“H Street NE just got classy” Ocopa, Peruvian fare, now Open

1324 H Street, NE

From a press release:

“Chef Carlos Delgado, formerly Executive Chef for The Caucus Room, Boveda, and Smith Commons, joins his culinary talent with H Street investing partners, Eddie Migues and Italo Rodriguez. Ocopa opened its doors to the public August 5th, after a successful weekend of “wow-ing” friends and family with exquisite cuisine and pisco-centric cocktails. Located at 1324 H St. NE, Ocopa is a welcome addition to the up and coming foodie corridor.

Italo Rodriguez is a long time investor of the H St. Corridor and has been doing business on H St. for over 20 years. Having spent three years living in Peru and extensive time in Miami, Italo says that he fell in love with the flavors and freshness of Peruvian cuisine. “I believe that Peruvian cuisine is the next great food trend and will be as popular as Mexican or Chinese cuisine,” says Italo Rodriguez. When Italo met Chef Carlos Delgado, his search for the perfect Peruvian chef was complete.

Chef Carlos Delgado, a native to Peru, brings his culinary expertise and a vision of Grandma’s kitchen to fruition in this trendy, youthful, and comfortable atmosphere that spotlights an open kitchen, 28 seats, and a patio with seating for larger parties. The rustic yet sleek layout was designed by Demetrios Stafilatos and the playful graffiti art on the walls throughout, by local artist, Mas Paz. Carlos’ vision was to incorporate what he remembers from his grandmother’s kitchen growing up, where he says he gained his passion for food, and a modern neighborhood gathering place that will attract the most discerning palate.

Chef Carlos says, “I want Ocopa to be the place where people feel comfortable hanging out, talking to each other and enjoying really good food. I hope it portrays the fact that we are young and fun but serious about what we do in the kitchen and behind the bar.”

Heavy in cebiche options, the menu will also feature classic Peruvian dishes such as causitas- a classic whipped potato dish complimented by flavors of rotisserie chicken, crab and escabeche to name a few. Maki-ruvian and Tiraditos (think Japanese sashimi, Peruvian style) will feature the freshest seasonal array of fish with daily offerings listed on a giant chalkboard. Entrée attractions are rich in flavor and exquisite in presentation. Short ribs, beef tripe, pork belly and confit hen ravioli are just a few of the Cositas Calientes that will come sizzling out of the kitchen. Ocopa’s hydroponics system provides the freshest ingredients that are “home grown” to ensure the highest of quality standards. If you are sitting at the kitchen counter, wondering who the chef is, look for the one that doesn’t look old enough to have his own gig. At only 24 years old, Chef Carlos brings a maturity to the kitchen that will impress the most critical eye.

Ocopa will also offer a refined beverage menu created by Glendon Hartley. His former passion for fashion breeds creativity behind the bar with drinks such as the Red Radish Chilcano and Pisco Punch. With over 20 Piscos available, Glendon will feature daily Pisco cocktails with homemade sodas, intricate recipes, and lots of pretty edibles to add an extra “wow” factor. It’s worth your time and money to sit at the bar and watch these spirits come to life.

Ocopa will serve dinner Tuesday through Saturday evenings, with the Chef’s Tasting Table coming soon to Monday evenings. Tasting dinners will feature fixed price, preset menus featuring some of Chef Carlos’ favorite dishes paired with Pisco cocktails and South American wines. Lunch service is not far behind- a traditional offerings of rotisserie chicken and select sides will be available Monday-Friday, beginning August 18th. Pay close attention- this is a new spot that you won’t want to snooze on. It’s your chance to get a first-hand look and taste of a culinary expert who is about to take the cooking world by storm. Chef Carlos Delgado offers Ocopa, with a delicate eye and an incredible hand for his craft. H Street NE just got classy.”

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  • Somebody needed to sleep on this copy and take a red pen to it in the morning. That last paragraph is ridiculous. I’ve lived on H for years and it’s been plenty classy before self-proclaimed genius chef Carlos Delgada, and it will be plenty classy after he’s gone.

    • Well for what it’s worth- I love the curb appeal of the restaurant. In that sense it’s “classy” compared to a lot of other spots on H.

    • Another H St resident here- totally agree. Who is this guy to come in and claim that now that he’s here H St is “classy”? There are plenty of nice restaurants already in existence on H St.

    • Honestly, if it weren’t for the very last sentence I’d be fine with it. In any event, I will definitely be trying it. Always happy to see a new restaurant in the hood.

    • I dropped in on their open house – some of the tasters were just inedible to me. Maybe I just don’t do classy Peruvian, but I’ll be holding off on dinner reservations for awhile.

    • Yes and no. If it’s a PR firm or such, they might have been aware how it came across, but the client might have insisted on using such wording or adding that in. It really depends on the situation.

  • 8 dólares por anticucho? Dios mío!

  • their online menu is terrible. why does it have FIVE STARS next to everything?

  • Why is it that every trendy new restaurant has to make their own homemade sodas? They are generally overpriced and they suck.

  • As a Peruvian that lives close the H Street, this is awesome. But no need for pretentiousness!
    Also, it is pricey. Yeah, rent and stuff, but $40 for a chupe (which is a type of hefty seafood soup) is quite expensive! Of course I will be going there and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. And no, no home made sodas. We Peruvians love our Inca Kola.

    • If you enjoy Peruvian, I recommend a quick Marc ride up to Baltimore. Puerto 511 is the best Peruvian I have ever had!

  • do yourself a favor and go to the chicken place in wheaton for decently priced peruvian food. no need for all the pretentious and high prices!

  • H street has like 2 decent restaurants at any giving time (they usually close after a few years) so any new additions are welcome.

  • I was excited to see the space and very hungry on opening night so I tried them out first day. It was probably my fault for not carefully examining the menu and the pricing but, the small plates prices certainly creep towards entree prices. I’m not sure a more careful study would have tipped me off in any case. Anyway, pricing aside everything I ate was pretty top notch – very well executed and really really tasty. I live in the neighborhood so I may be back on one of those occasions that I’m in the mood to shell out some $$$.

  • Someone really needs to help these restaurants with their press releases – this is one of the worst I’ve read in awhile. This sensationalist, hyperbole-driven writing style is just completely ridiculous and if I were a journalist, I’d trow something this long into the trash. Additionally, I’m not an H St. resident, but I might be slightly offended about the “classy” reference.

  • Please… keep the small plates confined to 14th Street where they can slowly be replaced by more reasonable fare when this awful trend eventually peters out. Oh great, $20 for a sharing portion of cephalopod. $8 for domestic beer. New or not, at these prices, this restaurant can’t last.

  • This press release sounds so desperate. Somebody needs to clue these guys in that restaurants succeed based on good value and word of mouth (see: Toki Underground, Thai X-ing). All I see here is somebody trying to convince me to part with outrageous amounts of $$$. Likeliest scenario IMO is that there is no way this 24 year old chef can live up to the billing provided here, so even if they do succeed in attracting people with this release they are setting themselves up for failure.

  • My wife and I went there opening night. We were very excited as we are both fans of Peruvian cuisine. Both the food and services were okay considering they just opened. However, 3 very small plates and 4 pisco sours cost us $103 plus tip. I am not one to usually scoff at prices, but come on……….Just because you think you are the next hot chef at age 24 doesn’t mean you automatically get to charge those prices. Drop the prices by 25% and let people get to know you and your talents, THEN someday you can charge those prices. I hate to say it, but this type of attitude just further solidifies the stereotypes of millennial entitlement and self importance.

    • I totally agree with your post. After my husband and I had our first two plates (and did the calculation of what the final bill would be with tax, tip and a beer) we gave up and finished our meal, $60+ later, by grabbing half-smokes from Tony’s. It was disappointing and while the food and service were both good the value just simply was not there. Now, all I remember is feeling like I got taken.

    • This has nothing to do with “Millennial entitlement” and everything to do with fleecing the overpaid yuppies who are buying $800K row houses and condos in these newly “hip” areas.

  • “Get out of here, you’re classin’ the joint up.”

  • Sounds intriguing. But Lao food seems better positioned to be the “next great food trend.”

  • 1. Yeah the write up is cheese but who cares. Doesn’t upset me. I like nice places but hope a large part of the corridor stays weird.

    2. They invested a lot in that building and they can charge what they want to.

    3. Interested to try this place.

  • Chulos – don’t be so mad at dis. We all h st amigos. Nom Nom.

  • Any establishment that finds it necessary to announce that it is classy most decidedly is not. Is that supposed to make me go to this, or any, restaurant? Perhaps just try cooking good food and not appearing so desperate.

  • justinbc

    As much as I love trying new restaurants I think I’m going to hold off on this forthcoming disaster and see if it’s still open in 6 months.

  • Classy: a very LMC word!

  • i was hoping for a SUPERCHICKEN..
    so i don’t have to drive to Hyattsville or VA… to get my dose of Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken…
    but instead…. MORE pretentious food on H st.
    can’t we get restaurants like the suburbs have?
    food for UNDER TEN BUCKS?

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