Holy Garden Haul Vol. 49


“a few pics of my grape harvest! I collected two bowls over the weekend – there is more and then made some grape and pear pies”


Ed. Note: This is the last week of garden haul so I won’t be able to accept any new photos for this year – but don’t worry we’ll be back to feature your awesome hauls next summer!



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  • Wow grapes in DC! Nice work. I knew this was theoretically possible but wasn’t sure if it would work in practice – this gardener clearly has it figured out though. Can you share any tips or tricks?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Those grapes are such pretty colours!

  • There’s a few people that grow grapes at Friendship Gardens. They seem to do really well! They have a sturdy fence around their plot, and the vines grow around the perimeter and hang on the fence. They also put the bunches in bags which apparently keeps the bugs away.

  • I’m disappointed that Holy Garden Haul is disappearing after this week. We have many more weeks of harvest left! I also get that this isn’t my website…

  • Grape and pear pie! I have never heard of such a thing. Looks yummy.

  • Please, Please, Please tell me how’d you get grape to grow and are they seedless? I want to grow them next year!

    • We planted a concord grape vine in our back yard a few years back, and honestly it’s been really easy to maintain. Just plant it in an area of full sun along a fence or trellis so it has something to cling to. In the fall, once it goes into dormancy, cut back most of the new growth, leaving the strongest shoots in place for the grape to grow on. You won’t get any grapes the first year you plant it, but by the second year, holy cow! We easily filled a 5 gallon bucket with big, beautiful grapes. They’re fast growers, so I like to prune away any extraneous shoots as they sprout in order to keep it in check and promote fruit production.

  • Hello everyone – I am the harvester of those grapes. I actually built a pergola in my back yard after trying to grow those grapes vines along the fence – it just got out of control and was growing too fast.

    I transplanted those two grape vines from the fence to the pergola by planting them next to the poles and just trained them by tying them with plastic ties (or sometimes metal) to go up and over to the “roof” of the pergola. I added a third vine but that one has not grown as fast because it gets more shade. That is basically it – from there you will find yourself playing catch-up with the vines and trimming so they do not go all out crazy.

    This year was the biggest haul so far – what you see in the bowls is actually a small portion of the entire harvest but because of heavy rains a lot of them fell on the ground and could not ripen properly.

    The grapes do have seeds, the greens are sweeter than the purples but I think this is a timing issue.

    I can share the pear and grape pie recipe – it is absolutely delish and made a total of three from what I collected with grapes leftover.

    If you want additional info I can share pics and tips – send me an email to en_la_bici at hotmail . com

    • Thanks for this! Just one more question – where can you buy a good Concord grape plant in the DC area? Lowes or HD, or somewhere else?

      • Sorry I may not be able to help you with this – once in a while I see them at Lowe’s and I think one of the three I have is from there but that was a few years ago. The two other ones came via a gift from vines in West Virginia.

    • Impressive and wonderful.

  • SFT

    Grape pie? Does it get runny?

  • I absolutely love it! So inspiring. And the photography is lovely, too.

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