Good Deal or Not? “encompassing entire side of second floor” edition

1954 Columbia Road Northwest

This unit is located at 1954 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Grand Kalorama 3 BR (or 2 BR +den) with 2 full baths and nearly 1400 SF. Very quiet, very private space encompassing entire side of second floor. A rare opportunity to own house size proportions in the heart of the city. High ceilings, HWF, remodeled kitchen and baths. Front desk, roof deck, extra storage. Walk to metro, gym/pool, parking.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $599,000 ($894 monthly fee.)

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  • this actually seems like a nice deal given the location, very spacious – i didn’t read the listing that carefully and was prepared to see them pass off that TV room as the second bedroom, but pretty pleasantly surprised by the size of the bedrooms in addition to that den, which as the listing said could probably very easily be turned into a third bedroom. condo fee seems high, but i don’t know that much about condo fees, maybe it’s on par for kalorama.

  • Well, I guess they are a stockholder in Pier 1…

    I digress. Ok deal for the amount of square footage/location.

    Couple of things keep it from being a great deal. The fee seems really high for a building that does not have too many amenities. Maybe they need high reserves due to the age of the building? Looks like bath/kitchen were upgraded here and there so some things look really dated. Plus the decor is not to everyone’s taste so that may take some $$ to fix.

    • Condo fees are usually calculated based on the square footage of the unit. Since this is 1400 sq/ft ( I think?), the condo fee is actually not surprising.

    • 1400 sqft, and it lists front desk and extra storage. $900 is pretty expected. They do increase in older buildings.

  • what are those counter tops? Awesome space, but whoever remolded has horrible taste.

  • SFT

    The decor is too loud and busy for me to even notice the space. I would hope that the condo fees include water, heat, trash, etc.

  • for the location and space I’d say it is an OK deal. A few relatively inexpensive cosmetic changes and the place would be fabulous.

  • good square footage, and there are so few 3br condos on the market. I LOVE the built-ins and covet them for my own house! That condo fee is really high, though.

  • The redfin listing shows what’s included in the monthly fee

  • If the fee covers taxes and/or some utilities, then this is a great deal.

  • Generally, along with the services and needs of the building, fees correspond to square footage also. So a larger unit will have a larger fee than a smaller unit in the same building. When I saw that it was a 3-bedroom I knew the fee was going to be high, but it’s reflective of the square footage. There’s a formula that’s used to calculate the base fee for each building and the the Board and/or condo conversion company can tweak that as they need to in order to pay for their services.

    I used to live in a building where fees ranged from the low $200’s to the high $700’s depending on whether you owned a 400sqf studio or one of the 1000sqf penthouses.

  • The condo fee is probably keeping the price from being higher. Also, it’s a noisy location with no parking. It looks like probably 2 units that have been combined, although the fee makes me wonder if its more like 3.

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