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  • It’s always a pleasure passing this building and looking up to see the foliage. Someone has a green thumb.

  • Does anyone know if those units are owned by the same people? Otherwise great coordination!

  • I love to see this every summer, and it’s great that the neighbor underneath has also begun a spectacular garden.

  • so, so beautiful — the two units must be in cahoots, right?

  • My husband does all the gardening and this year our downstairs neighbor asked if he would also do her balcony. He has installed irrigation lines to water both balconies and recycle the run off.

    We are glad people enjoy the flowers!

  • Brad – Love your garden! Have always wondered who was behind such a great “city landscape”… if you get a chance, I would love to talk balcony options for next year as mine did not do as well as previous years. I would post my email here, but don’t want any spammers. I will email my request to PoP as well and perhaps he can connect us.


  • Brad, can you tell us what is growing on the center of the railings? I would like something similar on my roof deck railing. Congrats on the beautiful and successful greenery!

  • They are double wave petunias

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