H&M opening 1133 Connecticut Ave location tomorrow at noon

1133 Connecticut Ave, NW

Ed. Note: This is the former Filene’s that closed back in 2011.

From a press release:

“H & M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), is excited to announce the opening of a new location in Washington, D.C. at 1133 Connecticut Avenue. Opening on Thursday, August 7th at noon, H&M at 1133 Connecticut Avenue will give customers in the D.C. area more access to the latest trends at the best prices.

The approximately 28,000 square foot H&M at 1133 Connecticut Avenue will offer collections for ladies, men, young ladies and young men, with separate “store within store” sections for accessories, lingerie, sports apparel, and its plus-size line, H&M+.

H&M is the first fashion company to roll out a global garment recycling program. Through this initiative, H&M customers at 1133 Connecticut Avenue can help save natural resources and contribute to a reduced environmental impact by donating old and unwanted pieces of clothing from any brand while in the store. Customers will receive a voucher for 15% off their entire purchase for each bag of donated clothing.

To kick off the recycling program on opening day, customers who bring garments to be recycled before the store opens at noon will also have the chance to win H&M gift cards valued between $50 and $100 in addition to receiving the 15% off voucher.

In celebration of opening day, H&M at 1133 Connecticut Avenue will offer the first 100 shoppers in line an H&M t-shirt and Access to Fashion Pass, valued from $10 to $300, in addition to other fantastic opening offers for the whole family!

Store hours will be Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.”

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  • I miss Filene’s.

  • brookland_rez

    Instead of recycling old clothes, how about donating to a thrift store?

    • now if we can only get a uniqlo….

      • Went to the Uniqlo in NYC for the first time this year. While I was impressed and found some men’s pants that make my a** look great, I think I found heaven at the Century 21 department store in lower Manhattan.

    • Most donations to a thrift store end up at a recycler. And it is H&M, so they are good for about one or two wearings before turning into dust.

      • brookland_rez

        Or third world countries. When I lived in Ecuador, I saw a lot of natives wearing clothes that were obviously from U.S. thrift stores.

      • Though I agree that the quality at H&M is hit or miss, I bought two of my favorite sweaters at H&M in 2006. I wear them constantly in the fall and winter, and they are still in good shape.

        • The quality has gone way downhill in the past couple of years. I have a sundress from 8 years ago that I still wear and still looks good. Now the stuff looks like it’d fall apart if you looked at it cross-eyed.

        • Most stores are hit or miss with the quality. People like to knock H&M and Forever 21, but I’ve gotten classic pieces from both stores that have lasted for years. It’s not like half the clothes at Ann Taylor and Banana Republic aren’t falling apart on the rack. You just have to look for the pieces that are made well, and not succumb to the temptation to buy something you like that’s kind of chintzy. The only thing really differentiating all these stores are fit and style. I prefer H&M and Forever 21 over Ann Taylor because their stuff is less boxy and baggy.

  • I may have to be here for this…….

  • I believe this novel “store within store” retail concept may take off. Gonna go talk to the head of Woolworths and see what he thinks about it.

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