Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

1824 8th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1824 8th Street, Northwest. The listing says:


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $3,000/Mo.

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  • Do they lose points for including illegal occupancy restrictions in their listing?

    • I’m curious. Although the listing points out that the house is close to Howard U., the landlord seems to want to avoid having the apartment turn into a frat house — something that I sympathize with. I thought there were laws about the number of unrelated people that could live in a space, but I’ve no idea what those restrictions might be. So: does anyone know? And is there a legal way for a landlord — such as someone who owns and lives in what was formerly a single family home — to rent to either a family or two seemingly quiet tenants — without running afoul of the law?
      I’m not the landlord — but once ended up renting the house that I grew up in to students — because those were the only tenants the managing company could find. I ended up selling the house because of the headaches that situation caused.

      • The landlord would have to accept all applicants, and then try to find a legal reason to rent to his/her favored applicant–if the landlord really wanted to rent to a family, he’d have to find one that had a higher income or a better credit score than any of the groups of students applying to live together. And as long as there wasn’t a paper trail explicitly laying all this out, there would be no way to prove discrimination. If it turned out the most financially qualified applicants were three college students who wanted to live together, the landlord would be SOL.

      • You do the same thing you do in hiring for a job: you interview people, and then hire (or rent to), the person you like. You don’t openly disqualify/discriminate people.

      • I believe the max is something closer to 2 people per room. Not sure if relation would increase this number. Having 2 instead of 3 ppl living there is no guarantee it won’t become a party house. They’re going to have an even harder time finding people with such restrictions.

        • Yeah, I think the occupancy limits are 2x the number of bedrooms, plus 1 – like, based on the idea of for a 1br, two parents plus a kid, or for a 2br then 5 people, etc – meant to prevent discrimination against families. I think you can make your own decision about who you want to rent to (provided you’re not providing a paper trail, like this advertisement, of discrimination in the selection process), but dont think you can legally say that you wont accept families (or other specific demogratphics). It’s spelled out pretty clearly in CL’s terms and conditions:

      • Yea, don’t advertise that on CL. You’re ultimately free to choose whomever you want, just don’t exclude folks in the actual listing.

      • I am interested in how others do this as well. I have lived alone for years now, but I have a second bedroom I was considering renting for additional income. I don’t want a nightmare roommate, obviously. As the additional income isnt absolutely necessary for me, I was consider trolling the craigslist “seeking a rental room” area and hand picking someone who I thought would fit. If you don’t advertise to the masses then you can’t discriminate being my thought.

        I am a block away from this house- it looks nice and the price point is very competitive IMO. Best of luck in your renting!

  • 3 BR, but 2 roommates or a single family only? Huh?

  • Is this the house where the two guys were just murdered? No thanks.

    • This isn’t the murder house. That was 1846 8th Street, NW – this is 1824 8th Street, NW, so it’s a little down the street from the murder house.
      The illegal occupancy restrictions are charming, though. And it’s being represented by a real estate company! You’d think they would actually know about housing law.

    • Nope, that house is on the same block several houses towards T street. This block is actually pretty quiet.

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