Good Deal or Not? “California Style Corner Sanctuary” edition


This house is located at 100 Oneida Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Riggs Park, California Style Corner Sanctuary…Luxury living at its best in Northeast! This fully detached 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms home exemplifies modern elegant style with all the bells and whistles. The home is perfectly situated on a corner lot and features an open floor plan with natural light shining in from every direction. 1mi metro”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,999.

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  • Quite a change from what’s shown on StreetView….

    • SusanRH

      Wow, it almost looked like a prison before.

    • brookland_rez

      You know, every time I go through that area, I always think about how one might update a 1950’s rowhouse to look nice. I’m just not a fan of the 1950’s architecture with the flat roofs and slider windows.
      This offers a nice example of how to update and make it look good. That architecture was “mid-century modern”, so updating with an up to date contemporary look makes a lot of sense. There’s a ton of home up there in that area that could use a similar renovation.

  • Awesome house. Not so sure about the location. Haven’t been up in that part of town in a while. Anything going on there?

    • brookland_rez

      That’s right next to where they’re building a bunch of new houses, which I believe are selling for around 700k+

  • Very Pretty. But I worry about buying the nicest house on the block in a suburban area that might not see the explosive price growth of the inner core.

    • brookland_rez

      The development behind it is full of even higher priced homes. That area is really starting to take off.

  • Wow. REALLY NICE master bathroom. I think I like the kitchen backsplash tile for once – would love to see how it looks with the counters in person. Kind of a weird exterior – classic DC rowhouse on one end, California on the other.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love all the windows. I think the exterior is pretty neat. The only thing I would change is the open kitchen and adding some trees (that yard looks so hot).

  • SusanRH

    I really like this house, looks to be well done, but I know nothing about this neighborhood, so can’t comment on price

  • Saw this place a while back, it looks great, but I’d wish for it to be in a neighborhood of more similarly styled contemporary houses.

    • It doesn’t seem like they made good use of the available space — the house looks like it was meant for a much smaller lot. Interestingly, it seems to be about the same shape/size as the house shown in Street View. Despite being red brick, the Street View version of the house _also_ looks out of place amidst its neighbors.
      As anongardener said, the exterior is kind of a jumble.
      The kitchen looks like it doesn’t have much upper cabinet space.
      $700K seems like a lot for this area, especially given the jumbled exterior and the odd way in which the house is situated on the lot.

  • The insides of these reno homes are looking more and more alike; dark(er) wood floors, white/grey/black colors, large usable islands in the kitchen, similarly tiled bathrooms and basements. While aesthetically pleasing, not much character IMO

  • justinbc

    I would like it a lot more if it weren’t in the middle of nowhere, relatively speaking. If I were going to go this route on a house it would have to be in a pretty progressive neighborhood. Props for zero use of that annoying mosaic strip tile though.

  • So much so that it almost doesn’t look like the same place.

    Normally I would be more on the fence but I think that since that area was so – lets just say different – that I think this works.

    That being said I still can’t help fell that it is over priced.

  • I meant that as a reply to the first comment.

  • Dat Fort Totten architecture. I lived in the same type of ugly duck near the Huntington metro station.

  • the “street view” pre-renovation version, that is.

  • for 700k, shouldn’t it come with some landscaping?

  • This house really stands out, but not in a positive way. I like how it looks completely abstracted from its surroundings, but it’s rather jarring when juxtaposed against the 50s rambler behind it. Also, there’s nothing in that neighborhood at the moment aside from houses; that’s not what’s driving demand in DC.

  • Don’t think I’ve ever seen a below-counter microwave before.

    • I think I saw one for the very first time on a GDoN thread here within the past few months. (This is the second one I remember seeing.) If I remember correctly, JustinBC said that they were becoming a trend.

      • justinbc

        In modern design aesthetic especially so, many people deem them unsightly now.

        • canadianexile

          i bought a place this year and the microwave is under the counter. it’s a good change – allows for a more powerful range hood, and aside from defrosting and the occasional reheating we don’t use the microwave very much, so it’s not as inconvenient as you would expect. and (as justinbc alludes to) microwaves are not so interesting to look at, and having it at eye level makes it a focal point.

  • Wow… I actually *really* love that house! That would be an amazing home to live in.
    That being said, there’s two problems with it as I see it – one is that it’s in a pretty horrible location. There’s *nothing* around there, and the way it’s zoned and owned and developed, there never will be. Which makes it much less desirable to me.
    Second is that there is not a single tree on that lot. A nice privacy hedge around the back to screen out the other houses and a few well placed trees could do wonders for this place.

  • Am I the only one who wants to play Newton’s Cradle with that kitchen light fixture?

  • It’s becoming a common thing and it is really irritating to stoop to check your food and clean it.

  • If neighborhoods like Woodbridge can get discovered, so will this one. Riggs Park has a shopping area, nice wooded lots, open spaces, etc. The lot would be better with a hedge or a picket fence,

  • Can you see the new construction to the left of the house in the first photo? If you look at the streetview you can see the early stages of construction for The Hampshires single family / townhouse development

    The location is not terrible but if you want Metro accessibility this is not the neighborhood for you.

  • Definitely in the middle of no-where, but there are a ton of new single – family homes and townhouses being built right around here. I pass by them whenever I’m taking NH Ave into MD. I looked them up once out of curiosity and they are going for up to the $800s. So you wouldn’t be the only new neighbors moving into a fancy new home in this neighborhood.

    • Maybe, but if I were going to pay crazy money for a house in the neighborhood, I think I might prefer brand-new construction over a renovation that looks this hodgepodge-like from the outside.
      I do give them credit for taking a REALLY awkward-looking building and making it look less awkward.

  • I thought it was a tear-down, but you’re right! Looking at the street view house, you can see this thing was, somehow, just a rehab. THAT is impressive!

  • Right next to the metro tracks? No, thanks

  • Hmm, agree that this house is in the middle of nowhere. But I think given the fact that the area still has a number of large detached homes, I am sure it will be “discovered.” but I wouldn’t pay 700 to be there now.

  • Love it. That is the kitchen of my dreams.

  • how is it possible that any place within the DC lines has roads that poorly-paved these days? it’s remarkable. that’s how the streets looked in the 70s, not recently.

  • HOLY CRAP! $699k, I live in the new Townes at the Hampshires development right behind there and have watched this progress since day one I was just waiting for them to post the listing price.

  • its not the nicest on the block, it actually fits right in. The new development directly behind it has gorgeous single family as well as townhomes starting in the $600ks

  • mid city guy

    I believe that house is built to the front property line. what looks like a large lot, is actually public space in the front.

    • Hmm, interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that a house this far outside the L’Enfant city boundaries would have had that much “public space.”

  • janie4

    Not my personal taste, but fairly nice. But the kitchen location – dividing up the living room/dining room and the dark cabinets make it look like a bar to me, rather than a first floor of a house.

  • I don’t really understand this trend. Sure it’s not *aesthetic* but it can’t be convenient either. Not to mention if you have kids or are planning on kids. I looked at a house with the lower microwave and my first thought was how long before my kids put a toy or the dog or themselves in there. No bueno.

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