Gun Battle in Brightwood results in Bullets hitting a Car and Condo on Longfellow Street, NW


A reader writes:

“Around 10 PM last night my husband and I heard between 9-12 gunshots outside our back window. Apparently two men were shooting at each other while running down Longfellow Street between 5th and 7th Streets. Police arrived quickly at the scene.

As you can see below, a car was damaged. Also bullets went through a window in one of the condo buildings on Longfellow.

From what I’ve heard, no arrests have been made. I’ll be emailing Bowser’s office as well as MPD to see what information they have. We will enhance patrols in the area.”

OP passes on response from MPD:

“Hello. I was advised no one was injured nor has anyone reported being shot at. We found shell casings and two cars were damaged. If anyone has information please let us know.”

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  • “I’ll be emailing Bowser’s office”

    Good luck!

  • Accountering

    The only crime that Bowser cares about in W4 was when it happened to her own mother. Otherwise, all you can expect is more platitudes and talk of “bringing all the stakeholders to the table”

  • I’ve noticed a lot of street arguments lately on my block as well, and gunshots just a few nights ago in Pleasant Plains, all the police did was park a van with bright lights on it in the neighborhood for one night and then nothing. Cops actually took a really long time to arrive after the shots were fired as well. Last year I found a bullet just laying in the alley behind my house and I saw an officer rolling up Georgia avenue on a segway, I tried to stop him but he just sped by me…

    Just yesterday I nearly got hit by a wrong-way driver near New Hampshire Circle, and i observe people driving down one way streets a lot more than I used to.

    I think this is symptomatic of a reactionary police force, that’s so used to now having cameras to monitor traffic and neighborhoods that community policing is dying to save costs. Serious crime rates are going down yes, but I believe it’s only because of the economy.

    There is a lot of loitering of people that hang out in neighborhoods where they don’t live to sell drugs, and drink which plagues residents and there are no police walking through these neighborhoods to discourage this kind of behavior. Whenever I hear people on my front steps, I ask them where they live so I can hang out there on their front steps too. I shouldn’t have to confront people on my doorstep, and if I was a woman, I’d feel highly insecure if I had to come home at night around a bunch of smoking and drinking men standing on my stoop. I think it’s high time for an evaluation of the current budget and chief on a progress level, the motto is to “Protect and Serve”, not to “Sit in your police car and collect checks”.

    • +1, I completely agree with you. I feel MPD is way too complacent and clearly chooses their battles. I am also sick of feeling relatively insecure in my neighborhood. I posted similar concerns to your comments the other week and I was largely mocked.

    • I’ve also had a bullet come through my window – police were in my apartment taking bullet samples. This occurred in CoHi.

    • You found a bullet? Do you mean a shell casing? Cause a bullet that’s been fired usually ends up as a deformed piece of metal.

      • It was a 9mm bullet, unused, just laying on the floor next to the rear steps of my house. I’m glad I found it because if a kid hit it with a rock it could have been catastrophic. I’m guessing there may have been someone who came back for it, but I’d rather deal with them than an injured kid in my alley.

        • A bullet would not go off if hit by a rock. That only happens in cartoons.

          And nobody would come back for one bullet that they dropped while trying to reload.

          • if you hit the bullet’s primer with a rock it absolutely will “go off” but I doubt it will be catastrophic – no gun barrel to compress the gasses and push the bullet in a straight line at high speed. someone could still get hurt. this is why shooting ranges have a special receptacle with a tiny opening to drop dud bullets in – just in case the dud primer decides to work when you drop it.

            situations like this are exactly why we should not have concealed or open carry in DC, or any dense urban environment. I say this as a former gun owner/concealed carry permit holder.

          • Now if you through a bullet in a campfire, on the other hand, that’s when you get to have some fun as a kid.

    • +1 There are kids in our neighborhood from MD that set up shop. It’s one thing to do it in your own neighborhood, but come on, don’t bring it to where we live.

      • What’s with all the anti-maryland sentiment lately on here? It’s not about Maryland, or even kids. People are stupid and live everywhere around the world. Some people live in DC, my comments about people hanging out where they don’t live means that they come even from a few blocks over to a block they don’t live on, just as people come form all over, including rich suburban areas to BUY DRUGS FROM THEM. Stop acting like kids from lower-income areas are the problem, some children from rich families do much worse things than lower-income kids do.

  • thats terrifying. I have accepted gunfire in the streets but when it comes through the window? time to move.

    • No, it’s not time to move… Random stuff happens everywhere. You can move to the burbs and hit a deer causing a car accident that kills you. The key is that for the tax dollars we are paying, we get poor city services. This should always be evaluated to make sure residents have a high quality of support services to encourage continued residence in DC. There needs to be accountability and dedication to ensuring safety and happiness for residents or they’ll begin to ask why they’re paying taxes.

    • “I have accepted gunfire in the streets…”? Yeah that’s not messed up at all. Really sad to read something like that.

  • I live on that block and heard the shots. I then also heard a car quickly drive off.
    The police were out there for a while looking around, but this morning everything was cleared and no sign of anything.
    Hopefully some information will come out about this. It was definitely not what I wanted to hear on a Monday night before (trying to )go to bed!

  • Gunshots have been reported in that NE of Sherman Circle area on at LEAST seven different occasions over the past few months. I don’t understand how there has been little to no police presence there with so many reported shootings.

  • “I’ll be emailing Bowser’s office”

    Yeah, good luck with that!

  • I’m sorry to be that guy- but isn’t this in “Brightwood Park”?
    The only reason I point it out is because when i first read the headline, I was surprised. It normally doesn’t go down like that in Brightwood. Then I read further – happened on Longfellow- and it made sense. That’s right near Kennedy, and people usually claim Kennedy street differently

    • Yes, it is technically Brightwood Park. However, I wouldn’t say it normally “go down like” this in Brightwood Park either considering these are the first gunshots I can remember hearing clearly in Brightwood Park in a very long time.

      • Kennedy is straight up HOOD. My good friend was carjacked and savagely beaten right outside his house three years ago. No bueno.

        • Kennedy Street is in a far better place than it was three years ago. By no means am I saying it is a place where you can leave your car unlocked and walk around like a wide-eyed tourist, but improvements have been made. Is it the absolute safest area in the city? No, but it has been markedly improved since I moved a few blocks south 2 years ago. The Kennedy Street Association is also working to make even more changes at a faster rate. My daughter’s daycare is on Kennedy, and I frequent a number of businesses up there, such as TDF and Culture Coffee. With the increased commitment of area residents, it can continue to get better. Just remember that three years is a long time in this city in terms of neighborhood development.

          • Things were getting better, but no longer. This is nothing but the resurgence of crack. I was here for it last time, expect the murder rate to get much higher before it cools off. Look at Chicago. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but I’m not hiding my head in the sand, either. Crack is back and we could be the murder capital again.

  • Right around my hood, heard the shots. These things are just getting way to common. Police presence is slim to none and the corners are just being over run with people coming from Maryland to hang on the corners, drink and sell drugs at ALL hours of the night!

  • I live within a few houses of where this shooting occurred. I heard a huge argument happening on the street for almost 30 minutes before the shooting. To be honest though, when I came outside after the shooting, it seemed pretty obvious the shooting was related to whatever fight was going on. It also looked like the intent of the shooting was to damage the car.

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