Pop’s Sea Bar Opening Sept. 4th in Adams Morgan

1817 Columbia Rd, NW

1817 Columbia Road has been the home Evolve, Marrakech Lounge, and briefly Mudbugz and back in late June we found out Taan had also closed.  We learned the space  would be taken over by the folks from Cashion’s and called Pop’s Sea Bar. Their facebook page says:

It’s official… we’ll be open to the public on Sept. 4th! Casual, boardwalk-inspired seafood bar and restaurant. Eat. Play. Imbibe.”

And they’ve also posted their menu:


EaterDC reports:

“Pop’s will serve lunch and dinner seven days a week, with plans for a happy hour menu to come. The restaurant will be open Sunday-Thursday 12 p.m. to midnight. And, Friday and Saturday 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.”


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  • Looks yummy! I’ll miss Taan, but this seems like it will be something new and interesting for the neighborhood.

  • This is exciting, I trust the Cashion’s guys are the one’s who can finally do somthing with this space.

    It’s like of like Tackle Box, if tackle box didn’t suck at making food.

  • Emmaleigh504

    If the catfish is good, I’ll be there everyday.

  • Do we think “curley fries” is a misspelling or an allusion to Curley’s Fries of Wildwood? Either way, can’t wait.

    • this would make me extremely excited! every time i eat a fry, i would faintly hear in the background of my mind “watch the tram car please.”

    • Good point. I guess we will have to see if they are curly, or “crinkle cut”

  • I’m hoping their menu looks exactly like above but printed on paper that is also used as a place mat.

  • Cheap, good, seafood. Unless you can smell the water, you only get to pick 2.

  • Is serving food until 2 a.m. a good idea on that quieter stretch of Columbia?

  • This looks promising. I hope Pop’s Sea Bar can overcome this location’s apparent Spinal Tap drummer status.

  • I agree – very exciting. Glad that someone with proven restaurant and business skills are taking over this space. As someone mentioned yesterday, this part of Columbia Rd is just getting better and better.

  • Smelts !!! Taylor Pork Roll !!! Fresh Raw Oysters !!! Peel and Eat Shrimp !!! I can’t wait!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    wait – $24 for crab cakes?? I hope they re-think that. Otherwise looks very promising. Love some peel and eat shrimp with a can of cold beer.

    • $24 for crab CAKE. 5oz. As I read it, it’s just one. Even for Chesapeake bay blue crab meat, that seems hellaciousy expensive. The rest if the menu looks great though. I could do a serious Taylor pork roll swoon. And now I’m imagining a crab cake topped with a slice of Taylor pork roll….

      • There was an interesting article in the City Paper a few years ago on how much of the crab that D.C. restaurant menus describe as “Maryland crab” is, in fact, not even from Maryland. I can’t remember which lameass restaurateur it was who was claiming that “Maryland crab cakes” was a totally legitimate way of saying “Maryland-STYLE crab cakes.”

        • I bought some Epicure crab meat (which is a brand from the Chesapeake) for $35 at the DC fish market a few weeks ago That’s enough to make 6 crab cakes although if they’re big cakes with little filler, maybe that’d only be 4. Either way it’s less than $10 of crab meat (at retail prices) in that $24 item.

    • Prices for MD crab are at an all time high due to the low count of crab, so that might be an accurate price for the current year.

      • The menu doesn’t say Maryland Crabcake – just crabcake. $24 bucks is way too much! Hope they rethink that.

  • I wish they had at least one vegetarian dish. Otherwise, I think it’s a great addition!

  • seems absurely expensive based on the 5oz crab cake (and two sides) for 25$. I mean…come on now. I will probably not be dining there.

  • $4 for corn? Seriously?

  • burritosinstereo

    “Taylor Pork Roll”?! No. As anyone from New Jersey knows, the rift between those that call it “pork roll” and “Taylor Ham” runs deep — almost as deep as the North/South Jersey debate, or the hoagie/sub debate (HOAGIE ALL THE WAY) — one does not simply COMBINE the two.

    What’s it gonna be, guys?

  • =( I miss Taan

    • I was a big Taan fan too. The writing was on the wall with all their groupon deals, etc. But their ramen was great. Better than Sakuramen for sure – but I’m guessing their operations expenses were considerably higher given their space.

  • These prices are a little ridiculous. Sigh. I wish more fast-casual options would come to AdMo.

  • Looks yummy, maybe they can do for the space what Starbuck’s did for the cursed SW corner at 18th & Columbia. I still miss Rocky’s and their mango & whipped cream topped waffles.

  • It seems like a fun addition, however, while I like fried/greasy food as much as the next person it’d be nice if it was a bit more healthy/imaginative. Hopefully they’ll expand their menu after they’ve been open for awhile.

  • Just had a drink there and liked the place but was surprised by the beer prices. $6 for a can of Natty Boh? Ridiculous.

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