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  • I would really love to know the history of this place. Such an interesting building. Also, how many condos are there in the place now?

  • I looked at the penthouse condo in this building once. Amazing unit. Still a little sad I didn’t buy it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Reminds me of a larger version of Mrs Jones’ house (Natchez, MS), all they need to do is paint it pink and green.

  • Hi! I live here and was so happy to see home show up as a house of the day. Thanks for the pick! There are 8 condos inside, all different sizes, ranging from a studio to the penthouse with three BR and two baths. The building (called the Raleigh House) went up in 1940, and I don’t know much of its early history, but a contractor once told me that the building was a boarding house that rented by the hour during Logan’s more infamous decades. You can see a 1960s (or 80s? can’t recall) photo of the Raleigh House, complete with protestors holding anti-prostitution signs, on the Logan Circle History Trail sign at the SE corner of 14th and Rhode Island. I’d love to know more of the building’s history if anyone knows more!

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