modifieds a few times a day until you really can’t do any more. Use good form…that’s important. You’ll be doing “real” push ups in a few weeks, I promise! My last fitness test I did 45 in two minutes (after 16 weeks of practice). Ahhh….that’s a pipe dream now, but I could probably drop and give you 20 🙂

      • skj84

        I’m doing push ups in sets of ten which is helpful. Hopefully I can get to 45 pushups in 2 minutes, though my arms hurt at the very thought. Or maybe they’re still sore from my workout this morning 😉

    • I hear you on getting fitness frustrated! Be patient with yourself – building the muscle takes time but it will happen.
      At the next brunch/happy hour you can let us know how many modified/unmodified pushups you are doing : )
      Andie, 45 pushups in 2 mins is quite impressive!

    • Aw, don’t feel bad about not being able to do a push up. I can’t either! I remember going to my free “consultation” that you get with a fitness instructor when you join WSC. He asked me to see how many push ups I could do. The answer was zero. A sad, wobbly, straining, red-faced, t-rex armed zero.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: I’ve determined that one of the Bros at the AB YMCA is gay. Question: Can gays be Bros? I checked the Bro Code and don’t see gays specifically excluded but if they are eligible I need to rewrite the rules to use more gender neutral language. Geez, this is getting complicated and time consuming; I need some interns or that Food Network watching paralegal from yesterday to supervise to get me through August.

    Rave: Eating hummus directly from the container with a knife.

    • “Question: Can gays be Bros?”
      OMG, yes they definitely can. My freshman year roommate was a Gay Bro – he played video games & smoked pot all day, didn’t know how to do laundry (he had a 5 foot tall pile of laundry in his room and just kept buying new clothes), and he was content to allow his bathroom to grow a fur coat of dust, splashed urine, and hair trimmings.

  • Someone posted about how they rent their apartment out on AirBnB yesterday, is there any good website to go to check if my place qualifies to be rented? Do you have to own the property to rent it on that site?

    • Accountering rents out his house on AirBnB.
      Renting out a condo or apartment is a little more complicated — if your place is a condo, it might be in violation of condo rules, and if it’s an apartment, it’s likely in violation of the lease.
      The New York Times has had some stories on AirBnB hosts who ran afoul of condo rules and lease provisions. I think the NYC government has also not been too keen on AirBnB, because AirBnB hosts generally aren’t charging their guests the hotel tax and passing it on to the city. I get the feeling that the D.C. government isn’t paying as much attention to the issue as the NYC government is, but this might be an issue down the road.

      • I live in a condo building so it looks like we need to read over da rulez

        • Condo owners – definitely check the docs – most will not allow short term (airbnb) rentals. Apt. renters, check your lease – again most will not allow it either.

          But also, before you even consider going the airbnb route, take a look at your competition. The DC market is pretty saturated right now, with over 1,400 listings.

          • If my friend a bus ride away from the Metro in Alexandria is constantly booked up charging $80 for a bedroom with an air mattress, I don’t think the market can be that oversaturated..

  • Rave: I had a long catch up phone call with my bestie last night.
    Rant: I can’t just walk a few blocks to see the bestie anymore.
    Rave/Rant: The challenges of learning to communicate more productively in a relationship. On the one hand, it is great to realize how and where we need rto grow. On the other, relationships are a LOT of work. And I apparently am not always the awesome communicator I pride myself on being.
    Rave: Decent weather for August and a fairly under-committed week ahead.

  • Rant: t-20 minutes until I go to the vet to learn how to self administer fluids to kitty.
    Rave: they say it’s easy, and she does feel so much better after them.

    • My sister had to do this for years for her cat. Once she got used to it, it really was easy. You can do it.

    • My brother also did this for a number of years for his cat. A can of tuna fish nearby, fed to cat bit by bit, helped the process.
      The IV fluids stabilized cat’s condition so after a time the cat no longer needed the fluid.

      • That would be awesome if it happened!

        • Does your cat have kidney related problems? I’d read that it isn’t uncommon for fluids to stabilize whatever kidney condition my brother’s cat had. The cat went on to live for many more years (and probably used up another two lives) before he died of old, old age.

          • Yes, level 1 kidney failure. The vet thought her condition would improve after one month of fluids so we could stop going to the vet 3 times a week, but it hasn’t. So now we are just going to be doing it at home until the end of times.

          • Brother thought he would be giving cat IV fluids until the end of cat’s days. But he was able to stop after about a year, maybe less. Definitely more than a few months, but less than the end of time

          • I asked my brother because I was curious how long he did the IV fluids. He said one or two months (I thought it was longer).
            Good luck with your kitty!

          • Thanks! That’s promising. I also just realized i used “we” to refer to us + cat – shudder, i’ve become “those” people!

          • If you haven’t read it already, check out NY Times Opinionator “A Man and His Cat”

  • Rant: Got certified letter stating my property assessment will be increasing by 250k on my new property.
    Rant: My homestead application that was part of my closing documents haven’t made it to their office.
    Rave: Worker at Homestead Unit was very helpful and responsive in making sure my application is processed.

  • Rant: Not going to Cape Cod this weekend. I can’t justify the 10 hour drive each way only to be there for three nights.
    Rave: Will treat myself by going to Deep Sugar in Baltimore for the first time on Saturday night. I’ve been meaning to check it out for the last two years 😀
    Rave: My decision to move out of my apartment back into a group house is working out splendidly. I’m saving $600/month, my roommates are cool, and my room is the nicest in the house.
    Rave: Got $1200 worth of furniture last night for $275. The girl on Craigslist is moving to NYC today and was desperate to sell everything last night. I haggled hard, she was in no position to counteroffer. My room is officially AWESOME.

  • Rant: yesterday I: overslept, spilled my morning protein shake and made a huge mess, shaved one leg and one pit but forgot to do the other, tripped up the stairs at the office, left my wallet at office, only realized that as I went to pay at a very busy self-checkout line at SW Safeway, then left car lights on while I parked to get my wallet from office.
    Rave: today is a new day.

  • Rant: The new furniture commercial where the couple gets the new couch then start dry heaving at the sight of their old coffee table. Just revolting. How on earth did the company think that would get them any customers? All it does it make me a little sick and I change the channel.

    Rave/Rant: headed out to see my sister. I love my sister and am excited to see her, but we have vastly different views of a fun weekend. She is very active and I’m willing to do more active stuff with her, but weekends with her almost always result in my getting injured, even when I ask to take it easy.

  • Rave: Super excited to earn a bit of extra income for awhile. Grad school loans wait for no man.
    Rave: Made a wheat bread this weekend and it came out really delicious.
    Rave: Mr. S. was gone this weekend and I got a lot done around the house.

    • What are you doing to earn extra income, may I ask? My grad school loans are weighing on me too- I feel like I’m paying as much per month as I can, but it’s still mostly interest. I’m signed up for the public service loan forgiveness but I don’t know if I’m going to stay in the non-profit sector for the next 7 years.

      Rave: had a great workout last night and feel pleasantly, not uncomfortably, sore this morning
      Rave: getting Toki for dinner tonight
      Rant: I’m tired, and it’s only Tuesday

      • I took a second job – not ideal for everyone, but I’ve been searching for a part-time job for a long time and finally a new restaurant decided to take a chance on me. Granted, I’ll just be a host, but even an extra $100 a week is going to make a difference. It helps though that I also love the restaurant industry and missed it a ton after getting into my career field.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Still exhausted.
    Rave: Trip to Lake Tahoe was amazing!
    Rant: Final tally for trip is going to wind up being about $1500.
    Rave: Watermelon
    Rave: Isla Mujeres!

  • Query: Can anyone who has gotten a Real ID in DC tell me how long it took to get your new ID in the mail? I need to change my address, but I have some travel plans in September and want to make sure I’m not trying to rent a car with the temporary paper license.

    • They told me it’d take up to 45 days (!) but I got the new one in the mail in about 10. They’ll give you the temporary paper one, you have to have that with the old expired one. It was a lot to stuff in my wallet, but it was fine.

      • 45 days, yikes! I assume they punched a hole in your old ID or something? Considering there were bars in DC that weren’t taking the temporary IDs, I probably won’t risk it. Our whole vacation is planned around renting a car and if they won’t take the temporary ID for some reason, we’re pretty much screwed.

    • I JUST got mine and it took about a week to arrive. The big thing to pay attention to first is that the names in your ID documents must match EXACTLY. My husband’s social security card (from 1979) only had his middle initial and he actually had to get a new one with his full middle name before he could get a Real ID. Don’t even bother going to the DMV if you can’t get all of the documents to match up perfectly.

      • This is so stupid. Le sigh.

        • Ugh, that’s good to know. This is so annoying because we moved right at the same time as the switch to Real IDs and just need to change our address. We’ve been procrastinating because it now requires a trip to the DMV.

  • Rant: all the folks lining up along Ninth Street between H/Eye this morning. And by lined up, I mean sprawled out. Does anyone know what that was for?

    • I saw it too–one of the guys said it was for a new coin release! The US Mint does have an office there on 9th.

  • saf

    Rant: IRS. I am trying to fill out some forms on behalf of my employer. Form instructions are impossible. IRS website has nothing that I can find on this issue. You wait forever on hold, then they transfer you to a recording that hangs up on you.

    Rave: Baseball tonight!

  • Rave: husband has a job interview where we want to move. I’m so insanely excited, I can hardly control it. I know it doesn’t mean he has a job offer…but OMG I want this
    Rant: baby has stranger anxiety and our nanny is on vacation this week. Having grandparents taking care of him while he’s none to thrilled about them makes me feel bad. Luckily they don’t take it personally.
    Rave: Thought it wouldn’t be good, but rave to the tortilla coast in logan circle. We had a family dinner there last night on the early side, with baby and the waiter, James, couldn’t have been more nice – lovely, actually. Attentive, funny, and it all seemed genuine – The food was good, happy hour margarita was delicious.
    Rave: Did I mention the job interview? So want this to happen!

    • To your rant – my daughter has historically had pretty bad stranger anxiety (even as early as 4.5 months, it seemed!). However, she finally really had fun with my parents last week when they took care of her while she was home sick from day care. (potentially contagious with hfm, but not seeming bothered by it) I’m not sure if she remembered them from six-seven weeks before when they visited for her birthday party or if the stranger anxiety is lifting, but it’s probably a combination of the two. So it may take awhile, but it should get better eventually. It is definitely tough, though – I feel your pain! And good luck with your husband’s interview 🙂

      • Thanks! I think it really matters most if I’m there – I left for work and he took a nap and they said he’s fine. But I still feel bad! It’s not that he doesn’t like you, but right now he doesn’t know you. How do you say that without making them feel guilty for not seeing him often? It stinks either way! My mom said they need to FaceTime more. Not sure that’ll help but it’s worth it!

        • +1. I know EXACTLY what you mean…I will just leave it at that.

        • Yeah, it probably does matter more when you’re there. But it sounds like they get it so you shouldn’t feel bad. (Not that you should feel bad regardless) FaceTime may or may not help, but your parents would likely still enjoy getting to watch your baby play online periodically. And in a few months, your baby might enjoy seeing and interacting with them online as well.

          • Probably. My MIL visits once a month (lucky me) and he does the same thing to her, so I just think he needs to get over it. It’d be nice, though, to be able to know I can hire a babysitter if I ever have money again and he won’t flip out!

          • We use one of my daughter’s day care teachers for a babysitter and that’s worked out well given the stranger anxiety issues. Would your nanny sometimes be interested?

          • I’m sure she would but that’s considered overtime, which is an insane hourly wage. She’s offered to work with us on the rate, but either way it’ll be more than is worth it for us….it’s seriously fine, eventually he’ll get over this 🙂

          • Ugh, that’s rough. Sorry! I agree that he’ll get there though 🙂

          • I bought my parents an iPad specifically for this, so that they can see their granddaughter every day. She’s 10 months now and they’re 8 hours away. Even if it’s for 2 minutes in the evening right before her last meal before bedtime, it is so helpful.

  • justinbc

    Rant/Rave: Overall great trip to Philly, tough coming back into work today after 4 days of nonstop eating and walking around. Some highlights (Museum of Art, Philly Magic Gardens, Zahav, Monk’s Cafe, Modo Mio, BYOB everywhere, Reading Terminal Market) and some disappointments (cheesesteaks, Federal Donuts, the overall deteriorating condition of the city with so much American historical significance). I’m glad I finally checked it off my places-to-see list, but it really made me grateful to live in such an awesome city like DC. Also after staying with our friends who recently had a baby we reaffirmed our lack of desire to have one of our own.

    • Zahav is one of my favorite restaurants ever. It’s SO good. I’ve heard only good things about federal donuts, but I REALLY want to try Franklin Fountain. The Constitution Center is also fantastic.

      As for Philly deteriorating, I think you’ll see – unfortunately – it is much like other once major/great cities. No money. DC has money, but even then there are large parts of the city that are pretty terrible. It also helps that DC is tiny compared to other cities that are in same situation as Philly.

      • justinbc

        Federal Donuts was OK, but compared to both of the fried chicken and donut options here they fall short. I guess if I hadn’t had Astro or GBD I might have liked them more. And yeah, I’m fully aware that DC has way more money to pump into its neighborhoods, it’s just sad to see a place in such a state where half the city (or more) seems completely abandoned, especially when that city means so much to the founding of our nation.

    • The cheesesteaks in Philly might be the most overrated food item in the US.

    • Philly is a great city for food and to walk. I should take my family on a weekend trip, better yet, maybe just my wife and have my daughter stay with her aunt. My wife really enjoyed Philly last time we were there. LOL @ having no desire to have a kid, I can understand that but they truly are a blessing. We are going through a phase right now where our daughter is all over the place but to see how they develop, grow and learn is awesome, nothing better.

      • justinbc

        Yeah I’m sure they’re great for lots of people, they definitely don’t mesh with our lifestyle or personalities though. Their kid was actually one of the better behaved ones I’ve ever been around, but the annoyances just aren’t worth it when we don’t really care about the procreating aspect of it.

        • kid didn’t mesh with my lifestyle either. And, honestly, at 9 months, it’s still very hard to reconcile that the old life we had (disposable income, for example) is gone. No more vacations, no “just going to the gym”….nice relaxing weekends, gone. However, I don’t think it’s fair to call the changes you have to make in life “annoyances”. It’s a change. An annoyance is something you can’t avoid, but children are a choice. I think people similar to my thinking go through the process of missing their old care-free lives. It is a shock, or at least was (still is) to me.

          However, kids are a choice – and for the most part (unless you’re 16 and get an MTV show) a conscious choice. On the flip side of that, though, is the finite time you have to produce them. I definitely don’t have the mommy gene but also know, personally, I didn’t want to be 40 and wonder what if.

          • See I had the opposite reaction. As a 30-something woman I did not want to have a kid (against my judgment) and then regret it. Even if I did change my mind about having children, I have absolutely zero interest in actually giving birth, so the time constraints aren’t as strict.

          • justinbc

            Just because they’re a choice doesn’t mean they can’t also bring annoyances. Waking up every morning at 6AM to multiple hours of screaming is annoyance, whether you chose it or not. So is a baby throwing food in your face. Or crap spraying all over a room. The free time and money are more of a choice, sure, but that’s definitely not what I was referring to with regard to annoyances.

          • I think if you look at them – as a parent, not a bystander – as annoying, it’s hard to enjoy any of it. That’s just how I look at it, and my child wakes up before 6. It sucks but…

        • There is nothing about the idea of kids I find appealing. I like to drink my wine and nap and spend my money however I see fit. I have been told ” I will grow into it” (I’m 30) but I am pretty sure I wont and that is just fine with me. Its comforting to know I am not the only one in the world who doesn’t really want a child, now or ever.

          • yep, it’s definitely not for everyone.

            I’m glad we have ours, but it’s definitely difficult at times and if you aren’t sure, it’s good that we (currently) have a choice here!

          • There’s nothing wrong with not wanting a child now or thinking now that you won’t ever want one. But you don’t and can’t know that you will never want one. I’m not saying you should give up the things you like and have a kid; just keep tucked away in the back of your mind that your feelings and the things you like might change with time.

          • justinbc

            You’re definitely not alone, and you’ll probably never stop hearing that intrusive opinion that everyone must want children. I’m several years older and still hear it quite a bit, thankfully not from family though, only friends and coworkers. The fact we’re both scheduled to retire at 50 now too just adds more incentive not to alter that plan with a major life shift like a baby.

          • saf

            Lots of us don’t want them, have know forever that we don’t, and get SO tired of the “you will someday.”
            Thanks, the possibility has passed, and we are happy as we are.

          • “But you don’t and can’t know that you will never want one.” Maybe you can’t guarantee 100% that you won’t change your mind, but if you’ve made it to 30-35 without wanting a kid, you can say with some level of certainty that it’s unlikely you’ll change your mind.
            And if you do? Depending on age and biology, that can be remedied. But if you’re in the reverse position — you decide to have a kid, then feel like you’ve made the wrong decision — you’re stuck.

          • justinbc

            Even ignoring biology, you can always adopt if you really want the experience of raising a child.

          • Having a kid is one of the the few things in life that you can never un-do. There’s no way to practice being a parent and then decide “this isn’t for me.” Even babysitting your nephew for extended periods of time does not accurately reflect the feelings you have for your own birth child and the time & material resources you must sacrifice to care for your child.
            Parenthood is scary because you don’t know what it’s like to be a parent until you’re beyond the point of no return. I think it’s good that being child-less is becoming socially acceptable and birth control is more widespread. Not every person is meant to be a parent. Throughout history there was immense social pressure to have children, even if you didn’t want them. And that’s how broken homes are created. I’m happy we’ve evolved as a society.

          • Some people know they don’t have kids and have known from an early age and that doesn’t change — in the same way that some people know they do want them from an early age. I hate it when people say, “oh you’ll change your mind.” Not everyone does, and that’s ok. Respect a person’s ability to know his or her own mind.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Anon 1:57 I’m glad society is changing too. It’s nice to have choices. More importantly, I want every child to be wanted and loved by their parents/family. There’s more than one way to make a family. 🙂

          • I knew at a very very young age I did not wish to have or raise children.
            For decades I have been told I will change my mind.
            I haven’t and I won’t. All of my friends and family members have children, I babysit frequently.
            Go with your own desires.

    • The average life span in our country is now over 80. If you have a kid, your fabulous “lifestyle” is only impacted for a small fraction of that time. And the returns come in spades.

      I can’t imagine not having any. Or, in our case, not having many.

      • ” And the returns come in spades.”
        You do realize that’s an opinion, not a universal fact? Right?
        There are MANY parents who are miserable. They had kids because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” and now they regret that decision. I’m glad having a brood of children has made you immensely happy and given your life a purpose, but it’s presumptuous to be dismissive that someone decides to be childless simply because they want to have a “fabulous lifestyle.” They may simply not like children. They may have medical issues that prevent them from having a safe pregnancy. They may suffer from mental illness or substance abuse and know that they won’t be a suitable/responsible parent. Would you prefer that a child be brought into this world by such a person?

        • +1. Every child should be a wanted child, not the result of “But everyone said this was what we were supposed to do.”

      • That’s great for you — just don’t presume that your preference/choice/results are applicable to everyone.

      • justinbc

        I’m glad you’ve found something to bring happiness into your life. I’ve already got several other outlets for such a thing, I’ll just let you enjoy that one without partaking.

        • No one’s saying that anyone HAS to have children. And certainly no one is saying that you SHOULD have children if you have terrible medical issues or substance abuse or anything else listed in the plethora of horrors above. My response was merely to what was actually suggested in this thread: that having children cramps your lifestyle — making it harder to go on “vacations” or the “gym,” or is “annoying.” You’re entitled to your opinion, and I to mine, and my opinion is that these are very sorry and, I dare say, selfish reasons for not having kids.

          People who think this way should be very grateful to people like us who still choose to have children. Without us, you’d have nobody to look out for you in your old age, care for you when you’re sick, or otherwise lend a hand when life gets in the way of lifestyle.

          • saf

            Seriously, you hit every single cliche in the book except for “It’s different when it’s your own.”

          • Having children isn’t about you, the parent, what it gives to you, how it fulfills you, how it gives your life meaning. It is a biological process designed to compensate for the lack of immortality. You deserve no merit badge for propagating your genetic code. Being a parent should not be about how fulfilling it is for you as a parent rather preparing your progeny to be contributing member of society. I am reminded of that line from True Detective. What hubris indeed to think your actions are more noble. But go ahead, produce many beyond replacement rate children to live through the consequences such hubris brings: wars for water, food, more and more essentially resources. You should be thanking the childless for not producing even more strain on the Earth than is already here. See, haughty self righteousness can flow both ways.

          • Childless people should be grateful to parents? Wow, you basically are fulfilling the belief that parents have become completely self-righteous, entitled and selfish and are raising the next crop of humans to be even more self-righteous, entitled and selfish. Clearly it’s all about YOU.

          • epric002

            gag. knowing that you do not want children, and therefore not having them, is the very opposite of selfish.

          • Having kids is also hugely risky. You might not get your “fabulous lifestyle” back in 18 years, you might be caring for a severely disabled child until you die. Your kids might turn out to be awful no matter what you do. It’s not a puppy at the pound, you have no idea how your chips will fall until well after they are put in motion.
            I’m hugely risk averse, this aspect of having kids terrifies me.

          • +1 to Saf, Anonymous 4:03 pm, and Epric002.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You can keep on having all the kids you want, and those of us who don’t want any, will keep on not having them, and we can all be happy with our decisions. No reason to pretend one choice is better than the other.

          • justinbc

            Yeah, I’m not even going to go near that troll bait, I think everyone else has sufficiently addressed it. Even assuming that your assertion that not having children is selfish…so what? In this my (or rather our) “selfishness” impacts absolutely nobody except ourselves. I’m quite certain the McDonalds franchises of the future will be just fine without my 16 year old son there to ring you up for your french fries.

          • Parent, you sound frustrated and resentful by your decision to have children. Otherwise you wouldn’t be acting like you’re doing us all a favor.

        • Again, all I’m saying is that saying you don’t want kids because they “cramp my lifestyle” strikes me as pretty trite. You should all be very glad your own parents didn’t feel that way.

          • Talk about thoroughly missing the point. Why are you so bent on trying to persuade people who don’t want kids to change their minds? Why can’t you just be happy with your own situation and let other people be happy with theirs?
            And as “trite” goes, accusing people who don’t want kids of “selfishness” is about as trite as it gets.

          • I don’t want kids because overpopulation and rapid depletion of resources is something I take seriously. They’d “cramp my lifestyle” of having food to eat.

          • “Why are you so bent on trying to persuade people who don’t want kids to change their minds? Why can’t you just be happy with your own situation and let other people be happy with theirs?”
            Short answer: misery loves company.
            Parents who regret their decision to have kids are often the most forceful to convince their peers to also have children. It’s a classic coping mechanism. People need more time in therapy.

  • Rant: I was legally crossing Mass Ave at 13th Street NW this morning, at a typical gait, with about 20 seconds left on the “walking” sign, when a woman waiting to make a right on red started honking her horn at me. I looked at her and pointed to the walking sign, signalling that I was good, and she responded by mimicking the fact that I was on my cell phone and gesturing that I needed to walk faster. Really obnoxious.

    Rave: I love walking to work.

  • Rave?: Forgot to mention that after a long, long, long wait, space has finally opened up at the Department of Labor daycare. Given the recent incident this is looking attractive. Do any of you have any input on the DoL daycare? We have to decide in two days if we want to remain on the list or take the spot. I think we waited almost, let’s see, my daughter is 15 months old now so I would say almost two years on this list to get a spot but now I don’t know if it is worth taking her out of what she knows and people she is comfortable with…Plus this is going to more expensive, yup there goes that money I was about to save (if we move forward with it).

    • Ugh, I feel your pain! We had this dilemma last week, though the new place was less expensive and closer. We still decided to keep our daughter where she is. However, we LOVE our current day care and feel like she’s learning so much there. The new place also would have placed her in an “older infant” room that was similar in style to the infant room that she transitioned out of 6 weeks ago–she’s now used to the space/set up of a toddler room. So it would have been a regression for her in that sense. She also would have had a tough time with the transition, but of course would have survived if we felt the price reduction/convenience were worth it (albiet likely with a period of clinginess and night wakings). At any rate, I’m not sure that’s helpful – you might just need to go with your gut. Unfortunately, I don’t have any insight on the DoL center. Hopefully someone else does! Or someone on DCUM might (though I didn’t learn much about our potential new spot on there last week, so maybe/maybe not). Good luck!

      • If you’re still seeking info on the Switzer daycare center, I can ask my co-worker (although I haven’t seen her around much recently).

        • Thanks! I think we’re set. Still on the wait list so it could come up again, but we felt happy and relieved once we declined the spot–so I think we made the right choice for us. Much appreciated though!

  • I’m looking to extend my 2nd back bedroom over my first floor extension, and do a roof desk. Anybody have any recommendations for an Architect to draw the plans up?

  • RANT: So busy at work I can hardly think straight.
    RAVE: The day is flying by as a result, I can’t believe it’s after noon already, feels like 9 am to me.
    RAVE2: One of my staffers is out so I’ve had to dig into some database languages myself and it’s coming back to me better than I thought it would.
    RANT: Getting hot again!
    RAVE: We’ve had such a beautiful summer, I don’t even mind a week or two of these temps.

  • Rant: Seriously can’t understand how the police think it’s OK for a public concert to be held in a residential area for 5 hours on Sunday. The whole neighborhood wanted to KILL the residents who thought it was OK to break out the amps and microphones, blast their music and scream into the mic all late afternoon/early evening for 100+ plus strangers who descended on the event. According to the sergeant who dismissed all our complaints, there is no noise ordinance in DC. What a load of s**t.

    • how often does this occur?

    • I feel your pain. That was a continuous problem when we lived in Carver-Langston. This one group house brought a karaoke machine into the street and proceeded to scream into the microphone all night while blasting music. There would be upwards of 20-30 people crowded on the sidewalk and in the street (we lived on a small one-way, one block street). The police would come, but the offenders would just turn the music down until they rolled on by (police never even stopped- just rolled through).

    • Also, where was this?

      • Barney Circle.

        Does it really matter if it doesn’t happen happen all that often? It’s still rude and inconsiderate. Rent a public venue and hold your concert there.

        • I’d be pretty annoyed. Did they at least give the neighbors a heads up?

          • OP here. No – all of sudden there was this loud music and someone screaming in the mic that they were “just getting the party started.” There was a collective groan in the neighborhood and I’m sure the phone lines at 911 lit up. They said they had many complaints from residents.

        • DC has a long history of basement and backyard house shows for hiphop, gogo/funk, and punk rock. It’s part of the charm of Chocolate City.

          • I agree. However, I do think that the people hosting these events should at least give their neighbors a heads up.

    • The sergeant was right. DC doesn’t have a daytime noise ordinance. We do, however, have a nighttime noise ordinance.
      Deal with it.

  • Rave: Just went to Seattle to visit my boyfriend, who is there for the summer. First time going to the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful city and I lucked out with some great weather.
    Rant: Too short of a trip! Was only there for 4 days.
    Rave: Boyfriend will be back in just over 2 weeks! Looking forward to an end to long distance.

  • Rant: A helicopter has been circling over my office for the last 20 minutes and it’s noisy and freaking me out.
    Rave: It feels like Friday even though it’s Tuesday.
    Rant: Oh maybe that was a rant not a rave.

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