Penn Commons Opens in Chinatown Today – Check out their Menus

700 6th Street, NW

Penn Commons opened today in Chinatown by the Verizon Center across the street from Grafiato and Daikaya. Check out their menus here:

“Whether you are popping in for a quick bite before a Verizon Center event, or your want a full dinner at your leisure, we have just the menu for you!

With the resurgence of the local farmer and great American products, chef Jeff Tunks has cultivated partnerships with specific purveyors nearby… or has just made it himself. It just takes having one common philosophy: American sensibility joined with American seasonality. Penn Commons sources the highest quality ingredients whether it is local artisanal or abroad.

The menu offers a raw bar, charcuterie plate, a selection of regional entrees from across America, signature Burgers and Sandwiches as well as snacks and bites such as Custom trios of Dips & Spreads. The bar menu is available late and features casual fare perfect for enjoyment before or after events and games at the Verizon Center.”

And their facebook page says:

“Beer lovers assemmmmble! 40 craft beers are on tap representing each ale-producing state in the US from Colorado staples to small indie brews that might be your next favorite.”

You can see the full beer menu here: penn-commons-beer-menu (PDF)



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  • austindc

    Who are the 10 non-ale-producing states, and why are they allowed to remain a part of this country?!

    • Either that beer list isn’t up to date or they exaggerated in their statement. They don’t have anything from IN or KY even though I’ve had really good beers from both states.

  • Had lunch there last week when they were doing a test run of their service – excellent meal.

  • I wish restaurants would get more creative with their vegetarian options than the same old “Roasted Portobello Mushroom” that everyone serves. You can always tell it’s something the chef had no interest in creating.

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