Good Deal or Not? “perfect marriage of design and function” edition

DC8435868 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 1125 Maryland Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“The perfect marriage of design and function in an unbeatable Capitol Hill location! The smart floor plan features an updated kitchen w/ new appliances, tons of cabinet space and granite countertops, gleaming hardwood floors, washer & dryer in unit and plenty of storage space. Close to public transportation options, Stanton &Lincoln parks, walking distance to Eastern Market, H Street &so much more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $239,000 ($198 monthly fee.)

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  • binpetworth

    Damn. That looks claustrophobic. Also, you’d need one of those cutting boards that goes over the sink to have any actual usable kitchen counter-top space. I had to go onto the MRIS listing to see the square footage, which is just over 400.

    That said, this may actually be a good deal for someone who wants a place to themselves and can cough up a decent down payment.

  • it bothers me when the write up is quite obviously the opposite of the listing. this floor plan sucks and it’s pretty obvious they tried to squeeze in a 1br in a space fit for a studio. that being said price is right if you want to be alone.

  • I love farmhouse sinks, but having one in this kitchen seems awkward.

  • That is quite possibly the worst kitchen I’ve ever seen.

  • The price is good for that thought the whole layout is weird but considering the location you won’t find much cheaper. What is scary is that I paid less than that for my 2 bedroom plus den that has a fairly sizable back area and a big side yard back in 1999.

    I know they likely didn’t want to spend much but having the three biggest things in the kitchen not match each other just makes it look cheap.

  • How terrible! It’s practically a dollhouse.

  • Claustrophobic is my feeling too….
    Dystopian hall of mirrors! Blood red walls! Your home is your prison cell!

  • Wow. That is one crammed-in-looking kitchen.

    • Notice that they removed the fridge so that the kitchen appears even bigger in the photos. The refrigerator is placed right up against the washer and dryer. Yikes.

      • I don’t think that’s accurate. It looks like maybe at one time the fridge was supposed to go in the niche created by the cabinets, but (maybe to wedge in the W/D?), they’ve moved it to the opposite wall. It protrudes slightly in front of the doorway.

  • To everyone complaining about the size/kitchen–did you see the price?! Most 1 brs with decent kitchens are going to be AT LEAST $100k more than this. I say great deal.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yeah, I like it. Red walls and all. I would make a few cosmetic changes, but who wouldn’t?

    • +1. Ground floor. A studio with a bedroom. Blah fixtures. This is definitely not house porn. But this is not a basement, and mortgage+mntnce+tax here is definitely cheaper than a rental. Good deal.

  • Are those bars on the windows — is this a ground-floor unit?

  • That’s such a horrible renovation! To keep that awful, dated stackable washer/dryer in that kitchen and then to box it in with cabinetry that goes flush right up against it? Same with that fridge – there is no way to upgrade (or even replace if there is a mechanical problem) either appliance without ripping everything out unless you spend hours tracking down something that exact same size or smaller (and both already look to be fairly small). And what on earth is going on with that wall oven under a counter with a separate cooktop on top of it? Why not just get a real stove with the oven built in? That whole kitchen is an example of what *not* to do – they just tried to shoehorn a kitchen and laundry room into the existing box, when opening up the doorway and letting the kitchen merge with the living area could have produced something so much more livable. I’d have to rip that whole thing out first thing, and the only part I’d keep is that farm sink, which is beautiful and could be re-used.

    • There is nowhere to open it up to unless you took out the wall where the fridge is located. I would put a door on this kitchen–it is for working in not for looking at. Be grateful a kitchen this small gets natural light.

  • Um, of course it’s small, people. It’s a $240k place in DC!!! You’re obviously not getting a sprawling penthouse for that price.

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