Pokémon World Championships in DC this Weekend

Things I did not know existed:

“What: The 2014 Pokémon World Championships is coming to Washington D.C., Friday, August 15th – Sunday, August 17th. More than 500 elite Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and video game players from more than 30 countries will compete for the ultimate title of Pokémon World Champion in the invitation-only tournament. Thousands of Pokémon competitors, supporters, and fans from around the world will converge on the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, providing great visuals, interview opportunities, and a positive, family-friendly story for all news mediums. Intense Pokémon TCG and video game battles, Pokémon cosplay, costumed characters, and an energetic Opening and Closing Ceremonies will add color to the family-friendly, international event. You can view the 2013 Pokémon World Championships recap video here: 2013 Worlds Recap Video”

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  • You mean for not knowing about the tournament? Of course he should have known it’s coming! Get your pogs ready DC!

  • Accountering

    I used to play Pokemon WAYYY back in the day. I didn’t know these were still around. Now that I am an adult, my reaction is: another group of people coming to the city, staying in hotels, and spending money in the city. Great stuff, enjoy the tournament!

  • On a related note- the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour is coming to DC in February. I guess Forbes was right when they ranked us the coolest city in the US!

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