Good Deal or Not? “Four Stunning Levels” edition (reader request)

DC8418601 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 628 Princeton Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Four Stunning Levels are fully renovated with an open floor plan that boost 6 BR and 3.5 BA. Naturally sun lit filled Living Room, Dining Room, Library/office, powder room and Chef’s Kitchen with granite countertops, Mosaic backsplash, stainless steel appliances with eat-in area all on main level. home includes two Spacious Parking Spaces.4 Blocks to Metro”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/3.5 bath is going for $799,900.

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  • That sounds like a seriously good deal, given the amount of bedrooms (although that clearly includes the basement level).

  • justinbc

    Seems like a pretty solid deal to me.

  • I bet this will end up in a bidding war.

    • That was my thought. There is a house on the Hill a block away from me that sold for just under this but is much smaller and it was listed for over $50,000 less than it sold for and was bid up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sold for between $850,000 – $900,000.

  • A house around the corner just sold for the same price, so it’s probably priced pretty close to what it will ultimately end up selling for.

    • Not sure which house you’re referring to. The one I know of that sold for 799k a block further from the metro (3642 Park Pl NW) didn’t have the rooftop deck (deck on front porch though with a killer view though) or the attic bedroom, and its basement only had 1 bedroom and a wet bar, rather than 2 bedrooms and a kitchen. I think you rarely that kind of finishes in the basement too (crown molding, and one of the basement bedrooms has hardwood floors?) I think 628 Princeton Pl is likely worth quite a bit more than 3642 Park Pl NW.

      Not that I live near both and am obsessing over property values, decks, and basement remodels or anything.

      • I originally thought the photos for this one showed a roof deck, but if you look at the neighboring houses in the photo, I think it’s actually a back deck, not a roof deck.

      • I think 628 Princeton Place will go above list, but it has been on the Market for 8 days, so maybe not.
        I think 3642 Park Place is likely nicer, but a block farther from the Metro and not as big. I think the finishes are better. It didn’t have parking either.
        As far as houses currently on market that are competition to this one, 3516 New Hampshire Ave is the same price as this one and the same size. It has been on Market for a week.
        3824 10th St was under contract in 2 days so must have went close to 780K list. It’s closer to Metro and has 2 car parking, but It needs work. I am curious about that one.

        Yes, I have been looking in the area.

        • Do you have any idea why 733 Princeton went for only 480K? Didn’t look like a shell, and seems ridiculously underpriced for a liveable home.

          • Curious… do you have a link to photos of 733 Princeton? (I don’t have a Redfin account, and I think for properties that have already sold, Redfin will show you only one photo unless you have an account.)

          • Zillow has them – just punch the address into the search bar and they’ll come up.

          • Just looked at the zillion photos for 733 Princeton, that’s insane. All it needs is a few kitchen cabinets. It sold for at least 100k under market, I’m going to be ill.

          • Yeah, short of a giant crack in the foundation that’s not shown in the pictures, I have no idea why that house sold for what it did. The pricing history is crazy – it went from being listed at 699K (a bit high, but reasonable) to being sold for 480K two months later. The only thing I can think of is that here were multiple owners and one bought out the others’ equity, hence the low sale price. That, or someone got the best deal I’ve seen in the years I’ve been following DC real estate.

          • Just looked at the photos for 733 Princeton… wow, that is puzzling.

          • Long story about 733 Princeton but the short version – a dispute between the flippers two weeks before closing caused the recently refinshed floors, walls, fence, deck to get vandalized. Impossible to fix easily.

  • How much type of flooring does this place have…geeze..Good deal soley on the square footage and possible basement income. But I would redo a lot of things in this house..

  • Thanks for posting the listing. Two of the bedrooms are on the basement level. I think the owner converted the garage into a bedroom.

  • Hate those drop pendant lamps in the kitchen. It makes your home look like a Starbucks. Tacky.

  • Wow, those are some busy kitchen designs. Still, the house overall is very cute and it’s a lot of space for the price. Good deal IMO, especially if the basement unit can be rented out.

  • Yes, I’m truly stunned to see another flip-job that looks exactly like 1,000 flips in this neighborhood. “Stunning!”

  • It’s a little disingenuous of them to have counted the attic as a fourth level; I’d like to know what its maximum ceiling height is. Still, even if it’s being used just for storage, a finished attic is more useful than an unfinished attic.
    I’m surprised that the developer chose to put carpet on the stairs and on the second floor — usually developers go for wooden floors in their flips. The backsplashes are also rather busy, but that seems to be the current trend.
    The photos don’t show whether the basement has a full kitchen… although it doesn’t look as though the basement has a separate front entrance anyway, which makes it less viable as a potential rental. I’m surprised that the developer didn’t add such an entrance.
    This isn’t as good a flip as 630 Quebec Place NW, a WSD renovation one block over (see original GDoN at and GDoN Revisited at ), but I’m curious to see what it goes for.

    • I’ve being in/looked at similiar houses on this block and Quebec Place – that 4th level ceiling height is generally a shade below six feet, and then only in the middle of the room.

      • Yeah — that’s why I think they’re being disingenuous. It’s not just well below “standard” ceiling height; it’s well below that _at its highest_, with the rest of it even lower.

        • They should have popped that up and put a roofdeck on top, is what they should have done!

          • Resisting… bait. Resisting… bait.

          • You joke, but this is exactly what’s happening at 3816 8th NW, a property very similiar to this one. From the outside, it looks they’re extending the 3rd floor attic space towards the back of the house to create a master suite.

          • Re : 3816 8th NW. That sold flipped in 2013, so the popping up is by the owner for extra room and not for slicing into condos! Hurray! When the pre-kid couples and the one-kid families who just moved in have a couple more and they grow a bit, this might be the new thing. Spend money to add space in place rather than move to a bigger house in the burbs. That’s why I’m not opposed to pop-ups, I’m opposed to conversions of single-family homes into multi-units, and bumpouts that replace green yard space.

    • From what I understand, a separate front entrance makes it quite a bit harder for first-time homebuyers to get financing.

      • A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) would probably make it harder for buyers to get financing, because it would be considered a multifamily dwelling.
        A separate front entrance, however, is not synonymous with a C of O. This house has connecting stairs between the basement and first floor, so the basement wouldn’t qualify for a C of O. (It would also need to have a minimum ceiling height that it likely doesn’t have unless it was specifically dug out to meet it, as well as separately metered utilities.)

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