Police Activity in NoMa

A reader sends word:

“The entire 1000 block of 1st Street and maybe more are blocked to all traffic, pedestrian and cars. The security guard in our office building said someone was killed!! Have you seen any reports of this?”

Unfortunately another reader hears that there may have been a suicide.

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  • Jumper. Coworker saw it from the side and heard a scream and a thud. He called 911 and said he could hear the man coughing. Not sure if he ended up dying. I saw the body with a million police around.

  • This map may be a little off – 1st street is blocked off beginning just half a block up (north) from the 1st St entrance to the Union Station metro.

    • DC_Chica is correct – I believe it’s the 700 block.

    • The person jumped off of H onto 1st St NE. Traffic (when I left work a few hours ago) was not allowed onto 1st from K to Mass. The sidewalks from L to Union Station were closed. Anyone leaving garages onto 1st could turn in the direction away from the body and get off of first to get out of the area. (So, I work at First just north of K, and I could only turn south on 1st towards K)

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