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  • This one is so beautiful and peaceful on what is an otherwise very busy corner. I agree completely! Does anyone know if this building is condos, embassy, etc? I can never figure it out – but I have to admit I don’t sit there staring at the place.

    • It’s still a single family home. You can see the owner every now and then around the neighborhood walking his dog. Nice guy.

  • my old block. heaven

  • this is beautiful and well done. But I have to think the mosquitos this pond breeds each summer would be out of control. I was told that even a thimble amount of standing water in the yard will increase the mosquitos.

    • I imagine they use some kind of control like a mosquito dunk for the pond.

    • justinbc

      As seen in the photo the water is rippling due to the small fountain in the middle. That’s really all it takes to keep mosquitoes away. They hate movement, this is why any restaurant with outdoor space should have a fan, and if not it’s doing its customers a disservice.

  • I’ve been admiring that garden for about 20 years, but I don’t think I’ve ever once seen an actual person in it!

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