Good Deal or Not? “Killer butler’s pantry” edition

DC8419100 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 4806 Hutchins Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“All new coastal home in the Palisades just steps to Safeway, Black Salt and CVS; 5 BR’s; 2 Car Garage; wide open, casual main level. Gourmet kitchen w super-sized seating island. Killer butler’s pantry w internet nook and ipod doc. Great room w beamed ceiling and fireplace. Super cute reading nook on 3rd level. Large deck off breakfast nook and living room. Huge rec-rm w fireplace and 5th BR.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath is going for $2,150,000.

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  • That’s my suburban Barbie dream home

  • ipod doc… good, i always wanted in-house screen replacement.

    i really really wish realtors would learn to write. and understand logic (you can’t have a house that is in the heart of u street and heart of dupont at the same time) and realize that a condo can be a home too.

    • Built-in iPod docks are just stupid because of how quickly they’re bound to become obsolete. 99.999% of them, even the ones being currently installed as I write this, have the old-style 30-pin connector that hasn’t been used on an Apple product in a couple of years now.

    • watch your punctuation and capitalization usage or people will think your a realtor

  • bad deal just because of the positioning of the second home….If someone needs a house this big- I’d think they’d want a yard to match it…Plus it would show much better if they went with a lighter wall color beside that greenish looking color.

    • ah

      Remarkably it seems that a lot of people really don’t care about a yard and are more than willing to take a house that’s built to the lot lines. Not me, but apparently I’m atypical.

      Can’t wait until they try to sell the “south coast” house that has only a driveway for a yard though.

      • not true. the rear yard is 30×60

        • ah

          Hard to get that from the picture/plat, which seems to show something smaller (and into which the neighbor’s front stairs run.

          Also, not seeing on a 5000 sq ft. property (50×100?) you could get a 60 foot dimension on a yard.

          And when using the term “rear yard” is that actual greenspace, or does it include hardscape etc.?

    • it’s actually a gray in real life the photography made the color turn

  • Hmmm, I’ll have to take a look. My butler’s pantry is a bit shabby and he’s been complaining a lot about it lately. Maybe time for an upgrade.

  • justinbc

    So many thoughts… Why is there a drawing of a house which actually exists? Who uses the word killer when referring to anything in a home? Why do i need a doctor for my ipod? Why should i care about anything ipod related when spending $2M on a home? Is CVS that much of an asset to waste reading space on it? What’s an internet nook, can i not just have wifi? There are 3 nooks in this house, ahhhh! Maybe that’s where all the soul is hiding… either there or the butler killed it.

  • Killer butlers should be put in jail, not given a pantry.

  • This would be more appropriately located on the side of a ski slope.
    And WTF is up with the proximity of the neighboring house? This is absurd.

  • this is my hell. 2.1 Million for a supersized cookie cutter. Sorry, I’d take a smaller house with more character any day. What is it with beige?

    Though the dark wood on the stairs is nice. a shame that isn’t continued in the rest of the house.

    • I had no idea there were that many different shades of brown/beige/taupe/whatever. Bland and boring.

  • I think the inside, is lovely. The outside isn’t my taste but also not ugly. I do agree the house is very close to the neighbors but… we do live in a city. I feel like $2 million for a brand new house this size in this neighborhood is a relatively good deal.

  • “Coastal”?

  • Didn’t listings like this used to be categorized as “House Porn?” Seems like most GDoNs are over $1m nowadays.

  • Looks okay inside, but looks like a mass produced shitty apartment from the outside. I understand it if you’re looking for a cheap apartment and don’t have a ton of money, but if you have 2 million to spend on a house and want something that looks like this – then you are the worst.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like the window in the shower.

  • Wow–that’s godawful. Low ceilings, boring boxy rooms, pillars everywhere…It’s a prefab greek revival midwestern-style mcmansion! And way too big for the tiny lot. This may well sell for asking, but it sure doesn’t say good things about humanity.

  • I’ve seen P Four’s interiors before, this is another great work of theirs but with all low key colors. Super job.

  • austindc

    Killer butler, eh? So I guess the butler did do it.

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