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  • Home made honey? Cool. What’s the process of having a hive like? Do you have to do anything other than scrape the honey out of the hive before eating it? Does it taste any different than the store bought stuff?

    • you need them bees to make the honey son

    • The beehive maintenance isn’t bad. I just have one hive in our yard. DC Beekeepers has a class through UDC that is great, if you are serious.
      Here I did a “crush and strain” harvest, that is exactly what it sounds like. It works for me in my kitchen since I don’t have a ton to do. For higher volume, you basically slice to top off the comb pictured here and use a centrifuge to pull the honey out.
      Honey is ready to go straight out of the hive, unlike maple syrup that is processed. And it tastes BETTER than what’s at the store 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Those blackberries are gorgeous!
    Nice haul of honey!

  • Make some mead!

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