Meats & Foods Now Open in Shaw/Ledroit/Bloomingdale!

247 Florida Ave, NW

Apparently Meats & Foods passed their health inspection! Thanks to all who tweeted and commented. @johnmdav tweets us yesterday:

“@PoPville Meats and Foods opened this afternoon”

And this morning a commenter writes:

“Rave: “Meats & Foods”, the restaurant version of “13th Street Meats” opened yesterday. Nice little place with good meat. You can get cooked links to eat in (very small seating but outdoor seating expected soon) or to go, or uncooked links for your own at-home grilling experience (about $2.50 a link). They do have beer in cans (and wine I think) as well as other beverages, and are planning to have a few “sides” available soon to add to their basic bag o chips. Meats are made fresh daily (Just like DCity Smokehouse) so it is possible they can run out of things from time to time, just consider it a good opportunity to try a new link and enjoy the variety. I can give two thumbs up for the Poblano Pepper, Italian, Lemon Basil Chicken, and Veggie Dog. Welcome to the hood guys, glad to have you!”

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  • Can’t wait to try this place, but I can’t help wondering how the patrons of this place and those from Carolina BBQ (half a block up) will get along…

    • Not sure there’s much of a conflict here. The “Carolina BBQ” is mostly a drug joint from what I’ve seen.

  • Did s/he say “veggie dog?” Sweet! As a vegetarian neighbor and the wife of a man who loves meat (and has been anxiously awaiting the opening of this store) I am now as excited as his is to try it out!

    • It is a “HE” by most definitions and I did say Vege Dog lol. At first they called it a vege sausage to which my vegetarian neighbor turned up her nose as she could not get over the “sausage” name, but the menu had “Vege Dog” on it so I bought her one lol.

      PS, for fellow gluten free peeps just order it without the bun, and add grilled peppers on top, s to the o to the LID solid!

  • So excited to try this! And welcome neighbor!!!

  • Just got back in town today, and this is such a welcome addition to our block! As an avid carnivore, I had to try it immediately and my highest hopes were met. Look forward to trying the entire menu!

  • Had the half smoke today with cheese and chili and it was awesome! Welcome to the hood!

  • Can’t wait to try it. I wonder if the drug addicts loitering in the BP gas station across the street will serve as a deterrent. They smoke cigarettes directly next to fuel pumps without the gas attendant, police, or fire marshall taking action.

  • I’ve been twice. The first time, I ordered an Italian Sausage with onions and peppers. The second time, I picked up four sausages for $10.00 and grilled them myself. I like it a lot and will be going back. They make the sausages on site. And even though the place is very small, they found the room for a record player and vinyl records!

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