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  • Put a bird on it!

  • skj84

    So this was the source of the construction in front of Gallery Place?

  • Horror. How did this get past HPRB?

    • It’s not in an HPRB district – 7th St is the boundary.

    • There were hearings about the larger signs at the Verizon Center. Since I can’t post links – google a Popville post titled “LED billboards to Go Up at Verizon Center?” from 01/18/12 and a follow up titled “Renderings of Proposed New Verizon Center Signage” from 06/19/12. Those appear to be about the larger signs on the side of the Verizon center, though. I wonder if this was also proposed as part of that hearing process?

  • Omg I’m dying, this is hysterical. I work right near there, I’m going to make sure I walk past it on the way home today. The dragon, oh man.

    I kind of love how cheese Chinatown is. I know it’s “awful” but… I don’t know there’s just something kind of amusing to me about it. I’m glad it’s mostly contained to one block, but, at least it’s something different!!

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