Good Deal or Not? “Midcentury modern gem” edition

4564 Argyle Terrace Northwest

This house is located at 4564 Argyle Terrace, Northwest. The listing says:

“Midcentury modern gem! Rare, meticulously-renovated 4 bedroom/3.5bath home on huge 8900sft lot in delightful Crestwood setting. Striking master suite/master bath, fine kitchen with custom cabinetry, Arch. Ceramics, Hansgrohe, granite and s/s fixtures. Sunny dining & L/R with F/P opens onto spacious deck. Bright, livable lower level opens to loggia porch w/fireplace.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $935,000.

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  • What is the parking situation for this place? I feel like something’s missing.

    • I live in the neighborhood . . . there is more than ample street parking.

    • Plenty of street parking right in front of your house. It’s Crestwood, there’s no worries about parking.

    • Street parking isn’t a problem in this neighborhood, but there is also an alley behind these houses and many folks have parking in the back. I don’t find much “mid-century” about this house other than it being built in 1952, though – really a snooze on the inside.

    • One of the photos shows a parking pad out back I believe.

  • Rare? Maybe in this part of DC, but certainly not elsewhere.

    • Crestwood is essentially a little suburban neighborhood tucked into the middle of the city.

      • it’s more the edge of the city than the middle.

        • You could go two miles in any direction and not cross the DC border – how is that the edge?

          • Funny thing about DC is that people don’t seem to be comfortable venturing too far beyond their own little neighborhoods.

        • It’s two blocks from 16th St. and south of RCP proper – definitely not “the edge of the city.” My parents lived on Allison St. between 16th and 17th for a while. Really convenient with the bus service, and easy to drop in to RCP to get around by car (though avoid 16th St in that area on Sundays at all costs!)

  • Pros: there are some really nice houses in that area. You are super close to Rock Creek Park which is great for walking/running/biking, etc. Also close to some nice areas of town.
    Cons: No metro and traffic in that area is bad. No grocery nice grocery store close by.

    • true that there’s no metro, but the 16th street buses do run pretty frequently and get you to a lot of good places. It looks like a nice house, but for that much money I personally would want something with a bit more personality and/or in a better school feeder zone than the deputy mayor has proposed for Crestwood…

      • For that amount of money, you can’t buy a property like that in a more secure school feeder zone.

        • Yes you can. I searched for 3+ bedroom houses (the GDoN is 3 bedrooms upstairs and one in the basement) with at least 1500 square feet priced around $950k that would stay in the Deal/Wilson boundary.

          There were a bunch. Some I liked were 4433 Burlington Place NW, 5222 Nebraska Ave NW, 2975 McKinley (that one’s under $700k) and 4116 Legation St NW. A few of them were also fairly close to metro. Upper NW isn’t automatically preferable to Crestwood: some people want to be on the 16th St. corridor and close to the park instead of a mile’s walk from Friendship Heights. If your kid goes to Latin, that makes a ton of sense. Also, some folks like the mid-century modern look, a house that’s been totally renovated, or an extra 1000 square feet of back yard. It just depends on individual preferences, but there isn’t exactly a lack of near-million-dollar properties that could get you in boundary for higher performing schools.

      • Definitely agree, on the bit about the home lacking personality, (though to be fair, the lack of staging and abundant neutrals aren’t doing the house many favors. Considering people are paying close to this to be in Petworth, Brookland, etc. I’d say it seems like a fair deal

  • If you look at the pre-renovation pictures on Redfin, they did a lot of work getting this place to look so nice and period-appropriate. I imagine the backyard view is great, looking out over the park.

    • I haven’t seen the before pics, but not much about this house says “period appropriate” to me. It’s all pretty generic on the inside. Nothing really mid-century modern at all.

      • Yeah, they pretty much stripped out every MCM detail in this house. This is the house version of Ambien.

        • Again, if you look at the pictures, you will see that what they had going on prior to this – probably from a 70s reno – was not MCM either and this is a lot closer to that aesthetic.

  • And just a reminder, the latest draft school boundary proposals take Crestwood out of the Deal/Wilson feeder and pushes it to McFarland/Roosevelt.

    • Another reminder: the latest response from future mayor (whether we like it or not) Bowser has been “no way”. Also, not an issue for anyone in 3rd grade and up in the worst case (probably a few years more than that too to get MacFarland reopened.
      Besides, I think there’s a lot of neighborhood interest in making MacFarland & Roosevelt great neighborhood schools. Then you can add “3/4 mile walk to neighborhood schools”.

  • Crestwood’s schools are not going to change, they will remain Powell, Deal, Wilson.

    It takes only a few minutes to get to several grocery stores.

    Traffic is bad… Crestwood? Not near Metro, like everyone thinks that’s a bad thing. The S2 and S4 can have you at CoHi or McPherson rather painlessly.

    If you have money and want space and peace and quiet while being able to access the action and amenities East of RCP .. Crestwood is the place.

    • gotryit

      Crestwood is split between Powell and West for elementary – I think this house is actually in bounds for West. If you’re not dead set on dual-language immersion, then West is a pretty good option.
      I agree with the rest – it’s a beautiful neighborhood.

  • brookland_rez

    Not a fan of 1950’s/1960’s tract house architecture. Really any post WWII tract house architecture.

    • The really nice 1900s (maybe earlier?) houses there are gorgeous, but definitely over a million. You can think of these as the “affordable housing” of Crestwood.
      You know the saying (not really a saying) “Upper middle class is still just middle class.”

  • Outdoor fireplace? Yes, please.

  • I’ve been looking for real estate in Crestwood among other areas lately with a budget around 1.2 million, and it seems like the housing stock is really bifurcated. There’s some gorgeous stuff that’s way out of that price range, and then there are houses like these that are really bland and (in my opinion) not nearly as nice as you can get for the same amount in other parts of the city. Maybe just bad luck on the timing.

    • There are some older properties for sale now in Crestwood within the $1.2 million price range – and indeed, do not cross the $1 million line — BUT — as is often the case in Crestwood, these are the older, larger homes that have been in families for generations and need substantial updating. I was lucky and found one in 2005 that had been maintained very well, with some of the big price tag updates already done. So — keep looking . . . Crestwood is a fab neighborhood. In terms of the transportation issues — i.e., bus vs. metro — I have brought up several times in the past to Muriel Bowser that what we need is a 10 row bus (or one of the buses of that kind of size) that runs from the Greenline Petworth station down Blagden and up either Tilden or Brandywin to the Redline UDC stop. That would solve the problem of people who need to use metro for transportation and would provide another east/west transportation option — given there are no through street east/west corridors with public transportation between the one at Porter Street and then Military Road.

      • I love the neighborhood, but I don’t think that our transportation dollars should be spent on low use routes for rich people. Perhaps we can focus on the high use routes that we all use.

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