Good Deal or Not? “Major development coming across Street” edition

974 Florida Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 974 Florida Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“This place feels right….Light , airy, modern & a Great location! Sharp kitchen w/stainless steel appliances & granite tops. Big yard for parking or extended living space. Open riser stair tower to cool Owners Suite – Crisp bath w/glass block & custom tile. Large open space BDR w/high ceiling, gleaming floors & large closet. Sep den or office w/window..Major development coming across Street”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $499,852.

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  • justinbc

    Looks OK I guess…what development is going in across from this?

  • I looked once at a 1-bedroom rowhouse near Blagden Alley that was like this. For me, the “bedroom that”s completely open to the stairs, which are completely open to the living room” is a dealbreaker.

  • Looked at a few of these places in the same row. They are nice but really really tiny. I guess that’s just what people are paying for a one bedroom house now though.

  • Emmaleigh504

    ack nightmare stairs!

  • small house but it is a good condo alternative. seems a bit pricey but this whole neighborhood has gone up significantly in price so i can believe someone would pay for this. also, i believe there was scuttlebutt that a whole foods and maybe a movie theater are being developed around there.

  • wish i could go back and buy a small place like this. simple, i’m learning, can be so much better.

    • Agreed. I bought the giant row house and am now taking up daily cleaning as a hobby I didn’t want.

      • +1000. 3 bedroom rowhouse = so much cleaning and maintenance. Didn’t seem like such a monster when we bought it but now I sort of wished we went the 2 bedroom condo route.

  • I like that they made it a 1br and left it at that. I can’t tell you how many similiar sized houses I looked at that had 2br and an extra half bath crammed in downstairs. Of course having an extra br and 1/2 bath is nice, but to an already small space up so much makes it feel even tinier.

    • I agree, though I wish they’re separated the bedroom from the stairs somehow – it’s weirdly open to the other level.

      • This place is too small for all but the most minimalist couples, so the open bedroom is not likely a problem.

        • Even as a single person who doesn’t often have guests, I find it weird. When I do have guests, I don’t want to hear them (or vice versa). And I don’t want to hear the refrigerator running, etc.

  • If I were a bachelor I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

  • I’ve been wanting one of those little places for many years. I looked at one 6 years ago that was priced at $350k and needed a lot of work… could this place even be underpriced? They are making smart use of the space.

  • and if it’s too small, you can always turn it into a pop-up!

  • A good deal for the right person. Condo alternative people need to realize that you can easily spend the equivalent of the condo fee over time on a house, although a row house is lower maintenance than a detached house.

  • Good staging: moving the garbage cans from the 1st picture – you can see the pavers they usually sit on, and see how obtrusive they are at the next door house.

  • Looking at streetview the neighborhood feels a bit barren.

    The price doesn’t seem totally off.

  • Just get a ratty studio, pay it off and live in freedom.

  • Do you think that little pad in the back is big enough for a compact car (if there is even alley access? Can’t tell from google maps)? If so, then this place really is priced well…

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