Oyster Happy Hour returns to Chez Billy for August starting Tonight

3815 Georgia Ave, NW

From an email:

“We’re happy to bring back happy hour oysters through August! $9 for a half dozen and $17 for a dozen Tuesday-Sunday from 5:30-7:30. Come by, enjoy our happy hour prices and pretend you’re not in DC for a few hours.”

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  • justinbc

    “pretend you’re not in DC for a few hours”
    This comment is kind of annoying. Are we supposed to hate your restaurant for being in DC the rest of the time? Never mind that there are multiple restaurants here who serve oysters at $1 each during HH, rather than their $1.50 each.

    • A pretty crummy deal on the oysters, IMHO. Most places with an oyster HH do 12 for $12.
      I ain’t paying more than that in Petworth.

    • Perhaps they are trying to promote their patio? It does feel like a decent escape from DC, especially from Petworth. As far as the oyster prices being higher than others, I agree; but, Chez Billy has much more reasonable prices on booze so it offsets. Especially during HH.

    • because feeling like you’re away from home is extra fun and relaxing for nearly everyone.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Chez Billy is lovely, but so are several other places in more prime real estate in DC that offer $1 oyster hh. I love oysters, but won’t be partaking in this over-priced “special.” It’s a shame. Otherwise, I’d hit it up once a week.

  • why would I want to pretend I’m not in DC for a few hours? Stupid tagline.

  • I’d wait another month to eat oysters. The taste ain’t that great in the summer waters.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I thought the old adage was only eat oysters in months with an “r”.

      • justinbc

        This is an outdated philosophy that doesn’t really apply given modern refrigeration and harvesting methods used in the U.S.:
        The fact it’s continually spread does nothing to help the industry, but thankfully there are enough folks out there debunking the myths.

        • You won’t get sick if you eat oysters from the mid-Atlantic or Northeast during the summer. However, during the summer the oysters are still growing and the flavor isn’t fully developed. I’d prefer to wait until late September once the prime harvesting season begins and the water is a bit colder, thus giving you that refreshing & cold briny flavor.

    • I had really fantastic oysters two weekends ago, in MD. They were sourced somewhere in MD, and I swear to you that they were the best I’ve ever had. That said…the oysters about a month ago at Hanks were not good.

  • They should’ve gone with something like “Pretend you’re in Brussels for a few hours.”

    • Yeah. “Pretend you’re at the beach…” would be great. “Pretend you’re not in DC” — just makes me want to avoid a restaurant that apparently thinks that being here is no great shakes — despite it’s customer base of people very much in DC.

  • I’ve never eaten here, but I’ve heard good things. What’s the verdict?

  • Maybe you can get oyster deal at a table, most places the oyster deals are only good at the bar.

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