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  • Yuck! To think there was a time when horse dung was everywhere. It must have smelled so gross.

    • tonyr

      Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? No, because it’s not really slippery. Back in the day people slipped all the time on horse dung and this was the basis for slapstick movies. But the movie-makers figured that it’d be funnier if it wasn’t so gross, so they dreamed up banana peels instead.

    • One of the big selling points of early automobiles is that they would minimize pollution and make city air fresher.

  • Maybe it’s because I grew up around horses, but I don’t find horse manure all that annoying. It’s certainly large enough to see to avoid and is way less gross than the dog poop that doesn’t get picked up. Now don’t get me wrong, there should be a way for NPS to deal with this, but it is avoidable (it’s never on the north side of the bridge).

  • On my list of urban ills, this ranks something like #1084. Now, if half the people in the city rode horses, I might feel differently, but the occasional horse dookey on the Duke Ellington barely registers.

    • justinbc

      It doesn’t really bother me because I don’t live in an area where horse patrol is a regular occurrence (if at all in the 21st century). If I did however live close to somewhere where they frequently were pooping and being left behind it would be much more frustrating.

      • tonyr

        I prefer traditional methods (horses) of crowd control to more modern ones (teargas, rubber bullets and tanks on the street). Did we not learn anything from Robocop?

  • can’t believe no one said “shit happens”

  • Dog poop would seem to be a more widespread problem.

  • These horses and their owners and/or operators are more equal than other horses.

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