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  • Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised by the prices for the larger Mt. P homes. Can’t believe how many are that close to or exceeding $1m!

  • As another MtP resident of some years I am surprised that the larger houses are not going for more in light of the recent transactions for the two story homes. There’s certainly enough astonishment to go around–some of the 2 story houses have recently sold for $1.25M or so. 1705 Irving and that blue house on 19th street just south of the Park Rd intersection, for instance. I love MtP, but I didn’t see these prices coming. Given these and similar transactions I would have thought that the three story houses would go for more than has been the case. One on Lamont went for $1.3M, but several in the $1.1 and a couple below the $1M point. It suggests buyers are more sensitive to condition than to square footage. Interesting. Still a great neighborhood, but I do miss some–not all!–of the color from the seedier days.

  • The only 3 stories houses in MtP that traded in the $900K-$1M range are houses that need a lot of work. Otherwise, market prices are now $1.2M+ for a large house with parking in MtP. Frankly I am not surprised at this considering that several houses of that size in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights are now trading above $1.2M and I would think MtP would be more expensive than those 2 neighborhoods. Newer condos in MtP are trading well over $600 per square foot, so buying a house at under $400 per square foot looks comparably reasonable.

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