Holy Garden Haul Vol. 33, 34 and 35


“win oaks garden, Columbia Heights Garden Haul. My first big harvest of the summer! Too bad construction at Powell Elementary plans to turn the north side of Twin Oaks garden into a parking lot this fall.”


“our “garden haul” from Bloomingdale. Peppers grown in our front lawn on Seaton Place. These grew from seedlings bought at the Bloomingdale farmer’s market earlier in the season.”


“Garden Haul: Hill East Blackberries The small blackberry bush I planted a few years back has now grown into full-fledged Feed-Me-Seymour status. This is our third harvest of the season. It’s now pie time.”

If you have a great haul, beautiful tomato or something like that, send an email and a couple photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail with your neighborhood and garden haul in the subject line.

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  • I love these photos. It’s too bad that the garden folks feel the need to share and dig at the school’s (long-standing and way overdue) renovation plans yet again. It’s school property and DGS will be providing a larger new space with great amenities one block away. I think the city screwed up in terms of notifying the garden, but it’s time to move on and try to make the best of the upcoming move and be grateful that the school renovations have been delayed to allow for this summer growing season. I hope this can spark some collaboration between the school and garden, which have been totally separate entities as long as we’ve been a part of the Powell community.

    • I agree it’s time to move on, preferably to a bigger better garden space elsewhere. However, I would like to point out that, while working in a garden space over a long period of time, gardeners become attached to these places. They have spent time there growing flowers and vegetables, tilling the soil, cleaning it up, meeting neighbors, making friends, etc. I don’t think that, by posting a photo of a garden haul, the gardeners “feel the need to share and dig at the school’s renovation plans yet again.” I think it’s more likely that they are proud of what they grew, are looking forward to eating it, and are probably still bummed that the little plot of land will soon be paved over. I have had a plot in a community garden elsewhere in DC for over 20 years, and if my plot was to be paved over it would definitely break my heart.

  • Those (pole) beans are the best. I make a stew of potatoes, sausage, beans, garlic, and basil. Delicious…

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