Logan Hardware closing P Street Location Aug. 15th moving to new 14th Street Location “by the Fall”

1416 P Street, NW

From a press release:

After 12 years in its current location, neighborhood staple Logan Hardware is closing its doors on P Street to relocate to 1734 14th St. NW. The official last day for the store is scheduled for August 15, 2014.

Logan Hardware opened in 2003, the first of nine Ace Hardware stores opened in DC and Baltimore by A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ owners Gina Schaefer and Marc Friedman. Schaefer admits that while opening a hardware store was never what she expected to do for a living, it quickly developed into a passion during her first few years at Logan Hardware. “Logan Circle was the best place to open our first location. It gave us our start and helped shape who we are as a company,” said Schaefer. “We hope to never leave.”

Though the storefront on P Street will be missed by staff and neighbors, the new location boasts an additional 4,000 sq. feet of retail space, an outdoor garden center, a conference room for DIY workshops, and 1,500 sq. feet of office space. “Our new space will allow us to expand some of our great departments, offer community classes and meeting space, and give us a chance to do so much more for the neighborhood we love,” Schaefer said.

The new location will celebrate the move to 14th St. with a grand opening event once the store is up and running in the new space. To RSVP for the event and receive updates on the store’s move, please email [email protected]

moving to the right of the future West Elm in photo above, 1734 14th Street, NW

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  • NO!!!! My dog will not be happy that you are closing for even a little bit of time.

    • homerule

      Mine too! He pulls us towards the door every time we pass– and can’t stand it when they’re closed!

      We told a worker about this and they said that often they find nose prints on the door when they open in the morning.

  • Have the announced the name of the inevitable small plates restaurant or gelato shop that will take the P Street location yet?

    • My guess is that the current building is knocked down and a large apartment building replaces it. DEN$ITY!

    • maxwell smart

      Don’t you know? P Street is OVER.

      • But seriously, it is. Those restaurants are oh-so-tired (except for Stoney’s mayitliveforever), there’s not a Metro stop in close walking distance, and it would be really nice to walk down the street without being hassled or panhandled outside the CVS every time.

        • thatnewplaceon14th

          OMG. That one homeless guy who always stands in front of CVS:

          “Help the homeless. Help’em out. Help’em out. Hel’ ow. Hel’ ow.”

          He’s a little less coherent these days. Poor guy 🙁

    • homerule

      I believe it’s going to be condos.

  • The major negative about the change is the lack of parking in the new venue. Also, with current venue it was so easy to go grocery shopping and just making a side stop to the hardware store for small things. Now it will have to be a trip on purpose plus parking nightmare to stop for a few minutes.

    • 5th and k true value has parking. so does annies.

    • Yes, having Whole Foods, CVS, and Logan Hardware all together right there is great. I’m actually really bummed they’re moving.

    • Stop driving in the city.

      • any suggestions as to how one could carry home several gallons of paint and accessories for a large painting project without transportation? sometimes driving is a necessary evil for those of us who aren’t bike-riding twits.

        • I don’t ride a bike either. I have put two cans of paints, a roller brush holder, roller, normal brush, and paint pan in my messenger bag before and then hopped on the Green Line from Mt. Vernon. (Though in this case it would be U Street or a 50s bus.)

        • i have a few solutions for you, but you lost my sympathy at “twit”
          piss off.
          how about a bike riding decent person? not that either?

        • Car2Go, ZipCar, Uber, Lyft, regular taxi, walking, bus, or a bike with a basket/gear rack are all suitable alternatives. I drive my Vespa to True Value all the time and load up stuff on my gear rack and back seat with bungee cords.
          There’s plenty of ways to go shopping in this area without a car.

      • bad option for many people.

  • So glad that something other than a restaurant will be moving into 14th Street. Great news for the area. Related: is Logan Hardware taking over ALL the storefronts (former Redeem, Point Chaud, and that weird gym) and combining them? Or are they just occupying one or two? If the latter, any word on the others? AND YET ANOTHER TANGENT: any redevelopment plans yet for the lot at 14th and S or the current Walker Whitman?

    • That building with the weird gym is becoming apartments–no word on the retail going in there yet. And Whitman Walker isn’t giving up the existing building, but at the moment is planning to keep it for administration and some patient services.

  • I’m excited about the outdoor garden center! We’ve lost 2 garden centers in past 5 years and nothing replaced them. I need some plants!! Not going to be as convenient zipping in on way to CVS and WF though….now will be out of way, but a pleasant walk anyway. Love my hood!

  • so will they be renaming their new store 14th Street Hardware or even U Street Hardware? We need someone new to fill the void of Logan Hardware in the heart of the community at 14th and P.

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Sad to see them move, only because the last location is so convenient. People who work there are great though. I Love that place.

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