HR-57 Closing on H Street moving to “a space somewhere in NW DC”

1007 H Street, NE

Huge news from Frozen Tropics yesterday:

“He’s [owner Tony Puesan] closing HR-57’s H Street location [after Saturday night] to pursue a big opportunity for a space somewhere in NW DC.

HR-57 will also branch out so as to offer not only jazz, but also country, blues, and more.”

This will be HR-57’s fourth location after moving from Logan location on 14th (today Ghibellina) and two stops on H Street, NE.

Looking forward to learning more about the new spot. Stay tuned. in the meantime anyone care to speculate where the new spot could be?

Original Logan location at 1610 14th Street, NW closed in 2010

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  • They should just move out to the Hyattsville arts district and be done with it.

  • Please let it be Adams Morgan. It’s changed in the last several years and is ready for a place like HR-57.

    • Rent is too damn high in Adams Morgan. Their business model doesn’t exactly mint money, so my guess will be a more “transitioning” neighborhood where they can stay for 5 to 10 years before prices rise.

    • If you want live jazz in Adams Morgan, go to Columbia Station. No cover charge either. Best and most underrated bar in AdMo.

  • Come back to 14th Street! Us adults in Logan/Shaw need more music options.

  • Many great options on North Capitol St….

  • I hear the streetcar is driving business away from H street hehehehehehe. Other gossip says HR-57 is moving to North Capitol Street to the exploding Bloomingdale / Eckington market to a location near S street.

  • Loved HR-57 when it was on 14th and that strip was still fairly dumpy back in the late 00s. Memories.
    I haven’t visited since they moved to H Street NE. I hope they find a great, permanent location in NW. I could see them being a destination spot in Petworth 🙂

  • Please please please let them come to Georgia Ave! They can tear down any row of bldgs on the 3100-3300 blocks and put up a nice new club. Or move into the all too vacant space in the new-ish apt bldg at the corner of Lamont.

  • The owner came and talked to the Ledroit Park Civic Association a few months ago. The city has asked them if they were interested in putting in a bid to build a new structure right across the street from the Howard Theater in the parking lot on the corner. It would be a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • My guess would be “someplace cheaper.” Otherwise it would not keep relocating from areas after they become hot – 14th St, H St NW. But maybe they’ve found someone to donate primo space or provide it at a heavy discount.

  • Georgia Avenue / Petworth / Brightwood seems about right. Still a couple years before rents get ridiculous.

  • The rumor I heard was that HR-57 will be moving very near to Howard Theater. This will create a mini-live music mecca in that area…Howard Theater, Lincoln Theater, 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall and HR-57 within a few blocks of one another. Would be sweet if they cross-promote, since their audiences rarely overlap.

    • Correction: where I said “their audiences rarely overlap”, I meant “they rarely compete for the same acts.” I think there are broad-minded music fans that would love going to shows at all those venues if they knew what was happening when.

      • I wouldn’t say it’s accurate that the Howard Theater, Lincoln Theater, 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall, and HR-57 rarely compete for the same acts. The Howard Theater is now booking many R&B-type acts that played at the 9:30 Club before the Howard Theater reopened. The 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall already have a cross-promoting arrangement, so there a bunch of “9:30 Club Presents at U Street Music Hall” shows and also a few “U Street Music Hall Presents at the 9:30 Club.” And I think I.M.P. (the promotions company that runs the 9:30 Club) has the contract to do bookings at the Lincoln Theater — at any event, they’ve done a bunch of shows at the Lincoln in the past year or so, several of which were acts that had previously played at the 9:30 Club.

        • 930 Club is booking interesting indie rock bands at U Street Music that are too niche to fill the 930 Club.
          And U Street Music Hall is booking electronic music artists at 930 Club who would sell out U Street Music Hall in an instant.
          It’s a very profitable arrangement for both venues.

          • It also gives the 9:30 Club an opportunity to book acts (like Beth Orton) who would normally play at the 9:30 Club when the 9:30 is already booked for whatever date(s) the artist is available.

    • thats the best thing iver heard yet (for them that is)
      the city would probably give them huge benefits to do that and it would most likely help their business as a whole

      • This would put them inside the Uptown Arts-Mixed Use (ARTS) Overlay District, which provides some favorable exemptions to certain FAR, height, and density regulations. This is also part of the Great Streets program, which gives them capital improvements grants.

    • Way too expensive in that area would be my guess. They like to exist on the fringe.

      • They came to the civic association meeting and said that the city asked them to put in a bid for the space. They wanted to make sure that the neighbors were ok with it. They have been in contact with the community, so it sounds like they are moving forward on the RFP process to build on the land across from Howard.

      • brookland_rez

        H St has changed so fast, it’s gone from fringe to expensive in just a few short years.

    • This is great news, if it’s true. I’m glad they’re coming back to my part of town. For some of us, H Street NE might as well be Clarendon or Silver Spring. Though I suppose the streetcar line is going to change that notion rather quickly.

  • I’m thinking Takoma DC. Space is cheap and it’s en established neighborhood that is somewhat wealthier, older and more diverse than neighborhoods further in like Petworth. It’s also right on the border with Takoma Park, Maryland so it would draw people from both cities. I think there are a lot of people who would support a jazz bar nonprofit. Takoma Station is part jazz bar and part nightclub and the neighbors hate it because of the nightclub aspect. I think HR-57 would be received differently. Here are the top choices:

    #1 Takoma Central retail space next to the Busboys and Poets. This space had been rumored to become a small grocery store but that fell through:
    #2 The Douglas Development property at Eastern Ave & Willow that was recently remodeled:

  • Upshur street!!

  • somewhere on Georgia Avenue. Georgia Avenue is really coming along and HR-57 would fit perfectly.

  • The Takoma Theatre is for lease. It’s close to a metro station and there is already a fan base in the local community that is quite enthusiastic about live music.

    • No way would I or anyone I know go all the way to Takoma to see a jazz show.

      • There’s a Takoma Park jazz festival in the neighborhood every year. There are jazz fans already there. They wouldn’t actually need you to come up in order to have a successful business. Indeed, many people in the neighborhood wouldn’t want to go down to H St NE.

        • That’s fine, and you guys also have Takoma Station. There’s just zero chance of HR-57 of moving into the hood.

  • Heh…so, I guess…I haven’t been even once to the H-street location…so as not to notice it had moved on H-street!

    Upper 14th or GA avenues where rents aren’t too astronomical?

  • Reading comprehension anyone?

    “As for the local presence, it won’t be a permanent brick and mortar location. Instead, HR-57 will partner with a local university to offer outdoor concerts and other events.”

    • I think you’re the one failing here: “Puesan told me he has really enjoyed his time on H Street, and that HR-57 will continue to have a local presence (more on that in a moment), but that he could not pass up the offer in NW.”
      “local presence” is qualifying “his time on H st”

  • Everybody knows that this is moving close to Howard Theater. Ok maybe still speculation but that would be awesome! previous link:

    Between Howard Theater, 9:30 Club, DC9 – the addition of HR-57 would be so cool.

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