Progress at Heat Da Spot Coffee and Deli coming to former Tibet Shop on Georgia Ave

3213 Georgia Avenue, NW

Back in April we learned that Heat Da Spot Coffee and Deli would be replacing the short lived Tibet Shop on Georgia Ave. You can see the progress that’s been made in the photo above – with larger windows added and a new entrance onto the good sized patio space. Looking forward to seeing how the inside turns out too!

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  • I can’t wait for this to open, but they will have a tough time competing with Harrar’s great coffee as far as I’m concerned. I also heard the space under renovation next to it will be a convenient store. Is that true, or is that actually going to be the deli?

  • someone in the previous thread said “aree with jcm about the neighborhood style coffee over a starbucks. how boring! if i wanted starbucks i’d move to arlington.”

    do they not know that Starbucks started in a city, and does, in fact, exist in DC?

    • Starbucks, namely Howard Schultz, is a big reason those neighborhood-style coffee shops exist in the first place. It’s a big reason why many Americans even know to demand a decent cup of coffee. That said, I do prefer the locally owned shops. But, you have to give credit where it’s due.

      • for many people that’s true. not for all of us though. i remember before starbucks opened on the east coast and coffee culture was quite alive back then.

  • Is this really going to be the name? I am super excited for this place to open but that name is terrible.

    • My immediate reaction to the name, too. Hope they are successful. I wonder when Petworth Liquor will close? (across the street) I thought their building’s sale to a developer was a done deal; a guess is that due to their “bad neighbor” reputation, anyplace they try to relocate to will bring a flurry of protest from nearby residents.

      • Yes, the sale of Petworth Liquors is done. The new development is (slowly) working through the permitting process. The needed a zoning exception, and they were trying to take a small piece of city-owned land in the alley.
        Speaking of development, I was at the post office today and saw a bunch of developer-looking guys talking and gesturing at the closed strip mall. Here’s hoping that’s going to get moving soon.

    • Agreed — I too am glad that this place is in the works, but the name is awkward.

  • Any place that replaces “da” for “the” or that replaces the letter “s” with a “z” can’t be that great.

  • Agree that name haz gotz to goez!

  • What’s up wit dat name?

  • I acutally like the name. Heat Da Spot is fun, funkalicious, and appropriate to the neighborhood. Better than Crane & Huxley or whatever that new place on Upshur is called, for example. Too stilted.

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