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  • That accident picture irks me. Seriously, find a spot that isn’t blocking traffic and pull over. They aren’t going to send the forensics team out to find out who is at fault.

    • +1,000. If they were sitting there for more than a few minutes, they probably had traffic backed up all the way into Virginia.

    • Glad to know my awful situation irks YOU!! Maybe it isn’t apparent from the photo, but the truck was imbedded so deep in the side of my car that I was unable to pull forward or backward, and the driver (the svelte gentleman in the photo) got out to yell at me to move my car, which I couldn’t seem to impress upon him was contingent on him moving the truck. There was a also very helpful woman that knocked on my window and was yelling at me too. The a motorcade came though… It was delightful. I guess you have never driven on Independence Avenue, because even if I could have moved my car, there really isn’t any place pull over in the two lanes with no shoulder. Stop being a douche. I guarantee your morning was less terrible than mine.

  • So you’re saying with have a beautiful monument that addresses the river with a grand staircase? I have an idea, let’s build a freeway between the monument and the river!

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